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  • Kenyan Bakers Reduce Price of Bread

    Bread 2
    Bakers in Kenya have embarked on a downward review of the price of bread.
    Their decision revolves around the decreasing demand for the commodity.
    The review would be the second this year.
    At the beginning of the year, a tonne of wheat rose up by 30 percent from Ksh25,300 to Ksh30,000. Also, the prices for both bakery and flour supplies experienced a surge. 
    This prompted the price of bread to go up for the first time in the last four years.

  • Refrain from Sins-Prof. Olagoke to Nigerian Leaders and their Followers

    Trust 1The government at all levels has been called upon to refrain from sins to ensure the promotion of a sanitised and secured society.
    This call was made by the Founder, Spiritual Head, and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide,Wakajaiye, Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke contained in his Eid 'L Kabir message.
    ''As we celebrate Eid 'L Kabir, let the Government at all levels and its people refrain from sins but focus on the onerous task of restoring sanity, security, and sustainable development in Nigeria,'' Prof. Olagoke counseled.

  • COVID 19 Delta Variant-Govt not doing Enough-Ex-Officio TUC

    Govt 8The Government at all levels is not doing enough to preventing the third wave of the deadly coronavirus(Indian variant) from causing avoidable havoc.
    This assertion was made in a chat with Poverty Line on Monday by an Ex-Officio of the Oyo State Council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), who is also a former Chairman of the union, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.
    ''Considering the devasting effects of the coronavirus, the Indian variant, the government at all levels in Nigeria has not been proactive by ensuring that enough is done to avoid a crisis situation of casualties. Similarly, Nigerians are also complacent by refusing to abide by the stipulated protocols, we must change this attitude and guard against the fatal health condition'', Comrade Emelieze warned.


  • Togo Increases Grains Output

    AgricThe grain output in Togo in 2020 was 1.26 million metric tons.
    According to the Central Bank of the West African States (BCEAO) the figure covers corn, millet, and sorghum.
    The corn output rose by 7% between 2018 and 2020 - from over 886,000 Mt to nearly 950,000 Mt (it passed 900,000 Mt in 2019). Corn, it should be noted, is the most consumed crop in Togo. 
    For millet and sorghum, which are mainly sown, harvested, and consumed in the northern part of the country, growth their combined output was less significant than corn but noticeable. From about 303,000 Mt in 2018, the figure increased by around 5% to 318,000 Mt in 2020 (and around 309,000 Mt in 2019). 

  • Stop your Evil Acts to Avoid the Wrath of God-Cleric to kidnappers and other criminals.


    Evil 1







    Kidnappers and other categories of criminals in Nigeria have been advised to desist from their evil acts to avoid the wrath of God.
    This advice of given by a Christian cleric, Pastor Opeyemi Ajayi.
    ''My advice to kidnappers, terrorists, and other categories of criminals is for them to desist from their evil acts to avoid the wrath of God. They should turn a new leaf, if not the wrath of God would eventually consume them. If history is anything to go by they are already treading the path of destruction.
    Also, the Government at all levels should make life more meaningful and bearable for Nigerians'', Pastor Ajayi concluded.

  • Insecurity and Hunger in Nigeria are Tests from God-Ladoja

    Images 1 1The spate of insecurity, economic hardships and hunger presently being experienced by Nigerians are all tests of God.

    This assertion was made on Sunday by the former governor of Oyo state and the otun Olubadan of Ibadanland, High Chief Rashidi Ladoja

    God will continue to test our faith and at the end of it all He will give us prosperity. In Nigeria today, God is using insecurity, the downturn of the economy and hunger to test Nigerians. After these challenges there will be prosperity,'' High Chief Ladoja stated.

  • Embrace Peace Chief Alloy Obi to Igbos In Oyo state

    Download 5The Onyendu Ndigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state, High Chief Alloy Obi has called on the Igbo community in Oyo state to embrace peace as a step towards an enduring democracy.

     High Chief Obi made this call on Thursday while addressing the issues surrounding the Ibadan Division of the Appeal Court's Judgment, in a Press Conference in Ibadan, Nigeria. 

    ''My victory at the Court of Appeal is not just for me as a person, the Appeal court case lasted for  ten eyars. I would have given it up, if it were just about me as a person. I remained in the struggle in the last ten years beacuse of the implication  on Ohaneze Ndigbo worldwide, South East Council of Traditional Rulers and Igbo extraction all over the world. I hereby use this medium to call on those who are still in opposition to sheath their swords because it is time for enduring peace and togetherness among Ndigbo in Oyo state. I promise to be a good and impartial father to Ndigbo and Igbo groups in Oyo state.''

    ''On my part, I will work with the leadership of Ohaneze in the state to put in place a committee thta would see to the reconciliation of all parties in the ovwerall interest of the Igbos in Ibadanland and Oyo state in general. It is a thing of joy  that thourhgout the 28 years that the crisis lasted, no life was lost to it, as those who died died a natural death,'' High Chief Obi stated.

    Similarly, the President of Ohaneze Ndigbo in the state, Chief(Engr.) Nudbuisi Okorie called on all sons and daughters of Ndigbo, '' and the opposing group to join hands with us for an enduring peace and unity among Ndigbo in Oyo state. This judgment is a win-win for all of us.''

    In his reaction, the Personal Assistant to the Late Ezendigbo,(Dr. Alex Anozie), Mr. Samuel Ulelu, disclosed that the Ohaneze Ndigbo group led by Cheif Ndidi Ezeakor were not carried along in the period leading to the judgment, adding, '' the judgment was delivered on zoom, they never gave us any notice of the judgment date and time. However, Chief Ndidi Nzeakor remains the authentic President Of Ohaneze in Oyo state.''

  • Insecurity and Hunger in Nigeria are Tests from God-Ladoja

     Images 8

    The spate of insecurity, economic hardships and hunger presently being experienced by Nigerians are all tests of God.

    This assertion was made on Sunday by the former governor of Oyo state and the otun Olubadan of Ibadanland, High Chief Rashidi Ladoja

    God will continue to test our faith and at the end of it all He will give us prosperity. In Nigeria today, God is using insecurity, the downturn of the economy and hunger to test Nigerians. After these challenges there will be prosperity,'' High Chief Ladoja stated.

  • We appreciate teachers for their perseverance and dedication-Oyo NUT chairman

     Nut chairmanThe Nigeria Union of Teachers(NUT) in Oyo state has commended teachers in Oyo state for their commitment, perseverance and dedication in the face of the present social and economic realities in Nigeria.

    The NUT chairman in the state, Comrade Raji Oladimeji gave this commendation on behalf of the union.

    ''We appreciate teachers for their commitment, perseverance and dedication. We also need to admonish them not to relent on their efforts. We are also aware of the challenge the shortage of teachers has brought about. It is not only in this state, but everywhere. We appeal to them to continue to go about their daily tasks with the zeal they have always exhibited. Teachers will soon be recruited,'' Comrade Oladimeji.

    The NUT chairman disclosed that the majority of the teachers had registered with the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria(TRCN), saying, ''to the best of my knowledge, I don't believe that we still have some teachers who have not registered. 99 percent of teachers in the state have registered with TRCN. The issue is with the private schools.''

    Comrade Oladimeji insisted that a number of factors were responsible for the failure of students in external examinations, adding,''the blame for the failure of students in external examinations should not be put on teachers alone.  There are other factors we have to consider, such as the examination centers.''

    Similarly, Dr. Francis Amenaghwon of the Department of Communication and Language Arts, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan attributed the massive failure of candidates in the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination(UTME) to inadequate funding practices by the government,  the reluctance of students to learn, the prevalence of unqualified teachers in public and private schools and sharp pracitces by some examination officials.


  • Bear with Us-UCH Management to Patients

    Electric power is everywhere present in unlimitedThe management of the University College Hospital(UCH) Ibadan, Nigeria has appealed to patients to bear with the hospital as it makes efforts to address the present electricity challenge.

    This appeal was made by the management through the Public Relations Officer, Mrs. Obafunmilayo Adetuyibi in a chat with New Federation.

    ''Patients in the wards of the hospital should bear with us,the hospital is making efforts to address the electricity challenge. Our internally Generated Revenue(IGR) has gone low, several letters have been written to friends of the hospital in both the public and private sectors, we are hopeful that they will help us out.'' Mrs. Adetuyibi stated.

    The Public Relations Officer explained that on assumption of duty on the 1st of March 2019, the Chief Medical Director(CMD), Prof. Jesse Otegbayo met an accumulated bill of over 200 million Naira, adding,'' the bill is not for UCH alone, the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan has its own bill, one for UCH and one for the College of Medicine. As at January this year, we paid 50 million Naira and for February, we paid 55 million Naira and for March, we paid 45 million Naira. All these we have paid, even though electricity is not available for 24 hours.''

    Mrs Adetuyibi also noted that health workers in the hospital had the right to protect themselves, while stressing that there were Public Service Rules that guide the policy thrust of the hospital.

    ''JOHESU wrote a letter to the management intimating the management of a 14 day ultimatum to restore electricity. The management will still get back to them. They should wait for a management decision.''

    The PRO maintained that services have not been disrupted by the power outage saying,''our laboratories and the Universal Laboratory are functioning. Patients go to the laboratories to pick up their results, we are working round the clock to restore electricity supply, they should bear with us.''

  • Christians should Guard against six hindrances to Prayers in their Lives-Cleric

    2a8e60e45d6dd25feb0d5efad2b54210Christians have been charged with guarding against six hindrances to prayers in their lives.

    This charge was given on Sunday by Pastor Kayode Oladeji of the Peculiar People International Christian Center, Mokola, Ibadan, Nigeria.

    Pastor Oladimeji listed the six hindrances to include-1)Lack of knowledge(Ignorance). 2)Wrong motives and intentions. 3)Worries and Anxieties. 4)Deliberate sin and Disobedience. 5) Offenses and the absence of forgiveness.  6) Lack of Gratitude.

    ''You need adequate knowledge to pray effectively. Knowledge is very important. In addition, secondly, you must have the right motive for God to answer your prayers. God looks at our motives. God does not grant prayer hinged on wrong motives. When your motive is wrong, it becomes a barrier, it becomes a hindrance. Nothing will hinder your prayers from today, God will answer your prayers,'' he prayed.


  • Olubadan's Death-Igbo Community in Oyo state Condoles with Family and the people of Ibadan

    Untitled 6The Igbo community in Ibadan and Oyo state state has condoled with the family, indigenes of Ibadan and the government and people of Oyo state on the death of The Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Lekan Balogun.

    The Balogun Ndigbo of Ibadanland, Chief Alloy Obi, on behalf of Ndigbo in the state gave the condolence in a chat,

    Chief Obi described the late first class monarch's death as shocking.

    ''Well I heard of the sad news this morning, I was shocked. My relationship with the late Olubadan dates back to before he became an Oba. I am also a member of the family. But we cannot query God, it is God that called him. Just two years on the throne, God's decision is final. The entire Igbos in Ibadan and Oyo state and the Ohaneze Ndibog condole with the family, the people of Ibadan and Oyo state and the Oyo state Governor on the great loss. I pray that God will give the family the fortitude to bear the great loss,'' Chief Obi stated.

  • Non Payment of With Held Salaries of SSANU and others may result in Labor Unrest-Former VP SSANU Western zone

    Download 4The decision of the Federal Government to pay four months out of eight months in held salaries of university workers to only the Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU) is an invitation to confusion and labor unrest.

    This assertion was made by a former Vice President of the Senior Staff Association of Universities(SSANU), Comrade Alfred Jimoh.

    ''The Federal government has not been sincere, it appears the government wants to create confusion and encourage labor unrest. I don't see any reason why four unions will go on a justifiable strike and, after suspension and signing of the agreement with no victimization clause, the government held the salaries and the president gave a waiver to only one union, as if the other members of the remaining unions are not Nigerians. Nobody has come out to give us the rationality behind the discriminatory approach.  It is very unfortunate and an open provocation and invitation to labor unrest in the Nigerian university system,'' Comrade Jimoh warned.

  • Suspended Hunger and Hardships Protests only attracted Government's attention-UI Lecturer

     OneThe two day protests called by the Nigeria Labor Congress(NLC) that was abruptly suspended only attracted the attention of the Federal government.

    This assertion was made by Dr. Francis Amenaghawon of the Department of Communication and Language Arts of the Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''For me, the suspended protests called by the Nigeria Labor Congress had no impact on the daily lives of Nigerians because it did not change anything, but it has only drawn the attention of the Federal government to the worsening social, economic and security situation in the country,'' Dr. Amnenaghawon stated

  • State Police will take Nigeria no where-Labor Leader

    Insecurities quotes non lifeThe Federal Government has been advised not to tinker with the present law enforcement structure in Nigeria.

    This advice was given by the unit chairman of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria(ASCSN) Federal Ministry of Labor, Oyo state unit, Comrade Paul Balogun.

    ''The issue of trying to use  decentralized police  to tackle the present insecurity in Nigeria will not take us anywhere. The problem on ground is local, the security challenges  presently is community based. So, therefore the solution on ground should also be locally or community based, Comrade Balogun stated.

  • Nigeria's Problem is Corruption-Prophet Arabambi

    Download 20Corruption is the major factor impeding development in Nigeria.

    This assertion was made by Prophet Timothy Arabambi of the Christ Apostolic Church(CAC) Ile-Atunse, Olunloyo-Akanran road, Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''God blessed us with men and women of intellect and integrity. This country is blessed with natural resources that can lift our economy, but the greatest problem we have in the country is corruption.''

    ''Corruption is the elder brother of Nigeria and Nigeria is dancing the tune of her elder brother. I can say that the people in government are trying, but they don't have good people to implement government policies. If Nigeria does not kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria,'' Prophet Arabambi warned.

  • NLC/TUC 14 day Ulitmatum a Distraction-Comrade Emelieze

    4402750 tony benn quote middle class labour leaders are recaptured by theThe 14-day ultimatum issued by the Nigeria Labor Congress(NLC) and the Trade Union Congress(TUC) is a ploy to distract Nigerians from the deteriorating situation in the country.

    This assertion was made by the Oyo state council of the TUC, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ''The 14-day ultimatum issued by the NLC and TUC is the result of a conspiracy between the unions and the government to hoodwink workers and Nigerians. Nigerians are not expecting anything from the ultimatum. The leadership of both the NLC and TUC can no longer be trusted. The ultimatum is only a distraction''.

    ''The prayer point in the mouths of millions of Nigerians is for God to intervene in the present situation which is deteriorating on a daily basis,'' Comrade Emelieze stated.

  • NLC/TUC 14 fay Ulitmatum a Distraction-Comrade Emelieze

    The 14-day ultimatum issued by the Nigeria Labor Congress(NLC) and the Trade Union Congress(TUC) is a ploy to distract Nigerians from the deteriorating situation in the country.

    This assertion was made by the Oyo state council of the TUC, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ''The 14-day ultimatum issued by the NLC and TUC is the result of a conspiracy between the unions and the government to hoodwink workers and Nigerians. Nigerians are not expecting anything from the ultimatum. The leadership of both the NLC and TUC can no longer be trusted. The ultimatum is only a distraction''.

    ''The prayer point in the mouths of millions of Nigerians is for God to intervene in the present situation which is deteriorating on a daily basis,'' Comrade Emelieze stated.

  • NLC/TUC 14 fay Ulitmatum a Distraction-Comrade Emelieze

    The 14-day ultimatum issued by the Nigeria Labor Congress(NLC) and the Trade Union Congress(TUC) is a ploy to distract Nigerians from the deteriorating situation in the country.

    This assertion was made by the Oyo state council of the TUC, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ''The 14-day ultimatum issued by the NLC and TUC is the result of a conspiracy between the unions and the government to hoodwink workers and Nigerians. Nigerians are not expecting anything from the ultimatum. The leadership of both the NLC and TUC can no longer be trusted. The ultimatum is only a distraction''.

    ''The prayer point in the mouths of millions of Nigerians is for God to intervene in the present situation which is deteriorating on a daily basis,'' Comrade Emelieze stated.

  • Government should allow poor Nigerians to breathe-Businessman

    Download 2 1The policies of the government at all levels are suffocating Nigerians.

    This assertion was made by the Chief Executive Officer of Hand of God Nigeria Limited, Idi-Arere, Ibadan, Nigeria, Mr. Emmanuel Okechukwu. ''Government is not allowing poor Nigerians to breathe. Let the poor breathe. The government has to address corruption, considering the fact that our leaders are self-centered. When the head is faulty, this will affect the whole body. When God has given us all we need to prosper, Nigerians suffer. The government is not doing enough,'' Mr. Okechukwu stated.

  • Indiscipline Responsible for Abuse of Social Media-Prof. Olagoke

    Download 1The abuse of social media by young people has been identified as been attributed to the collapse of indiscipline and the collapse of social media.

    This is the position of the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke at the Annual Stakeholders' Conference/O'LEG Grand Finale at Wakajaiye, Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''The environment of indiscipline and breakdown of due process in transaction as well as the collapse of that of the socialization process is responsible for the various misuse and abuse of social media to the detriment of peace, our security and sustainable development achievement by very many nations, the African continent and Nigeria in particular. Various abuses range, such as hacking, defrauding through ATM, Yahoo yahoo+ and ritual killings, women sacrifices(ladies) and mother victims(incest)etc. Parents should be good examples to theri children and support them to achieve their goals.'' Prof. Olagoke stated.

  • Guard against Grooming 'Monsters'-Prof. Olagoke to Parents and Guardians

    Download 1Parents and guardians have been called upon to guard against grooming their children and wards  from becoming threats to them and society at large.

    This call was made by the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Isalam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke in his address titled, Good Parenting: An Antidote to Wasted Generation Syndrome at the Shafaudeen Group of Schools Inter House Sports day and the Opening of the Ishrat 2024 at Wakajaiye, Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''We are celebrating God for giving us children. Wasted generation are products from bad homes. When you produce a wasted generation, they will kill you. Monsters you call children. Is your child in danger because you are too indulgent? When you spoil your child, you send him/her to early grave. When you don't discipline, you are preparing for a monumental shocker. May the true God not let us know the grave of our children. May we not be victims of our child's early or sudden death. Ameen!'' Prof. Olagoke prayed.

  • Federal Workers warn on the Non-Payment of outstanding wage Award

    Download 1Federal workers who are yet to receive four months of the Federal Government's announced wage award have warned that it could affect productivity.

    The workers expressed reservations over the hardships and difficulties they were experiencing as a result of the non-payment of the arrears of the wage award.

    ''To start with, the Nigeria Labor Congress and the Trade Union Congress are dead in Nigeria, it is not possible to have functional unions, while workers are being subjected to such horrible  conditions of living because they do not have money. If the government is reluctant to clear the outstanding wage award, this could take its toll on the productivity of the workers. There is a saying that to whom much is given, much is expected, but in this instance nothing has been given. What do you expect?'' they asked.

  • Our Leaders should Learn from Former Leaders-Onyendu Ndigbo

    2110179 donald mcgannon quote leadership is an action not aThe present crop of leaders in Nigeria have been called upon to learn from past leaders.

    This call was made on Thursday by the Onyendu Ndigbo of Oyo state, High Chief Alloy Obi on the sidelines of the 2024 Samuel Ladoke Akintola Memorial lecture and Award Presentation in Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''Politicians should sustain the legacies they left behind by past leaders.. They should also learn from our former leaders. Furthermore, Nigerians should be prayerful. We need prayers to overcome the country's challenges,'' High Chief Obi stated.

  • TUC must purge itself of all abnormalities before....-Comrade Emelieze

    Quote what can labor do for itself the answer is not difficult labor can organize it can unify eugene v debs 101 51 62                                                  Insecurity in Nigeria-Express Your Views- Click Here

    The executives of the Trade Union Congress(TUC) have been called upon to purge the union of all immoralities and abnormalities before the union can commence negotiations for a new national minimum wage on behalf of workers in Nigeria.

    This call was made by a former chairman of the TUC in Oyo state, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    One of the prominent and top ranking executives of the TUC is a retired staff member of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Productivity. It is morally wrong and abnormal for a retiree to be among those who will negotiate a new national minimum wage for workers. The retiree is supposed to be a member of the Nigeria Union of Pensioners. The TUC must purge itself of this abnormality before it begins any form of negotiation on behalf of workers in Nigeria, '' Comrade Emelieze stated.

  • UCH NASU Hopeful on Suspended Elections-Chairman

    7550674 elmar hussein quote elections are not the choice of the bestThe Non-Academic Staff Union and Associated Institutions(NASU) University College Hospital(UCH) Ibadan, Nigeria has expressed hopes that the suspended union elections will take place in the first quarter of the year.

    The union made this known through its chairman, Comrade Kehinde Abiona.

    ''We are very hopeful that the the suspended elections of the union will come up within the first quarter of the year'', Comrade Abiona stated.

    He also expressed joy at the reopening of the union's office, saying,''to God be the glory, the NASU secretariat was reopened on the 4th January 2024 after a letter of appeal dated 29th 0f December 2023 was written to the management.''

  • Federal Workers Lament the Non-Payment of 4 months N35,000 Wage Award

    Download 24An unspecified number of federal workers in Nigeria have expressed reservations over the payment of only one month of the N35,000 wage award by the Federal Government.

    The workers made their reservations known through a former chairman of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC) Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ''The Federal government promised six months. It only paid for September 2023 and stopped thereafter. As I speak to you October, November and December have only been paid to some workers, while others are yet to be paid. It  will soon be four months that a number of workers have not got the wage award. Even if the government pays today, the purpose of the wage award has already been defeated, it may not at this moment impact positively on the lives of the affected federal workers,''Comrade Emelieze stated.


  • Ibadan Explosion-May God grant the injured quick recovery-Prophet Arabambi

    Download 20The explosion that rocked Adeyi avenue in the old Bodija Government Reservation Area of Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria on Tuesday night has left in its trail an unspecified number of deaths, injured citizens, homeless and several still unaccounted for. Indeed, the mindset of Those-in-Authority, on lawlessness, indiscipline, criminality and evil, long before the incident speaks volumes. 

    In this interview, Prophet Timothy Arabambi of the Christ Apostolic Church(C.A.C) Ile-Atunse, Olunloyo-Akanran road condoles with the families of the deceased and prays for the quick recovery of the injured. 


    What is your reaction to the explosion that rocked the old Bodija residential area on Tuesday night?

    My advice is for the good people of Oyo state to remain calm. My condolences go to the families who lost loved ones in the explosion. May their gentle souls rest in perfect peace. And for the injured, my prayer is for God to grant them quick recovery in the name of Jesus. Amen. I also pray that help from above will come to them, and they will tell a story, a good story. They should not lose hope, but have trust in God. When there is life, there is hope.  I appreciate all the security agencies for all their efforts during these trying times. In addition, the media should also be commended for throwing more light on the incident.

    I have this trust and belief in the Oyo state Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde. He directed that immediate care should be given to the injured. He also directed the relevant agencies of government to provide temporary accommodation for those displaced as a result of the explosion. He has provided succor for the victims of the unfortunate incident. I also pray for our amiable governor. May God  give him more  knowledge and wisdom to continue to lead us well. The actions of our amiable governor show that he has love for God and humanity. I pray that in Oyo state and Nigeria, we will not have such an occurrence again. God bless Nigeria and bless us as well. 


  • Stakeholders in the broadcast Industry expect Digital Switch Over this year-CE0 Jagban

    Images 6Nigerians are full of hopes that the Federal Government will actualize the long awaited digital switch over  this year.

    This assertion was made by the Chef Executive Officer of Jagaban Communications International, Mr. Samuel Adenitan.

    ''The analogue system of broadcast is no longer the trend in several countries of the world. We  expect a digital switch over this year. It started in 2010, and another attempt was made in 2012. I think it is high time for Nigeria to completely switch over . The National Broadcasting Commission just switched on . The Federal Government would be responsible for providing set up boxes for homes in the country. In addition the government should allow key stakeholders to invest or participate in the distribution and generation of signals,'' Mr. Adenitan stated.

    He maintained that the proliferation of private radio stations was healthy for the country,  saying'' this encourages opinions to be expressed and molded across different strata of the society.''

    ''However, stakeholders should pay attention to the ethical and professional practices while carrying out their assignments so that the society will be better informed for the nation to be better off for it,'' he concluded.

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  • The Problems of Nigeria emanate from the Sins of the Leadership and Follower-ship-Rev.(Dr.) Oyekanmi

    8c1dcc95c559317aa3779997af4a64b6The sins  of the leadership and followership in Nigeria from the foundation of the myriad of problems  affecting the country.

    This assertion was made by Rev(Dr.) Olaolu Oyekanmi of the Amos World Outreach, the Christian Fellowship Evangelical Mission(CFEM), Moniya-Iseyin, Ijaiye-Orile, Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''The major problem of the country revolves around the leadership and the followership. They have committed sins. If Nigerians can easily repent of their sins and change their behavior, activities and attitude, all will change for the better.''

    ''The problems are not the change of leadership or change of political parties, but have more to do with the change of mind. If Nigerians don't change, things will not change for the better. Those-in Authority and Those-in-Charge are from different homes. There must be a change,'' Rev(Dr.) Oyekanmi stated.

    He also disclosed that a three day crusade tagged ''The Only Way to Save you and Nigeria'' would hold from Sunday 14the January to Tuesday 16th January 2024 at the the Mapo hall, Ibadan, Nigeria from 5.00 pm each day.

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  • Living Wage-Federal Workers Full of Hopes-Comrade Emelieze

    7632318 david gottstein quote a living wage provides the basics of foodFederal workers in Nigeria have expressed hopes that the present administration would soon fix an acceptable living wage to cushion the hardships and sufferings of workers on the land.

    The workers made this known through a former chairman of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ''Workers in Nigeria are full of  hopes that the Federal Government would soon announce a living wage that would put an end to their sufferings and tales of woes. In this respect, N300,000 is a living wage,''Comrade Emelieze stated.

    He also called on labor leaders to be democratic by embarking on exhaustive consultations before reaching decisions,  adding'' rather than hasty decisions taken by labor bureaucrats without consultations.''

  • Workers yet to receive September Salaries-Federal Workers Forum

    Govt 18The Federal workers forum has expressed reservations over the delay in the payment of the September salaries of public and civil servants in Nigeria.

    The forum in a press statement signed by its National Coordinator, Comrade Andrew Emelieze, also stated that the Federal Government ought to be very sensitive to the difficulties and hardships Nigerians are passing through.

    ''Workers in the Ministries, Departments and Agencies are yet to receive their September salaries i the middle of difficulties, hardships and tales of woes. The Federal Government is supposed to be sensitive to the plight of Nigerians and wear a human face.', the statement concluded.

  • Comrade Abiona elected into NASU NEC

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    The chairman of the Non-Academic Staff Union and Associated Institutions(NASU) University College Hospital(UCH)branch,Ibadan, Nigeria has been elected to the National Executive Council(NEC) of the union.

     This disclosure was made on Monday by Kehinde Abiona in a chat.

    ''The embattled NASU UCH branch chairman has broken the jinx by becoming member of the National Executive Council of NASU. We have over 2,000 members in UCH. Foir the first time ever, a sitting chairman of NASU UCH has been elected a member of NEC. This is the major reason why the hands of all members must be on deck to return the chairman for a second term for the intererst of the branch and for members' interest.''

  • Workers should have unhindered access to all their funds in PFAs on retirement-Labor Leader

    RetireThe Federal Government has been called upon to carry out a review of the laws on the contributory pensions scheme in favor of workers.
    This call was made by the chairman of the Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria(MHWUN), University College Hospital(UCH) branch, Ibadan, Nigeria, Comrade Simeon Ibekwe.
    ''Talking about the opposition to the contributory pension scheme, the perspective has to do with the fact that workers can only access a certain percentage of their funds while the other percentage remains with the Pension Funds Administrators(PFA). They don't have to dictate to us how we will use our money. I wish the government would review the law and set it aside. Once workers retire, they should collect all their money,'' Comrade Ibekwe stated.
    Similarly, the chairman of the Non-Academic Staff Union and Associated Institutions(NASU) UCH branch, Comrade Kerhinde Abiona has  advised workers to change their PFAs if they discover that their service delivery is not satisfactory.
    ''The window for people to move around is open. If any worker is not satisfied with his or her PFA such a worker can move. PFAs must sit tight, they know that anytime you can move your Retirement Savings Account(RSA, Comrade Abiona stated.

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  • Zone Deputy Senate President to South East-Group to APC

    Deputy senate president 1Any attempt made by the leadership of the  All Progressives Congress(APC) not zone the position of the Senate President to the South East geo-political zone will amount to injustice.

    This  position was made known recently, by a Non Governmental Organization(NGO) Justice for Peace Advocacy of Nigeria(JUPAN).

    According to the National President of JUPAN, Mr. Austin Okezie '' 

    “We are pleading with the leadership of the APC to do justice and zone the position of deputy Senate President to the Southeast, because doing otherwise is going to be a day light injustice against this region''.

    “We are urging, we are pleading with the powers that be; ranging from President Muhammadu Buhari, the APC Chairman, the APC National Leader, Sen. Bola Tinubu, Senators-elect, all stakeholders, to do justice by zoning the post to the Southeast.

    “We are pleading and calling on all well-meaning Nigerians to join in this agitation for the sake of justice and peace,” 

    ''What the party is supposed to do is to encourage this region by giving them the post of deputy Senate President. If the party does otherwise, it will do more harm to the country than good''.

    “So, Southeast must not be denied this position; we are calling on the President to use his prerogative to make sure justice is done because we know he is a President that promotes Justice, equity and fairness.

    “In the interest of equity, justice and fairness, we are asking that the post of deputy senate president should be zoned to the Southeast,” Mr. Okezie concluded


  • Government Palliatives are a Mockery of Nigerians-Comrade Emelieze

    The economic support announced by the Federal Government to cushion the effects of the hunger and poverty in Nigeria has been described as a mockery of Nigerians.
    According to a former chairman of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), Comrade Andrew Emelieze, '' the fact remains that millions of Nigerians are not in support of  any form of palliatives.''
    ''The government is using palliatives to deceive and make mockery of Nigerians. The palliatives that have been announced by the government are insignificant compared with a country where millions of the population live in abject poverty. The government seems to be promoting wickedness, heartlessness and insensitivity. If they think that this is what Nigerians are worth, then Nigerians should not expect anything good from the government.''

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    The Police is not a Secret Society

    It is a known fact that the Police is not a secret society, but when it selects journalists that will cover its activities when the Inspector General is visiting Oyo state, then there is more to it than meets the eyes.

  • Be Law Abiding and Peaceful-Eze(Dr.) Anozie to Nigerians

    1 1                                                               CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW FROM JUMIA

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    As lawlessness, indiscipline and criminality continues unabated across Nigeria as ways of ife, the Ezendibgo of Ibadan and Oyo state, who is also the president of Non-Indigenes Traditional council in Oyo state(NITCIOUS) admonishies Nigerians to be law abiding  and promote peace wherever they reside,in this press release.

    I am very very glad the way peace reigns in Oyo state and everybody should endeavor to maintain the peace.
    These last few years, since we established this association, the traditional heads have been meeting regularly as one family and discussions have been centered around the peace of society.
     And members of the association unanimously nominated me to be the president of the association. And since then, peace has  continued to reign  in Oyo state. I am still appealing to all of us non-indigenes in Oyo state to always cooperate with the state government and show love to one another, irrespective of  our different ethnic  or religious affiliations; God the creator of heaven and earth created all of us. I am also glad that since this association was formed, all of us-leaders,  have always  nipped in the bud any rift or disharmony that may arise from altercations and rancor among the people. And we don't make noise about it and peace has continued to reign.
    The first gift the government and all of us in leadership positions should give to our people is peace and security of lives and property, wherever we reside. And when there is peace and security of lives and property, development flows.
    Myself, in particular, I believe that all ethnic groups in Nigeria are  beautiful people and they are always willing to live in peace, particularly when they are given good leadership. Good leadership is the key to all our good expectations in the country.
    I once again appeal to all non-indigenes in Oyo state to continue to be law-abiding  and peaceful and also cooperate with the state government.

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  • BCOS New Chairperson will make a positive impact-RATTAWU


    Support Us PositiveMembers of the Radio, Television, Theatre and Arts Workers' Union of Nigeria(RATTAWU) of the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo state(BCOS) have expressed confidence in the ability of its new chairperson, Mrs. Dotun Olaitan to turn around the fortunes of the corporation.

     RATTAWU made this position known in a statement by its chairman, Comrade Kolapo Carew and Secretary, Adeniyi Faleti. ''We have the firm belief that Mrs. Dotun Olaitan's distinguished history as a former BCOS staff members, extensive experience and unwavering dedication will play a pivotal role in propelling the BCOS towards a transformative phase in alignment with Oyo state's development objectives.'' RATTAWU assured Mrs. Olaitan of its commitment to collaborate closely with her to usher the corporation into an era of unimpeded growth and excellence. ''Though the challenges may arise, we are confident in overcoming them collectively. The union looks forward to witnessing the positive impact of Mrs. Olaitan's leadership and her collaboration with the BCOS staff to achieve new heights of success,'' the statement stressed.

  • Rescue Us from Multiple Taxes-Ibadan Residents to Ohaneze

    TaxTraders of Igbo extraction in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria have made a Save Our Soul Appeal(SOS) to the national leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo Worldwide to rescue them from the claws of the state government officials and multiple fees.

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    The traders who made the SOS on Friday, located in different parts of the state, opted to speak incognito to avoid victimization.

    ''The entire leadership of Igbos in Oyo state have failed us, they have been silent all this while. We have been harrassed, extorted and attacked because of the multiple taxation by agents of the government. We passionately appeal to the national leadership of Ohaneze Worldwide under the leadership of Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu to come to our rescue. Save us from multiple taxation,'' they pleaded.

  • Save Us from Extortion-Business Owners to Business Owners

    Govt 15Business owners in Ibadan Oyo state, Nigeria have appealed to the state government to rescue them from the unabating extortion by its agents. 

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    This appeal was made on behalf of the business owners through their spokesperson, Mr. Paul Ikechukwu Okoli. ''Things are very hard. We are not making sales, there is no money. The officials of Ibadan South West Local Government came to our shop two weeks ago demanding payment of 10,000 Naira for selling beer. For the past two years, they did not show up, we used to pay 1,500 Naira. But suddenly, yesterday they came and forcefully collected 10, 000 Naira after collecting our plates. I and my wife Ogechi, were shocked. The Oyo state government should save us from these local government officials and their agents,'' Mr. Okoli stated.

  • Serve Nigerians Not Yourselves-Cleric to Political Office Holders

    Eco 2The government at all levels has been reminded of its primary responsibilities to Nigerians as citizens continue to groan in these difficult times.

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    This reminder was given by an Ibadan-based cleric, Pastor Opeyemi Ajayi

    ''Thoe elected into various positions at all levels should be reminded of the fact that they were elected to serve the people, to ensure the safety of lives and property, and to be accountable to the people whenever necessary. They should remember that are in their various offices to serve the people and not themselves. Nigerians are suffering,'' Pastor Ajayi stated.

    In the same vein, a former chairman of the Oyo state council of the  Trade Union Congress(TUC) Comrade Andrew Emelieze has described the actions and inactions of the present administration as a ploy to buy time for unknown reasons.

    ''Thses crop of political office holders have nothing to offer, they are only buying time for unknown reasons,'' Comrade Emelieze stated.

  • Give Nigerian Youths Loans to Stem the High rate of Unemployment and Crime-Ezendigbo Of Oyo state

    Untitled 3Numbers of Nigerian youths have all this while perceiving criminality as a dependable and reliable means to an end, since they are products of sucessive leadership that vigorously promote all acts of crime and criminality as ways of life. Indeed, an unspecified number of these youths are now ready tools in the hands of the political class on issues relating to all that the laws of the land frowns at. In this message to the youths, on the occasion of the World Youths Skills Day(an annual event of the United Nations) on 15th July 2023, he Ezendigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state, Eze(Dr.) Alex Anozie.


    Bad 2

    My goodwill message to the youths is that I wish them well. I was once a youth and I prayed for them that their future should be better than the past. Unfortunately, successive leadership in Nigeria has never been fair to the youths. It is painful, they graduate with no job. It is very unfortunate because there are no jobs for them, they are already engaging in so many vices-drug addiction, alcoholism, cultism, yahooyahoo and other criminal tendencies. They are now always available for thuggery. These vices ought not to be part of their lives if they have good jobs. I have advised before and I will advise again that the government at all levels should create jobs for 500 graduates from each state of the federation and go on to give them refundable loans of between two to five million Naira for each of them. These loans shall be repayable within 10 years with no interest. The conditions of the loan will include the clause that each of them must establish businesses related to their fields of study. And after this, they must employ between three and five Nigerians. Then one imagines the situation after 500 graduates from each state have been gainfully engaged, before you know it the unemployment rate will reduce drastically. This will go a long way in keeping them busy. And when this is done, the rate of crime in society will drop drastically. And when the rate of crime drops in our society, Nigerians will sleep with their two eyes closed.And when Nigerians sleep with their two eyes closed, their health will improve. And when their health status improves, their life span will also be longer. Nigeria has the money to do this, if only we can stop those who are stealing our money in so many ways. So I congratulate the youths.

  • Scam-Nigerian Pleads Guilty in the US

    Nigerian Man Pleads Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court To Participating In Business Email Compromise Scams Nigerian Man Pleads Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court To Participating In Business Email Compromise Scams

    Damian Williams, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced today that CHIBUNDU JOSEPH ANUEBUNWA, a citizen of Nigeria who was previously extradited from the United Kingdom, pled guilty today before U.S. District Judge Paul A. Crotty to wire fraud conspiracy in connection with his participation in fraudulent business email compromise scams that targeted thousands of victims around the world, including in the United States. In connection with the same conspiracy as ANUEBUNWA, co-defendant DAVID CHUKWUNEKE ADINDU was previously sentenced to 41 months in prison, and co-defendant ONYEKACHI EMMANUEL OPARA was previously extradited from South Africa and sentenced to 60 months in prison. U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said: “As he has now admitted, Chibundu Joseph Anuebunwa participated in a conspiracy to trick thousands of business employees located all around the world into wiring millions of dollars to overseas bank accounts by sending bogus emails that appeared to be legitimate. This case should serve as a reminder to cyber criminals located around the globe that we will track them down and hold them responsible.” According to publicly filed court documents and statements made at public court proceedings: Between 2014 and 2016, ANUEBUNWA, OPARA, and ADINDU participated in business email compromise scams (“BEC scams”) targeting thousands of victims around the world, including in the United States. As part of the BEC scams, emails were sent to employees of various companies directing that funds be transferred to specified bank accounts. The emails purported to be from supervisors at those companies or third-party vendors that did business with those companies. The emails, however, were not legitimate. Rather, they were either from email accounts with a domain name that was very similar to a legitimate domain name, or the metadata in the emails had been modified so that the emails appeared as if they were from legitimate email addresses. After victims complied with the fraudulent wiring instructions, the transferred funds were quickly withdrawn or moved into different bank accounts. In total, the BEC scams attempted to defraud the victims of millions of dollars. ANUEBUNWA and others carried out BEC scams by exchanging information regarding: (i) bank accounts used for receiving funds from victims; (ii) email accounts used for communicating with victims; (iii) scripts for requesting wire transfers from victims; and (iv) lists of names and email addresses for contacting and impersonating potential victims. * * * ANUEBUNWA, 40, a citizen of Nigeria, pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. ANUEBUNWA is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Crotty on October 2, 2023, at 3:30 p.m. The maximum potential sentence is prescribed by Congress and is provided here for informational purposes only, as any sentencing of the defendant will be determined by the judge. Mr. Williams praised the investigative work of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Mr. Williams also thanked United Kingdom authorities and the Yahoo E-Crime Investigations Team for their assistance in the investigation. The U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of International Affairs provided significant assistance in securing the defendant’s extradition from the United Kingdom. This case is being handled by the Office’s Complex Frauds and Cybercrime Unit. Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew K. Chan is in charge of the prosecution.




  • Wise Parents give their children very good upbringing-UI Lecturer



    Parents and guardians in Nigeria have been advised to expose their children and wards to very good upbringing to aid their positive development.

    This advice was given on Thursday by Dr. Tunde Awosanmi at the maiden edition of an event tagged Nations Rhythm Festival at the Alliance Francaise center, Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''Only parents who are wise will bring up their children very well. Your parents should give you a good experience for your development. Parents and guardians must bring up their children in the way of culture, in this lost world'', Dr. Awosanmi satd.

    In his remarks, the founder and artistic director, Mr. Olalekan Adedokun explained that the festival was organized to teach all that is, to learn about drums. Mr. Adedokun maintained that drums were also relevant in assuaging health conditions, while also stressing that they were a tool that created joy and happiness.''

    Impacting Positively on the Younger Generation

    Parents and guardians in Olorunsogo, Molete, Molusi, Onafuwa Solanke, Oyegbami , oshodi, Scout camp, Aluko, Felele and several other communities in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria now openly identify with their children who are deeply involved in immorality, lawlessness and criminalty. This unfortunate development paints the major purpose of education in a very bad light and suggests that the leadership at all levels are leading by example. Interestingly, Those-in-charge have failed to impact positively on the lives of the younger generation.


  • I Hope President Tinubu will sustain the way he has started the -Baale Apena Town Ibadan

    Leader 1The Baale of Apena town,Ibadan Oyo state, Chief Lateef Adegoke has expressed hopes that President Ahmed Tinubu would sustain the pace of its actions so far throughout the lifespan of the administration.
    This call was made on Wednesday by the Baale of Apena Town in the Ido Local Government Area of Ibadan Oyo state, Chief Lateef Adegoke
    '' I personally congratulate President Ahmed Tinubu on his victory. I believe he is going to do well. We have started seeing the signs. What was covered is now in the open. I hope he continues the way he has started. I would advise all political parties to let us cooperate with the present government so that poor Nigerians will benefit,'' Chief Adegoke stated.
    He also appealed to the Oyo state Government to facilitate the development of Apena town, saying,'' I appeal to the Oyo state Government to make the roads in the town motorable and also  to establish mechanized farming. This will encourage the youth to participate in farming  and also reduce unemployment.''

    Similarly, Mr. Ikechukuw Paul Okoli a food seller along Olu Ayoola street, challenge Ibadan, lamented the hardships Nigerians were going through saying, '' things are going from bad to worse everyday, something must be done. The labor unions have failed Nigerians. Government must do something. We are now hearing that electricity tariffs would be increased  by July 1. We are suffering, the suffering is too much. The President ought to have known the first things to do, Nigerians have no money to eat, transport fares have gone up,'' Mr. Okoli stated.


  • Workers in Construction sites should shun Illicit Substances-Women Safe House

    Work 1Workers in construction sites across Nigeria have been advised to shun illicit substances to avoid unpleasant circumstances.
    This advice was given on Wednesday by Mrs Omobolanle Adedeji at a one day sensitization on GENDER BASED VIOLNECE, HIV/AIDS AND CODE OF CONDUCT, organized by the Women  Safe House Sustenance Initiative for the workforce of the Ibadan Urban Flood Management Project(IURMP) in Ibadan, Nigeria.
    ''If you break the law, the government  will prosecute you. All workers in construction sites are prohibited from taking alcohol or illicit substances. If you are in possession  of illegal drug and someone  reports you, and your employer comes in and discovers it in you , it is an offence and the NDLEA will step in. And if the evidence is heavier than your story, you will go to jail,'' Mrs Adedeji stated.
    She also  harped on the dangers of violent behaviour, stressing, ''fighting is not allowed in offices and construction sites.
    ''Do not physically harrass your co-worker. Stealing is prohibited. Also, the possession of harmful and illegal drugs is prohibited, Mrs. Adedeji concluded.
    In her remarks, an official of IURFMP, Mrs. Bola Dada maintained that all employees signed the same code of conduct, adding, '' we have had several issues. The company has the responsibility that we conduct ourselves well. If you don't comply with the code of conduct you will not go free.''

  • Assets Declaration-President and Others should become Role Models-Former TUC chairman

    Eco 1President Ahmed Tinubu, his Vice, state Governors and other elected political office holders in Nigeria have been called upon to become role models by immediately declaring their assets.

    This call was made by a former chairman of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ''This is an opportunity for President Ahmed Tinubu, Vice President Kashim Shettima, state Governors and other elected representatives of the people to become role models through leading by example. They should immediately declare their assets for Nigerians to repose unwavering trust in them. By delaying declaring their assets, they are not setting a good example for others to follow. For them to enjoy the support and trust of Nigerians, let them make the declaration of their assets public. This would serve as a solid basis in their fight against corruption,'' Comrade Emelieze posited.

                                                                High Cost of PMS-We are Helpless-NASU UCH

    Eco 1

    Similarly, members of the Non Academic Staff Union and Associated Institutions(NASU) University College Hospital(UCH) branch, Ibadan, Nigeria have expressed helplessness over the prohibitive cost of the Premium Motor Spirit(PMS).

    The members made their position known through an Ex-Officio of the union, Comrade Emmanuel Olaleye.

    ''We don't have any power, both cash and kind. Manage,ment is yet to put any palliatives in place for workers, because the Federal Ministry of Health gives the directives. UCH does not have staff buses for its workers. We have only educated our members to reduce extravagant lifestyles. We hope the hardships will be temporary,'' Comrade Olaleye stated.

    However, in his view, the chairman of the branch, Comrade Kehinde Abiona disclosed that the national leadership of the union had taken a position on the matter, saying, ''''it is a welcome development, we are going to pass through it and get over it.''


  • Commercial Real Estate Investor Natin Paul Indicted on Eight Counts in Austin

    Fraud 5Press Release AUSTIN, Texas – A federal grand jury in Austin returned an indictment Tuesday, June 6, 2023, charging Natin Paul, aka Nate Paul, with making false statements for the purpose of influencing the actions of financial institutions on applications for loans. The indictment, unsealed during his initial appearance in Austin today, charges Paul with eight violations of Section 1014 of Title 18 of the United States Code, which prohibits knowingly making a false statement or report for the purpose of influencing the action of a financial institution on an application for a loan. According to the indictment, the lenders were based in Ireland, New York, Connecticut and Texas. The alleged violations occurred between March 2017 and April 2018. The defendant made his initial court appearance today before U.S. Magistrate Judge Dustin Howell of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas. Each count of the indictment carries a maximum penalty of up to 30 years in prison and a fine up to $1,000,000. The magistrate judge ordered the defendant released on bond. U.S. Attorney Jaime Esparza of the Western District of Texas and Special Agent in Charge Oliver E. Rich Jr., of the FBI San Antonio Division made the announcement. The FBI is investigating the case. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Robert Almonte and Alan Buie are prosecuting the case. An indictment is merely an allegation and all defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.



  • Alleged fraudster extradited to face charges in $7M international advance-fee scam

    HOUSTON – A 57-year-old Nigerian national has been extradited from France to face charges in the United States for his alleged leadership role in a conspiracy perpetrated against victims in more than 20 countries, announced U.S. Attorney Alamdar S. Hamdani. Uche Victor Diuno is set to appear today at 2 p.m. before U.S. Magistrate Judge Dena H. Palermo in Houston. He arrived in the United States Friday, June 9. The charges allege Diuno helped to orchestrate a scam involving false promises of investment funding by individuals who impersonated U.S. bank officials in person and over the internet to victims around the world. Those victims were allegedly told they had to make certain payments before they could supposedly receive their funding. Proceeds of the scheme were laundered through U.S. bank accounts and diverted back to the scheme’s perpetrators in Nigeria, according to the charges. Diuno allegedly lead a criminal network of “catchers,” who sent phishing emails to potential victims falsely offering investment funding on behalf of BB&T Corporation and other U.S. banks. Victims in various countries were deceived into believing they would receive millions of dollars of investment funding as part of joint ventures with U.S. banks, usually BB&T or Chase, according to the indictment. The perpetrators allegedly utilized false domain names to make it appear that senders of emails were actually affiliated with BB&T or Chase. The charges further allege that to convince victims the opportunities were authentic, the perpetrators recruited U.S. citizens to pose as bank “representatives” at in-person meetings with victims around the world. Further, if occurring abroad, they utilized sham visits to the local U.S. embassy or consulate and fabricated documents to make the victims believe the U.S. government was sponsoring the investment agreements, according to the indictment. The victims were then allegedly induced to pay tens of thousands, and often hundreds of thousands, of dollars to U.S.-based bank accounts on the belief that such payments were necessary to effectuate their investment agreements. Diuno was originally charged in a second superseding indictment filed Oct. 3, 2018, with one count of wire fraud conspiracy, one count of money laundering conspiracy and one count of concealment money laundering. As alleged in that indictment, Diuno was a “chairman” or leader in the scheme who operated his own network of catchers and money movers alongside other fraudsters, which he used in furtherance of the same BB&T investment scam. Five other individuals have been charged as part of the same indictment. The scheme allegedly resulted in losses of more than $7 million. The FBI and Department of State – Office of Inspector General conducted the investigation. Assistant U.S. Attorney (AUSA) Christian Latham of the Southern District of Texas and Trial Attorney Philip Trout of the Criminal Division’s Fraud Section are prosecuting the case. An indictment is a formal accusation of criminal conduct, not evidence. A defendant is presumed innocent unless convicted through due process of law.



  • Ensure Safety of our Deposits-Micro-Finance Banks Customers

        Fraud 3Micro Finance banks in Nigeria have been called upon to put mechanisms in place to protect customers from negative tendencies by credit officers.
    This call was made by some customers in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria, while recounting their experiences in recent times.
    ''These credit officers have for long engaged in unethical practices, such as collecting daily contributions and not remitting the same to their employers. We want  to be sure that our daily contributions arrive safely at the vaults of our micro-finance banks. Most of us you see here have gone through harrowing experiences with those who collect our daily contributions. The management of the bank should put measures in place to ensure our daily contributions get to them ensure the safety of our deposits, ''they advised.

    However, the Head of Credit of Apex Trust Micro-Finance Bank in Ibadan, Mr. Kunle Olagunju advised customers  of the micro-finance bank who have complaints to visit its offices to lodge such complaints, saying, '' that is the reason why we are here. We are insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation,'' Mr. Olagunju stated.

  • Nigerians should Keep Hope Alive-Cleric

    BadNigerians have been advised to keep hope alive and not despair in the face of avoidable hardships inflicted on them by a group of individuals.
    This advice was given by a cleric, Pastor Opeymi Ajayi.
    ''Nigerians should continue to be hopeful and not despair. Our God will visit those who are inflicting us with difficulties and hardships. Our God is not sleeping, He is awake all the time and takes note of all our travails,''Pastor Ajayi disclosed.
    Similarly, a former chairman of the Non Academic Staff Union and Associated Institutions(NASU), Comrade Fatoki Olusola- Cole has described the inauguration day pronouncement by President Ahmed Tinubu on the fuel subsidy removal as a great mistake.
    ''The pronouncement of President Tinubu is a great mistake and he was wrongly advised to have spoken that way on the day of his inauguration, when he was yet to get to the office to see and peruse the details of the proposed removal. I think it was a great mistake on his part and an error in starting a  new government. It is a grievous act and I call it a careless statement that has turned the country upside down. The prices of goods and services, most especially foodstuffs, have gone up. I hope Nigerians will not regret voting for him, Comrade Olusola-Cole disclosed.

  • Bad Leadership-Nigeria is not an Exception-Ez(Dr.) Anozie

    Eze 9Nigeria is not an exception when it comes to bad leadership.
    This assertion was made by the Ezendigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state, Eze(Dr.)Alex Anozie.

    ''There is nothing like that. I am only saying that truth and justice should always prevail.
    As regards bad leadership, Nigeria is not an exception. I am talking about the whole world. Bad leadership is causing crises all over the world.
    I am only showing sympathy for justice, equity and fairness and selfless leadership and leadership by example.
    I have been Ezendigbo for 26 years, nobody is paying for my services. There is peace in my domain.
    So, what I am saying is about the whole world at large and Nigeria is part of the world.
    Everybody knows the situation in Nigeria.
    But I must congratulate this government for putting machinery in motion for the completion of the second Niger Bridge. I was one of the people that first called for the construction of the second Niger Bridge and  I am happy that we have seen the completion of the bridge.
    If I have my way and also God's support, I would also suggest that we have a modern rail line from Lagos to Onitsha passing through Ibadan, from Onitsha down to Enugu, from Enugu straight to Abuja, from Abuja back to Lagos, a modern rail line,'' Eze(Dr.) Anozie concluded

  • PFAs should explain how our entitlements are calculated-Chairman NUPCPS South West

    PenPensioners in the University College Hospital(UCH)Ibadan, Nigeria have called on the 21 Pension Funds Administrators(PFA) in the country to explain how their entitlements are calculated for eventual payment.
    This call was made on Wednesday on behalf of the pensioners by the chairman of the Nigeria Union of Pensioners(NUP) Contributory Pensions Scheme(CPS) South West zone, Chief Joseph Oyadiran, at a  retirees forum organized by a PFA Forum in Ibadan.
    ''We want to know how you calculated our money. It is dubious. Have you started receiving retired workers 2013 IPPOIS money from the Accountant General of the Federation(AGF)? The money of workers who retired in 2013 was not calculated with the lump sum. They are yet to release the IPPIS fund to our members at UCH. It is running into millions of Naira.
    Chief Oyadiran lamented that the PFAs were non-chalant in matters concerning pensioners, saying,''you are not assisting us. I have a list of those affected.. Some of the PFAs have not paid 2.5 per cent. The government promised that the enhancement allowances would be released between January and February, 2023. Up till today, what is delaying it? It is May. How can I invest N5.6 million and at the end of three years give me N300.00? PFAs ought to back us up for the release of our money. They are not backing us up,'' Chief Oyadiran declared.
    Meanwhile, members of unions in the UCH have expressed reservations over the curious attitude of the union leaders to issues pertaining to the PFAS operating in the hospitals just as they expressed hopes that there would be an improvement.

  • 5 Month Unpaid Salaries-Blame NASU Leadership for our Predicament-Comrade Olusola-Cole

    Untitled 1The Non Academic Staff Union and Associated Institutions(NASU) has traced the non-payment of their five-month salaries to the indiscretion of the leadership of the union which did not consult with members before suspending the strike action.

    This position of NASU was made known by a former chairman of the union in Oyo state, Comrade Fatoki Olusola-Cole.
    ''Out of frustration, the national leadership of NASU signed the agreement and they announced the suspension of the strike at the Federal Ministry of Education in Abuja, without consultation with members. As at today, none of the agreements have been fulfilled. Up till this hour, we have not heard anything about it. And we have been asking, but the government has not been able to tell us anything.''
    ''As a result of the strike our five-month salaries were with held and this has caused a lot of havoc and problems for members. As a result, some are paralyzed, some have died, some have lost their wives and children. It has brought about unquantifiable sorrows for our members. Thank God for some of us that are still alive. We are living but not balanced. It will take  the grace of God for us to be balanced financially. They never reviewed our salaries. Psychologically, financially, emotionally, we are not stable. We can not show 100 per cent devotion to work because we have a lot of debts to pay. 5 months at a stretch, the government did not pay us. Our children are in school, some have just got admission, we pay for their rent and feeding. Similarly, we the parents, we pay rent and we feed. The prices of electricity, petrol and other goods and services have gone up astronomically and even beyond our reach. Our prayer  is that God will fight for us. This government came with the intention of destroying workers, it has succeeded. God will surely reward them. We are sad, we are not happy at work and at home. We are suffering. There is nobody to fight for us, but God will fight for us. No motivation, no rest of mind, no joy, you leave home in the morning, no hope of meeting food in the evening at home. There is hunger in the land,'' Comrade Olusola-Cole lamented.


  • The Threats to Higher Education

    To know is to know that you know nothing that is the meaning of true knowledge ink 1024x1024Higher institutions in the country have for long contended with the activities of students and non-students, which causes  lawlessness, deviant behavior and criminality-on and off the various campuses in Nigeria.

    Indeed, workers, petty traders and visitors have also been crucial participants in these problems, while the managements of the affected institutions  feign ignorance or are oblivious of the problems.

    Of worry, is the unwritten consent by some members of management for the despicable acts.

    Indeed, homosexuality is now prevalent in these citadels of learning and, surprisingly, members of the communities have taken the abnormal to be normal.

    Stakeholders in the education sector have for long been silent, but rather dissipated energy on the establishment of more institutions. Perhaps.

    However, for the Dean of Students' Affairs, University of Ibadan, Prof. Adekeye Abiona, the University, does not have such issues.

    ''We don't have such issues at the University of Ibadan. Maybe it is in Agbowo, where there are Polytechnic and other students who are not our students. If you want more information, ask the law enforcement agents. There is no way  non-students can get into our halls of residence. Besides, we have hall wardens. Students enter the halls with their identity cards. We are so strict about this, no one can get into the halls without permission. We don't have it in U.I, nobody has reported such.We have an Anti-Cultism Committee, we were at the College of Medicine for a social re-orientation program. The Center for Social Orientation(CSO) was established to take care of such vices. Our students will never indulge in that. There is what we call students' handbook. They have the matriculation oath. Our students are well behaved and we have the Students' Disciplinary Committee(SDC) to handle such issues,'' Prof. Abiona stated.


  • Watch out for Criminals in your Communities-Cleric

    Crime 2Nigerians have been called upon to be vigilant by watching out for those with criminal intentions residing in communities across the country.
    This call was made by a cleric, Pastor Opeyemi Ajayi.
    ''Nigerians must always be security conscious and vigilant wherever they  live because criminals are moving into communities in droves with the intent of committing crime and only pretend to be neighbors while they seek information and observe communities for criminal purposes,'' Pastor Ajayi disclosed.

    Call-07030293331 for all your solar products
    Watch Out
    Joshua is a Junior Secondary Schools student(JSS) of the Royal Seed College, Irepo Street, Idi-Odo, Challenge, Ibadan, Nigeria.
    Influenced by his parents, Joshua always scales a neighbor's fence to steal at Olorunsogo, Molete,.
    Be vigilant, watch out for the ''Joshuas'' in your community.


  • We are not Beneficiaries of 40 Per Cent Increase in Allowances-NASU UCH

    Members of the University College Hospital(UCH)branch of Ibadan,Nigeria of the Non-Academic Staff Unionand AssociatedInstitutions(NASU) have declared that they are not among the beneficiaries of the 40 per cent increase in the allowances of civil servants in the country.
    They made this declaration through the union's chairman,Comrade Kehinde Abiona.
    ''The issue has been put to rest with the payment of April salaries,then we discovered that UCH and other teaching hospitals in the Consolidate Health Salary Scale(CONHESS) were not captured. The only respite we have in the health sector for now, is the latest video released by the Minister of Labor and Productivity,Dr. Chris Nigige wherein he promised that some category of us would enjoy a 25 per cent increase,''Comrade Abiona disclosed.


  • It is Difficult to Define a Journalist In Nigeria-University Lecturer

    Images 1The journalism profession in Nigeria is under intense siege within and outside the circle of practitioners.Standards have been eroded and it is now an allcomers affair.

    Dr.Francis Amenaghwon who holds a Ph.D in communication, is a former staff member of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria(FRCN).

    Dr. Amenaghwon is presently a lecturer in the Department of Communication and Language Arts, University of Ibadan.

    He opines that sanity ought to be restored in the profession. Excerpt: For me,it is increasingly becoming difficult to define who a journalist is in Nigeria.

    In these days of citizen journalism,I-Reporter,online radio,online radio and television channels.The minimum standards of practice ought to be restored. Every profession has its own minimum requirements. When we have a meticulous registration of members,the problem will have been half solved. This is the way forward. Let's set minimum standards for media organizations and institutions correcting the worrisome situation.


  • Workers in Nigeria are Bitter, Unhappy and Sad-Former Oyo NASU Chairman

    WagesWorkers in Nigeria are bitter, unhappy and sad as a result of the insensitivity of the governments at all levels.
    This was the submission of the former chairman of the Non-Academic Staff Union  and Associated Institutions(NASU) in Oyo state, Comrade Fatoki Olusola-Cole.
    ''Workers in Nigeria are bitter, we are not happy, we are sad. Governments at all levels have made life more miserable for us through their wicked deeds. The government at all levels  have succeeded in bastardizing everything in the country. History will make a better judgment of all of us either good or bad. The wicked will never escape the judgment of God wherever they run to,'' Comrade Olusoal-Cole stated.
    In a related development, the chairman of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), Comrade Bosun Olabiyi has expressed reservations over the poor salaries of workers in the state.
    Comrade Olabiyi made his views known on Monday in his address at the 2023 Workers' Day celebration with the theme,''Workers'Rights and Socio-Economic Justice in Ibadan, Nigeria.
    ''Wages are too low to cater for our immediate needs and employers have at most times put themselves in a kingly position of taking it or leaving it. Workers have the right to be heard. It is the right of workers to express themselves. I call on the state government to respect agreements. When workers are allowed to speak, they will be able to protect their rights.''
    In his remarks, the chairman of the state council of the Nigeria Labor Congress, Comrade(Pastor) Kayode Martins  stressed the need for a living wage for workers to enhance productivity, adding,''the minimum wage of N30,000 ought to have been reviewed upwards for workers to have a good life.''


  • Write an Article( for Nigerian Students between 14-17)

    WriteWe invite students between the ages of 14 to 17 to write  an article with the title : My expectations from the Government from May 29 and Beyond.(minimum 250 words).

    The best five articles will be published on this site(ensure to include your profile(minimum of 50 words).

    Entries are free and should be sent to-



    Before 12 noon on Monday May 8th, 2023


  • Pressure Group Leader Sentenced


    New Jersey Proud Boys Leader Sentenced on Felony Charge For Actions During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

    Defendant Joined Confrontation on Lower West Terrace

                WASHINGTON – A New Jersey man, a regional leader of the Proud Boys, was sentenced today on a felony charge for his actions during the breach of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. His actions and the actions of others disrupted a joint session of the U.S. Congress convened to ascertain and count the electoral votes related to the 2020 presidential election.

                Shawn Price, 28, of Rockaway Township, New Jersey, was sentenced to 12 months and one day in prison for interfering with law enforcement officers during a civil disorder. Price pleaded guilty on October 14, 2022, in the District of Columbia. In addition to the prison term, U.S. District Court Judge Carl J. Nichols ordered $2,000 in restitution.

                According to court documents, on Jan. 6, 2021, Price was a member of the Proud Boys and served as vice president of his local chapter. The Proud Boys describe themselves as members of a “pro-Western fraternal organization for men who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world, aka Western Chauvinists.” According to the documents, Price traveled to Washington with 10-12 other members of the chapter. He and four or five of these associates then illegally entered the restricted area of the Capitol grounds, ignoring the police officers in riot gear and the clouds of chemical irritants in the air, which did not deter them. Even after being hit in the chest by a rubber bullet and sprayed with tear gas himself, Price was not deterred. He filmed a confrontation with law enforcement officers taking place on the Lower West Terrace, using profanities as he screamed at the officers, calling them “traitors,” “cowards,” and “scumbags.” He then proudly posted the video online

                At one point, as a crowd of rioters was ascending the stairs after breaching the line of law enforcement officers, Price said, “Let’s go … let’s go …. Let’s go!” and “They thought we couldn’t do it, they wanted to hold us back, now look at this s----.” After officers sprayed a chemical irritant in hopes of controlling the mob, Price continued shouting profanities.

                While on the Lower West Terrace, Price put on a pair of goggles to protect himself from the chemical irritants being used by the police to keep the rioters at bay and disperse the crowd. Sometime between 1:30 and 1:45 p.m., Price and several of his Proud Boys associates pushed en masse against the police in an attempt to breach the police line and access more of the Capitol grounds. The officers who were being pushed were attempting to aid a smaller group of officers on the scene but were unable to reach them because of the crowd’s actions. A few minutes later, Price and his associates forcibly interfered with officers working to arrest one of the rioters by trying to pull that man out of the police officers’ grasp. Later that evening, Price bragged online about how he had “led the storm” and inspired others to fight the police in an effort to keep the former president in power.

                Price was arrested on June 8, 2021.

                The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia and the Justice Department’s National Security Division prosecuted the case, with valuable assistance provided by the U.S. Attorney’s Offices for the District of New Jersey, the Middle District of Florida, and the Western District of Washington.

                The case was investigated by the FBI’s Newark and Washington Field Offices. Valuable assistance was provided by the U.S. Capitol Police, and the Metropolitan Police Department.

                In the 26 months since Jan. 6, 2021, more than 1,000 individuals have been arrested in nearly all 50 states for crimes related to the breach of the U.S. Capitol, including more than 320 individuals charged with assaulting or impeding law enforcement. The investigation remains ongoing.

                Anyone with tips can call 1-800-CALL-FBI (800-225-5324) or visit

  • Social Media Influencer Convicted


    Social Media Influencer Douglass Mackey Convicted of Election Interference in 2016 Presidential Race

    Defendant Attempted to Suppress Vote Through Social Media Disinformation Campaign

    Douglass Mackey, also known as “Ricky Vaughn,” was convicted today by a federal jury in Brooklyn of the charge of Conspiracy Against Rights stemming from his scheme to deprive individuals of their constitutional right to vote.  The verdict followed a one-week trial before United States District Judge Ann M. Donnelly.  When sentenced, Mackey faces a maximum of 10 years in prison.

    Breon Peace, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, and Michael J. Driscoll, Assistant Director-in-Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York Field Office (FBI), announced the verdict.

    “Mackey has been found guilty by a jury of his peers of attempting to deprive individuals from exercising their sacred right to vote for the candidate of their choice in the 2016 Presidential Election,” stated United States Attorney Peace.  “Today’s verdict proves that the defendant’s fraudulent actions crossed a line into criminality and flatly rejects his cynical attempt to use the constitutional right of free speech as a shield for his scheme to subvert the ballot box and suppress the vote.”

    In 2016, Mackey established an audience on Twitter with approximately 58,000 followers.  A February 2016 analysis by the MIT Media Lab ranked Mackey as the 107th most important influencer of the then-upcoming Presidential Election.

    As proven at trial, between September 2016 and November 2016, Mackey conspired with other influential Twitter users and with members of private online groups to use social media platforms, including Twitter, to disseminate fraudulent messages that encouraged supporters of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to “vote” via text message or social media which, in reality, was legally invalid.  For example, on November 1, 2016, in or around the same time that Mackey was sending tweets suggesting the importance of limiting “black turnout,” the defendant tweeted an image depicting an African American woman standing in front of an “African Americans for Hillary” sign. The ad stated: “Avoid the Line. Vote from Home,” “Text ‘Hillary’ to 59925,” and “Vote for Hillary and be a part of history.” The fine print at the bottom of the deceptive image stated: “Must be 18 or older to vote. One vote per person. Must be a legal citizen of the United States. Voting by text not available in Guam, Puerto Rico, Alaska or Hawaii. Paid for by Hillary For President 2016.”  The tweet included the typed hashtag “#ImWithHer,” a slogan frequently used by Hillary Clinton.  On or about and before Election Day 2016, at least 4,900 unique telephone numbers texted “Hillary” or some derivative to the 59925 text number, which had been used in multiple deceptive campaign images tweeted by Mackey and his co-conspirators.

    Several hours after tweeting the first image, Mackey tweeted an image depicting a woman seated at a conference room typing a message on her cell phone.  This deceptive image was written in Spanish and mimicked a font used by the Clinton campaign in authentic ads.  The image also included a copy of the Clinton campaign’s logo and the “ImWithHer” hashtag.

    The government’s case is being handled by the Office’s Public Integrity Section.  Assistant United States Attorneys Erik D. Paulsen and F. Turner Buford of the Office’s Public Integrity Section, and Trial Attorney William J. Gullotta of the Department of Justice’s Public Integrity Section are in charge of the prosecution, with the assistance of Paralegal Specialist Shivani Parshad.

    The Defendant:

    Age:  33
    West Palm Beach, Florida

    E.D.N.Y. Docket No. 21-CR-80 (AMD)

    John Marzulli
    Danielle Blustein Hass
    United States Attorney’s Office
    (718) 254-6323

  • Population Census-Why Now?-Asks Former Oyo TUC chairman


    Nigerians ought to question the motive behind the Federal Government's resolve to conduct the National Population Census four weeks to the expiration of its tenure.

    This assertion was made on Monday by a former chairman of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), Comrade Andrew Emelieze.
    ''Nigerians are supposed to question the Federal Government's decision to conduct the National Population Census a month before its exit. One is afraid that there is a hidden and sinister motive behind this decision at the tail end  of this administration. Why now?'' Comrade Emelize asked.

  • We cannot Turn down Oyo Gov's Invitation-Chairman Association of Traditional Heads of Non-Indigenes

    Lead 4Controversy continues to trail meetings the Oyo state Governor has with various interest groups in the state. In his reaction, the Eze Ndigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state, who is also the chairman of the Association of Traditional Heads of Non-Indigenes in the state, Ez(Dr.) Alex Anozie opines that there is no way members of the association will ignore the state Governor, who invited them for a meeting.

    Excerpts: Mixed reactions have trailed your association's meeting with the Oyo state Governor what is your position?

    As the Governor of the state, he invited the heads of the ethnic groups for a meeting. We had no option but to attend the meeting. There is just no way we can ignore the Governor or disrespect him; we must honor him as the Governor of the state where we reside. If we do otherwise, that means we are not law abiding because we should be working together as partners in progress, as the leaders of the ethnic groups in the state. We didn't know why he invited us and when we got there, he informed us of his intention to run for a second term and I don't think he has committed any crime by informing us of his intention to run for a second term. To continue the work he is doing and the constitution also allows him to do that if he is voted in by the people. And I do not think that we have committed any crime by honoring his invitation as the Governor of the state. He spoke and we listened to him. That is all. I do not see any crime he or we have committed. We are all working for the peace and progress of the state. That is our target. Anyone at any time who becomes the state Governor, that invites us, we will not disrespect him. If God answers his prayers and allows him to come back for a second term, that will be the end of his mandatory two terms. After this, if he, again, invites us that he wants to continue after two terms, we will tell him pointblank No, that he is going against the constitution . After his second term, anyone that God brings in to become the state Governor, if he invites us in that same manner, we will honor the invitation and listen to him or her again.

  • Three Plead Guilty To Conspiracy To.......

    ampa, Florida – United States Attorney Roger B. Handberg announces that Reginald Roberts (22, Lakeland), a/k/a/ “Rudy,” Nathaniel Keith Carr (28, Riverdale), a/k/a “Nate,” and Chrishawn De’Earl Butler (22, Brooksville), a/k/a “Baby,” have each pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery, Hobbs Act robbery, and brandishing and discharging firearms in the commission of crimes of violence. Each faces a minimum mandatory sentence ranging from 14 to 21 years, up to life, in federal prison. Sentencing dates have not yet been set.

    According to the plea agreements, and as depicted in the attached photographs introduced at the initial appearance hearing on May 12, 2021, between December 2020 and April 2021, Roberts, Carr, Butler and others engaged in a conspiracy to rob individuals they suspected of distributing narcotics. During that time, the conspirators engaged in numerous armed robberies in Hillsborough, Pasco, Polk, and Lee counties, some of which resulted in shootings. While committing these offenses, the conspirators impersonated law enforcement officers by wearing black clothing, gloves, and masks, often with law enforcement insignia, or vests with “Sheriff” affixed. In addition, during certain robberies, the conspirators drove a black Dodge Durango and white Chevrolet Malibu equipped with blue lights and sirens. 

    Court Exhibit

    Court Exhibit

    Co-conspirator Jasmine Weber (28, Tampa) has also pleaded guilty, and is pending sentencing. Indicted co-conspirators Daniel Jackson and Darius Hudson are pending trial. An indictment is merely a formal charge that a defendant has committed one or more violations of federal criminal law, and every defendant is presumed innocent unless, and until, proven guilty.

    This case was investigated by the FBI, with assistance from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, the Bartow Police Department, the Lakeland Police Department, the Dade City Police Department, the Cape Coral Police Department, the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, the Arcadia Police Department, and the Florida Highway Patrol. It is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Diego F. Novaes.

    This case is part of Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN), a program bringing together all levels of law enforcement and the communities they serve to reduce violent crime and gun violence, and to make our neighborhoods safer for everyone. On May 26, 2021, the Department launched a violent crime reduction strategy strengthening PSN based on these core principles: fostering trust and legitimacy in our communities, supporting community-based organizations that help prevent violence from occurring in the first place, setting focused and strategic enforcement priorities, and measuring the results.


  • U.S. Citizen Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison for Conspiring to Provide Electronic Equipment and Technology to the Government of Iran

    Defendant Conspired to Illegally Export U.S. Goods and Technology Without Required Export Licenses

    Earlier today, in federal court in Brooklyn, Kambiz Attar Kashani, a dual citizen of the United States and Iran, was sentenced by United States District Judge Eric R. Komitee to 30 months’ imprisonment for conspiring to illegally export U.S. goods, technology, and services to end users in Iran, including the Government of Iran, in violation of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA).  The defendant has agreed to pay a $50,000 fine. Kashani pleaded guilty to the charge in June 2022.

    Breon Peace, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Matthew G. Olsen, Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s National Security Division, and Joseph R. Bonavolanta, Special Agent-in-Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Boston Division (FBI), announced the sentence.

    “Kashani defied export restrictions and sanctions against Iran, a country that sponsors international terrorism,” stated United States Attorney Peace. “His scheme undermined U.S. foreign policy and national security interests, and warranted a substantial sentence of incarceration to deter others.”

    “Kashani conspired to illegally export U.S. goods and technology for the benefit of the Central Bank of Iran, a designated entity that materially supports known terrorist organizations,” said Assistant Attorney General Olsen. “The Department remains vigilant against any efforts to circumvent our export control laws, which exist to protect the security of the United States and its people.”

    “Kambiz Attar Kashani will now head to prison for strengthening the economy of one of the world’s most infamous state sponsors of terrorism to line his own pockets, while circumventing U.S. laws in place to protect our national security interests. He used two United Arab Emirates companies to procure items from multiple American technology companies, including one located right here in Massachusetts,” said Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Boston Division Bonavolonta. “Today’s sentencing should send a strong message that the FBI and its law enforcement partners will continue to pursue and hold accountable those individuals who illegally export our country’s sensitive information and technology to hostile nations such as the Government of Iran.”

    Between February 2019 and June 2021, Kashani conspired to illegally export goods and technology to end users in Iran, including the Central Bank of Iran (CBI). The U.S. government recognizes CBI as an agency of the Government of Iran and the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has classified it as a Specially Designated National (SDN) acting for or on behalf of a terrorist organization.  According to the U.S. government, CBI has materially assisted, sponsored and provided financial, material or technological support, goods or services to Lebanese Hizballah, a terrorist organization, and to the Qods Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), which is a branch of the Iranian armed forces and represents the primary means of the Government of Iran to direct and implement its global terrorism campaign.   

    Kashani and his co-conspirators perpetrated the illegal transshipping scheme through two separate United Arab Emirates (UAE) companies.  They used the UAE companies to procure electronic goods and technology from multiple U.S. technology companies, including one located in Brooklyn, for end users in Iran, including CBI, without obtaining required OFAC export licenses.  Certain of the goods and technology Kashani and his co-conspirators transshipped were classified by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security as information security items subject to national security and anti-terrorism controls.  Kashani and his co-conspirators intentionally concealed from the U.S. companies that they intended to send the items to Iran, falsely claiming that the UAE companies would be the ultimate end users.   

    As set forth in court papers, by providing the Government of Iran and end users in Iran with sophisticated, top-tier U.S. electronic equipment and software, the defendant and his co-conspirators enabled the Iranian banking system to operate more efficiently, effectively, and securely.  In doing so, the defendant and his co-conspirators likely helped strengthen Iran’s economy and provided faster and more secure access to funds that enable the Government of Iran to further priorities including its nuclear program and terrorist agenda – exactly what the U.S. sanctions against Iran were intended to prevent.

    The government’s case is being handled by the Office’s National Security and Cybercrime Section.  Assistant United States Attorneys Alexander A. Solomon and Meredith A. Arfa are in charge of the prosecution, with assistance provided by Trial Attorney S. Derek Shugert of the Justice Department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section.


    Kambiz Attar Kashani
    Age:  45
    United Arab Emirates


  • Scrap Ezendigbo Title-Ibadan Residents and Indigenes Suggest

    King 2Concerned residents and indigenes of Ibadan, Oyo state have called on the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Lekan Balogun,Alli Okunmade II, to, as a matter of urgency, scrap the title of Ezendigbo of Ibadanland.

    They hinged their call on the attempt to desecrate the position of the Olubadan.

    ''We call on the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Lekan Balogun to urgently scrap the title of Ezendigbo of Ibadan. If you are observant, they are covertly working to bring the Olubadan position to ridicule. In addition, the activities of the Ezendigbo should be comprehensively probed for the good of society'', they stated.

    In most recent times, there has been an upsurge in lawlessness and all forms of criminality in several communities in the state capital.

    However, those-in-authority are either complicit or lack the will to convincingly put an end to the ugly situation.

    The Balogun Nidgbo of Ibadan land, Chief Alloysious Obi, had in an interview with The Sun accused Eze(Dr.)Alozie of desecrating the stool of Olubadan with the conferment of a chieftaincy title of Ezi Ogo Ukwu N’digbo Nala on Oba Balogun.

    ''He said: “I found it ridiculous that an individual would just wake up and say he is conferring a chieftaincy title on the occupant of the revered stool of Olubadan. For Anozie to do such, it is nothing but desecration of the Olubadan stool and it should be condemned by those who mean well for Ibadanland. It is my candid view that the people of Ibadanland should, this time around, come together and put a stop to what I can only describe as an insult to the Olubadan stool, as I know that Igbos have great respect for traditional institutions.”

    However, in his reaction, the Eze Ndigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state Eze(Dr.) Alex Anozie insisted that his detractors were at work, explaining that he gave the Olubadan an award and not a chieftaincy title.

    ''Because of the love and understanding between us, Ndigbo and Kabiyesi Olubadan of Ibadanland and Ibadan people, we decided to give an award to Olubadan in appreciation for our cordial relationship and because he is our in-law as he is married to one of our daughters. So we gave him an award and this matter, that same yesterday, 14th February, I was called and myself and my council members held a meeting with the Olubadan-in-Council and a satisfactory explanation has been given and the matter has been resolved . The Igbos and Ibadan people and the whole Yoruba race have been living peacefully. All that we did was to show love and appreciation for all that has been happening between the two ethnic groups. But we know that detractors are behind all the noise, but thank God the matter was resolved yesterday. We know that our detractors are the ones fanning the members of hatred unnecessarily,'' Eze(Dr.) Anozie concluded.

  • Unfolding events are signs that Labor leaders have Compromised-Former Oyo TUC Chairman

    The prolonged silence by labor leaders in Nigeria that has trailed the lingering fuel scarcity and the Naira re-design controversy has been described as a good sign that the union leaders have compromised.

    This assertion was made by a former chairman of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.
    ''The labor leaders are supposed to make statements that would make the Federal Government reverse some of its policies that are anti-people. This is not so.There is fuel scarcity and people are not able to access their money in the banks because of the anti-people policies of the Federal Government. But this would be very difficult considering the hidden benefits the labor leaders are enjoying from other political parties, but it is impossible , they should have a change of heart. The Nigerian workers have been visited with unexpected hardship and confusion has been the order of the day. Our people have never had it this bad. Besides, mass hunger and poverty  is now with us in the land and our people are murdered daily  in cold blood. The Nigerian workers, unemployed and the retirees are the worse hit,'' Comrade Emelieze concluded.
    Similarly, Nigerians have expressed anger and disgust over the unbecoming attitude of several Point of Sale Operators, who now sell both the old and new naira notess, while the staff of the money deposit banks have continued to make covert gains from the present situation.
    In his reaction, the Secretary of the Oyo state wing of the Nigeria Union of Teachers(NUT), Comrade Oukayode Salami lamented that teachers were among poor Nigerians that are at the  receiving end of the Federal Government's policies.
    ''It is an issue that affects all of us, even teachers are among poor Nigerians at the receiving end of the Federal Government's policies. Teachers now find it difficult getting to work. These government policies have crippled the source of livelihood of millions of Nigerians. We want the government to rise to the occasion and reduce the hardships.''
    In the same vein,the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) has been called upon to ensure that there is adequate supply of the newly redesigned Naira notes within the period of extension of the deadline.

    This call was made recently by the chairman of the Non-Academic Staff and Associated Unions(NASU) University College Hospital(UCH)Ibadan, Nigeria, Comrade Kehinde Abiona.

    ''The policy is a welcome development because of what it is out to address. There is this notion that almost all the government policies are good, but the challenge arises during the implementation stage in addition to those responsible for the implementation. A lot of Nigerians who need money for their daily transactions are unable to access the new naira notes. They are passing through pains and agonies. I feel the pains and sufferings of people. The CBN should ensure that there is adequate supply of the new naira notes within the extension period, otherwise the situation may not improve but go from bad to worse,'' Comrade Abiona stated.

  • Naira Redesign-Govt Officials are not Devoted to Duty-Former Oyo TUC Chairman

    Diligent 1The hitches trailing the introduction of the new Naira notes in Nigeria has exposed the lack of devotion to duty by certain government officials and the dubious attitude of staff of some banks.

    This assertion was made on Monday by a former chairman of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ''The Naira redesign is an indictment on certain officials of government who have not been diligent in their duties and a number of staff in banks who are duboius and questionable. As a matter of fact, Nigerians are now in great doubt of the real motive behind the Naira redesign. The apex bank should not be used to achieve sinister motives, it could be counter productive'', Comrade Emelieze stated.

  • Nigerian National Sentenced to Prison for Bank Fraud Scheme

    Scheme Involved Selling Stolen Personal Identifiable Information

    CLEVELAND – A Nigerian national was sentenced today to more than three years – or 37 months – in prison by U.S. District Judge James S. Gwin after he was convicted by a jury of formulating a conspiracy to obtain stolen financial information, making fraudulent and unauthorized purchases of retail goods and gift cards, and stealing funds from victim bank accounts in Northern Ohio and elsewhere.

    Blessing Adeleke, 31, of Nigeria, was convicted in October 2022 of one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and 16 counts of bank fraud. According to court documents, between January 2014 through October 2016, Adeleke served as an administrator for an online marketplace,, where compromised data, such as credit numbers and personally identifiable information (PII), were sold.

    As part of the conspiracy, Adeleke and others obtained stolen credit card information and purchased items, such as retail goods and gift cards for themselves. Adeleke shared this stolen credit card information with others, including co-defendant Kylie Ann Harlow. Court documents state that Adeleke and Harlow shipped retail goods purchased with the stolen financial information to Harlow and others and, in some instances, returned the goods and gift cards to retail stores to obtain cash.

    Adeleke and Harlow eventually forwarded the fraudulently obtained goods, gift cards, and money to other members of the conspiracy for their personal enrichment.

    Adeleke gained access to at least one bank account belonging to a victim in Pepper Pike, Ohio, from which he sent 16 fraudulent checks. 

    Kylie Ann Harlow previously pleaded guilty to her role in the scheme and was sentenced in June 2021. This case was investigated by the Cleveland FBI and was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Brian S. Deckert and Daniel J. Riedl.

    The U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of International Affairs provided significant support and assistance in securing the defendant’s arrest and extradition from Ghana.

    The U.S. Department of Justice thanks its Ghanian partners, specifically the Ministry of Interior and the Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Justice, for supporting this extradition.

    The FBI Legal Attaché in Accra and the U.S. Marshals Service also provided significant support and assistance to Adeleke’s extradition.


  • Elections-We don't want a Sectional Leader-Prof. Olagoke

    Lead 2Nigeria needs a detribalized leader who will be able to address its multiferous challenges.

    This assertion was made over the weekend by the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke in his address titled, ''Governance and Leadership : 2023 Election and Effective Participation'', at the grand finale of the 40th Annual Shafaudeen International Convention, ''Ishrat 2023'', in Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''Our challenges are solvable problems. We don't want a sectional leader. We don't want a tribal leader, but rather, we want a leader who will lead all Nigerians leaders who have not been able to solve the country's problems, and are not supposed to get to the exalted position. Nigeria deserves to have Godly, but non-religious bigot leaders for good governance for our unity and development. He must be able to see to the restructuring of the country and the amendment of the 1999 constitution for us to have fiscal federalism in place that will allow regions, states, local governments to control resources for their development through the right placement of items on the exclusive list and consider concurrent lists. All eligible voters must get registered, collect their Permanent Voters Cards and come out to vote for candidates of their choice, but with the positive mindset of objective exercise to elect a credible leader for real change, Nigeria deserves to have to be truly united and developed.

  • General Elections-Be Vigilant-Labor leader to Nigerians

    DemoUnfolding events that have characterized the last few weeks until the general elections have been described as a written script by Those-in Authority being played out.

    This was made known by a former chairman of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ''Nigerians should be very vigilant and resist any attempts to either manipulate or postpone the general elections. Happenings have indicated that the government is desperate to scuttle democracy regardless of denials. What is happening is very suspicious and calls for worry and vigilance,'' Comrade Emelieze stated.

    Illicit and Outlawed substances

    The use of illicit and outlawed substances is now the status quo in several communities in Nigeria. Indeed, it has become a source of livelihood for a sizable number of Nigerians. The inaction of Those-in-Authority to reign in those involved suggests that there is clandestine support for their activities.

  • Use Elections to Establish functional Education-Prof. Olagoke

    Education 4The general elections have been described as a good opportunity to establish functional education in Nigeria.

    This assertion was made on Tuesday by the Founder, Spiritual head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke in his address titled, ''SHAPING THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION IN NIGERIA-THE FUTURE IS NOW'' at the 3oth Annual Shafaudeen-in-Islam stakeholders' Conference in Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''Functioanl education is deserved by a nation like Nigeria to promote inclusive society, civility and patirotism, credible leadership and good governance driven through zero tolerance to corruption and institutional indiscipline. Education will make us realize achieving this sanity-prone environment for development. Luckily for us, the 2023 general elections will avail us the opportunity to achieve this if we make give the right choice of a visionary leader that would be spirit led to operationalize democracy through justice and equity to propel Nigeria into peace and sustainable development and a safe and secured environment., Prof. Olagoke stated.

  • The Right Policies and Programs will Groom Future Leaders-Prof. Olagoke

    Leadership 2The provision of the appropriate policies, programs, services and information that supports children and youth development has been recommended for the grooming of the future generation.

     This recommendation was given on Saturday by the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke at the opening ceremony and Inter-House Sports of Shafaudeen Group of Schools in Ibadan,, Oyo state, Nigeria.

    In his address titled, ;; Child Rearing and Wellness for Growth and Development, Prof. Olagoke stated : ''Appropriate policies, programs, services and information that focus on nurturing care are, therefore, needed to build an environment in which children and young people can thrive. So,the way parents nurture and the way government as well as other stakeholders support children and the youth constitute one of the most critical factors for their health, growth and development.''

  • Hike in Electricity Tariffs an attempt to Wipe out Nigerians-Labor Leader

    Hard 1The systematic increase in the pump price of the Premium Motor Spirit(PMS) and the recent increase in electricity tariffs by the electricity distribution companies has been described as premeditated attempts to exterminate Nigerians.

    This is the opinion of a former chairman of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ''The systematic increase in the price of petrol and then now the increase in electricity tariffs are premeditated attempts to wipe out Nigerians by continuously ensuring that life is unbearable.''

    Note-Olorunsogo, Molete, Molusi, Oshodi, Aluko, Scout Camp and Felele among several other communities in Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria, where parents and guardians groom their children and wards to become future criminals.

    Of worry, is the high population of dropouts that has made it very difficult to justify the expenditure on education.

    Illiteracy, ignorance and idleness coupled with crime and all forms of criminality have now become norms and values. Sadly, the government of the day, at all levels may have proceeded on vacation or are complicit.

  • Final Defendant In Michigan Governor Kidnapping Plot Sentenced To 235 Months In Prison

    GRAND RAPIDS – Barry Croft Jr., 47, of Bear, Delaware, was sentenced today to 235 months (19 years 7 months) in prison followed by five years of supervised release for conspiracy to kidnap the Governor of Michigan, conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction against persons or property, and knowingly possessing an unregistered destructive device, which was a commercial firework refashioned with shrapnel to serve as a hand-grenade. Croft was convicted by a federal jury in August 2022 during an 11-day retrial. According to court documents and evidence presented at trial, Croft and others intended to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer from her vacation cottage near Elk Rapids, Michigan, and use the destructive devices to facilitate their plot by harming and hindering the governor’s security detail and any responding law enforcement officers. They specifically explored placing a bomb under an interstate overpass near a pedestrian boardwalk. A jury in an earlier trial was unable to reach a verdict. Croft is the final defendant to be sentenced for his role in the plot. Co-defendant Adam Fox, 39, of Wyoming, Michigan, was sentenced yesterday to 16 years in prison followed by five years of supervised release for his role in the conspiracy. Ty Garbin, 27, of Hartland, Michigan, pleaded guilty in January 2021 and initially received a sentence of 75 months, or over six years, in prison. The district court later reduced that sentence to a term of 30 months, or two and a half years in prison, after fully considering his cooperation at both trials. Kaleb Franks, 28, of Waterford, Michigan, received a term of four years in prison after pleading guilty and testifying at both trials. Co-defendants Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta were acquitted at the first trial in April 2022. Assistant Attorney General Matthew G. Olsen of the Justice Department’s National Security Division, Former U.S. Attorney Andrew Birge for the Western District of Michigan, appointed to oversee the trial, and Assistant Director Robert R. Wells of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division made the announcement. The FBI’s Detroit Field Office investigated the case with valuable assistance provided by the FBI’s Baltimore Field Office and the Joint Terrorism Task Force, including Michigan State Police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Michigan charged the case and conducted the trials, with valuable assistance provided by the National Security Division’s Counterterrorism Section.


  • Election- Nigerians are expecting leaders who will lift them out of Hunger and Poverty-Prof. Olagoke

    Leader 2The expectation of Nigerians is that credible leaders with passion to put an end to hunger and poverty in the country will emerge after the general elections.

    This assertion was made on Thursday by the Founder, Spiritual head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeeen-inIslam worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke in his lecture titled ''Leadership and the Three Rings of Life'' at the second Ogunelu Aaare Alasa Dynasty day in collaboration with Shafaudeen-in-Islam Medical Outreach in Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''Nigerians are expecting credible leaders at all levels of government, who will lift them out of hunger, poverty and unemployment to emerge after the general elections.Only credible leaders at all levels of government, who are purposeful, visionary, emotionally and passionately patriotic, ready to sacrifice their best to serve the people will all digilence can be goal getters and unifying factors to the people of diverse interest-religious, ethnic divides and gender equlaity challenge. They expect to be loved by the people, for them to buy in Zero tolerance to corruption and institutional indiscipline as a cultural or normal way of life,'' Prof. Olagoke stated.

  • Pray ceaselessly for Hardships to End in 2023-Pastor Ajayi

    EcoNigerians have been charged with keeping hope alive by praying ceaselessly for the present hardships and violent crimes weighing the country down to come to an end in the new year.

    This charge was given by Pastor Opeyemi Ajayi.

    ''Nigerians should continue to pray ceaselessly for an end to the present hardships and spate of killings, ritual killings, armed robberies, rape and other violent crimes in the new year. The challenges Nigerians are passing through today will soon be over. It is a matter of time and at the end of it all we shall have cause to rejoice and be happy. Nigerians should be optimistic that the new year will bring good tidings,'' Pastor Ajayi stated.

    Similarly, labor leaders in Nigeria have been castigated for keeping mute in the face of the hardships being experienced, particularly by workers and generally by Nigerians.

    This castigation was given by a former chairman of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ''We protested to demand that the labor movement should wake up from their slumber because we believe that the leaders of the Nigeria Labor Congress and Trade Union Congress are in a deep sleep and it is as if the labor movement in Nigeria is in a state of coma. Why can the labor leaders keep quiet in the face of the fuel crisis and the sky-rocket costs of living? Nigerians are suffering, our sufferings are no longer in silence. We are protesting the general hardships confronting Nigerians; their incomes are static while the prices of goods and services have gone beyond their reach,'' Comrade Emelieze concluded.

  • Man Indicted for Stealing Chief Federal Judge’s Identity and Forging Court Documents

    For Further Information, Contact: Assistant U. S. Attorney Mark Conover (619) 546-6763  Honolulu, Hawaii – Edmond Abordo of Honolulu was arrested by the FBI today in connection with a federal grand jury indictment charging that he forged the signature of a federal judge in order to trick a woman into paying him thousands of dollars for bogus legal services. According to the indictment, Abordo used the forged signature and a federal court seal to create a phony court order, which he then used to prove to the victim that he’d pulled her Ewa Beach, Hawaii, home out of foreclosure. Abordo allegedly claimed to be a legal expert, which he was not. The case was initiated when the Clerk's Office of the District Court, District of Hawaii learned of the forged court order containing the signature and seal of U.S. Chief District Judge Derrick K. Watson. The FBI began investigating. The indictment alleges that Abordo first met the elderly victim in late 2017 and described himself to her as a “non-licensed attorney” who could help her prevent foreclosure. Abordo, who is not a lawyer and has no legal training, claimed that he had expertise on several legal subjects, including mortgages and adverse possession. He convinced the victim to file a federal lawsuit challenging foreclosure of her home. Nearly each time that Abordo met with the victim, he demanded a cash payment of $1,000 to $3,000 dollars. Abordo ultimately convinced the victim that the federal judge assigned to the lawsuit had awarded her possession of her home, the indictment said Abordo stated that he would not give her the court order until she paid him additional money. In reality, the victim’s home had been lost to foreclosure and the federal lawsuit had been dismissed months earlier. The victim, believing Abordo had a real court order, paid him thousands of dollars in exchange for the forged court order. The forged court order was a two-page document dated June 26, 2019 and titled “Order Granting Plaintiff’s Motion For Adverse Possession Pursuant HRS § 657-31.5 Adverse Possession and 43 U.S. Code § 1068 Lands Held in Adverse Possession.” The document contained the caption of the federal lawsuit as well as the purported signature of U.S. District Judge Watson, and the seal of the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii. Abordo assured the victim that the forged court order was a genuine court document and that the judge’s signature on the forged order was genuine, and that the forged court order gave legal possession of the Ewa Beach property to the victim. In reality, and as Abordo then well knew, the forged court order was not genuine, was never issued or signed by the judge, and did not confer any property rights to the victim. “We will always act to protect the integrity of the court and seek justice for victims of fraud,” said U.S. Attorney Randy Grossman of the Southern District of California. Grossman applauded the work of the prosecution team and the FBI in this matter. “Trust in our court system is paramount to our society,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Steven Merrill. “When individuals forge court documents and victimize our kupuna, the FBI will aggressively pursue those individuals to maintain the public’s confidence in the court system and protect the vulnerable.” Abordo was arraigned on the indictment by U.S. Magistrate Judge Kendal Newman and entered a plea of not guilty. Judge Newman detained Abordo temporarily and ordered him to appear before U.S. District Judge Lynn Winmill on January 19, 2023, at 9 a.m. for a motion hearing. *The charges and allegations contained in an indictment or complaint are merely accusations, and the defendants are considered innocent unless and until proven guilty. DEFENDANT Edmund Abordo 67 Honolulu, HI SUMMARY OF CHARGES 18 U.S.C. § 1343, Wire Fraud Maximum Penalty: Twenty years in prison, $250,000 fine, forfeiture and restitution 18 U.S.C. § 505, Forgery Maximum Penalty: Five years in prison, $250,000 fine, forfeiture and restitution 18 U.S.C. § 1028A(a)(1), Aggravated Identity Theft Maximum Penalty: Two years consecutive to underlying count   AGENCIES Federal Bureau of Investigation *The charges and allegations contained in an indictment or complaint are merely accusations, and the defendants are considered innocent unless and until proven guilty.


  • Nigeria Lacks Responsive and Reponsible Govt-Oyo NRM Gov. Candidate

    Fuel 3The Gubernatorial candidate of the National Rescue Movement(NRM)in Oyo state, Dr. Raymond Adegboyega has declared that the lingering fuel scarcity shows that Nigeria lacks responsive and responsible governments at all levels. Dr. Adegboyega made this declaration on Thursday in a chat in Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''Different petrol stations are sold at different prices, some people are creating bottlenecks and benefitting from the scarcity. They have brought Nigerians hardships. We don't have responsive and responsible governments at all levels. If the government wants to increase the price of petrol, there is a way to do it. I foresee the government increasing the price of petrol. The government does not care. This may result in crises before the elections. It is a bad omen,'' he stated.

  • FBI and Bureau of Indian Affairs Sign Agreement to Improve Law Enforcement in Indian Country

    Law 1During remarks at the 2022 White House Tribal Nations Summit today, Attorney General Merrick B. Garland announced that the FBI and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) signed an agreement to establish guidelines to provide for the effective and efficient administration of criminal investigations in Indian Country. This is the first update since the early 1990s to a memorandum of understanding between the agencies. The announcement is being discussed during a panel featuring Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland and Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta at the Summit. The Summit provides an opportunity for Administration and Tribal leaders from the 574 federally recognized Tribes to discuss ways the federal government can invest in and strengthen nation-to-nation relationships as well as ensure that progress in Indian Country endures for years to come. “This agreement is a crucial step to advancing public safety for American Indian and Alaska Native communities,” said Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta. “The Department of Justice is committed to working with the Department of the Interior to investigate Indian Country crimes, including reports of missing or murdered Indigenous people, quickly, effectively and respectfully. We are grateful to the Tribes that provided input into this new policy.”   “The FBI is committed to ongoing and continued collaboration with the Bureau of Indian Affairs,” said FBI Director Christopher Wray. “The FBI has a crucial role in successfully addressing matters in the nation’s Indian Country communities and this updated MOU affirms our dedication to the mission of protecting all Americans. The FBI will not waver in its support of our Tribal law enforcement agency partners and our coordination with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.” “Interagency coordination is absolutely critical given the complexities of jurisdiction in Tribal communities. This agreement supports an all-of-government approach to addressing federal responsibilities and Tribal needs in Indian Country,” said Assistant Secretary Bryan Newland for Indian Affairs. “All federal agencies share a treaty and trust responsibility to protect Tribal sovereignty and revitalize Tribal communities. This partnership will further support our efforts to keep Native people safe in their homes and communities.” Under the agreement, the BIA Office of Justice Services and the FBI will cooperate on investigations and share information and investigative reports. The agencies will also establish written guidelines outlining jurisdiction and investigative roles and responsibilities for investigators from the BIA, FBI and Tribal law enforcement agencies. The agreement also requires that all BIA, FBI and Tribal law enforcement officers receive training regarding trauma-informed, culturally responsive investigative approaches. This agreement will support the unified response to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples crisis, and the Missing and Murdered Unit launched by Secretary Haaland. It defines responsibilities for FBI, BIA and Tribal investigators to ensure that missing person cases are entered into the National Crime Information Center, National Incident-Based Reporting System and other appropriate federal criminal databases, and that DNA is submitted to the National Missing Person DNA Database when appropriate and available. The agreement also specifies that the FBI will take an initial primary role in the investigation of any BIA or Tribal law enforcement officer-involved shootings and in-custody death incidents. The BIA will concurrently conduct separate internal administrative investigations of any BIA or Tribal law enforcement officer-involved shootings and in-custody death incidents. The mission of the BIA Office of Justice Services is to uphold Tribal sovereignty and provide for the safety of Indian communities by ensuring the protection of life and property, enforcing laws, maintaining justice and order, and by ensuring sentenced American Indian offenders are confined in safe, secure, and humane environments. Ensuring public safety and justice is arguably the most fundamental of government services provided in Tribal communities.


  • Fuel Scarcity-Govt has brought Untold Hardships on Nigerians-Labor Leader

    Fuel 1The lingering fuel scarcity in Nigeria has brought about untold hardships on Nigerians.

    This assertion was made by the chairman of the National Union of Allied Health Professionals(NUAHP), Oyo state council, who doubles as the chairman of the University College Hospital(UCH) branch of the union, Comrade Oladayo Olabampe.

    ''Our leaders have brought untold hardships on us. People are suffering. We Nigerians are known to be rugged people and whatever our leaders throw at us, we find a way of maneuvering and coping. So we are coping. The filling stations are selling the Petroleum Motor Spirit(PMS) at very high prices and there are also those selling kegs along the road, the black market, for those who can afford them. People spend as long as a whole day in petrol stations just to get fuel. We should not forget about those who don't have cars and rely on public transport. The transport fares have gone up beyond their reach.''

    ''Nigerians are paying because they have no choice, while others who cannot afford the very high transport fares have resorted to trekking long distances to their destinations. The last fuel scarcity was attributed to flooding, but now that the scarcity persists, no reason has been given for it.''

    Comrade Olabampe lamented that the issue of subsidy removal ''seems to be like a mustache that you remove and later grows again.''

    He noted that Nigerians no longer asked questions, saying,'' the more you look the less you see. Only God knows where we are heading to. If care is not taken, workers will revolt. Everything is on the high side and salaries are still where they were years back. What Nigerians want is the improvement of the economy. We want to see improvement in the economy, otherwise workers will revolt.'' 

    Similarly, the chairman of the Amalgamated Commercial Motorcycle Riders And Owners Association(ACOMORAN), Comrade Solomon Oulgbode described the increase in the price of PMS as wicked, saying, ''the increment in the fuel price for whatever reason is wicked, it is not a masses friendly policy, especially this time when the festival period is fast approaching, people are going through a lot of stress. The cost of fuel, which hovers around N185.00, N280.00 and N300.00, this has affected the rate at which passengers are conveyed to their destinations. People spend a reasonable part of their time searching for fuel. The high cost of motorcycles and instalmental payments have made life unbearable for both transporters and commuters. This should be a lesson for us. We cannot continue this way in 2023. We should carefully look at those we want to be voted into office.''

  • Approach the 2023 Elections with Justice Equity and Fairness

    Anozie 2Nigerians have been called upon to approach the 2023 general elections with the mindset of justice, equity and fairness.

    This call was made by the Ezendigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state, Eze(Dr.) Alex Anozie.


    ''So, my own philosophy is that when I see any geo-political zone of the country being marginalized, I will say it is not good. Any marginalized geo-political zone, be it the South East, South South, North or South West, I will join to condemn it. I have said it all, so let us approach the 2023 general elections with justice, equity and fairness as we support and cast our votes for preferred candidates, '' Eze(DR.) Eze(Dr.) Anozie stated.

  • Contributory Pensions- Future with PFAs Bleak-Public and Civil Servants

    Value 1Workers in the University College Hospital(UCH), Ibadan, Nigeria, and other Federal Government institutions have expressed reservations over the attitude of Pensions Funds Administrators(PFAs). 

    The workers, whose names are withheld, to avoid victimization stated,

    '' The Pensions Funds Administrators have not lived up to expectations. In the first few months of their operations, all went well, but afterward, it has been one complaint or the other. The future is bleak with the PFAs.'' Interestingly, in his reaction, the chairman of the Non-Academic Staff Union(NASU), University Colege Hospital(UCH), Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria, Comrade Kehinde Abiona disclosed that his union paid for data recapture for its members by the Pension Commission(PenCom). ''We wrote to the PenCom and they wanted details of our members, and for the purpose it licensed agents. We paid these agents for data recapture, it was for just two days. PFAs did not do this. They are not forthcoming.''

    ''As salaries are paid the PFAs go to offices appealing to our newly employed workers to open accounts with them, as soon as an account is opened by an employee, the PFAs generate Pension Enumeration Number. Sadly, on data recapture, the PFAs are yet to respond because they do not want workers to move forward. We have done what we can do from our end, but the financial implications that are very obvious, we cannot do more than what we have done.''

    Comrade Abiona lamented that workers who are unable to do the data recapture would have difficulties accessing the contributory pension funds.
    ''We contriBute monthly to the National Housing Fund. It is mandatory. However, if one wants to deal with an estate developer, the requirement includes a 10 percent deposit. Workers cannot afford this. But the contributory pensions allow workers to access 25 percent of the funds, provided that they have done data recapture,'' Comrade Abiona disclosed.

  • Be in Control of Information and Communication Technology(ICT)

    Tech 1 1Be conscious and discretionary in the use of Information and Communication Technology(ICT). The prospects are wide.

     Ensure you devote just enough time to sorting out your emails, but do not allow this task to overwhelm you. Be in control by fashioning out time for every task.

    For Responses, send

  • Resist Evil and Abnormalities-Pastor Ajayi to Nigerians

    Evil 4Nigerians have been called upon to resist all the evil and abnormalities that have characterized daily living by putting their hopes in God. 

    This call was made by a Christian cleric, Pastor Opeyemi Ajayi in a chat with Poverty Line.

    ''Nigerians must be upright by resisting all the evil and abnormalities in everyday living. Don't join the abnormalities. Evil is increasing by the day, but we should not lose hope. No matter how the evil planters press on with evil and diabolism, there shall soon be a total cleansing. Nigerians should not despair,'' Pastor Ajayi stated.

  • Three Arrested for Conspiracy and Obstruction of Criminal Prosecution in the US

    Black Friday Treasure Hunt

    Charges Include Conspiracy to Forcibly Repatriate PRC Nationals, Attempted Obstruction of a Criminal Prosecution, and Conspiracy to Act as an Illegal Agent of a Foreign Country In three separate cases in the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices for the Eastern District of New York and the District of New Jersey, the Justice Department has charged 13 individuals, including members of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) security and intelligence apparatus and their agents, for alleged efforts to unlawfully exert influence in the United States for the benefit of the government of the PRC. In the Eastern District of New York, an eight-count indictment was unsealed on Oct. 20 charging seven PRC nationals – two of whom were arrested on Oct. 20 in New York – with participating in a scheme to cause the forced repatriation of a PRC national residing in the United States. The defendants are accused of conducting surveillance of and engaging in a campaign to harass and coerce a U.S. resident to return to the PRC as part of an international extralegal repatriation effort known as “Operation Fox Hunt.” A criminal complaint was unsealed today in federal court in Brooklyn charging two People’s PRC intelligence officers with attempting to obstruct a criminal prosecution in the Eastern District of New York. The defendants remain at large. In the District of New Jersey, an indictment was unsealed today charging four Chinese nationals, including three Ministry of State Security (MSS) intelligence officers, in connection with a long-running intelligence campaign targeting individuals in the United States to act as agents of the PRC. “As these cases demonstrate, the government of China sought to interfere with the rights and freedoms of individuals in the United States and to undermine our judicial system that protects those rights. They did not succeed,” said U.S. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland. “The Justice Department will not tolerate attempts by any foreign power to undermine the Rule of Law upon which our democracy is based. We will continue to fiercely protect the rights guaranteed to everyone in our country. And we will defend the integrity of our institutions.” “The actions announced today take place against a backdrop of malign activity from the government of the People’s Republic of China that includes espionage, attempts to disrupt our justice system, harassment of individuals, and ongoing efforts to steal sensitive U.S. technology,” said Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco. “The men and women of the Department of Justice will continue to defend the United States, our institutions, and our people from foreign threats that violate the law — no matter what form they take.” “These indictments of PRC intelligence officers and government officials – for trying to obstruct a U.S. trial of a Chinese company, masquerading as university professors to steal sensitive information, and trying to strong-arm a victim into returning to China – again expose the PRC’s outrageous behavior within our own borders,” said FBI Director Christopher Wray. “The FBI, working with our partners and allies, will continue to throw the full weight of our counterintelligence and law enforcement authorities into stopping the Chinese government’s crimes against our businesses, universities, and Chinese-American communities.” “These cases highlight the threat the PRC government poses to our institutions and the rights of people in the United States,” said Assistant Attorney General Matthew G. Olsen of the Justice Department’s National Security Division. “We will not tolerate these brazen operations: the harassment and attempted repatriation by force of individuals living in the U.S.; the effort to corrupt our judicial system; and the attempt to recruit agents for the PRC under the cover of a front academic organization. Countering such threats is a cornerstone of the mission of the National Security Division.” United States v. Quanzhong An, et al., Eastern District of New York An eight-count indictment was unsealed on Oct. 20 in Brooklyn charging a total of seven nationals of the PRC – Quanzhong An, 55, of Roslyn, New York; Guangyang An, 34, of Roslyn, New York; Tian Peng, 38, of the PRC; Chenghua Chen of the PRC; Chunde Ming of the PRC; Xuexin Hou, 52, of the PRC; and Weidong Yuan, 55, of the PRC – with participating in a scheme to cause the forced repatriation of a PRC national residing in the United States. The lead defendant, Quanzhong An, allegedly acted at the direction and under the control of various officials with the PRC’s government’s Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection (Provincial Commission) – including Peng, Chen, Ming, and Hou – to conduct surveillance of and engage in a campaign to harass and coerce a U.S. resident to return to the PRC as part of an international extralegal repatriation effort known as “Operation Fox Hunt.” Quanzhong An and Guangyang An were arrested on Thursday and were arraigned that afternoon before U.S. Magistrate Judge Ramon E. Reyes Jr. The remaining defendants remain at large. “As alleged, the defendants engaged in a unilateral and uncoordinated law enforcement action on U.S. soil on behalf of the government of the People’s Republic of China, in an effort to cause the forced repatriation of a U.S. resident to China,” said U.S. Attorney Breon Peace for the Eastern District of New York. “The United States will firmly counter such outrageous violations of national sovereignty and prosecute individuals who act as illegal agents of foreign states.” As alleged in the indictment, the defendants participated in an international campaign to threaten and intimidate John Doe-1, a resident of United States, and his family to force John Doe-1 to return to the PRC. These efforts were part of “Operation Fox Hunt,” an initiative by the PRC’s Ministry of Public Security to locate and repatriate alleged fugitives who flee to foreign countries, including the United States. The PRC government has targeted these alleged fugitives and their families to compel cooperation with the PRC government and self-repatriation to the PRC. The PRC government has taken such law enforcement actions on U.S. soil in a unilateral manner without approval, of or coordination with the U.S. government. Quanzhong An, who is a businessman operating in Queens, New York, and the majority shareholder of a hotel in Flushing, acted as the primary U.S.-based liaison for the Provincial Commission’s targeting of John Doe-1 and his family members, including his son, John Doe-2, both in the United States and in the PRC. As part of the scheme, various PRC-based conspirators forced a relative in the PRC (John Doe-3) to travel from the PRC to the United States in September 2018 to meet with John Doe-2 and convey threats that were intended to coerce John Doe-1’s return to the PRC. Yuan – John Doe-3’s superior at the PRC’s State Administration of Taxation – escorted John Doe-3 from the PRC to the United States, under the guise of a visit with a tour group. PRC-based defendants and coconspirators also engaged in a pattern of harassment targeting John Doe-1’s family members. In November 2017, Hou wrote John Doe-2 warning him that “coming back and turning yourself in is the only way out.” Hou further threatened that “avoidance and wishful thinking will only result in severe legal punishments.” The PRC government also harassed John Doe-1 and John Doe-2 through the filing of a lawsuit in New York State court, alleging that John Doe-1 had stolen funds from his former PRC based employer and that John Doe-2 had knowledge of and benefitted from his father’s scheme. In a series of recorded meetings in 2020, 2021, and 2022, Quanzhong An repeatedly met with John Doe-2 and attempted to persuade John Doe-2 to cause the return of John Doe-1 to the PRC. In these meetings, Quanzhong An acknowledged that he is a member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), which enforces the rules and regulations of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) abroad. At various times, he attributed his instructions to Chen, Ming, and Peng and acknowledged that the Fox Hunt operation was motivated by the PRC government’s need to “save their faces” and repatriate as many fugitives as possible. Quanzhong An admitted that he was acting as an agent of the Provincial Commission to increase his standing in the PRC. During his meetings with John Doe-2, Quanzhong An repeatedly transmitted threats on behalf of the PRC government. If John Doe-1 did not return, the PRC government would “keep pestering you, [and] make your daily life uncomfortable,” in addition to actions to “target and monitor” John Doe-1’s relatives in the PRC. On another occasion, he stated that “they will definitely find new ways to bother you” and “it is definitely true that all of your relatives will be involved.” As set forth in the detention memorandum, Quanzhong An met with John Doe-2 again on Sept. 29, 2022. During this meeting, Quanzhong An pressed for John Doe-1 to execute an agreement to return to the PRC in advance of the CCP’s 20th National Congress, which began on Oct. 16, 2022. As part of such agreement, Quanzhong An sought a written confession from John Doe-1, which would be submitted directly to the PRC government. The charges in the indictment are allegations, and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. If convicted of acting as agents of the PRC, Quanzhong An faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. The money laundering conspiracy charge against Quanzhong An and Guangyang An carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. The remaining charges, including conspiring to act as agents of the PRC and conspiring to commit interstate and international stalking, carry a maximum sentence of five years in prison. The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Alexander A. Solomon, Sara K. Winik, and Antoinette N. Rangel and Trial Attorney Scott A. Claffee of the National Security Division’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section. Assistant U.S. Attorney Brian Morris of the Office’s Asset Recovery Section is handling forfeiture matters. United States v. Dong He, et al., Eastern District of New York A criminal complaint was unsealed today in federal court in Brooklyn charging two People’s Republic of China (PRC) intelligence officers with attempting to obstruct a criminal prosecution in the Eastern District of New York. The defendants remain at large. According to court documents, Dong He, aka Guochun He and aka Jacky He, and Zheng Wang, aka Zen Wang, allegedly orchestrated a scheme to steal files and other information from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York related to the ongoing federal criminal investigation and prosecution of a global telecommunications company (Company-1) based in the PRC, including by paying a $41,000 Bitcoin bribe to a U.S. government employee who the defendants believed had been recruited to work for the PRC, but who in fact was a double agent working on behalf of the FBI. “Today’s complaint underscores the unrelenting efforts of the PRC government to undermine the rule of law,” said U.S. Attorney Breon Peace for the Eastern District of New York. “As alleged, the case involves an effort by PRC intelligence officers to obstruct an ongoing criminal prosecution by making bribes to obtain files from this Office and sharing them with a global telecommunications company that is a charged defendant in an ongoing prosecution. We will always act decisively to counteract criminal acts that target our system of justice.” Dong He and Zheng Wang are charged with attempting to obstruct a criminal prosecution of Company-1 in federal district court in the Eastern District of New York. Defendant He also is charged with money laundering based upon a bribe payment of $41,000 in Bitcoin made in furtherance of the scheme. According to the complaint, the defendants are PRC intelligence officers conducting foreign intelligence operations targeting the United States, on behalf of the PRC government and for the benefit of Company-1. Starting in 2019, they directed an employee at a U.S. government law enforcement agency (GE-1), whom they believed they had recruited as an asset, to steal confidential information about the criminal prosecution of Company-1 in order to interfere with that prosecution. In actuality, GE-1 was working as a double agent on behalf of the FBI. In September 2021, the defendants tasked GE-1 with reporting about meetings that GE-1 was purportedly having with prosecutors in Brooklyn at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York. In written communications, the defendants said they were particularly interested in knowing which Company-1 employees had been interviewed by the government and in obtaining a description of the prosecutors’ evidence, witness list and trial strategy. In October 2021, GE-1 used an encrypted messaging program to send the defendants a single page from a purported internal strategy memorandum from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York regarding the Company-1 case. The document appeared to be classified as “SECRET” and to discuss a plan to charge and arrest two current Company-1 employees living in the PRC. Dong He responded that the document was “exactly what I am waiting for” and that he was “waiting for the feedback from some guys” about whether there were any questions about the document. Dong He then paid GE-1 approximately $41,000 in Bitcoin for stealing that document. GE-1 also asked the defendants for any feedback about the “SECRET” document. In November 2021, Dong He stated that “[Company-1] didn’t give me specifically feedback now yet, but they are obviously interested in it, and my boss and they need further information.” Dong He further told GE-1 that “[Company-1] obviously will be interested” in GE-1 stealing another part of the strategy memorandum, and “maybe will offer more” for that information. In December 2021, in response to a further request by GE-1 for feedback or guidance from Company-1 about “what they want me to get,” Dong He explained that “they didn’t give me any positive feedback yet and demanded to communicate with you directly.” Dong He said that he refused Company-1’s request to speak directly to GE-1 because “it’s too dangerous.” The charges in the complaint are allegations, and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. If convicted, Dong He faces up to 40 years of imprisonment and Wang faces up to 20 years of imprisonment. The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Alexander A. Solomon and Meredith A. Arfa and Trial Attorney Scott A. Claffee of the National Security Division’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section. United States v. Wang Lin et al., District of New Jersey A federal indictment was unsealed today charging four Chinese nationals, including three Ministry of State Security (MSS) intelligence officers, in connection with a long-running intelligence campaign targeting individuals in the United States to act as agents of the PRC. As alleged in the indictment, from at least 2008 to 2018, Wang Lin, 59; Bi Hongwei, age unknown; Dong Ting, aka Chelsea Dong, 40; Wang Qiang, 55, and others engaged in a wide-ranging and systematic effort to target and recruit individuals to act on behalf of the PRC in the United States with requests to provide information, materials, equipment, and assistance to the Chinese government in ways that would further China’s intelligence objectives. These recruitment efforts included targeting professors at universities, a former federal law enforcement and state homeland security official, and others to act on behalf of, and as agents of, the Chinese government. As part of the conspiracy, MSS intelligence officers Wang Lin, Dong Ting, and others used a purported academic institute at Ocean University of China – referred to as the Institute for International Studies (IIS) – as cover for their clandestine intelligence activities. Acting under cover as the purported director of the IIS, Wang Lin, in coordination with other MSS operatives operating under the guise of academics at the IIS, targeted professors at American universities and others in the United States with access to sensitive information and equipment. According to the indictment unsealed today, MSS intelligence officers Wang Lin, Bi, Dong, and others, acting for and on behalf of the MSS and the Chinese government, systematically targeted United States persons, including but not limited to a coconspirator who was a resident of the state of New Jersey and a second individual who was a former federal law enforcement officer and state homeland security official and a professor at an American university. Among other things, the conspiracy targeted the second individual by inviting the individual in 2008 and 2018 on all-expenses-paid trips to China sponsored by the IIS. During those trips, Wang Lin, Dong, and others sought to recruit this individual as a human source, requesting that the individual provide sensitive fingerprint technology, information, and assistance with stopping planned protests along the 2008 Olympic Games torch route in the United States, which the conspirators expressed would be “embarrassing” to China. The individual also was requested to sign a contract for purported consulting services with a Chinese company whose “core value” was the “national interest and national security” of China, with an objective to “protect the national interest and Chinese enterprises’ overseas interest[s]” and to “build sources and channels to collect security information.” Recognizing Wang Lin, Dong, and others as Chinese intelligence officers, the individual refused these requests and reported them to law enforcement. The conspiracy also targeted the coconspirator in New Jersey by tasking the coconspirator to take specific action in the United States in furtherance of the MSS’ intelligence objective. Wang Qiang coordinated a meeting in 2016 between the coconspirator, Wang Lin, and Bi Hongwei in the Bahamas, at which time MSS intelligence officers Wang Lin and Bi directed the coconspirator to obtain U.S. currency and provide it to a designated individual in New Jersey. The coconspirator returned to New Jersey and did as Wang Lin and BI instructed. Wang Qiang then visited the coconspirator in New Jersey, at which time Wang Qiang and the coconspirator discussed in detail their and others’ activities taken on behalf of the Chinese government in the United States. Lin, Bi, Dong and Qiang, all are nationals and residents of the People’s Republic of China. They each are charged in the indictment with conspiracy to act in the United States as agents of a foreign government, namely, the People’s Republic of China, without prior notification to the Attorney General of the United States, as required by law, and to direct such unlawful action by others in the United States. The conspiracy charge carries a statutory maximum term of imprisonment of five years and a maximum fine of $250,000. U.S. Attorney Sellinger credited special agents of the FBI, under the direction of Special Agent in Charge James E. Dennehy in Newark, with the investigation leading to the charges. The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorneys J. Brendan Day, Attorney in Charge of the Trenton Branch Office, and Joyce M. Malliet, Chief of the Office’s National Security Unit. The charges in the indictment are allegations, and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.


  • The Flood in Nigeria

    The lack of political will, the reactionary approach of the government and the failure by the citizenry to heed to early warnings resulted in the caualities recorded at flood ravaged parts of Nigeria, while food shortages loom.


    Fashion For Days

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  • FBI Warns Voters on Election Crimes Ahead of the November 2022 Midterm Election

    Free and fair democratic elections are one of the founding pillars of the United States. The FBI is committed to protecting every eligible citizen’s right to vote. Consistent with past practice, the FBI is providing this information to educate voters about Federal election crimes and how to avoid them, and to encourage voters to report suspected violations to your local FBI field office.

    Election Crimes

    Election crimes threaten the integrity of elections and undermine public confidence in our democracy. Election crimes fall into broad categories:

    Ballot/voter fraud

    Campaign finance violations

    Civil rights violations, such as voter suppression or voter intimidation

    While individual states and localities have the constitutional authority and responsibility to manage their own elections and election laws, an election crime becomes a federal crime when one or more of the following occurs:

    A ballot includes one or more Federal candidates

    Election or polling place officials abuse their office

    The conduct involves false voter registration

    The crime is motivated by hostility toward protected minority groups

    The activity violates federal campaign finance law

    Examples of Federal election crimes include, but are not limited to:

    Giving false information when registering to vote

    Voting more than once

    Changing ballot markings or otherwise tampering with ballots

    Vote buying

    Threatening voters with physical or financial harm

    Intentionally lying about the time, manner, or place of an election to prevent qualified voters from voting

    Political fundraising by federal employees

    Campaign contributions above legal limits

    Conduit contributions/straw donor schemes

    Contributions from foreign or other prohibited sources

    Use of campaign funds for personal or unauthorized purposes

    Distinguishing between legal and criminal conduct is critical for ensuring the integrity of U.S. elections. The following activities are not federal election crimes:

    Giving voters rides to the polls or time off to vote

    Offering voters a stamp to mail a ballot

    Making false claims about oneself or another candidate

    Forging or faking nominating petitions

    Campaigning too close to polling places

    Honest mistakes by poll workers

    Lack of immediate election results while ballots are counted

    The FBI plays an important role in preventing violations of your constitutional rights, including your right to vote. Report any instances of potential election crimes to your local FBI field office, and ask to speak to an election crimes coordinator.

    Voter Suppression

    Intentionally deceiving qualified voters to prevent them from voting is voter suppression—and it is a federal crime.

    There are various methods which can be used to spread disinformation about voting. Such methods are social media platforms, texting, or peer-to-peer messaging applications on smartphones. Additionally, bad actors may provide misleading information about the time, manner and place of voting. This includes inaccurate election dates or false claims about voting methods like, voting by text, which is not allowed in any jurisdiction.

    Do you know when, where, and how you will vote? If not, there are many reputable places you can find this information, including and However, not all publicly available voting information is accurate, and some is deliberately designed to deceive you in order to suppress turnout.

    Always consider the source of voting information. Ask yourself, “Can I trust this information?” Look for official notices from election offices and verify the information you found is accurate.

    Help defend the right to vote by reporting any suspected instances of voter suppression—especially those received through a private communication channel like texting—to your local FBI field office and ask to speak to an election crimes coordinator.

    Scam PACs

    Making political contributions can be a powerful way to exercise your First Amendment rights. But some individuals and groups soliciting contributions are bad actors trying to enrich themselves at your expense.

    In every election cycle there are billions of dollars invested in political spending. This attracts criminals who use deception to cheat Americans out of their hard-earned money. The FBI assesses that seniors are at a high risk of being targeted.

    Scam PACs are fraudulent political action committees designed to reroute political contributions for personal financial gain. This is a federal crime. Signs that a PAC is a scam include the PAC and its website disappearing, and the phone number going out of service.

    If you or someone you know has been targeted by a scam PAC, contact your local FBI field office and ask to speak to an election crimes coordinator.

    How to Protect Your Vote

    Know when, where, and how you will vote.

    Seek out election information from trustworthy sources, verify who produced the content, and consider their intent.

    Report potential election crimes—such as disinformation about the manner, time, or place of voting—to the FBI.

    If appropriate, make use of in-platform tools offered by social media companies for reporting suspicious posts that appear to be spreading false or inconsistent information about voting and elections.

    Research individuals and entities to whom you are making political donations. If something seems suspicious, reconsider the donation.  

    Victim Reporting and Additional Information

    The FBI encourages the public to report information concerning suspicious or criminal activity to their local FBI field office. For additional election-related assistance and resources, please visit the following FBI webpages:

    Election Crimes and Security

    Protected Voices


  • Endorsements-Nigerian Workers Be Vigilant-Ex-Officio TUC

    Democratic 1The divided tones of labor leaders in Nigeria as the 2023 general elections approaches has been described as a dangerous signal for workers in the country.

    This assertion was made recently by an Ex-Officio of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), who is a former chairman of the union in the state, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ''Why should labor leaders be singing discordant tunes? Selfish interests, of course, are dangerous for Nigerian workers, and the proliferation of endorsements can lead to a divided labor movement in Nigeria. Workers should be vigilant,'' Comrade Emelieze stated.

  • Bribery-Former FBI Agent Docked

         LOS ANGELES – A Bay Area man and former FBI special agent was found guilty today by a federal jury of conspiring to accept at least $150,000 in cash bribes and other items of value in exchange for providing sensitive law enforcement information to a corrupt lawyer with ties to Armenian organized crime.

              Babak Broumand, 56, of Lafayette, California, was found guilty of one count of conspiracy, two counts of bribery of a public official, and one count of monetary transactions in property derived from specified unlawful activity.

              United States District Judge R. Gary Klausner scheduled a January 30, 2023 sentencing hearing, at which time Broumand will face statutory maximum sentences of 15 years in federal prison for each bribery count, 10 years in federal prison for each unlawful monetary transactions count, and five years in federal prison for the conspiracy count.

              Judge Klausner ordered Broumand remanded into federal custody.

              Broumand, an FBI special agent from January 1999 until shortly after search warrants were served on his home and businesses in 2018, was responsible for national security investigations and was assigned to the FBI Field Office in San Francisco.

              According to evidence presented at his 11-day trial, from January 2015 to December 2018, Broumand accepted cash, checks, private jet flights, a Ducati motorcycle, hotel stays, escorts, meals, and other items of value from an organized crime-linked lawyer – identified in court papers as “E.S” and each man acted to conceal the true nature of their corrupt relationship.

              In return for the bribe payments and other items of value, Broumand conducted law enforcement database inquiries and used those inquiries to help E.S. and his associates avoid prosecution and law enforcement monitoring. Specifically, Broumand informed E.S. whether a particular person or entity was under criminal investigation by stating that E.S. should “stay away” from that person or that they were “OK.”

              To conceal the nature of their corrupt relationship, Broumand made it falsely appear that E.S. was working as an FBI source. Broumand wrote reports after the fact to make it falsely appear that he conducted legitimate law enforcement database inquiries.

              In exchange for the illegal inquiries, E.S. paid Broumand at least $150,000 in cash and check bribes, including a Ducati motorcycle and accessories valued at more than $36,000. The bribes were deposited into the accounts for Love Bugs LLC, a Lafayette-based lice-removal hair salon business that Broumand and his wife started in 2007.

              Soon after the bribery scheme began, E.S. asked Broumand to query the FBI database for Levon Termendzhyan, an Armenian organized crime figure for whom E.S. had worked. The database search “rang all the bells” and revealed an FBI investigation in Los Angeles, according to court documents, which note that Broumand accessed the FBI case file on Termendzhyan repeatedly in January 2015. Broumand also allegedly accessed the Termendzhyan FBI case file in May 2016.

              Termendzhyan, a.k.a. “Lev Aslan Dermen,” was found guilty in March 2020 in federal court in Utah on criminal charges related to a $1 billion renewable fuel tax credit fraud scheme. He awaits sentencing.

              In December 2015, at E.S.’s request, Broumand searched a confidential FBI database for information about Sam Sarkis Solakyan, a medical imaging companies CEO, and later warned E.S. to “stay away” from Solakyan, who was “trouble,” meaning that Solakyan was under law enforcement investigation. Solakyan eventually was charged, tried, convicted and sentenced to five years in federal prison for running a scheme that submitted more than $250 million fraudulent claims through California’s workers compensation system.

              In May 2016, Broumand interfered with an FBI investigation into Felix Cisneros Jr., a corrupt special agent with Homeland Security Investigations who also had ties to Termendzhyan. Cisneros was convicted at trial in two different cases. The first trial, in 2018, resulted from Cisneros’s corrupt acts for Termendzhyan. The second trial, earlier this year, resulted from Cisneros’ corrupt acts for E.S. Cisneros is scheduled for sentencing on October 17.

              “Ensuring public confidence in those who investigate and enforce the law is paramount,” said United States Attorney Martin Estrada. “By taking bribes and gifts from a person he knew was linked to organized crime, Mr. Broumand breached the public trust placed in him and violated his oath of office, something which simply cannot be tolerated. The FBI’s agents and staff work tirelessly every day to keep us safe, and I am proud that they partnered with our Office to ferret out this corruption.”

              “The conviction of Mr. Broumand, a veteran FBI agent who chose greed over integrity and turned his back on the oath he swore to uphold, is proof that the FBI will root out corruption of any kind, to include veteran agents within its ranks,” said Don Alway, the Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI's Los Angeles Field Office. “This prosecution was the result of hard work by multiple partner agencies to work through the painful truth of having to investigate one of its own.”

              “Broumand conspired with the very types of criminals he was trusted to investigate. Today’s guilty verdict sends a clear message that no one is above the law, and any Department of Justice employee who participates in these types of schemes will be brought to justice,” said Zachary Shroyer, Special Agent in Charge of the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General Los Angeles Field Office.

              “All of us in law enforcement are held to a higher standard and this is no exception,” stated IRS Criminal Investigation Oakland Field Office Special Agent in Charge Mark H. Pearson. “The American public places high expectations on law enforcement to uphold and defend the law. While today is a blemish in our community as Babak Broumand, a former FBI Agent, was found guilty for conspiring, bribery, and money laundering; I want to emphasize and highlight the exceptional professionalism, integrity and dedication demonstrated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation special agents, the Office of Inspector General, DOJ, the United States Attorney’s Office – CDCA, and the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation, for their commitment to upholding the law and seeing that justice is sought in all cases regardless of a person’s affiliation. I want to thank our partners for entrusting us with this investigation, and hope that the American public sees our efforts as an example of what the good men and women in law enforcement represent.”

              The jury today also found Broumand not guilty of one count of bribery of a public official and one count of monetary transactions in property derived from specified unlawful activity.

              The FBI, the United States Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General, and IRS Criminal Investigation investigated this matter and were assisted at trial by the Department of Homeland Security, Office of the Inspector General.

              Assistant United States Attorney Ruth C. Pinkel of the Public Corruption and Civil Rights Section and Assistant United States Attorneys Michael J. Morse and Juan M. Rodríguez of the General Crimes Section are prosecuting this case.


  • Report Unbecoming Behavior of Officers and Men-Customs PRO to Nigerians

    Nigerians have been called upon to report any negative observations about officers and men of the Nigeria Customs Service for prompt action.

    This call was made by the Public Relations Officer(PRO) of the Oyo /Osun Command of the service, Mr. Kayode Wey. ''To the public, if they have observed any unbecoming behavior of officers and men, they should forward a proper report to the command. The command will investigate and do what is necessary. Men and officers have been trained to abide by the rules laid before them.

    Mr Wey also disclosed that the command had zero tolerance for indiscipline saying, ''the commander ensures that our emblems, uniforms, souvenirs are not sold to unauthorized persons and those who cannot identify themselves with their identity cards. The Customs Police Unit have very effective in their investigations to nip unfortunate circumstance in the bud.

  • Motivate the Workforce-NASU UCH Chairman to Govt

    Work 1The Federal Government has been charged with motivating its workforce as a step towards ensuring high productivity. This charge was given on Monday by the Chairman of the Non-Academic Staff Union of Education and Associated Institutions(NASU),University College Hospital(UCH)branch, Ibadan, Comrade Kehinde Abiona.

    ''The Federal Government should do the needful when it comes to the motivation of its workforce. The government should also make the work environment conducive. But sadly, gardeners still make provisions for provisions, cutlasses them, they buy it themselves. Medical laboratory staff make do with outdated equipment, the same goes for those in accounts, who still apply old methods,,'' Comrade Abiona stated.

    He advised members of the union to be contented with their present situation, saying, '' take things easy, don't expect too much, accept what life brings to you and make do with what nature allows you to achieve in life''.

    Comrade Abiona appealed to the Federal Government to wake up to its responsibilities, adding,'' we were assured that we would receive the new hazard allowance in January 2022. That is September. We have yet to receive it, we have continued to borrow to sustain our families.''

    Similarly, members of NASU at the University of Ibadan have condemned the decision of the Federal Government not to pay them for the period that they were on strike.

    They made this position known through their chairman, Comrade Malachy Etim. ''Despite the fact that we fulfilled all the processes before proceeding on strike and despite the fact that we have called off the strike and have since resumed work, the Federal Government is still insisting that it would implement the No Work No Pay rule. This is condemnable. The government is still holding on to our salaries. This is inhuman and insensitive.''

    In the same vein, a former Vice President of the Senior Staff Association of Universities(SSANU), Western zone, Comrade Alfred Jimoh advised the government to desist from inducing strike actions, saying, ''human beings are not made for law, law is made for human beings. The Federal Government should apply the law with a human face. Even though we have called off the strike, the government is still holding on to our salaries. How does the government want us to continue working when there is no money?''

    In a related development, members of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria(ASCSN) have again called on law enforcement agencies to put an end to the cases of corruption going on in the union.

    The concerned members lamented,''we bring to your notice some of the challenges confronting us. Deductions have been made from our salaries by our union and there is nothing to show for it. The rising high cost of living and inflation that we are experiencing in Nigeria HAS NOT HELPED MATTERS. It has been extremely very difficult for us to make ends meet and, as such, workers have gone borrowing. Kindly look into the account of ASCSN.''

  • Elect a Leader that shall cater for Poor Nigerians-Prophet Arabambi

    Nigerians have been advised to elect a leader that shall cater for the needs and expectations of poor Nigerians in the 2023 general elections.

    This advice was given on Wednesday by the General Evangelist of the Christ Apostolic Church(CAC)Worldwide, Reformation land, Ile-Atunse, Ibadan, Prophet Timothy Abass Arabambi at an event tagged 2022 Mega International Summit in Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''Nigerians should vote in a leader that would carry everyone along. A leader that would lead by example, a leader that would take good care of poor Nigerians. Mu advice to politicians, let them move closer to God for all to be well,'' Prophet Arabambi concluded.

  • Nigeria needs a Selfless President-Dr. Farounbi

    A former ambassador to the Philippines, Dr.Yemi Farounbi has declared that Nigeria urgently needs a President that is conversant with the needs and expectations of Nigerians.

    Dr. Farounbi made this declaration on Wednesday at an even tagged 2022 Mega International Summit in Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''A leader ought to prepare his country for the challenges ahead. The leader must be creative and visionary and must have his legs on ground. But when your leader travels by helicopter or aeroplane, he does not know hunger, he does not know poverty because his feet is not on ground, he does not also know the fate of the poor.'' ''What kind of President do we need in 2023? What re the problems the President must solve? We need a well educated and rounded person, it is not whether it is my turn or your turn, it is not whether it has been my life time ambition. Can you solve the problem of electricity? Can you solve the problem of education? Can you change the mentality of the education administrators? Do you have intellectual resilience? It is not whether I have been competing since 1992; it is not every leader that is good at implementation, competence is very important. He called for the restoration of family values, while lamenting that,''family values in Nigeria have broken down, we need spiritual regeneration and the restoration of family values.''

  • Russian Charged with Conspiracy

    Russian National Charged With Conspiring To Have U.S. Citizens Act As Illegal Agents Of The Russian Government

    WASHINGTON – An indictment was unsealed today in Tampa, Florida, charging a Russian national, working on behalf of the Russian government and in conjunction with the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), with allegedly orchestrating a years-long foreign malign influence campaign that used various U.S. political groups to sow discord, spread pro-Russian propaganda, and interfere in elections within the United States.

    As alleged in the indictment, from at least December 2014 until March 2022, Aleksandr Viktorovich Ionov, a resident of Moscow, together with at least three Russian officials, engaged in a years-long foreign malign influence campaign targeting the United States. Ionov is the founder and president of the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia (AGMR), an organization headquartered in Moscow and funded by the Russian government. Ionov utilized AGMR to carry out Russia’s influence campaign.

    “As court documents show, Ionov allegedly orchestrated a brazen influence campaign, turning U.S. political groups and U.S. citizens into instruments of the Russian government,” said Assistant Attorney General Matthew G. Olsen of the Justice Department’s National Security Division. “The Department of Justice will not allow Russia to unlawfully sow division and spread misinformation inside the United States.”

    According to the indictment, Ionov — working under the supervision of the FSB and with the Russian government’s support — recruited political groups within the United States, including U.S. Political Group 1 in Florida, U.S. Political Group 2 in Georgia, and U.S. Political Group 3 in California, and exercised direction or control over them on behalf of the FSB. Specifically, Ionov provided financial support to these groups, directed them to publish pro-Russian propaganda, coordinated and funded direct action by these groups within the United States intended to further Russian interests, and coordinated coverage of this activity in Russian media outlets. Ionov also relayed detailed information about this influence campaign to three FSB officials.

    “Secret foreign government efforts to influence American elections and political groups threaten our democracy by spreading misinformation, distrust and mayhem,” said Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite, Jr. of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division. “The department is committed to ensuring U.S. laws protecting transparency in the electoral process and the political system are not undermined through foreign malign influence.”

    According to the indictment, Ionov allegedly targeted U.S. Political Group 1 based in St. Petersburg, Florida. In May 2015, Ionov funded an all-expense paid trip to Russia for the leader of U.S. Political Group 1 (Unindicted Co-Conspirator-1, UIC-1) in order to “communicate on future cooperation” between U.S. Political Group 1 and AGMR. Following that trip, and for at least the next seven years, Ionov exercised direction and control over senior members of U.S. Political Group 1.

    “The prosecution of this criminal conduct is essential to protecting the American public when foreign governments seek to inject themselves into the American political process,” said U.S. Attorney Roger B. Handberg for the Middle District of Florida. “We will continue to work with our partners at the FBI to investigate these events, and we will continue to follow the evidence to ensure justice is done.”

    Early in the conspiracy, senior members of U.S. Political Group 1, UIC-1, UIC-2, and UIC-3 exchanged emails about the fact that Ionov was working on behalf of the Russian Government. For example, in September 2015, Ionov paid for UIC-1 to attend an AGMR-sponsored “Dialogue of Nations” conference in Moscow. Upon his return to Florida, UIC-1 reported to the leadership of U.S. Political Group 1 that AGMR is “a solid institution of Russian politic,” and that it was “clear” that AGMR was “an instrument of [the] Russian government,” which, UIC-1 wrote, did not “disturb us.” The following week, in an email discussion, U.S. Political Group 1 leaders observed that it was “more than likely” that the Russian government was using AGMR “to utilize forces inside of the U.S. to sew [sic] division inside the United States.”

    “The impact of Russian malign foreign influence cannot be overstated,” said Assistant Director Luis Quesada of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division. “The FBI will aggressively pursue any foreign government that attempts to divide American citizens and poison our democratic process.”

    Ionov used his control over U.S. Political Group 1 leaders to foster discord within the United States, to spread pro-Russian propaganda under the guise of a domestic political organization, and to interfere in local elections. For example, in January 2016, Ionov guaranteed financing for — and ultimately funded — a four-city protest tour undertaken by U.S. Political Group 1 in support of a “Petition on Crime of Genocide against African People in the United States,” which it had previously submitted to the United Nations at Ionov’s direction. Later, in 2017 and 2019, Ionov monitored and supported the St. Petersburg, Florida, political campaigns of UIC-3 and UIC-4. In 2019, before the primary election, Ionov wrote to a Russian official that he had been “consulting every week” on the campaign. After UIC-4 advanced to the general election, FSB Officer 1 wrote to Ionov that “our election campaign is kind of unique,” and asked, “are we the first in history?” Ionov later sent FSB Officer 1 additional details about the election, referring to UIC-4 as the candidate “whom we supervise.”

    According to the indictment, Ionov’s relationship with U.S. Political Group 1 continued until at least March 2022. Specifically, in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, U.S. Political Group 1 repeatedly hosted Ionov via video conference to discuss the war, during which Ionov falsely stated that anyone who supported Ukraine also supported Nazism and white supremacy. In a report to the FSB, Ionov explained that he had enlisted U.S. Political Group 1 to support Russia in the “information war unleashed” by the West.

    Alongside his malign foreign influence efforts with U.S. Political Group 1, Ionov also exercised direction and control over U.S. Political Group 3, an organization based in California whose primary goal was to promote California’s secession from the United States. In January and February of 2018, Ionov supported U.S. Political Group 3’s efforts — led by the organization’s founder (UIC-6)—to orchestrate a protest demonstration at the California Capitol building in Sacramento. Ionov partially funded the efforts and attempted to direct UIC-6 to physically enter the governor’s office. Later, Ionov sent various media reports covering the demonstration and U.S. Political Group 3’s broader efforts to FSB Officer 1, writing that FSB Officer 1 had asked for “turmoil” and stating, “there you go.” 

    According to the indictment, Ionov also directed the efforts of U.S. Political Group 2, based in Atlanta. For example, as recently as March 2022, Ionov paid for members of U.S. Political Group 2 — including its founder (UIC-5) — to travel from Atlanta to San Francisco to protest at the headquarters of a social media company that had placed content restrictions on posts supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Ionov sent UIC-5 designs for signs used at the protest and funded cross-country travel for UIC-5 and other members of U.S. Political Group 2. After the protest, Ionov sent UIC-5 a picture of a Russian news website’s social media page, which displayed a Russian-language news story about the protest.   

    Ionov is charged with conspiring to have U.S. citizens act as illegal agents of the Russian government. If convicted, he faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison. A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after considering the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

    Assistant U.S. Attorneys Daniel J. Marcet and Risha Asokan, Trial Attorney Menno Goedman of the Justice Department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, and Trial Attorney Demetrius Sumner of the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section are prosecuting the case.

    The FBI Tampa Field Office is investigating the case.

    An indictment is merely an allegation. All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.


  • ASUU Strike-It is a Fight for All and Sundry- Oyo NLC Sec

    The Oyo state Council of the Nigeria Labor Congress(NLC) has called on Nigerians to support concerned citizens to actualize an end to the discouraging attitude of the Federal Government towards the resolution of the lingering industrial action embarked upon by lecturers under the aegies of the Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU).

    This call was made on Monday by the Secretary of the Union, Comrade Aribatise Adebayo  at state secretariat of the union in Ibadan, Nigeria.

    '' Following the directive of our national leadership on 30th June, 2022, Nigerians ought to join in the solidarity protests with the lecturers. It is a fight for all and sundry,'' Comrade Adebayo stated

  • Some are in Govt for Glamor-Ladoja

    ScienceFormer Oyo state Governor, Senator Rasidi Ladoja has expressed reservations over the wrong attitude of certain political office holders in the Government at all levels.

    Senator Ladoja, who is also the Otun-Olubadan of Ibadanland made this known in an interaction with Journalists on Saturday at his Ondo street, Bodija, Ibadan, Nigeria, home.

    ''We should serve God and serve humanity. Some of us came into government for the glam or the possible money that would be there. We thank God that are still alive this year. We thank God,'' the former Governor stated.

    Read-Helplessness in the Face of Dirt

    -Legalizing Crime and Criminality

    -Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality

    -Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach

    -Government Workers-A Subject of Debate

  • Oyo ASCSN Resolve to elect Charismatic and Visionary Leadership

    Leadership 1Concerned members of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria(ASCSN)(Federal) Oyo state chapter have resolved to collectively work for the emergence of a charismatic leader that is driven by passion.

    Read-Helplessness in the Face of Dirt                                                       -Legalizing Crime and Criminality
    This resolution was reached at a congress held on Monday at the Federal Secretariat, Ikolaba, Ibadan, Nigeria.
    The concerned members expressed disappointment over the stagnant state of affairs of the union in the state, blaming it on the docile and self-centered personalities who constitute the executive.

    -Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality                       

      -Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach
    ''We have resolved to work for the election of charismatic and visonray executives who are driven by passion. In the space of just four years, the union is dead in Oyo state. This is sad. The executives are docile. We are ready to join hands together to reverse this ugly trend. The outgoing executives have betrayed our common cause. Nothing has happened that has made workers proud of the union in the last four years. We shall look elsewhere for people who can champion our cause,'' the members concluded.
    Those at the congress included Comrades Andrew Emelieze, Femi Ogunbayo, Adeolu Adedeji, Olanrewaju Osinubi, Paul Balogun, Olaniyi Ajibosho among several others.

    -Government Workers-A Subject of Debate



  • Don't Become the Mouthpiece of Politicians-Kwakwanso to Journalists

    Dollar 1Journalists in Nigeria have been advised to shun defending the political class for monetary benefits.
    This advice was given on Tuesday by a former Kano state Governor, Senator Rabiu Kawkawnso, who is also a Presidential Aspirant of the New Nigeria Peoples Party(NNPP) in his good will message to commemorate the World Press Freedom Day 2022, in a program organized by the Oyo state Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists(NUJ) IN Ibadan, Nigeria.
    The Presidential aspirant was represented by Barrister Ademola Ayoade.

    Read-Helplessness in the Face of Dirt                                                        -Legalizing Crime and Criminality
    ''On a day like this, it is imperative for all hands to be on deck, as we all look forward to the 2023 General Elections. Jounrnalists across the country, must avoid being the mouthpiece for politicians and political parties, but poractice the profession within the ambit of their professional ethics. It is also of necessity to remind you all that your lives must remain precious and should  not be sacrificed for any pecuniary interest. I strongly implore you to be responsible at all times, as you are trying to b e responsive in your reportage,  as we all lok up to the 2023 General Elections,'' Senator Kawkwanso stated.

    -Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality

    -Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach

    -Government Workers-A Subject of Debate

  • Insecurity-Those in Authority are Inhuman-Labor Leader

    Govt 13The present focus of political office holders on the 2023 elections instead of the unabated kidnaapings, killings, ritual killings and other violent crimes shows that they are inhuman.

    Read- Helplessness in the Face of Dirt                                                    -Legalizing Crime and Criminality
    This assertion was made by the Treasurer of the Oyo State Council of the Nigeria Labor Congress(NLC)Comrade Ademola Babalola on the sidelines of the 2022 Workers' day celebrations in Ibadan, Nigeria.
    ''Those in power are not concerned about the kidnappings, killings, ritual killings and other violent crimes, they are concentrating on the 2023 elections. They are insensitive and inhuman. We are living in fear, no security everywhere. We are praying for God's intervention,'' Comrade Babalola concluded.

    -Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality                   -Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach

    -Government Workers-A Subject of Debate

  • Do you Know? by Comrade Andrew Emelieze

    Ibadan protestDo you know that millions of Nigerians across the six Geo-Political zones have continued to insist that the Government at all levels-Center, State, and Local-are yet to meet their expectations?

    Read also-Helplessness in the Face of Dirt                                                               -Legalizing Crime and Criminality

    -Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality                 -Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach

    -Government Workers-A Subject of Debate


  • Call for Interim Govt in Order-Ex-Officio TUC

    Interim 1The call for the emergence of an Interim Government for six months after the expiration of the tenure of the present administration in Nigeria is the solution to the myriad of problems confronting the country.
    This assertion was made by an Ex-Officio of the Oyo state Council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), who is also a former chairma of the union in the state.

    Read-Helplessness in the Face of Dirt                                                           -Legalizing Crime and Criminality
    ''The system has collapsed, governance is now upside down. The government is not capable of conducting  free, fair and credible elections in 2023. The call for the emergence of an Interim Government after the expiration of the tenrue of this government in order. It is glaring that Nigeria is not working, the government has failed in most sectors of the economy. Nigerians have to sit down and rework Nigeria,'' Comrade Emelieze stated.

    -Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality                  -Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach

    -Government Workers-A Subject of Debate

  • Insecurity: Presidential Aspirants Govs and Lawmakers Selfish-Ex-Officio TUC

    Aspi 1The series of declarations of intentions to contest for various political offices in the 2023 general elections by presidential aspirants, State Governors, and Lawmakers for second term tickets in the face of unabated kidnappings, killings, and ritual killings in Nigeria are reflections of the self-serving nature of those involved.

    Read-Helplessness in the Face of Dirt                                                         -Legalizing Crime and Criminality
    This assertion was made by an Ex-Officio of the Oyo State Council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), who is also a former chairman of the union in the state, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.
    ''It is a big surprise that despite the daily kidnappings, killings, ritual killings, and violent crimes, the focus of presidential aspirants, State Governors, and lawmakers revolves around their selfish desires and aspirations for election for various positions and second term tickets. If only they love and care for Nigerians, they should be agitating for an end to the kidnappings, killings, ritual killings, and other violent crimes.''

    -Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality                  -Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach
    ''It is sad, they have done nothing to stop all these. Nothing!
     92 Nigerians were killed recently in Plateau state and over a hundred others were kidnapped in the train attack in Kaduna. What have they done about these happenings? Nothing! Yet they are aspiring to occupy public offices.  Considering the unending insecurity across the country, will elections hold in 2023? Nobody knows,'' Comrade  Emelieze stated.

    -Government Workers-A Subject of Debate

  • Govt no longer values Human Lives-Ex-Officio TUC

    Govt 9
    The recent Kaduna train attack and other violent crimes in different parts of Nigeria which have resulted in the loss of thousands of innocent lives have confirmed that the Government at all levels no longer values human life.
    This assertion was made by an ex-Officio of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), who is also a former chairman of the union in the state, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    Read-Helplessness in the Face of Dirt
    ''Thousand of human lives have been lost to terrorist attacks, ritual killings, armed robberies, and other violent crimes in various parts of Nigeria. The most recent is the Kaduna train attack. It has been sorrows, tears, and blood all the way. Human lives no longer matter to those in government at all levels. They are all evil and diabolic. They feast on human blood. The killings are the design of those in power. May God protects us all,'' Comrade Emelieze prayed.

    -Legalizing Crime and Criminality

    -Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality

    -Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach

    -Government Workers-A Subject of Debate


  • Fuel Scarcity : Response of Nigerians Discouraging-Ex-Officio TUC

    Econ 1This assertion was made by an Ex-Officio of the Oyo state chapter of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), who is also a former chairman of the union in the state, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    Read-Helplessness in the Face of Dirt

    ‘’The fuel scarcity is an helpless situation that is regrettable and equally unpalatable. However, what is more painful is that Nigerians have responded to the lingering fuel scarcity poorly and this is very discouraging. Why, because most Nigerians are not different from those misleading this country, as a matter of fact the impoverished citizens are even worse than the oppressors of the land and that is why rather than question the worrisome situation, Nigerians have been busy looking for means to cushion the hardships resulting from the fuel scarcity. This hypocrisy has cost us development,’’ Comrade Emelieze lamented.

    -Legalizing Crime and Criminality

    -Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality

    -Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach

    -Government Workers-A Subject of Debate


  • Man who Threatened to Kidnap and Kill ex-Girl friend Jailed

    A 35-year-old Tulsa man who strangled his former girlfriend and later attempted to kidnap her was sentenced Wednesday in federal court, announced U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson.

    U.S. District Judge Claire V. Eagan sentenced David Samuel Boggs Jr. to 121 months in federal prison followed by three years of supervised release.

    Read-Helplessness in the Face of Dirt

    “The facts of this case are disturbing. David Boggs strangled a victim until she passed out, located the victim at a hospital days later where she was being treated, and was apprehended by police outside the hospital with a ‘kill kit,’” said U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson. “Tulsa Police Officers’ vigilance and swift action saved this victim’s life. I am thankful for our law enforcement partners and their commitment to serve and protect those living in communities across northeastern Oklahoma.”

    -Legalizing Crime and Criminality

    Boggs Jr. previously pleaded guilty to felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, assault of an intimate/dating partner by strangling and attempting to strangle in Indian Country, and attempted kidnapping in Indian Country.

    On June 10, 2020, Boggs Jr. violated a protective order when he drug his former girlfriend from her hotel room, strangled her until she passed out, then kicked her in the head while wearing steel toe boots.

    -Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality

    Then on July 17, 2020, while the victim was being treated at a local hospital, Boggs Jr. contacted her and told her he was going to pick her up at the hospital, tie her up, and then take her where no one could hear her scream. She alerted law enforcement, and officers from the Tulsa Police Department began searching for the defendant. Officers located and stopped the defendant in a vehicle just outside the hospital. In the vehicle, officers located the loaded pistol, a change of clothes, binoculars, a wood hacksaw, an aluminum baseball bat and a cell phone, all which pointed to the fact the defendant intended to harm the victim.

    -Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach

    Boggs Jr. admitted in his plea agreement that he had contacted the victim that day and told her he was going to kidnap then kill her. He stated that he borrowed a friend’s car and FMK .9mm caliber pistol and drove to the hospital to kidnap the victim. He knew the pistol was loaded with 11 rounds of ammunition and that he was prohibited from possessing a firearm and ammunition because he was a felon.

    The FBI and Tulsa Police Department conducted the investigation. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Steven J. Briden and Jessica L. Wright prosecuted the case.

    -Government Workers-A Subject of Debate

    Source: FBI

  • ASCSN( Federal)Oyo-We regret voting in Outgoing Executives-Members

    Members of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria(ASCSN)Federal, Oyo state chapter have expressed regrets voting in the outgoing executives of the association.

    Read-Helplessness in the Face of Dirt

    The members made this known through their spokesman, Comrade Olaniyi Ajibosho in a chat with Poverty Line.

    ‘’The election which brought in the present executive of ASCSN, Federal Oyo state chapter was held at the National Museum, Aleshinloye, Ibadan in 2018 and we voted in the outgoing executive with the hope that the executive will address the several challenges confronting members, but our hopes were dashed. Members of the association regret voting in the outgoing executive. The Comrade Balogun led executive promised to do a lot, but we later discovered that he is not protecting the interests of members of the association. We thought the executive would be responsive, but this has not been so, rather the images of the association has been battered and shattered and as a result we want to redeem the association’s image. The Labor leaders believe in political patronage rather than protecting the rights of the cheated workers. We know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, we keep hope alive,’’ Comrade Ajibosho stated.

    -Legalizing Crime and Criminality

    -Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality

    -Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach

    -Government Workers-A Subject of Debate

  • Hunger and Poverty in Nigeria is Massive-Ex-Officio TUC

    Hunger 1The unabating hunger and poverty in Nigeria is massive and worrisome as Nigerians continue to raise their voices.

    This assertion was made by an Ex-Officio of the Oyo state Council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), who is also a former Chairman of the uion in the state, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ''There is massive hunger and poverty in Nigeria. This is worrisome. Food security is no longer guaranteed and Nigerians have continued to raise their voices over the unabating hunger and poverty in the land. Nigerians are living in bondage,'' Comrade Emelieze stated.

    Read-Legalizing Crime and Criminality

             -Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality

             -Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach

             -Government Workers-A Subject of Debate

  • Two Former Federal Correctional Officers Plead Guilty to Bribery and Smuggling Contraband Scheme

                                                                                 Press Release

    Two former correctional officers pleaded guilty this week to engaging in bribery and smuggling contraband into Leavenworth Detention Center.

    According to court documents, Janna Grier, 36, of Horton, Kansas, previously worked as a correctional officer at Leavenworth Detention Center, a privately run, maximum-security federal prison in Leavenworth, Kansas. Grier used her position to smuggle contraband into the prison and also solicited other prison officials to use their position to smuggle contraband into Leavenworth.

    Read-Legalizing Crime and Criminality

    On Jan. 25, Grier pleaded guilty to conspiracy to offer bribes and provide contraband to inmates of a federal prison. She is scheduled to be sentenced on April 28, and faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison. A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after considering the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

    -Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality

    According to court documents, Willie Golden, 28, of Overland Park, Kansas, also previously worked as a correctional officer at Leavenworth Detention Center. Golden used his position to smuggle contraband — including tobacco, synthetic cannabinoids, cellular telephones and marijuana — into the prison in exchange for bribe payments.

    Today, Golden pleaded guilty to conspiracy to accept bribes and provide contraband to inmates of a federal prison. He is scheduled to be sentenced on May 17, and faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison. A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after considering the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

    -Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach

    Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite Jr. of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, Special Agent in Charge William J. Hannah of the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General (DOJ-OIG) Chicago Field Office, Assistant Director Luis Quesada of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division, and Special Agent in Charge Charles A. Dayoub of the FBI’s Kansas City Field Office made the announcement. 

    The FBI and DOJ-OIG are investigating the cases.

    Trial Attorneys Rebecca M. Schuman and Dahoud A. Askar of the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section are prosecuting the cases.

    The cases are part of the Justice Department’s ongoing efforts to combat prison corruption. In addition to the above matters, the Public Integrity Section is prosecuting three other former Leavenworth officials for similar alleged conduct. See United States v. Cheyonte Harris, Case No. 2:21-cr-20054 (D. Kan.); United States v. Jaqueline Sifuentes, No. 2:21-cr-20053 (D. Kan.); United States v. Jeane Arnette, No. 2:21-cr-20063 (D. Kan.). An indictment is merely an allegation, and all defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

    -Government Workers-A Subject of Debate

    Separately, the Public Integrity Section and the FBI recently obtained convictions against three former North Carolina prison officials who smuggled contraband, including illegal narcotics, into a state facility in exchange for bribes. See United States v. Ollie Rose, III, No. 4:20-CR-96 (E.D.N.C.); United States v. Kenneth Farr, No. 4:21-CR-9 (E.D.N.C.); and United States v. Jeremy Chambers, No. 4:21-CR-38 (E.D.N.C.).


  • Namibia Set to Lay Off TB Health workers

    Tb197 Health workers engaged by the Namibian Government to assist in the quest to eradicate tuberculosis in the country are on the verge of been laid off.
    Thsi disclosure was made by the Excutive Director in the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Ben Nangombe, who attributed the development to the lack of funds.

    Read-Legalizing Crime and Criminality

    The casual workers were employed to assist in the treatment of TB patients, referrals for diagnosis, TB contact tracing, symptom screening, collecting sputum samples, as well as informing and educating the community.

    -Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality

    The Global Fund (GF) has been supporting the country in its fight against HIV-AIDS, TB and malaria through the provision of renewable grants since 2006.

    -Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach
    “The discontinued funding of TB promoters affects activities in all regions. Namibia has made great progress in the fight to end TB, and field promoters have been crucial in this fight. The ministry is exploring options and possibilities to secure funding and sustainable ways to ensure the continuation of this program. The current GF grant which runs from 2020 to 2023 will continue to fund all the other activities,'' Nangombe stated.

    -Government Workers-A Subject of Debate



  • Be Conscious of Your Immediate Environment-Police to Nigerians

    Army 1The Nigeria Police Force has called on Nigerians to be conscious of happenings in their immediate environment and re-orientate the youth to have a positive focus.
    This call was made  on Tuesday by a Chief Superintendent of Police(CSP), Usman Sharafadeen, who represented the Oyo State Commissioner of Police at a conference organized  by Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide in collaboration with the Center for Religious Cooperation(CRCT)in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria.

    Read-Legalizing Crime and Criminality
    ''Nigerians must be conscious of their immediate environment. The fear of God is the basis of all actions. When we fear God, we have a positive mental attitude. When we fear God we will never do anything negative to our fellow human beings. Our youth is the focus. All Nigerians have their roles to play in society. The discussion on the lips of every Nigerian is the roles of  the youth in''Yahoo yahoo Plus and Yahoo. The youth must be re-orientated, Parents and Guardians must be cocnscious of their childrens' movements,'' the CSP concluded.

    -Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality

    In his remarks, the Founder, Spirutla Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabiut Olagoke stressed that those in Those-in-Charge of the Government ought to pray for divine intervention.
    ''Those in Government should pray onto God to intervene, that is the advice Ican give them,'' Prof. Olagoke concluded.

    -Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach

    -Government Workers-A Subject of Debate



  • Former Corrections Officer Sentenced for Smuggling Drugs

    SAN DIEGO — Anibal Navarro, a former corrections officer at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility, was sentenced in federal court today to 37 months in prison for smuggling methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana and cell phones into state prison.

    Navarro pleaded guilty, admitting that he was part of a network of 12 individuals both inside and outside the prison that smuggled in contraband and illegal narcotics. All the other defendants have pleaded guilty and been sentenced (case number 17cr446-AJB).

    One of Navarro’s co-conspirators, prison inmate Martin Gomez, organized and directed the other participants, including Navarro, from his cell in California state prisons in San Diego and Los Angeles. Gomez arranged for individuals outside of prison to smuggle contraband into Donovan prison and deliver drugs and cell phones to various inmates through Navarro. Gomez directed those inmates to receive the contraband and deliver it to still other inmates within the prison.

    Gomez approached Navarro while Gomez was an inmate at Donovan, offering him an avenue to make extra money that Gomez knew Navarro needed. Navarro was paid between $1,000 and $2,000 each time he smuggled contraband into the prison. Gomez continued to lead the conspiracy for over two years, even after he was transferred out of Donovan to another prison. Over 500 grams of methamphetamine, heroin, cell phones, and other contraband were smuggled into Donovan through Navarro at Gomez’s direction while he was incarcerated elsewhere.

    The smuggled phones were used to coordinate criminal activity both inside and outside Donovan.

    “Corrections Officers are charged with the responsibility of keeping the public, inmates, and other prison staff safe,” said U.S. Attorney Randy Grossman. “Former Officer Navarro personally profited from creating a dangerous environment in the prison by smuggling in extremely harmful and addictive narcotics. Additionally, cell phones inside a prison allow inmates to coordinate other illegal acts, like smuggling drugs, fraud, and even violence. Today’s sentence demonstrates that the significant consequences far outweigh any financial gain for those who abuse their positions of trust.” Grossman thanked the prosecution team, the FBI, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s Office of Internal Affairs, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s Investigative Service Unit and the United States Postal Service — Inspector Service, for their excellent work on this case.

    “Anibal Navarro abused his position and betrayed his oath as a Corrections Officer to further a conspiracy which included smuggling dangerous drugs and cell phones into our state prison system, allowing inmates to continue their criminal enterprise even while incarcerated,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Suzanne Turner. “Today’s sentence hopefully sends a message to any government employee considering using their position of authority to further their own interests and enrich themselves — the FBI will continue to work diligently to root out public corruption at all levels.”

    DEFENDANT Case №16cr1664

    Anibal Navarro Age 43 Chula Vista, California


    Conspiracy to Distribute Illegal Narcotics — Title 21, U.S.C., Sections 841(a) and 846;

    Bribery Concerning Programs Receiving Federal Funds — Title 18, U.S.C., Section 666

    Maximum penalty: Life in prison and $20 million fine

    Read-Legalizing Crime and Criminality

             -Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality

             -Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach

             -Government Workers-A Subject of Debate   

  • Be Optimistic God will Rescue you from your Tormentors-Cleric to Nigerians

    TotalNigerians have been admonished to be optimistic in the new year as God will rescue them from those tormenting them.
    This admonition was given by a Christian cleric, Pastor Opeyemi Ajayi in his new year message.
    ''God will step into the situation and there shall be a turnaround for the better. God will rescue Nigerians from the hands of those tormentors. Nigerians should be optimistic, God's intervention is close by. The year shall bring surprises,'' Pastor Ajayi concluded.

    Read-Legalizing Crime and Criminality                               -Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality

             -Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach           -Government Workers-A Subject of Debate

  • FBI Warns of Holiday Scams Ahead of Holiday Season

                                                                                 Press Release

    The FBI Columbia Field Office is warning the public of common holiday scams ahead of the 2021 holiday season.

    With the holidays upon us and seasonal shopping in full gear, criminals are set to look for opportunities to take advantage of consumers. The FBI is encouraging shoppers to be vigilant for scams that are designed to steal their money and personal information.

    The two most prevalent holiday scams are non-delivery and non-payment crimes. The FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received more than 17,000 complaints of non-delivery goods, resulting in over $53 million in losses during the 2020 holiday season.

    “More than ever consumers are shopping online and using alternative payment methods, aside from cash,” said Susan Ferensic, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Columbia Field Office. “Criminals have adapted to the way we shop, and they work overtime to create elaborate schemes to steal from us.”

    Some of the common holiday scams the FBI warns of are:

    Online shopping scams – Scammers offer deals through phishing e-mails or advertisements.

    Social media scams – Scammers use social media sites that appear to offer vouchers or gift cards. These scams often lead consumers to complete online surveys designed to steal personal information.

    Smartphone app scams – Scammers design mobile apps disguised as free games that steal personal information.

    Work-from-home scams – Scammers use websites and social media posts that offer working from home. Convenience is the attention grabber, but there may be fraudulent intentions.

    Gift card scams – Victims receive a spoofed e-mail, call, or text asking them to purchase multiple gift cards for person or business reasons.

    Charity scams – Criminals set up false charities and profit from individuals who believe they are donating to legitimate organizations.

    If you believe you are victim of a scam, contact your financial institution immediately. You should also contact your local law enforcement agency. Finally, victims should file a complaint with IC3 by visiting

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  • Ugandan Army Set to Take over Govt Funded Projects

    CorruptionThe Ministries of Health and Education in Uganda are set to hand over all government-funded projects to the Ramy's Engineering unit for implementation.
    Before this time,  President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had directed that the construction projects in the two ministries be undertaken by the National Enterprise Commission, NEC, and implemented by the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) Engineering Brigade.

    Consequent to the President's directive, the Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development has now directed the two ministries to implement the directive, which has since been amended in response to concerns from donors and experts over its likely effects.

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  • Govt is unable to Provide Potable Water for Nigerians-PRO AWDROP

    The failure of the government at all levels to provide potable water for  Nigerians has become a problem nationwide.
    This assertion was made by the National Public Relations Officer of the Association of Water Well Drilling Rig Owners and Practitioners(AWDROP),  Mr. Richard Adeyinka in a chat with Poverty Line.
    ''The problem is everywhere, taps are no longer running. The government at all levels has shown that they do not have the capacity to provide potable and affordable water for Nigerians. The provision of potable water today, revolves around who can afford to pay for it. Government is no longer able to carry out its responsibilities,'' Mr. Adeyinka noted.

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  • Cultists unleash Terror in Olorunsogo Molete, Ibadan

    CrimeA number of cultists who have for long terrorized residents of Olorunsogo, Molete, Felele, and environs in Ibadan, Oyo State on Sunday 24 October 2021 unleashed terror on the residents.
    Some of the cultists who reside at No. 5, Kehinde Aderibigbe Street, a two-story building, owned by one Mrs. Ajayi have been involved in several grievous and heinous crimes. In addition, other occupants of the building live questionable lives
    On the fateful day, acting under the influence of Indian hemp and alcohol, the criminals attacked residents with dangerous weapons.
    But for the intervention of some security operatives, the criminal would have gone on to break into houses and embark on a looting spree.
    Before now, some community leaders had influenced the criminals to vandalize, loot, and convert the premises of  3 Kehinde Aderibibge street to a refuse dump.

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  • Chicago Man Convicted of Attempting To Provide Material Support to ISIS

    CHICAGO — A federal jury today convicted a Chicago man of attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS).

    The jury convicted THOMAS OSADZINSKI, 22, after a two-week trial in U.S. District Court in Chicago. The charge of attempting to provide material support and resources to a foreign terrorist organization is punishable by up to 20 years in federal prison. U.S. District Judge Robert W. Gettleman did not immediately set a sentencing date.

    The conviction was announced by John R. Lausch, Jr., United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois; Mark Lesko, Acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security at the U.S. Department of Justice; and Emmerson Buie, Jr., Special Agent-in-Charge of the Chicago Field Office of the FBI. 

    The case was investigated by the Chicago Joint Terrorism Task Force, which is comprised of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Barry Jonas and Melody Wells of the Northern District of Illinois, and Alexandra Hughes, Trial Attorney of the National Security Division’s Counterterrorism Section.

    Evidence presented at trial revealed that ISIS and its supporters disseminated the terror group’s propaganda materials on social media to recruit fighters and inspire violence against the United States and other countries. Many social media platforms remove ISIS media content due to the violent nature of the materials. Osadzinski, a U.S. citizen, designed a process using a computer script to make ISIS propaganda more conveniently disseminated online. The process would automatically copy and preserve ISIS media postings in an organized format, allowing social media users to continue to conveniently access and share the content.

    Osadzinski in 2019 shared his script – and instructions for how to use it – with individuals whom he believed to be ISIS supporters and members of pro-ISIS media organizations. Unbeknownst to Osadzinski, the individuals were actually covert FBI employees and a person confidentially working with law enforcement.

    Source : FBI

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  • Use Eid-el-Maulud to Refine your Character and Promote Just Worship-Prof. Olagoke to the Muslim Faithful

    JustThe Founder, Spiritual Head, and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke has called on Muslims to take advantage of the Islamic festival of Eid-el-Maulud to refine their character, promote just worship and rancor free neighborliness.
    Prof. Olagoke made this call in his message to the Muslim faithful.
    ''Muslims should you the occasion to achieve in the areas of good character,  just worship with love which the Prophet Muhammad stood for and good neighborliness, Prof. Olagoke stated.

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  • Two Parents Convicted by Jury in College Admissions Scheme

                                                                      Press Release

    Former senior executives convicted of participating in “side door” scheme to facilitate their children’s college admissions to the University of Southern California

    BOSTON – Two former executives were convicted today by a federal jury in Boston in connection with conspiring to bribe athletic officials to facilitate their children’s admission to the University of Southern California (USC) as purported athletic recruits.

    John Wilson, 62, of Lynnfield, Mass., and Gamal Abdelaziz, 64, of Las Vegas, Nev., were convicted of one count of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and honest services mail and wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit federal programs bribery. Wilson was also convicted of three counts of wire fraud and honest services wire fraud, two counts of federal programs bribery, and one count of filing a false tax return. U.S. District Court Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton scheduled sentencing for Feb. 16, 2022 for Abdelaziz and Feb. 17, 2022 for Wilson.

    In 2013, Wilson agreed to pay William “Rick” Singer $220,000 to facilitate his son’s admission to USC as a purported water polo player. More specifically, in October 2013, Singer sent Wilson a water polo profile for Wilson’s son that included fabricated awards and swim times. After Wilson’s son was accepted to USC, Wilson wired $100,000 to Singer’s sham charity, the Key Worldwide Foundation (KWF), $100,000 to Singer’s company, The Key, and $20,000 directly to Singer. Wilson paid the bribe from a corporate account and deducted it as a business expense. In 2018, Wilson agreed to pay Singer $1.5 million to have his twin daughters admitted to Harvard University and Stanford University as purported sailing recruits.

    In 2017, Abdelaziz agreed to pay Singer $300,000 to facilitate the admission of his daughter to USC as a purported basketball recruit, despite the fact that she did not make her high school’s varsity team and did not play basketball at all during her junior and senior years in high school. In a July 2017 email, Singer asked Abdelaziz for an action shot of his daughter playing basketball to be used in an athletic profile for USC. A co-conspirator, Laura Janke, created a phony athletic profile for Abdelaziz’s daughter which included falsified awards and athletic honors. In October 2017, Abdelaziz’s daughter was admitted to USC as a basketball recruit and in March 2018, she was formally accepted and Abdelaziz wired $300,000 to KWF.

    Singer and Janke previously pleaded guilty and are awaiting sentencing.

    Case information, including the status of each defendant, is available here: College Admissions

    The charge of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and honest services mail and wire fraud provides for a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, three years of supervised release and a fine of $250,000 or twice the gross gain or loss, whichever is greater. The charge of conspiracy to commit federal programs bribery provides for a sentence of up to five years in prison, three years of supervised release, and a fine of $250,000 or twice the gross gain or loss, whichever is greater. The charge of wire fraud and honest services wire fraud provides for a sentence of up to 20 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and a fine of $250,000 or twice the gross gain or loss, whichever is greater. The charge of federal programs bribery provides for a sentence of up to 10 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and a fine of $250,000 or twice the gross gain or loss, whichever is greater. The charge of filing a false tax return provides for a sentence of up to three years in prison, one year of supervised release and a fine of $100,000. Sentences are imposed by a federal district court judge based upon the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

    Acting United States Attorney Nathaniel R. Mendell; Joseph R. Bonavolonta, Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Boston Division; Joleen Simpson, Special Agent in Charge of the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigations in Boston; and Mark Deckett, Resident Agent in Charge of the Department of Education, Office of Inspector General made the announcement today. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Stephen E. Frank, Leslie A. Wright, Kristen A. Kearney and Ian Stearns of Mendell’s Securities, Financial & Cyber Fraud Unit are prosecuting the case.

    The details contained in the charging documents are allegations. The remaining defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

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  • Togolese Govt Releases CFA6.25 billion for the Development of Municipalities

    Dev 1117 Municipalities are to benefit from of  CFA6.25 billion Local Authority Support Fund(FACT) in Togo.
    This disclosure was made recently in a statement by the  Ministry of Decentralization and Economy.
    The monies will support all 117 municipalities of the country and will be distributed based on their population size, area, and poverty level.

    Of the amount, CFA2.5 billion shall be allocated to the National Grassroots Development Agency (ANADEB) for the development of several projects in municipalities. The FACT, it should be recalled, is a mechanism for financing local municipalities. Created in October 2019, its goal is to pool funds and use them to develop Togolese municipalities.

    FACT is a mechanism that came into being in October 2019 for financing local municipalities.  
    Its goal is to pool funds and use them to develop Togolese municipalities.

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  • Zimbabwe Court Remands Senior Police Officer for Obstructing Justice

    Police 3A Senior Police Officer in Zimbabwe has been remanded by a Magistrate court for obstructing the course of justice.
    The Officer  Commanding the Police in Mashonaland West province, Commissioner Conneli Dube was arrested by officials of the  Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC), attempting  to shield four Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officers, Detective Assistant Inspector Moses Million, Detective Assistant Inspector Newton Musende, Detective Sergeant Never Muchekawaya and Detective Constable Justice Mapfanya, who are facing charges of extorting money from one Washington Ongorani.
    The police commissioner allegedly withheld the criminal docket for the four, thereby contravening Section 184 (1)(a) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act chapter 9:23.
    The docket was prepared by Chief Inspector Elymas Silivani, who proceeded with it to court under prosecutor reference number A225/21.
    The court further heard that on March 12, 2021, a public prosecutor returned the docket to the police station with instructions for the investigating officer to return it on March 19, 2021.
    The accused, the court heard, instructed one Superintendent Ruwanda to bring the docket to his office, before ordering him to ignore the instruction from the public prosecutor.
    The top cop is also said to have ordered Superintendent Ruwanda to keep the docket locked in the district office’s safe until further instructions.
    The then Officer Commanding Makonde District, Chief Superintendent Elliot Magomo, the court further heard, approached the accused to inquire why dockets were being kept under lock and key, prompting the accused to claim that it was a directive from his superiors.
    On May 13, Magomo wrote to Dube advising him of a complaint from Ongorani who queried why his case was taking too long, but Dube took no action.
    The State opposed the bail application on the basis that the accused was a flight risk and was also likely to abscond and interfere with witnesses.

    Dube appeared Tuesday before the same court for initial remand, and the matter was rolled over to Wednesday for determination of bail.
    ZACC’s senior investigations officer, Patrick Madiye argued if granted bail, Dube could influence or intimidate some of the witnesses who were his subordinates.
    Madiye also told the court that the accused had influenced the transfer of two senior officers from the province.
    The Provincial magistrate, Ruth Moyo denied Dube bail insisting that the senior police officer could interfere with witnesses.

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  • Loans: Collect Debts before-TUC Ex-Officio May 29, 2023

    Debt 1A call has been made to  International creditors to ensure that the present administration in Nigeria offsets its debts before the end of its tenure on May 29, 2023.

    This call was made by an Ex-Officio of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), who is also a former Chairman of the union in the state, Comrade Andrew Emelieze in a chat with Poverty Line.

    ''Internation creditors should make repayment of the loans, the present administration in Nigeria has collected and intends to collect before the end of its tenure on May 29, 2023, as a condition for granting the loans to save the unborn generation from inheriting debts'', Comrade Emelieze stated.

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  • Nigerians should put their Hopes in God-Cleric

    Hope 3Nigerian have been called upon to put their hopes in God in these perilous times.
    This  call was made by a Christian Cleric, Pastor Opyemi Ajayi in a chat with Poverty Line.
    ''In these torubled times, Nigerians  should put their hopes and trust in God for divine intervetnion. The restorer of hope is God. When all is not going well palce your hopes on God,'' Pastor Ajayi counseled.

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  • Utah Real Estate Developer Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud and Tax Fraud involving Daufuskie Island Resort

    Charleston, South Carolina --- Acting United States Attorney Rhett DeHart announced today that James Thomas Bramlette, 42, of Salt Lake City, Utah, pled guilty to Wire Fraud and Tax Fraud in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1343 and 26 U.S. § 7202, before United States District Judge Richard M. Gergel.  Bramlette will be sentenced at a later date.

    The following evidence was presented at the guilty plea:  this investigation involved Melrose Resort on Daufuskie Island, S.C.  Bramlette was a real estate developer in Salt Lake City, Utah.  In 2011, he borrowed $17.5 million from a Dutch investor to purchase the resort out of bankruptcy.  This loan was a short-term bridge loan with high-interest rates.  Bramlette did not put any of his own money into the purchase.  Bramlette thought he could resale the resort soon after the sale, but his attempts to refinance or sell the resort failed repeatedly throughout the case. 

    In addition to the Dutch loan, Bramlette and a co-defendant raised more than $10 million from individual investors by issuing promissory notes with high-interest rates.  The promissory notes were not secured by the resort.  Most of the investors resided in the West.

    The investment in the resort was difficult from the start.  Bramlette could not make the mortgage payments to the Dutch lender, which led to a $27 million foreclosure judgment in 2014.  Bramlette lost further control of the resort in October 2014 when he pledged ownership of the property to secure a separate $700,000 loan, which he later defaulted on.

    Bramlette and his co-defendant struggled every month to raise money from new investors to pay the Dutch lender not to foreclose, to pay previous investors, and to pay employees, utilities, and taxes at the resort.  From 2013 through 2017, Bramlette repeatedly told investors that the resort was on the cusp of being refinanced by a private equity firm.  While several firms considered investing in the resort, none of these deals came to fruition.

    After he lost control of Melrose Resort in late 2014, Bramlette was allowed to remain as manager of the resort due to his operational knowledge of the property.  Part of his duties as manager included paying the property taxes for Melrose Resort. 

    Concerning the wire fraud charge, in September 2016, Melrose Resort owed $502,759 in past due to property taxes to the Beaufort County Treasurer’s Office.  As a result of this tax delinquency, the Beaufort County Treasurer’s Office notified Bramlette that Melrose Resort would be auctioned at a tax sale if the property taxes were not paid. 

    On September 20, 2016, an employee of Bramlette emailed this notice and stated that “we have a week from this Friday, September 30th, 2016 to pay these taxes, which total $502,759.40 or the properties go up for sale on Monday, October 3, 2016.”

    It was part of the scheme to defraud that, in order to prevent the resort from being sold at this tax sale, Bramlette created a fake wire receipt that falsely represented that Melrose Resort had wired $502,759 to the Beaufort County Treasurer’s Office to pay the property taxes.  In reality, Melrose Resort had only $121.07 in its bank account at this time, and these funds were not wired as Bramlette represented.

    It was further part of the scheme that Bramlette emailed the fraudulent wire receipt to one of his employees, and he caused this employee to send the fraudulent wire receipt to the Beaufort County Treasurer’s Office, in order to have Melrose Resort removed from the tax sale.  After receiving the fraudulent wire receipt, the Beaufort County Treasurer’s Office removed Melrose Resort from the tax sale. 

    As to the tax fraud charge, Bramlette was required to collect and pay over federal payroll taxes from the wages of all employees at Melrose Resort.  Bramlette collected payroll taxes from the Melrose employees, but he failed to turn over these taxes to the IRS.  In total, Bramlette collected but failed to turn over to the IRS approximately $1 million in payroll taxes.

    In addition to the fraud above, Bramlette used at least $1.8 million from investors for personal use, which was not disclosed to investors.  Bramlette lived a lavish lifestyle, and he spent money on himself even when he failed to pay employees, vendors, and subcontractors.  The accountant at his company urged Bramlette to draw a salary and not use investor money for personal use.  Bramlette ignored this advice and failed to report this income to the IRS or even file income tax returns.

    This case was prosecuted by Acting United States Attorney Rhett DeHart.  It was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Securities and Exchange Commission in Los Angeles.

    Source: FBI

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  • Ezendigbo Title: Allow Igbos to Choose their Leader wherever they reside-Eze(Dr.)Anozie

    Eze 8A group, Concerned Igbos Forum, recently called on the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Saliu Adetunji, to follow the steps of the Deji of Akure, Deji of Akure, Oba Aladetoyinbo Aladelusi, who abolished the title of Ezendigbo in his domain. However, in this interview with Poverty Line, the Ezendigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state, Eze(Dr.)Alex Anozie counsels that Igbos should be allowed to choose their leader anywhere they reside. Excerpts :

    What is your reaction to the call by a group to the Olubadan of Ibadanland to abolish the title of Ezendigbo?
    My brief reaction to that is that the group mentioned is unknown to Igbos in Ibadan and Oyo state. And we are sure that they were sponsored by those who lost out in the court.
    Thirdly, our Kabiyesi, the Olubadan of Ibadanland, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Saliu Adetunji, is a king whom God has bestowed with wisdom as God bestowed on King Solomon in the Bible. Let us all remember the story of the Bible about the two women who went to King Solomon for the resolution of their problem. The woman with the dead child requested the King to cut both the dead and living child into two equal parts. And God gave King Solomon the wisdom to handle the matter justifiably.
    So, the people behind the call to the Olubadan and their sponsors are assured that the Kabiyesi, Olubadan is very much wiser than them all, and they should be ignored completely. As law-abiding citizens, we have always preferred to patiently abide by the rule of law, hence we have used the court and the court has given several judgments in favor of myself and my people.

    Leader 1
    And very interestingly, Kabiyesi, the Olubadan is a very law-abiding King who believes so much in truth and justice. Also, all the courts' judgments are in his possession. Kabiyesi so much believes in the rule of law. We want to appeal to all Yoruba leaders, Obas inclusive, to remember the very cordial relationship the Igbos and Yorubas have had for centuries. So let them guard against the antics of any group which desperately, out of selfish ambition, seek to cause confusion and misunderstanding between the Igbos and Yorubas. We so much appreciate the cordial relationship that exists between the Igbos and Yorubas and we pray fervently that it shall remain so forever. 
    Igbos should always be allowed to choose their leader wherever they reside.

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  • There is Massive Poverty in Nigeria-Ex-Officio TUC

    Poverty 5




    Poverty 7


    The World Bank report that 7 million Nigerians are now under the poverty line has only confirmed that there is massive poverty in Nigeria.
    This assertion was made by an Ex-Officio of the Oyo State Council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), who is also a former Chairman of the union in the state, Comrade Andrew Emelieze in a chat with Poverty Line.Transfer Money with Wise
    ''The World Bank report that indicates that 7 million Nigerians have fallen below the poverty line in the last 2 years confirms the reality on the ground that there is poverty on a massive scale in Nigeria. The prices and goods and services have gone beyond the reach of poor Nigerians. The insecurity in the land has prompted several farmers to abandon their farmlands, the resultant effect is the high cost of foodstuff all over the country.








  • Rejection of Electricity Supply by DISCOs calls for Concern-Ex-Officio TUC

    ProbThe rejection of electricity supply from the Transmission Company of Nigeria(TCN) by the Distribution companies in Nigeria calls for great concern.
    This assertion was made by an Ex-Officio of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), who is also a former chairman of the union, Comrade Andrew Emelieze. Transfer Money with Wise
    ''The rejection of electricity supply from the Transmission Company of Nigeria(TCN) by the Distribution companies calls for great concern. It is worrisome and most unexpected that our people are not enjoying the services they paid for despite the so-called privatization of the distribution of electricity. It is equally unfortunate that an apartheid regime was introduced in the billing and supply of electricity, a situation in which some people can have electricity for longer hours than others, with annoying estimated billing. For how long will Nigerians continue to pay for a dysfunctional system. The only option is for Nigerians to cease to pay for darkness and decide that the payment of electricity would be subject to the availability of electricity,'' Comrade Emelieze stated.

  • Most State Govs have surrendered to Fate-Ex-Officio TUC

    GovThe inability of most State Governors in Nigeria to turn around the fortunes of their states has occasioned the involvement of the private sector.
    This assertion was made by an Ex-Officio of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), who is also a former chairman of the union, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.                                         Transfer money with Wise
    ''Most State Governors in Nigeria have surrendered to fate as a result of their inability to turn around the fortunes of their states. They are now running from pillar to post, suggesting that they have turned governance into a private business. Since this is the case, they should hand it over to the private sector to govern their states. It is not possible for the State Governors to climb on the backs of the people to get to power and thereafter sell the people to the private sector'', Comrade Emelieze noted.

  • Information Leakage : Govt Official Arrested in Sudan

    Govt 4The Director of Information, Khartoum State, Sudan, El Tayeb Saad Eddin, has been arrested for leaking classified information to unauthorized persons who took an active part in the immediate past administration of Al Bashir.

    According to the Sudan News Agency (SUNA), Saad Eddin's arrest was ordered by the Committee for Dismantling the System of 30 June 1989 and Restoration of Public Funds.

    The News Agency also stated that investigations and charges are being drawn up in line with the Dismantling Act and the Public Service Act.

    The allegation against the Director revolves around the fact that he has ''continued to communicate actively with elements in the dissolved National Congress Party”.




  • PMS- FGs Assurance A Warning Signal to Nigerians-Ex-Officio TUC

    Govt 1The assurance by the Federal Government that the price of the Premium Motor Spirit(PMS) shall not be increased in the month of June has been described as a warning signal to Nigerians to brace up for terrible times.
    This assertion was made on Monday by an Ex-Officio of the Oyo State Council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC)Comrade Andrew Eemelieze in a chat with Poverty Line.
    ''I think Nigerians should start preparing for the worst in July because we have been told that the pump price of the PMS shall not remain the same after June. Nigerians have been deceived. The assurance of the Federal Government should be seen as a warning signal to Nigerians to prepare for the worst after June'', Comrade Emelize concluded.





  • All must Join Hands to Produce Future Leaders-Prof. Olagoke

    Respect 1All stakeholders  must play positive roles for the society to produce the desired future leaders.

    This assertion was made by the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke in a statement titled ''Walk The Talk''.

    ''Good parenting must be worked on to produce real future leaders for the society. The traditional rulers must resuscitate our culture of self-esteem and integrity. Religious leaders need to live exemplary lifestyles and teach the scripture on peace, justice, equity, security, sustainable development, and peaceful co-existence. Academic institutions and professional bodies must be engaged in research for the restoration of lost values while the Government and the rich must institutionalize the concept of philanthropy and inclusive society for a better social order of peace, security, and wellness of the people and tranquility



  • NNPC : Investigate Corporation's Claim-Ex-Officio

    Corr 1The Federal Government has been called upon to carry out an investigation into the claims of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation(NNPC)that its revenue goes into the subsidization of the cost of producing the Premium Motor Spirit(PMS).

    This call was made by an Ex-Officio of the Oyo State Council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), Comrade Andrew Emelieze.
    If such pontification is coming from the NNPC, perhaps, there is a need to investigate the age-long corruption in the Corporation. The vituperation of the NNPC is an indication that lawlessness has taken over the country. It also means that the NNPC is being run like a private business concern under the command of a dangerous cartel. Nigerians did not vote for the NNPC to direct the affairs of Nigeria, we expect such information to come from the executive,'' Comrade Emelieze concluded.

  • Former Zimbabwe Deputy PM Warns of Coup

    PeopleA former Deputy Prime Minister in the now-defunct inclusive government, Prof. Arthur Mutambara has warned that the attempt by the Zimbabwe Government to annex all the powers of the state through the Constitutional Amendment Bill No. 2 could result in a Coup de tat.
    Mutambara who made this disclosure recently in an online discussion organized by civic society group, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC), revealed that the amendment seeks to remove the presidential running mate clause during elections.

    “What we are doing now will lead to another coup de tat. You know why? Because when the first one happened, Mugabe had these useless vice presidents, he was hiring and firing at will and one of them (Mnangagwa) left the country and engineered a coup de tat (in November 2017),” he said.
    “What Mnangagwa is doing could lead to another coup de tat by somebody else because right now he is controlling succession. He is controlling everything and maybe some people may say the only answer is a coup de tat. If we are not careful these shenanigans will lead to another coup de tat,” Prof. Mutambara stated.
    Zimbabwe had a military-led coup in November 2017 when then-President Robert Mugabe was toppled from office and replaced by the incumbent Emmerson Mnangagwa.
    Mugabe was accused by the coup leaders of neglecting his presidential duties by allowing his wife, Grace Mugabe, and senior members of the rival Zanu PF faction – G40 – to dictate the country’s affairs. Mugabe died in September 2019.

  • Monthly Allocation: Govs Claim sign of incompetence-Ex-officio TUC

    GoThe claim by the 36 State Governors that a major portion of their monthly allocation is used for workers' salaries confirms their incompetence.
    This assertion was made by an ex-officio of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC)who is also a former chairman of the union in the state, Comrade Andrew Eemelieze.
    ''The proposition by the State Governors that they are using a large chunk of their monthly allocations to pay workers' salaries is laughable, a sign of their incompetence to occupy the seat and an indication of the failure of the Governors to transform available resources to wealth. If the Governors lack the initiative to generate revenue, the workers should not suffer for their inefficiency'', Comrade Emelieze declared.



  • The Long Wait for Answers

    GovtA number of Those-in-Charge in the states, run these states like personal fiefdoms. Corruption is commonplace while monetary allocation from the center is the major focus.
    Several questions without answers have continued to trail the award of contracts to proxies of Those-in-Charge, with the choice of, but not limited to, infrastructure, rehabilitation, renovation, and road construction as the signposts of good governance in this dispensation.
    In some states where constructed street light poles only need repairs and refurbishment, preference is given to the award of contracts for the construction of new ones.
    The thousands of Nigerians who benefit from the daily feeding programs in this month of Ramadan fast in several states is a reflection of the deteriorating state of governance. Indeed, a particular number of helmsmen, at all levels of government have failed to conduct themselves in ways that suit the various offices they hold in trust for the achievement of peace, law, and order, security, and good governance.
    Unfortunately, today's elected officials and political appointees did not pass through diligent background checks, because the profile of the leadership is questionable.
    As the debasing and defrauding of the resources of the state of the federation continue unabated, criminally-minded entrepreneurs, consultants, estate developers, and cultists feature prominently in governance, just as distraught and impoverished Nigerians continue to ask: What was the growth rate of the economy at the federal and state levels, before those in the saddle came on board? What is the growth rate of the economy at present? What percentage of the population have the policies of government at all levels empowered economically?

  • Rwanda Govt Suspends Increase in Land Tax

    RwThe Rwandan Government has decided to suspend the increase in land taxes.
    This disclosure was made by the country's Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Uzziel Ndagijimana, who hinged the decision on the present economic situation occasioned by the COVID 19 pandemic which has negatively affected several taxpayers.
    The Minister also stated that the government had extended the tax deadline to allow more citizens the opportunity to pay for their land.
    “The cabinet also resolved the deadline is extended from the initial end of March to end of April, next month. This is to make sure that no citizen is left behind during this exercise, he said.


  • Food Blockade-Labor Leaders are Asleep-Comrade Emelieze

    LaborThe silence of labor leaders in Nigeria during the six-day blockade mounted against trucks conveying livestock and foodstuff at Jebba from the North to the South has been described as a manifestation of the docility of the leaders in the face of the myriad of challenges confronting Nigerians.
    This view was expressed by a former Chairman of the Trade Union Congress(TUC) Oyo state council and presently an ex-officio of the TUC in the state, Comrade Andrew Emelieze in a chat with Poverty Line.

    Labor 2''The labor leaders have gone to sleep on the plight of Nigerians. What they attempt to achieve is a lost battle because they are all docile. The police are still extorting money from transporters, this is an indication that the corruption fight in Nigeria is a hoax. The blockade was justified, it gives credence to the issues of insecurity we have been discussing in Nigeria. The labor leaders are self-centered and self-serving, they do not have the interest  of Nigerians in their minds anymore'', Comrade Emelieze concluded.

  • Sudan Switches to Federal System of Government

    Fed 3Sudan is set to abandon the 18 state structure of the country and opt for several regions.
    The Sovereign Council issued a statement on Thursday to the effect that the country has adopted the Federal system of Government.
    "The President of the Council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, issued a constitutional decree, establishing a regional (federal) system of government," the statement disclosed.
    According to the peace agreement signed on On October 3, 2020, the peace agreement was signed to the effect that there would be a constitutional conference on governance.
    The Conference would determine the number and borders of the regions, in addition to their structures and powers, including the levels of governance and administration.
    It is expected that the conference will divide the country into 6 regions, which are Khartoum, Darfur, Kordofan, Eastern Sudan, Northern, and the Central Region.
    The Central Region includes the states of Jazira, Sennar, and the Blue Nile, the Northern Region includes the states of the River Nile and the North, while the Eastern Region includes the states of Gadaref, Kassala, and the Red Sea, and Darfur Region encompasses its current 5 states.


  • Ignorance as the Guiding Light

    IgWhen the leadership at the Federal and State levels ascended the seat of power within the last six years, the goodwill and support, was not only overwhelming but total.
    Presently, people are complaining bitterly in every part of the country, there are lots of frustrations everywhere, but sadly, the leadership is not listening, while its strategies remain rigid.
    Potable water is now a luxury in most states of the federation, while electricity has now become a tool for extortion. Of worry is the price of kerosene, Nigerians watch helplessly as the price take an upward leap.
    In the face of the absence of basic amenities for the people's survival, those in charge are sinking billions of Naira into the ''pool'' of insecurity.
    An emerging fact is that ignorance, mediocrity, nepotism, indifference, and inertia have become visible signposts of the administration at all levels.

  • Eschew Hatred and Role Model Tolerance

    Prof 1Archival documents from various standard museums always point to man's state of primitivity to be an improvement of its earlier stage of savagery.

    Sociologists in their study of human behavior and interpersonal relationships often notice some characteristics of hatred and intolerance among people in a community or society at large.

    Educationists affirmatively believe that application of the affective domain on attitudinal molding and building may resolve the challenges of hatred and intolerance among the people of the world, if effectively taught.

    However, surprisingly, observations of history have comical records of street brawling, gangsterism, vengeance in various public places, the situation is the same among the elite, matters that ought to have been resolved amicably, have torn communities apart, and pushed the state Houses of Assembly, those at the Federal level inclusive, into chaotic situations.

    Despite the claim of been graduates of various institutions of learning the issue of hatred and intolerance, therefore, deserves from every person a clear understanding of the Scriptures that upholds the fabric of existence of every religious denomination. Suffice it now to say that teachings on virtues must cut across the spheres of culture, self-esteem, integrity, and education on character building, while religion must be used to focus on the harmonization of the essence of culture and education on the issue of tolerance and love for every one of us to be able to eschew hatred and violence while the culture of tolerance must be socio-spiritually established.

    From the teachings of Jesus Christ about fighting back, every nation must learn and domesticate the teachings for its substance to be imbibed into our character for ease of having good human relations.

    Matthew 5: 38-42 refers. , ''Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also. And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain. Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.''


     By the foregoing, we would have eschewed hatred and acts of intolerance for the teachings to be effectively feasible, religious leaders, Christians and Muslims alike, must role model these virtues as well as our political leaders as perfect examples for the people, by polarization, to follow suit.

    This is the only way by which we can have a stable government to develop the people amidst system dynamics without molestation.

    In the same vein, the Holy Quran 41: 32-36 admonishes us on the issue of the culture of harbouring no hatred but eschewing the acts of intolerance as the only way towards which we can secure the favor of God since life is sweet and prosperous only when the culture of symbolism exists.

    The teachings from all the houses of God, must, therefore, be based on the exemplary lifestyles of all holy prophets as it is based on the following injunctions of 41: 32-26 of the Holy Quran, '' A hospitable gift from One oft-Forgiven, most merciful! Who is better in speech than one who calls men to Allah(God), works righteousness, and says ''I am of those who bow in his life(surrender onto God)? Nor can Goodness and Evil be equal. Repel evil with what is better(no bitter retaliation): Then will he between whom and thee was hatred become as it were thine friend and intimate! And no one would be granted such goodness except those who exercise patience and self-restraint,-none but persons of the greatest good fortune and if at any time and incitement to discord is made to thee by Satan seek refuge in Allah. He is the one who hears and knows all things.''

    The emphasis is on the need to promote love to foster understanding and to eschew hatred to avoid violence even at the height of provocation. Muslims and Christians are, therefore, admonished to live exemplary lifestyles and be Scripture compliant.

    Since all these virtues are professed by our Scriptures, there is a dire need to walk the talk for our environment, home, community, society, and the nation at large to avoid bitter experiences of insecurity and terrorism which always have their root in the untreated wounds of hatred, intolerance, and violence.

    This is the only way by which we can avoid setbacks in the development or destruction of lives and property which must stop for our children to be able to lay claim to a bequeathable legacy of justice, peace, and sustainable development. Eschew hatred and role model tolerance.


    Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide,Wakajaiye, Ibadan, Nigeria





  • Parents Failure to Check Bad Habits of Children a Challenge-Prof. Olagoke

    Prof 1Good habits result in healthy living, wealth, and happiness, while bad habits direct free men into bondage.
    By system, harmony, and the forming of right habits early in life, the youth are capable of multiplying themselves many times.  Indeed,  there is no substitute for proper guidance and direction.
    Several men and women attribute their failures to fate, luck, and chance, but in actual fact, the habit formed early in life weigh them down through life.
    In this interview, the Founder, Spiritual Head, and Grand Imam, of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olgaoke opines that the negative habits of millions of children in Nigeria, left uncorrected by parents poses a  great challenge for society.

    In what ways do you think the habits of the Nigerian youth particularly and Nigerians in general-good or bad- have affected the scheme of things in society today?

    A habit has a direct correlation to human behavior and one is easily identified by the resulting mannerism which the society easily reacts to, most especially when it activates from the known norms. Subjectively it can be used to determine the DNA of a child born into a family.
    It is easily used as a tool to classify a home or parenting attitude by the teachers of such children in the school which equally, subjectively could be classified as been good or bad for the teachers to work on in order that the child's behavior and responses do not hinder the teacher's teaching progress that must cut across aptitude and attitude.
    Most often parents of suspected children lacking in expected correct attitude may be invited by the school counselor for a chat on such a child in an attempt to offer corrective guides to normalize the child's habits. On the home front, the primary duty of parents is to critically observe their children's habits with respect to their body language, eating habits, standing posture, facial look disposition most especially towards the elderly ones, dressing habits, and reactions to the rules of hygiene. All these must be observed and corrected right from the day he or she is born under the child custody guide before, he or she gets to the stage of having friends.
    At nature nurturing level, the pediatrics nurturing level, the counseling guide of the experts must intervene just as the pediatrics intervention dominates the childhood period.
    Some children may mimic so easily to the level of assuming the defective posture of a deformed person, if parents do not intervene on time, such a child may become deformed permanently. Such habits include the twisting of the mouth, squinting of the eyes, adjusting the shoulders to gesticulate among others.
    Parents must therefore be observant and sensitive enough to offer appropriate corrections that would suit the acceptable norms of the society.
    Some of the traits that have been exhibited by a child may be alien to the family for people to begin to suspect foul play in the biological process of bringing him or her to life.

    G and b 1
    This is why parents must ensure fidelity in managing their homes by having the utmost respect for the sacredness of the institution of marriage during which they swore to love and be loyal to each other.
    In those days of the good era of discipline, education was next to godliness, and children in boarding schools or away from home always lived by the wise instructions of their parents to always remember the sons and daughters of whom they are. To such children, the change of environment and the peer group effect never had a negative effect on them. 
    However today, the environment of poverty has led to cases of broken homes, single parenting, and orphanages. For example, Nigeria is having challenges such as insecurity and several parents are unable to even feed themselves and their children. There is the issue of Internally Displaced Persons and more than 13.9 million out-of-school children.
    A nation that is yet to find solutions to institutional indiscipline and corruption will ever produce restive youths, who easily would embark on suicide missions to survive. Matters are treated on the surface rather than from the root.
    Drug addicts and drunkards may either have a background that favors such indulgence or they could have been infected through some unwholesome peer group effect.
    The challenge today in Nigeria is in the persistence of the neglected negative habits of children left uncorrected by the parents.
    Unfortunately, when this ugly trend continues, the nation may be heading for the precipe. The Government at all levels must stop chasing shadows, and staring investing in youth education and job creation.
    It is only when the human physiological need is worked on to the realization point that the home can be stable and at rest with good parenting as well as the society with the youth who would be meaningfully engaged.
    This situation will curb the sponsors of militants, insurgents, bandits, and terrorists.
    Nature nurturing in the growth profile of the animal called man to be effective needs to be supported by the physiological needs and managed by role models and counselors for the children and the youth to be amenable to corrections on the issue of habits and a good attitude, otherwise, our education will continue to promote and produce human robots without a human face.

  • COVID 19-Turkey Vaccinates 462,000 Health Workers

    Tu 2Authorities in Turkey have administered COVID vaccines to 462,000 of its health workers.
    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan got the first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, as the country commenced the mass COVID-vaccination campaign.
    Furthermore, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca was the first person to receive a Chinese vaccine jab in the country after Turkey’s official drug and medical equipment body Wednesday approved CoronaVac for emergency use against the novel coronavirus.

    Following the minister, members of the Coronavirus Scientific Advisory Board were vaccinated as well.

    The Health Ministry stated that  Turkey has 1.1 million health workers who will be vaccinated within a month.
    Two doses of the vaccine shall be administered 28 days apart. Those who recovered from COVID-19 will not be vaccinated in four to six months following their recovery.


  • High cost of Cement a Threat to Homeless Nigerians-AWC

    Quote 9The All Workers Convergence(AWC) has declared that the increase in the price of cement poses a great threat to homeless Nigerians.
    The AWC made this declaration through its National Coordinator, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.
    ''It is quite unfortunate to note that 2020 has been a year of endless torture for workers and Nigerians generally. There is definitely no reason for a bag of cement to be sold for about 4,00 Naira. The high cost of a bag of cement constitutes a great threat to the millions of Nigerians who are yet to have their own homes.''



  • Greed is the Major Cause of Poor Governance-Prof. Olagoke

    Prof 1Greed is a vice that has brought in its wake unpleasant situations of damaging consequences.

    The insatiable appetite of the actors in Government-appointed, elected and employed-has resulted in underdevelopment, stagnancy, and retrogression. Greed has prompted those in power to involve private hands in governance under various guises. In this interview, the Founder, Spiritual Head, and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke insists that greed has resulted in failure governance in most countries, Nigeria inclusive. Excerpts :

    Greed has been identified as a major catalyst for underdevelopment and retrogression? Do you agree?

    Ther success recorded by the lesser animals and insects in their kingdoms is usually traced to be based on collective responsibilities and division of labor with sincerity of purpose and due process.

    This is most observable in the ways the dogs of the hunter kill their prey without devouring them but delivering the dead prey to the hunter. This action is expected from the leader or the boss and his or her subordinates in dispensing services for the purpose of building themselves and the institution they represent. The dog will rather go hungry than consume the prey, in addition, it would be patient until it is fed by its owner.

    In the kingdom of the termites, the tradition is that the Queen is worked for and passionately protected by the soldier ants, while the workers with consistent efficiency work for the Queen and will never take anything out of what they produce without been instructed to do so.

    Among the bees, honey is produced in the built honeycomb by the collective responsibility of the scavengers, workers, and soldiers in the areas of protection and production activities ensuring that quality and standard are maintained at a sustainable level, interestingly humans search for the products of the bees with a lot of risks involved.

    When the production ability of the Queen is noticeably low, as a result of aging, the insemination of other females occurs and eventually they replace the Queen, not for the purpose of ambition but for the purpose of keeping up with continuity in production.

    The question now is, for humans endowed with superior faculties of reason and with all the guides from their chosen Scriptures, this is aside from their educational advantages, why do humans hate instead of love, backslide in place of obedience and impoverish others when offered opportunities to be in positions of power making the system to retrogress.

    Leadership essence depends on professional capability before been entrusted with to be in charge of positions of responsibility. It equally depends on one's loyalty to the establishment in question offering the opportunities to serve as well as to protect the image of one's alma mater and the name of the family.

    he reason behind records of failure in countries in Africa, Nigerian and Ghana inclusive, have always been traced to greed in power and greed among aides which by implication usually leads to the impoverishment of the people and kleptocracy by the few in government, hence, the present culture of corruption and indiscipline that is already endemic. It has made the sacred valued of education to be eroded, whereby people seek education for money rather than to acquire knowledge and wisdom.

    This situation has created an environment of anti-societal behavior and the desperate drive towards quick money-making initiatives.

    The dignity of labor has been sacrificed for ritual killings, known as Yahoo plus, with kidnapping and banditry as other means to ends.

    For a solution to the present worrisome state of things, all spheres of human endeavor should be overhauled completely, the houses of God inclusive.

    Greed 2
    Greed 3

    Greed is usually exhibited by people who have the blood of Timocracy running through their veins, such people usually go beyond what they need to survive, to the level of having what they will keep for their next generation. This is in contrast to the teachings they received from the Scriptures,. that upholds their chosen religion, that we must be modest, decent, disciplined and non-destructive to any system we work in and the society that produced us, in order to leave a bequeathable legacy to our children and the future generation.

    Nigeria is not making use of religious houses to be relevant in the scheme of nation-building while the government equally underutilize the potentials of our universities and the experts already produced in the areas of intervention need to choose leaders and help the government achieve maximally, to provide the home ned to stem down over-reliance on foreign people and goods with the consequence of our low human development index and continuous devaluation of the Naira to an embarrassing state.

    For the culture of greed to give way for development, there is a need for the government to respect the professionals in promoting organization and professional ethics, in addition to ensuring that the Ivory Tower, has the freedom to intervene in training and choosing leaders at all levels of governance.

  • Don't Introduce Policies that Shall Further Impoverish Workers-AWC to Govt.

    Ni 14The  Federal and State Governments have been warned not to introduce policies that shall further impoverish workers in Nigeria in the face of dwindling revenue and economic recession.
    This warning was handed down by the All Workers Convergence(AWC) through its National Coordinator, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.
    ''The Federal and State Governments should not contemplate introducing policies that would further impoverish workers in these times of dwindling revenue and economic recession. Presently, the salaries of Nigerian workers cannot take them home considering the continuous devaluation of the Naira'', Comrade Emelieze lamented.





  • Police Brutality- Oyo Panel Yet to Sit-Victims

    Human 2Victims of police brutality in Oyo state have expressed worries that the Panel of Enquiry set up by the state government is yet to commence sitting.
    The victims in a chat with Poverty Line, lamented that several weeks after the inauguration of the Justice Badejok Adeniji led panel, mum is the ord.
    ''We are disturbed that the panel is yet to commence sitting. We are also surprised that several weeks after the inauguration of the panel by the state Governor nothing encouraging has been heard. This should not be the attitude of the State Government'', they stated.
    However, a lawyer and human rights activist, Barrister Femi Aborishade insisted that the panel has not been given any terms of reference, saying,'' they have no office, no place of sitting and no funding''.

  • Agenda for the Benefit of a Few

    Na 2Nigerians are of the impression that their representatives at the Senate, House of Representative, and the State Houses of Assembly are there to line their pockets and that of their paymasters.
    Indeed, they insist that most lawmakers in the state Houses of Assembly would eternally be grateful to the State Governors for facilitating their emergence as the representatives of the people, the same applies for at the center.
    Without a doubt,  the National Assembly in the second republic was a lot acceptable to the people than what obtains today.
    During this period, the then President, Alhaji Sheu Shagari intensively lobbied without success, to pass his executive bill recommending salaries for himself, his Ministers, Presidential advisers, other functionaries, Senators, and members of the House of Representatives.
    The third arm of Government meticulously and cautiously debated Alhaji Shagari's bill in the twilight of 179 and the early months of 1980.
    The lawmakers relied on responses from the frontliners in Government and the private sector to justify their insistence on higher salaries as against the President's recommendations.
    At the end of it all, the then President of the Senate, Dr. Joseph Wayas counseled his colleagues on the dangers of allocating higher salaries for themselves and other public officials.
    Subsequently, the lawmakers approved 30,000 Naira , excluding allowances for the President.
    Interestingly, when President Shagari was told that the lawmakers had approved 5,000 Naira more than his salary recommendation, the President announced that he would allocate the 5,000 Naira extra to several charity organizations in the country.
    In the second republic, gifts were rejected by the lawmakers and labeled ''greek gifts'', but presently it is an ''all-comers affair''.
    Encouraged by a desperate executive at the Federal and State levels, a self-first driven legislature, go all the way to implement an anti-people's agenda for the benefit of a few.

  • Lives of Pensioners No Longer Matter to Govt-AWC

    PensThe lives of pensioners who served the Government at all levels during their productive years no longer matter to their employers.

    This assertion was made by the All Workers Convergence(AWC) through its National Coordinator, Comrade Andrew Emlieze.
    ''We are in a very horrible situation where workers and pensioners' lives no longer matter to the Government at all levels as citizens who worked for 35 years and retired to wait almost indefinitely to receive their gratuities, is ridiculous. If the Government at all levels are focused and accountable, the pension funds administrators and the Government ought to have commenced the preparation of retirement benefits six months before the affected workers retire and pensions a month after retirement, sadly, this is not the case in Nigeria,'' Comrade Emelieze lamented.




  • Entitlement of Retirees too Meager-Prof. Olagoke

    Prof 1Public and civil servants in Nigeria retire with fears of what the future holds for them after putting in 35 years of service. In recent times, gratuities are paid years after retirement, while the payment of  pensions are trailed by several challenges. In this interview, the Founder, Spiritual Heads and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke says entitlements of retirees are too meager considering their years of service. Excerpts :
    Are you comfortable with the challenges confronting the payment of pensions and gratuities to retirees in Nigeria?

    The idea behind pension payments to retired employees is to ensure that the retired senior citizens continue to enjoy large sums of their approved savings in form of gratuity for him or her to be able to invest in some small scale ventures, while he or she simultaneously receives some reasonable sum in terms of percentages of what he or she used to receive previously for life to be comfortable towards the old age.

    The Federal Republic of Nigeria pensions reform act 2004 was signed into law on Friday 25th, June 2004, after several reviews of the 1979 pensions reforms act which had to give way for a new contribution scheme for employees both in the public and private sectors in Nigeria, this was then after in June 2014 amended by the National Assembly whereby the contributory pensions scheme would involve the gradual retirement planning for any employee.

    It made provisions for the deduction of the minimum of eight percent of the employee's monthly emolument, while the employer pays a minimum of 10 percent for the employee into the retirement savings account. The word minimum allows the dubious head of some institutions to defraud members of staff under them. For example, observations show the disparity in the pay packages of the members of staff in the same category of the same salary scale grade, receiving different amounts as take home from one institution to the other within the Federal Polytechnic system, not to talk of the big differences between such members of staff in the states and Federal Polytechnic system.

    This led the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics(ASUP) union leaders to compare not while some of them were silenced by the management bodies of their institutions for probing too much into what was regarded as an issue between management and the Federal Government.

    The grey areas which need a categorical statement of fact from the Federal Government and managements of institutions is to clarify whether the individual contribution to the Pension Fund Administrators (PFA) is contributed from the source or by individual management of each of the institutions concerned.

    Some polytechnic management made their members of staff believe that between 7.5 percent and 15 percent of their salaries go to the PFAs from the management of the institutions and that the government on behalf of the individual concerned staff paid between 7.5 percent and 15 percent.

    Most retires were dumbfounded upon collecting their shares of the lump sum which they considered to be too meager to what their calculations over the years should be.


    The unions and management of the institutions are always are loggerheads over the issue of transparency.

    The challenges, therefore, confronting the new senior citizens are arrays of puzzles which the government needs to give urgent attention.

    In Oyo State, pensioners became frustrated and some of them died in the process because of the challenges of embezzlement of the accrued pension funds.

    Several retirees suffered from great delay over the years while some died in the process. There were equally some allegations that the government used to tamper with such funds to the level of no remittance to the PFAs.

    Common setbacks on the issue of pension funds are 1)the delay of the government to pay pensioners and non-compliance by several universities. It is equally embarrassing to read on the pages of newspapers, the payment of pension funds into private accounts, fixed deposit accounts, and in unauthorized banks. From my personal experience, I retired in 2017 but received by the pension fund in 2019, my home was on the verge of disintegration due to my inability to fund domestic projects, if not for my wife and support from friends, one could have imagined what would have happened.

    The question that should be on every person's lip is on the monitoring of the flow process involved in the payment of the pension funds via the government's side and the institutions' side, through a transparent and accountable mechanism to avoid unnecessary doubts from the clients of the PFAs, unnecessary delay in receiving the pension funds for the retirees to be able to use it meaningfully and beneficially in our economic environment that is not stable. For instance, any pensioner that may put his money into a fixed deposit will eventually suffer a setback through the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) directive that reviewed downward the accrued interests by almost two-thirds between January till date.

    The pensions scheme from Act 2004 2014 and 2017, ought to have been very uniform to be respected by all institutions, universities, State Governments, and the Ministries, Departments, and Agencies. Proper orientation with clarity of purpose of the amount been deducted from the salaries of the staff and the corresponding mode of sourcing for it from the arrived salaries in the institutions, the Treasury Single Account directly should be clearly stated, so that the members of staff are not thrown into unnecessary darkness between the union leaders and their management.


    Pension managers who embezzled pension funds must be prosecuted in accordance with the enabling law, this will assist in overcoming some of the challenges in pension funds administration-contributory and non-contributory.

    There is a need to control the influx of ghost pensioners through an effective anti-fraud process and control of pension fraud using appropriate Information Communication Technology(ICT), biometric capturing machines, independent central data management authority, census of all informal employers and contributors, the establishment of the basic registration system.

    Institutions found wanting on the issue of pensions funds scam must be exposed, while the personalities involved must be allowed to face the full wrath of the law.

  • Law Enforcement : Groom Police Personnel to be Role Models-Prof. Olagoke

    Prof 1Globally, the impression is that the Police force was established to maintain peace and order in society and also ensure the safety of lives and property. Sadly, several incidents around the world have indicated that the opposite is the case. This situation is worrisome and a source of concern to the citizenry. Interestingly, unscrupulous police personnel in connivance with members of the public, who are also members of communities in the country, extort innocent Nigerian by proxy.In this interview, the Founder, Spiritual Head, and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke opines that all police personnel should be groomed to be role models on the issue of the rule of law to enable effective enforcement of the laws of the land. Excerpts :

    What ought to be the roles of the Nigeria Police Force in a democracy?

    The structure of democracy vis-vis justice, policy-making, and implementation that should be inclusive to the term of equity. These are expected to give the society a stable polity in an environment of respect for the fundamental human rights of all without discrimination or socio-classification for the purpose of achieving the streak of sustainable development. Any alteration to this arrangement will constitute a threat to the security of the state and its prosperity. The extreme can lead to a state of anarchy. To be able to achieve maximally, police personnel from the lowest to the topmost ranks need to be properly trained in recognizing the state of the environment with all readiness to offer selfless service which must be sustainable to prevent a crack in the wall of the state. The people, generally, must equally be sensitized to see the police as their immediate neighbor. The roles of the Nigeria  Police Force, therefore, must be clearly stated as defined and must be incorporated into the school curricula. For example, the prevention of crime is fundamental to the protection of lives and property. They must therefore be role models on the issue of the rule of law to be able to enforce it. The Police must be an embodiment of peace and must be trained not to be bullies, but humane and polite in going about the statutory charge of maintenance of peace and public order.It is unfortunate to note that the environment under which the Nigeria Police Force operates is a hostile one and the recruitment process is faulty. This is a set back for the police force because criminally minded people will easily join the force without detection for future havoc. Another problem that is equally intrinsic to the under-performance is government underfunding. Also, the environment of corruption and extortion has by polarization affected negatively the constitution and working operations of the police to the level of institutionalized corruption and extortion.The inadequate number of police personnel are shared among the state and the rich as most of them are attached to several political office holders and the elite, at the expense of the state.Police brutality and harassment of innocent citizens have made them become pawns of politicians, who sew or borrow police uniforms from them for the thugs to appear as government agents to deal with political opponents, maim and kill perceived enemies.

  • Teachers Salary Scale-For Credibility Govt Must make Details Public-Prof. Olagoke

    Prof 1The Federal Government has reviewed the years of service for teachers in Nigeria from 35 to 40 years and also the retirement age from 60 to 65 years of age, while at the same time introducing a new salary structure.
    Even though a cross-section of Nigerians applauds the decision, several others believe that the new salary structure would be difficult to implement in several states. In this interview, the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafudeen-in-Islam Worldwide,  Prof. Sabitu Olagoke opines that the Federal Government should make public the details of implementation and also introduce a Special  Teachers Pension Scheme. Excerpts :

    Do you think the new salary structure for teachers in Nigeria, recently announced y the Federal Government and the adjustment of years of service and retirement age are realistic?

    The new national teaching policy assigned and approved by President Muhammadu Buhari is an indication that better days await us in Nigeria, probably starting from this government. This is because the teaching service sector has been neglected over the years, making this crucial, fundamental, and primary mainstay of life to mankind highly unattractive for the lack of motivation for teachers, the profession has for long been producing the poorest of the poor of our population with the consequence of the graduates becoming touts and social miscreants.
    Components that absorb half-baked products of our schools always go into the loss of goodwill except for train the trainers' cycles of workshops, seminars, and conferences. If the government now feels that it as imperative to sign and approve the new national teaching policy all of us must applaud them and stand by them for proper implementation otherwise it may become another white elephant project.
    For example, the introduction of the special teachers' salary scale is long overdue, various governments had always given Nigerians a false sense of hope.
    The posers that follow range as 1)Feasibility of executing the project without discontinuity, considering that many states are yet to start paying the new minimum wage of mere N30,000. Gratuities of many teachers are yet to be paid in several states while pension challenges have led to the suffering of many with the consequence of losing some fo them.
    This is why the Government must intimate Nigerians on how it plans to go about this policy to give the citizenry maximum assurance.
    On the issue of the retirement age from 60 to 65, the government ought to have conducted an opinion poll for correct statistics to justify the new policy.

    Suffice it now to say that the government must reconsider the benefits of retiring at 60 or 70 as the nation may benefit from these human resources potentials in the face of the dynamics of activities expected in service. The teaching profession is glorious and fundamental to human growth and development which would affect positively,  proficiency in community service and active participation in national development. The new special salary scale for teachers will automatically ned to be supported by also introducing the Special Teachers' Pension Scheme.
    Perusing all these,  if the government is determined to do it, the present allocation structure needs to be revisited to be in favor of the states and the Local Governments, considering the fact that the number of Primary and Secondary schools are far higher than the number of tertiary institutions we have in Nigeria for them to be able to cope Afterall.
    The whole world is clamoring for Education For All(EFA) in the face of global best practices that demand standard quality.
    The Federal Government has to put in place an effective monitoring mechanism that would give it the assurance for transparency and accountability through due process in procurement and every transaction.
    The government must equally ensure that the teachers and students/pupils justify the new gesture that demands merit in certification. This is to allow our graduates to be attitudinally fit and professionally capable in the competitive market of labor justification.

  • CBN Palliatives- Our Efforts to Get it Proved Abortive-Oyo Day old Chicks Farmers

    Dc 1

    Members of the Day Old Chicks Association of Nigeria(DOCAN) in Oyo state have lamented that all efforts to access the  Small and Medium Enterprises(SME) loans from the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) to cushion the harsh effects of the coronavirus pandemic have proved abortive.

    The lamentation of the members of DOCAN was made known by its chairman, Alhaji Asimiyu Oyetunde in a chat with Poverty Line.

    ''All efforts to get the loans have proved abortive, we only hear that they are giving out loans, we don't know those they are giving it to'', Alhaji Oyetunde disclosed.

    In the same vein, a cross section of worried members of the association have called on their  leaders to put an end to the sharp and unbecoming practices going on in the centers of trade.


  • Aborted Protests-Posterity shall Judge Labor Leaders for Selling out-AWC

    The All Workers Convergence(AWC) has asserted that posterity shall hold it against labor leaders in Nigeria for selling out on the aborted planned nationwide protests against the increase in electricity tariffs and the pump price of Premium Moter Spirit(PMS).
    The AWC made this assertion through its Nationa Coordinator, Comrade Andrew Emeliez in a chat with Poverty Line.
    ''We know that posterity will judge these labor leaders for the compromise. The labor leaders have sold out and what labor leaders have done with this aborted strike is an attempt to kill labor activism in Nigeria'', Comrade Emelieze stated.

  • Nigeria at 60-Been Alive is a Good Reason to celebrate-Prof. Olagoke

    Prof 160 years after Nigeria's independence, Nigerians have expressed divergent views on how the country has fared in all the spheres of life. In this interview, the Founder Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke says that the only reason why Nigerian have to celebrate is for been alive. Excerpts :

    Do you think there is any good reason for  Nigerians to celebrate the country's 60 years independence anniversary ?

    Nigerians, no matter the grievances we may have against successive  governments' performances, for reasons of been alive we need to celebrate. The form of celebration will, however, determine the level of our seriousness and soberness. If at 60, Nigeria is know to be bedeviled with  various problems of poverty and insecurity, there will be the need to compare notes, bot with our past and with other nations, on the issues of growth, progress and development for the present situation the areas of wastefulness in the management of government business must be analyzed critically and objectively for us to know the very weak areas that need correction.

    For example, Nigeria was used to various constitutional  process of law that supported federalism with concentrated wealth with the federating units with weal center.

    The Parliamentary system of government upheld this for Nigeria to realize at the regional level, accelerated development that promoted healthy competition among the three regions then. Human development index was very high when you assumed that your socio-economic status was poor, but today, we are operating on the 1999 constitution that sourced its strength from the 1979 constitution, all of which were based  on the concept of governance by the military.

    The 1922 and 1946 constitutions supported a weak center and upon this, the 1954 constitution was drawn to promote and facilitate development.

    This led to the strong 1963 constitution which was, however, truncated in January, 1966 by the first military coup in Nigeria and hence put an end to the strong regional government with a weak center that allowed rapid development that were directly felt with high impact even on the grassroots people.

    Presently, the Federal and state Governments operate at 52 per cent federal hold and 48 per cent for the states and Local Governments to manage with. Under the present arrangement state Governors would have to go cap in  hand  to collect money from the Federal Government to be shared among the 36 states and 774 Local Governments to pursue the goal of development.

    Worse still,  under this arrangement, leakages in financial transactions, allow very many to be corrupt, this gives room for the abuse of public offices, which is now the order of the day.

    Government in the process became a luxurious tantalizing mirage to the very large population that directly need selfless service or visionary leadership which has continued to be elusive.




  • Kenya Considers Reopening Schools

    The Kenyan Government  is considering reviewing the January 2021 resumption date of schools in the country.

    The Education Cabinet Secretary, George Magoha, made this known  after a crisis meeting at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), attributed the development to decreasing cases of Covid-19 that suggest the curve may be flattening.

    “I called this meeting today to engage the taskforce and various education stakeholders on the process of drafting a new proposal to be presented before the larger national education stakeholder’s conference that will be held on September 25.”

     “It is time to relook at earlier proposals regarding reopening of schools. We are looking at all aspects, but have not come to a consensus on when schools can reopen, or set any date,” said Prof Magoha.  “Between now and next week, the taskforce committee will work on finer details that will be interrogated by the larger stakeholders meeting,” Prof Magoha stated.

  • True Federation-Guide against Possible Wrath of...-Prof. Olagoke

    Prof 1A cross-section of Nigerians have continued to agitate for the devolution of powers to the 36 states and Abuja which is the Federal Capital Territory, while the Federal Government enjoys  a minimum of important powers transcending  state jurisdictions. Several tribal and socio-political  groups have insisted that the devolution of power would give the regions more independence to develop, even though the agenda of these gropus could have self centered and hidden interests as the major push. In this interview, the Founder, Spritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide warns that unfolding events should been handled with all seriouseness to avoid an  omnious situation. Excerpts : 
    Do you think Nigeria can be restructured  in to a true federation with the component units having financila autonomy ?
    The problem of Nigeria led us to this worrisome unacceptable structure regarded as an effect of colonialism and neo-colonialism, whereby sovereignty and independence were lost. Since then, we have been cohabiting as couples in marriages of inconvenience due to the unconsidered factors of memorandum of understanding  which was never sought nor respected despite our differences in tongues, tribes, ethnicity and religion including culture. This was why Nigerians, dead or alive had been waiting for the year 2014, when the term of the amalgamation would have elapsed for the need to renew or break up.
    What we did in 2014 without seriousness about true restructuring could be regarded as a game of fire by the people sitting on kegs of gun powder.
    Apart from the fact that the 1960 and 1963 constitution seemed to be manageable on issues of peaceful co-existence, the 1999 amended constitution gave us a negative mindset of not workable.
    One needs to ask a question regarding credible leadership and good governance and their correlation coefficient with the two created regimes of kleptocracy in looting spree and destitution with increasing profile. Under the present reality of 12.8 per cent inflation rate, two digits interest rates on bank loans  and soaring prices of food and household items in the markets, Nigerians are worse off for it.
    Nigeria is a country comprising of emergency billionaires as a result of having political power and business advantage but through  the menace of the inaction of various security and standard control units, everything is politically polarized to the level of business as usual in  governance with the lost ethos of visionary leadership for credibility in positions of power and lose of selfless service in power management. Further questions are 1)Where are the progressives and activists of yesteryear's, why they are not performing but keeping mute upon getting into positions of power.
    This is the situation that bothers on the deteriorating conditions of the welfare of the people in the face of poor governance styles that depends mainly on the importation of goods, low morale on provision of basic amenities and in the area of infrastructure, professional cannot comfortably set up cottage industries to promote industrialization, most especially in the areas that depend on supply of  electricity. People are still kept in the dark on why a whole nation can't have active and sustainable  turn around maintenance of our refineries, not to talk of developing more at least to satisfy local consumption. Despite the fact that at the individual level, some of these big shots in politics and business have refineries established abroad as well as universities, here  in Nigeria and abroad.
    In the face of all these, where the just only harvest their dividend of democracy as impoverishment  and legacy of poverty; where their children cannot enjoy after struggling tooh and nail to sponsor their deucation. The only option opne to the citizenry is agitation against economichadrship and insecurity. It is equally unfortunate that  even with  the unacceptrable arrangement of the Federal, State and Local Government allocation sharing formula, the Local Governments have become mere annexes of the states whose Governors put their surrogates to be in charge with the lamighty formula of 100 per cent win by the ruling party. Calling for true Federalism wherein there would be financial autonomy for the states is therefore not an overstatement, if we are to follow the example of the United States of America, where corporate governance promotes a strong nation rather than strong individuals, who daily oppress  their people in Nigeria and most often claim to be above the law. Nigeria has three options vis-a-vis 1) Working for true Federalism, whereby states would enjoy financial autonomy. 2) Confederation which is a call back to the root  our former regional control of the economy. This was what operated during the First republic with a lot of visible records  of development and with their sources of strength been agricultural resources. The third must be prevented through good governance and correct  welfare package  for Nigerians. This would be possible if we can address the issue of institutional indiscipline and the endemic culture of corruption which presently are rubbishing the values of education, religion and governance.
    We must  guide against  possible wrath of military incursion which is daily been signaled by some soldiers resigning coupled with the difficulties in eradicating terrorism.
    Indeed, without correct attitudinal change, aberrations negating the philosophy of due process may continue to be in place.
    Correcting the ills in the land as a prerequsite  to any restructuring  neeed is sacrosanct otherwise we may by ourselves undermine the need foe secession in the face of our failure  to achieve true Federalism. The Federal Government and all the security agencies are primary stakeholders  in this respect of effecting the much needed change that Nigeria needs to be comfortable among the committee of nations.

  • Stamp Duties on Rents-Govt is Taxing the Poor for the Benefit of the Rich-AWC

    The six percent stamp duty on rents in private residential buildings recently introduced by the Federal Inland Revenue Service(FIRS) has been described as a policy to favor government and privileged  Nigerians.

    This assertion was made by the All Workers Convergence(AWC) through its National Coordinator, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ''The Federal Government has decided to tax the poor for the benefit of the government and  the rich. The policy is aimed at further devaluing the Naira and make the cost of living very high. This certainly is the wrong policy. This is a government that is supposed to provide as a matter of right to citizens, accommodation, in order to guarantee their right to shelter but has defiantly refused to guarantee citizens' right to shelter and is now taxing citizens for providing shelter for themselves. The hard times are here,'' Comrade Emelieze lamented.

  • Stop Discriminating Policies to ensure National Integration-Prof. Olagoke to FG and States

    Prof 1Nigerians have for so long complained of injustice, inequity, discrimination and other related inhuman acts by successive administrations in the country. Sadly, nepotism, favoritism and political patronage have become the order of the day at the Federal and state levels. In this interview the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke opines that the present administration in Nigeria should stop implementing discriminating policies to ensure national integration. Excerpts : 

    How can the present administration in Nigeria ensure national integration and at the same time eliminate discrimination on the grounds of state of origin, sex, religion, status, ethnicity and language ?

    National integration for Nigeria as an entity will promote love, enhance security and accelerate development. However, under the present circumstance, its complexity will require a giant stride of efforts from the present administration to achieve. This is because Nigeria has since by structure and architecture been viewed as a mere geographical contraption by name since the period of amalgamation in 1914.

    Unfortunately, our failure to develop the culture of patriotism has been responsible for allegations of marginalization and inequality in having access to our common wealth.

     Nigerians today remain unnecessary heterogeneous because of the discriminatory attitude of our rulers and leaders through biases of differences in state of origin, gender, religion and language. Till date,religion is still a tool to fuel crisis and is a pun in the hands of politicians, not only to have tickets of opportunities to be voted into elective positions, but as a means to be appointed into juicy positions of power.

    Discrimination is highly endemic in Nigeria, biases flow continue to stream out the choice of partners in marriages and the girl child and women are equally discriminated against even by their parents in the areas of developing the children.

    At the career front, women equally suffer at the entry point of employment as well as at the promotional stage of their development in the establishment. It is unfortunate that our leaders do not see positions of power as an opportunity to serve meritoriously, towards leaving a legacy of good mentor ship by aggressively and seriously working on our weak areas that prove to be the bane of development. For example, the essence of adopting English language as a the lingua franca is to promote national integration, unfortunately, research into cases of fraud and corruption in Nigeria reveal that the majority of those who engage in these evils including the ‘’Yahoo yahoo’’ boys and girls are those ones who are regarded as educated with good diction, phonetics and fluency. Can these people build for us dignity of labor and fraud free society ? How then can we have national integration in the face of all these odds of life. If this government is to achieve for us and the next generation, national integration, there would be the need to overhaul most of our policies that favor discriminating attitudes . To this end, a restructuring agenda that is not based on ethnic coloration or religious sentiments must be effected as the main agenda that must be pursued as a project that must not fail, otherwise the proponents of the fact that Nigeria is a child of circumstance based on the 1914 amalgamation which lives on a document that was only renewable in 2014, that is after 100 years, of the people so wish, may hijack the project. We must not allow national disintegration to replace the lofty project of national integration. The present government must therefore serve the people by satisfying their physiological needs, otherwise the pursuit of the elitist project at the expense of the welfare of the people may be catastrophic in future.

  • Coronavirus- Govt Should Test Students in Reopened Schools-AWC

    Oyo 2State Governments in Nigeria which have reopened schools in the heat of the coronavirus pandemic  have been called upon to commence tests for the coronavirus among students, teachers and other staff.

    This call was made by the All Workers Convergence(AWC) through its National Coordinator, Comrade Andrew Emelieze, in a chat with Poverty Line.

    ‘’Now that some state Governments have reopened schools, it is very necessary for these governments to conduct COVID 19 tests among teachers, students and other staff in the various schools that have reopened in the states. This is what is expected of governments which project and are not ready to risk the lives of their people. As a matter of fact we need not remind these state governments to conduct the tests, if the intention of reopening schools was not to perform unnecessary experiment with our students or put their lives in jeopardy’’, Comrade Emelieze concluded.

  • Corruption in the Civil Service is a Cancer-Lesotho PM

    Lesotho 1




    Lesotho Prime Minister Dr. Moeketsi Majoro  has expressed worries over the unending  corruption in the country's civil service.

    Dr. Majoro made this know on Monday in a nationwide broadcast.

    "Corruption, especially within the civil service, is a cancer that has been ravaging Lesotho's economy for a very long time... We are determined set a precedent on this matter and His Majesty's cabinet, principal secretaries, senior government officials and heads of procurement and supply chains will have declared their assets in the next 14 days," he stated.

    The Prime Minister assured that the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Offences (DCEO) would be  given all the assistance it needs to perform its statutory functions.

    Dr. Majoro stressed that farming was the mainstay of the country's economy saying ''"This is why food security is every government's obligation to its people. We need to produce food in order for us to win the fight against hunger and poverty.

    "Furthermore, we will ensure a wider access and usage of green houses and shed nets as well as embarking on agricultural technology."

  • Workers in Nigeria should resist Salary Cuts and Sack- AWC

    Fed 1Labor unions in Nigeria have been called upon to resist any attempt by the Federal and State Governments to slash the salaries of workers and retrench.

    This call was made by the All Workers Convergence(AWC) through tis National Coordinator, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ‘’The AWC is calling on labor to immediately wear another toga and resist any attempt to slash workers salaries or reduce the workforce. The AWC suggests that rather than been creative and finding out ways through which the poor can survive the coronavirus crisis, our government is there planning and trying to use clandestine means to sack workers and reduce their salaries that have never been a living wage’’, Comrade Emelieze concluded.


  • Community Policing will work only if…….-Vice President Ezendigbo in Diaspora

    Eze 2Community policing can only be effective in Nigeria when equity and justice become entrenched in the system.

    This assertion was made by the Ezendigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state, whoa also doubles as the Vice President(South) Ezendigbo in Diaspora, Eze(Dr.)Alex Anozie.

    ‘’Community policing will work out easily if justice and equity reigns in our society. I repeat again, community policing will work out if justice and equity reigns in our society. Why I continue to hammer on justice and equity every time I comment on national issues, is because if people are happy, if Nigerians are happy, if all the ethnic groups in Nigeria are happy there won’t be anything to worry about community policing, there won’t be crisis everywhere. If justice and equity reigns there won’t be the need for community policing.’’

    Eze(Dr.)Anozie maintained that Nigerians were not happy that was why insecurity in the country was on the increase saying ‘’if the people are happy, then if they see anything bad or evil taking place anywhere, they will committedly expose the bad or evil, but when people are not happy and everyday they live in fear, they are apprehensive, bad news is the order of the day, killings, armed robbery, rape and so on, who then are you policing ? The Government still has a lot to do, that is why those elected are in government. Government should try to restore orderliness and fight crime to a standstill, then people can now start talking about community policing and everybody will show interest’’.

    ‘’When people see evil everywhere, from the Government, from the top to the bottom wrung of the ladder, nobody is happy, community policing would be difficult, because everybody is minding his or her business. When justice and equity are in place, everyone would become his or her brother’s keeper. If I see someone from another ethnic group, I would show concern. But when the system is not right everybody is on his or her own. The Goverment is encouraged to do the needful by nipping in the bud the injustice, inequity and injustice that are all over the country presently’’, Eze(Dr.) Anozie concluded.

  • Labor Leaders are only interested in Government Patronage-AWC

    Nigeria 27









    The precarious and worrisome situation of workers in Nigeria has been attributed to the insatiable appetite of labor leaders for Government patronage.

    The All Workers Convergence(AWC) made this position known throhg its National Coordinator, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ‘’ What is painful is the very ridiculous response from the labor centers, the Nigeria Labor Congress(NLC) and the Trade Union Congress(TUC), that have shown weak response to the plight of workers in Nigeria, rather than take up genuine struggle for workers, the response labor leaders have shown that labor leaders are interested in seeking patronage from Government at all levels instead of embarking on the protection of the rights of workers. It is very worrisome that labor leaders across the federation go to the extent of presenting awards to government in the face of massive hunger, poverty and public health crisis.’’

    Comrade Emelieze lamented that workers had no cause to celebrate on May 29, saying, ‘’ you don’t need a soothsayer to tel you that the Nigerian workers have nothing to celebrate as regards the Democracy day. Democracy has been pirated and the voice of the workers no longer count, workers are underrated and they are treated as appendages, only to be used when needed.’’

  • Rot in Worship Centres Militating Against COVID 19 Eradication-Prof. Olagoke

    IndexThe rot in worship centers in Nigeria has been identified as one of the major factors militating against the eradication of the coronavirus pandemic.

    This assertion was made  in a Ed El Fitri message by the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke.

    ''Religious practice in Nigeria, Christianity and Islam inclusive has become a mere gimmick for extortion, making the houses of God to become haven for fraudsters and deposit base for looted blood money, with impunity and without control. This has relegated to the poor second, religious houses interventions in controlling the spread and evolving of solution to COVID 19 pandemic leaving government to the poor mercy of mere physical and medical precautionary measure which all must abide with'', Prof. Olagoke stated.

  • Coronavirus-Workers should not Despair-AWC

    WorWorkers across the globe have been called upon not to despair as a result of the ravaging coronavirus pandemic.

    This call was made by the All Workers Convergence(AWC) through its National Coordinator, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ‘’Workers allover the world are urged by the AWC not to despair in the face of the global corona virus pandemic, nothing is permanent, we shall overcome. The coronavirus pandemic is not an exception, we shall overcome’’, Comrade Emelieze concluded.


  • Coronavirus-Govt should Enforce the Use of Face masks-Eze(Dr.)Anozie

    EzeFederal and state Governments in Nigeria have been advised to enforce the use of face masks as a step towards curtailing the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

    This advise was given by the Ezendigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state, Eze(Dr.) Alex Anozie.

    ‘’My advice to the Federal and state Governments towards our battle against Coronavirus is that Government should make the use of face masks compulsory and automatic throughout the nation for the next one month. Also, Government should relax the lock down a bit to enable Nigerians fetch their daily bread, but they must put on face masks. Everybody, Okada riders, taxi drivers, Journalists and everybody who is coming out from his or her home to the public must put on face mask for the next one month. In addition all barbing and hair dressing salons must remain closed for now. Anybody seen on the streets without face mask should be arrested, prosecuted and made to pay a fine’’.

    ‘’However, banks and all health institutions must remain functional, and the workers concerned must put on face masks. Social distancing should continue including hand washing and sanitizing the hands. With all these in place, I am sure that we shall win the war against coronavirus. In addition, Government should hasten the process of providing palliatives for the people. After one month, Government should sincerely, review the present situation based on reliable information across the country’’, Eze(Dr.) Anozie stated.


  • Lock down- Disconnect Sources of Power Supply in Offices and Shops-Oyo Fire Service

    Oyo 1




    Nigerians have been advised to ensure that all sources of electricity supply to their offices, shops and business premises are disconnected before proceeding on the indefinite break occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic.

    This advice was given by the Deputy Director, Oyo state Fire Service, Mr. Moshood Adewuyi.

    ‘’In this time of lock down those who are not in their offices, shops and business premises should isolate the power supply. Also they should discourage the handling of highly inflammable content in their offices, shops and business premises’’.

    ‘’I also want to advise that every home, office and shop should have a potable fire extinguisher to curtail any fire out break. They should attach great importance to 9 Kg/Co2 fire extinguishers. In addition, I appeal to members of the public not to hesitate to call the fire service in the event of any fire outbreak, so as to minimize the destruction of valuables’’, Mr. Adwwuyi stated.

  • Recent Fire Incidents are man made-Oyo Fire Service

    The Oyo state Fire Service has attributed fire incidents in the state in recent times to human error.

    The potions of the fire service was made know by its Deputy Director, Mr. Moshood Adewuyi.

    Since I joined the service three decades ago, I have never witnessed such fire incidents, between January 1st and today we have recorded 200 fire calls. All these fire incidents are man made not natural causes. The fire incidents occurred due to one mistake or the other. I appeal to residents of Oyo state to be careful and abide by fire safety tips'', Mr. Adewuyi stressed.

  • Don't abandon the Youth after winning Elections-Prof. Olagoke to Political Office Holders

    Political office holders in Nigeria have been called upon not to abandon children and youth after they must have won elections.

    This call was made by the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam, Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke in a lecture titled ‘’World Thinking Day and the 5 Road Mpas’’ at an event organized to commemorate the World Thinking Day, by the Oyo state Council of the Girls Guide Association of Nigeria.

    ‘’Political office holders were always present and active at programs for children and youth during campaigns and before they won elections, but after they emerged victorious their behavior changed. They should continue to support children and youth even after they win elections’’, Prof. Olagoke stated.

    He stressed that for a well ordered society to emerge, ‘’ the home, the society, the nation and the world must create a culture of World Thinking Day at individual, association, voluntary organization and government levels of operations to propel them to do the needful with timely intervention’’.

    ‘’The World Thinking Day need to go into every individual’s psyche on self-fulfillment for every blessed day and evaluative reasoning on the value we put in life, for our neighbors and humanity generally to promote a better world order. Never abuse the girl child, never insult womanhood and ensure that everyone puts value into society . Stop wars and prevent diseases to promote a meaningful life of comfort for all, people with disability inclusive’’, He concluded.

    Earlier, the National Commissioner of the Association and the state Commissioner, Dr.(Mrs.)Janet Olufayo and Dr.(Mrs) Layeni respectively, emphasized the need for government to pay great attention to programs targeting the children and youth as a step towards reducing social problems in the society.

    ‘’There should not be any discrimination, we are equal, we should be treated equally irrespective of religion, social background and status’’, the Girls Guide leaders declared.

  • 30, 000 Naira is not a Living Wage-SWL Chairperson

    The 30, 000 Naira new national minimum wage is not a living wage for workers in Nigeria.

    This assertion was made recently by the Chair person of the Socialist Workers and Youth League(SWL), Comrade Kemi Afolayan at a symposium titled ‘’LIVING WAGE-MATTERS ARISING’’, organized by the SWL in Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ‘’There is a clear difference between the new national minimum wage and a living wage. If you look at it critically workers are worse off. 90 per cent of Nigerians are living below the poverty level. After retirement, workers go into depression. A living wage is achievable, but government cannot give workers a living wage on a platter of gold.’’, Comrade Afolayan noted.

    In his remarks, Comrade Olaoye Sanda lamented the insincerity of labor leaders in Nigeria, saying, ‘’we have labor leaders who are colluding with Government’’.

    For Comrade Andrew Emelieze, the new national minimum wage of 30,000 N aria is unacceptable.

    ‘’30, 000 Naira is a slave wage. It has brought pains and misery to workers in Nigeria. There should be an immediate review of the national minimum wage. 30,000 Naira is laughable and embarrassing’’, Comrade Emelieze stated.

  • Nigerians want Good governance-Prof. Olagoke

    Good governance has been identified as the only means to meet the expectations of millions of Nigerians at all levels of government.

    This assertion was made recently, by the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke in his keynote address at the Annual Shafaudeen-in-Islam and Center for Religious Cooperation and Tolerance stakeholders conference in Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ‘’Every Government including Nigeria must offer good governance that will satisfy the needs for the present population without compromising or endangering the possibilities of future generations to satisfy their needs’’.

    ‘’For ease of implementation, the youth must be carried along to be responsible to raise awareness, develop empathy and solidarity, embrace global best practices to be adapted for local needs, as well as motivating other youth to take action’’, Prof. Olagoke stated.


  • South West Governors Ought to take Road Rehabilitation and Electricity Supply as Priorities-Prof. Olagoke

    Only  focused  and incorruptible leadership shall emancipate the Yorubas from their current travails and  ensure good governance.

    This assertion was made by the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafuadeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke in a lecture titled ''Enhancing Economic Development in Yorubaland'', at the 20th year remembrance anniversary of the late Comrade Ola Oni in Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''It will take a credible leadership and good governance to faciliate and activate opportunities on the ground for the Yorubas. Most of  our roads are in a state of disrepair. Governments at all levels should take it as a matter of priority to rehabilitiate and construct new roads especially those that link the farms/villages to the cities. Transportation of agricultural produce to the towns from the farms/villages will be easy if  our link roads are in good condition. This will in trun enhance economic development  in Yorubaland''.

    Most of our stadia are begging for repairs. Liberty stadium in Ibadan has become a shadow of itself among others. Power supply has also become an albatross to our economic devlopment in Yorubaland. Governments in all the states in the Sout West have a responsibility to find a lasting solution to the epileptic power supply from the Electricty Distribution Companies. In the absence of corruption, there will not be any need for 5-7 per cent tariff increase on electricity bill in the tax regime. Even borrowing may not be necessary to fund projects'', Prof.Olagoke stated.

  • Increase in Electricity Tariffs-People are Suffering Govt Should have a rethink-Pastor Ajayi

    The Federal Government has been advised to consider tha harsh economic climate in the country before facilitatin g the increase in electricity tariffs.

    This advice was given by Pastor Opeymei Ajayi in a chat with Poverty Line.

    ''Government should consider the masses and have a rethink by not increasing tariffs on electricity. The economic crunch is biting very hard, people are finding it very very difficult to feed. Food items are now beyond the reach of millions of Nigerians. Government should have pity on the masses'', Pastor Ajayi advised.


  • Onitsha Traders Protest Demolition of Market by Anambra Govt.

    Oni 2




    Traders  in Onitsha have condemned the decision of the Anambra state Government to demolish their shops at  Modebe Shopping Plaza, Madueke street.

    The traders, in their hundreds  protested the demolition at the Government House, Awka.

    The shops of the traders were demolitioned by the state government while they were away for the Christmas and New year hoildays.

    The card carrying aggrieved traders, lamented that in the course of the demolition, goods worth millions of Naira were looted by the agents of the state government.

    The state government's  Task Force comprising a  joint security team of the  Police, Army, Civil Defence and Vigilante group had stormed the plaza around 4.00 am one morning during  the holidays with bulldozers and demolished  structures in the market.

    The traders appealed to Government to consider the harsh economic climate and the fact that most of them were petty traders  as good reasons for it to rescind its decision.


  • The Urgent Need for Sound Health shall Determine the Voting Pattern of Nigerians in Future Elections-Prof. Olagoke

    IndexThe unfortunate happenings in the health sector has become a source of concern for every Nigerian, access to basic health care is now almost an impossibility, this is in addition to the proliferation of fake drugs and the increasing rate of quackery in the sector. In this interview, the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke opines that the need for sound health is one of the major factors that would determine the voting pattern of Nigerians in Future Elections.

    The health sector is in a very bad state, and there is the issue of the proliferation of fake drugs to contend with in addition to the unabating rate of quackery in the sector, all these combined makes it difficult for Nigerians to access basic health care delivery service. What do you think can be done to salvage the situation ?

    Of all the fundamental essence for the survival of human beings the health sector takes an important position. Besides the provision of food, clothing and shelter, upon which the health of everybody depends to be sustained. Unfortunately, Nigeria is short of all these physiological needs demanding the urgent need to visit health care centers and hospitals regularly.

    The dire need for sound health is one of the major factors that would ever propel the people to vote and give their mandate to those who will rule them in future elections.

    Government service on provision of basic amenities and functional infrastructure that are adequate to serve the overwhelming population of over 200 million are yet to be achieved.

    The question arising from this ought to have been a very good guide for government. Such questions should include :

    Against the backdrop of the world’s standard rating of personnel/people to serve ratio, what is the position of Nigeria ?

    Considering the Number of certified hospitals in the country based on state by state account and ward by ward record, what is the record and where is the evidence ? If they exist , what is their status ? In terms of structure, personnel , drugs and percentage efficiency.

    All these data are expected to be on government lines of action for effective and adequate planning.

    Against the backdrop of the World Health Organization(WHO) stipulations, how far has Nigeria fared ? For example, the WHO stipulates 15 per cent minimum benchmark of the annual national budget on the health sector but Nigeria sways between 3.95 per cent and 4 per cent.

    This may be the reason why Government personnel and those who belong to the elite class in Nigeria, have had cause to run abroad for mere ailments which ought to have been attended to in Nigeria.

    This is another reason why many Nigerians prefer to avoid hospitals in the country, until the ailments afflicting them becomes uncontrollable and unmanageable, which could eventually result in permanent infirmity or sudden death.

    This may be the major reason why most health professionals seek to work abroad, where the environment is conducive.

    The most worrisome aspect of the health sector challenge is the emergence of unregulated and not certified health establishments.

    The general challenge for the nation, is therefore that of lack of quality healthcare from those certified government establishments and those supposed to be certified in the private sector.

    Government at all levels, therefore need to be challenged on when Nigerians would begin to have adequate number of hospitals, with sufficient number of health professionals and the right type of equipment to treat various health conditions. Nigerians should be conscious of the fact that every profession has its code of conduct, ethics and rules and regulations.

    To this extent, Government regulations and controls would only become effective, when we all stand by the concept of zero tolerance for corruption and institutional indiscipline which by right extends to the wholesome rejection of fake drugs and quackery. Let the whole country wake up from the long slumber.

  • Communities Urged to Join the Fight against HIV/AIDS

    Communities have been called upon to take active part in the fith against the  Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV).

    This call was made  in a Press Statement by  the The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) Executive Director, Winnie Byanyima.

    “I believe in communities. Communities make change happen. Communities are the best hope for ending AIDS because communities have fought against HIV right from the beginning! As the epidemic raged through our countries, cities, villages, women held communities together and bore the higher burden of care for their families. For far too long we have taken their volunteerism for granted.''

    “Twenty-five years ago, a Burundi woman called Jeanne was the first person to disclose that she was living with HIV. Today, Jeanne is holding leaders accountable and fighting for the right to health care. Pioneers like Jeanne have been joined by younger leaders, like 20-year-old Yana, who was born with HIV in Ukraine. Yana founded Teenergizer, a group bringing together young people across Eastern Europe. In a world where power resides with old men, she wants her peers to have a voice and a choice,”  Byanyima stated.

  • IGS should serve as a Centre of Excellence in E-Learning in Oyo state-Goodie Ibru

    The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ibadan Grammar  Students Association(IGSOSA)Chief Goodie Minabo Ibru has expressed optimism that the school's Information and Communication Technology(ICT) complex and E-Library would serve as  a centre of excellence for E-Learning in Oyo state.

    Chief Ibru made this known last Saturday, in his goodwill message during the Annual General Meeting of IGSOSA, held at the Emmanuel Alayande hall, Ibadan Grammar School, Molete, Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''I would also like to thank Professor Venerable Jaiyeoba for attending the Board of Trustees meeting on Thursday, 20th November, 2019 at which we touched on issues as IGSOSA foundation which was incorporated November, 2014. The school reverting to its owners, the title Deed of Ibadan Grammar School and encroachment on the school property. We also discussed the ICT complex and the E-Library, which is the only school in Oyo state with a first  class ICT centre, a millenium library cum E-Library. It should therefore serve as a centre of excellence in E-learning in Oyo state like the Higher School Certificate(HSC)did in 1960 as the secondary school to start HSC in Nigeria(after Kings College, Lagos'', Chief Ibru stated.

    In his address, the National President of IGSOSA, Professor Kolawole Jaiyeoba expressed hope that all the issues impeding the take off of the foundation would be resolved soon, adding'' it gladdens our hearts that  the school is a reference point in post primary education not only in Oyo state but in Nigeria as a whole''.

    The National Executive Council of IGSOSA  emerged through consensus during its  Annual General Meeting in 2018 .

  • 7.2 VAT Increase : Govt Obeying the Directives of Unseen Forces-AWC

    The All Workers Convergence(AWC) has declared that the faulty policies of the Federal Government are fall outs of the external directives under implementation.

    The AWC made this declaration through its National Coordinator, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ‘’President Muhammadu Buhari and his government are obeying directives from unseen foreign forces, to devalue our national currency and the economy, thus the 7.2 per cent increment in the Value Added Tax(VAT). It is more painful that this is coming at a time when workers are making demands for an increase in wages and when such wage increment has not been implemented, government has decided to make goods and services more expensive, thereby, in a way, putting unimaginable burden on impoverished Nigerians.’’

    ‘’As a matter of fact this policy is not welcomed, it must be rejected by Nigerians and Labor unions should seek its immediate reversal. The AWC joins its voice with Nigerians to call on President Buhari to immediately reverse the unwanted policy’’, Comrade Emelieze stated.

  • 2.6 million Kenyans face starvation-Govt.

    The Kenyan government has disclosed that about 2.6 millon citizens face starvation in 23 arid and semi-arid locations in the country.

    The government made this disclosure through it spokesperson,Mr. Cyrus Oguna.

    The government said that of the number  623,000 were children  while 69,000 were  pregnant and lactating mothers, who were at risk of malnutrition as drought ravages the regions.

    It noted that Turkana was the worst affected, with 250,000 children aged under five in Turkana North, Turkana South and Laisamis sub-counties experiencing acute malnutrition,while Another 200,000 in Turkana West and Turkana Central, Baringo, Tana River, Samburu and Moyale were  faced critical malnutrition.

    “Eight out of the 23 counties are severely affected by drought and require urgent enhanced relief food assistance. They include Garissa, Mandera, Wajir, Marsabit, Tharaka-Nithi, Isiolo, Embu and Kitui,” the government spokes person stated.


  • Nigerians Score President Buhari Low over soaring Prices of Food Items

    Nigerians have expressed disappointment over the failure of the Federal Government to check the soaring prices of food stuff in markets across the country.

    They lament that the high cost of the food items such as rice, tomatoes, pasta among others have made most citizens to opt for items like ‘’garri’’ in particular, coco yam and maize among others.

    Millions of Nigerians are now of the belief that the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration in the country is nonchalant and insensitive to the hunger and poverty situation in millions of homes in Nigeria, even though most political office holders and government officials are currently benefiting from the closure of the country’s borders in a sizable number of states.

    They passionately appeal to the powers that be to reverse the present order of things in the markets, as a step towards rescuing millions of Nigerians living in hunger and poverty.

  • New Minimum Wage : Payment to Junior Workers Aimed at Dividing Nigerian Workers-AWC

    The All Workers Convergence has berated the Federal Government for commencing the payment of the new national minimum wage to workers on Grades levels 01 to 06 while negotiations for other grade levels are still ongoing.

    According to the National Coordinator of the AWC, Comrade Andrew Emelieze, ‘’the labor movement in Nigeria has been challenged and so they must wake up from their slumber, the recent payment of junior officers in the core civil service, is a wake up call to the Nigeria labor movement.’’

    ‘’Apart from the fact that what is paid is more of an award, reason been that labor does not have any agreement with government on the final template, therefore the payment is just like an award to the Nigerian workers. It suggests a government that is trying to rubbish the labor movement in Nigeria and divide the rank and file of the Nigerian workers, therefore labor must wake up and face reality and equally stop all forms of romance with government’’, Comrade Emelieze concluded.

  • Kenya is 2nd in Innovation Ranking in Africa

    Kenya 9









    The World Intellectual Property Organisation  has ranked Kenya second  in Sub-Sahara Africa, behind South Africa in its Global Innovation Ratings report.

    The report also state that Kenya has overtaken  other countries in matching  their level of innovation to general economic development.

    Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKuat), Moi University, Kenyatta University, Strathmore University and University of Nairobi  are among other private and public research agencies  in the contributors list.

    Both Jkuat and Moi University’s technology assembling plants are two major  innovation milestones achieved by the country. The plants have earned the two institutions multi billion-shilling international and local tenders.

    These institutions are saddled with the responsibility of  assembling and configuring  of the digital devices currently being used in the 2019 national population census.

    The institutions also pioneered the implementation of the Government’s digital literacy program and are key to the achievement of the Big Four Agenda.

    The report ranks  Switzerland as the leading innovation hub in the world., while Sweden ranks above the US at second position.

    South Africa, number one in Africa are ranked 63rd in the world while  Kenya is 77th and Mauritius 82nd globally. 

  • Election Petition Tribunal Orders Fresh Election in Kogi West

    Dino melayeThe National Assembly/State Assembly Election Petitions Tribunal sitting in Lokoja on Friday ordered fresh elections in the  Kogi West Senatorial District.

    Senator Dino Melaye is the Senator representing the District.

    The three-man panel led by Justice Anthony Chijioke   upheld the arguments of counsel to Senator  Adeyemi  that irregularities, over voting and non-compliance with the electoral acts negatively affected the outcome of the election.

    In his reaction, Senator Melaye urged his supporters to calm down, saying “No cause for alarm at all”.

  • Oyo Govt Should Enforce Borehole Drilling Regulations-AWDROP

    Nigeria 21The Association of Water Well Drilling Rig Owners and Practitioners(AWDROP) has called on the Oyo state Government to ensure the enforcement of the regulations guiding borehole drilling  in the state.

    AWDROP made this call through its National Public Relations Officer, Mr. Richard Adeyinka in a caht with Poverty Line

    ''I think the area the  state government  has to look at, is the strict regulation of borehole drilling in the state. I also think that Governor Seyi Makinde has done well in appointing Mr. Kehinde Ayoola as Comissioner for Environment and Water Resources. There have been haphazard drilling by foreigners, who are not conversant with the terrain. AWDROP has been agitating for the enforcement of regulations in the state 36 states and Abuja.

    ''The standard Code of Practice-NCP 027/2010, should be strictly adhered to. The Commissioner should look inwards and ensure that indigenous companies benefit fron the dividends of democracy, as this shall create employment for those already out of business'', Mr. Adeyinka asserted.

  • Govt Increased Price of Kerosene with the False Feeling that It Has Pocketed Impoverished Nigerians-AWC

    Kerosene 1The Federal Government of Nigeria has increased the pump price of Kerosene with the feeling that it has pocketed and silenced impoverished and disillusioned Nigerians.

    This assertion was made by the All Workers Convergence(AWC) through its National Coordinator, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ‘’Nigerian workers are shocked to hear that the Federal Government of Nigeria is systematically finding an excuse to increase the pump price of Kerosene in the face of poor economy and poverty. Painfully, they are able to do this because they feel that they have pocketed the Nigerians and the labor movement in Nigeria.’’

    ‘’Therefore because the labor movement is in agreement with the Government, the Nigerian masses will suffer. Kerosene that is used by the majority of poverty stricken Nigerians, Government wants to increase the pump price, when the issue of the new national minimum wage has not been settled. The AWC knows that this is just a bait, and that government is coming up with more worse agenda in terms of the eventual increase in the pump price of petroleum products.’’, Comrade Eemelieze concluded.

  • Namibia PM Laments Low Positions of Women

    Namibia 4Prime Minister of Namibia Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila has decried the  low positions of women in paid employment in the country.

     Kuugongelwa- Amadhila made this position known on Friday at the Namibia Women in Engineering Annual Conference in Ongwediva.

    "Women remain at the lowest level of employment and struggle with practical impediments that limit their economic independence and self-sufficiency," the Prime Minister stated.

    She  lamented that  Namibia was a signatory to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (Cedaw), the Beijing Platform for Action (1995), the Cedaw Optional Protocol (2000) and the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) Declaration on Gender and Development (2005),while noting that  the aim of all these laws, conventions and protocols was to ensure that women have equal opportunities to their male counterparts.

    The Prime Minister,however, wondered that despite all these effortslegal equality was yet transform into structural equality.

  • Zimbabwe Workers Reject Paltry Pay Rise

    Zimbabwe 3Workers in Zimbabwe have rejected government's additonal pay of 180 million Zimbabwe dollars($21 million) to cover the seconds half of 2019.

    The workers hinged their rejection of the amount on the rising inflation.

    The amount which would cater for  309,000 civil servants, would see each worker  receiving a paltry extra $11.28 each month.



  • Attempt by Govt to Unilaterally Impose Salary Increase on Workers is Counterproductive-AWC

    Nigeria 18The All Workers Convergence(AWC) has condemned the attempt by the Federal Government to unilaterally impose consequential adjustment of salaries on Nigerian workers.

    The AWC made its position known through its National Coordinator, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ‘’The negotiations are not yet completed and it must involve all parties, therefore it is foolhardy of government to unilaterally impose specific payments for specific set of workers without the Joint agreement of the all the parties involved. This is primitive, counterproductive and it also goes against the principles of the international labor organizations as regards the doctrine of collective bargaining.

    ‘’The AWC is not in any way comfortable with the position of government to divide the rank and file of workers through the nascent questionable inconsequential adjustment of salaries of Grade levels 01 to 06, thereby leaving the rest to go on with negotiations. It is an attempt to divide the Nigerian workers, though government is been deceitful, knowing fully well that between Grade levels 01 to 06 have been concession ed out and only a very few in those levels will benefit from the so called N30,000 new national minimum wage.’’

    ‘’The AWC supports the move for a national strike by the National Joint Public Negotiating Council as announced by its National Secretary, Comrade Bashir Lawal. Government is trying to hypnotize the Nigerian workers and put them in a state of perpetual disillusionment as regards the new national minimum wage, as it is one story today another story tomorrow, more of a cycle of endless confusion’’, Comrade Emelieze noted.

    The Federal Government has proposed a 9.5 per cent increase in salaries for Grade levels 01 to 14, while five per cent increase will be effected for those from Grade levels 15 and above .

    However, the labor unions are agitating for a 35 per cent increase across board.

    Interestingly, the National Incomes, Salaries and Wages Commission has fixed the salaries of those workers who presently earn below N30,000 and such workers shall begin to receive payments at the end of July.

    Recently, elected members of the Federal House of Representatives received N25 million each as entitlements due to them on resumption, while their counterparts in the Senate received N30 million each.


  • Govt Please Release Our Earned Allowances-SSANU

    Ssanu 1The Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities(SSANU) has called on the Federal Government to release the earned allowances due to its members to avoid industrial disharmony.

    This call was made by the National Vice President of SSANU, who doubles as the Chairman of the association in the West zone, Comrade Alfred Jimoh.

    ‘’It is equally important to let Nigerians know that the contentious issue of earned allowance is yet to be resolved in the Federal Universities despite the claim of the Federal Government to have released 25 Billion Naira to all unions in the Federal Universities to take care of the Earned allowances of all staff since last year. It is disheartening to note that as we speak, government is yet to release the said fund to the universities.’’

    ‘’Furthermore, SSANU wishes to reiterate that the money should be released to Universities and not Unions for the purpose of paying to individual staff, since the Bursary of each university has the record of staff and should be in the best position to know what each staff is entitled to as Earned allowance,’’ Comrade Jimoh stated.

  • Nigerians must Pray for President Buhari and State Governors to have the Political Will to Curb Indiscipline and Corruption-Prof Olagoke

    ProfThe Almajiris comprise of downtrodden parents and their children, orphans and destitute. Alamajiri system of education commenced in Kanem Borno, a long time ago.

    Sokoto and Borno caliphates were the pioneers in this system of education.

    Under the system, children learnt moral upbringing from their parents. All schools at this period were within the vicinity of  the students. Matters pertaining to the schools were handled by inspectors who reported to the Emir of the province in question. These schools were financed by parents, zakkah, sadaqqah and in some instances through the farm output of the students.

    With time, the British abolished the system of education, thereby ensuring that government no longer funded the system of education. This resulted in the Teachers and students resorting to begging for alms and undertaking menial jobs for sustenance. 

    Sadly, presently, the system of education lacks qualified Teachers, educational facilities and other essentials.

    Worried stakeholders of this system of education insist that proscribing the system would be a great disservice to humanity, since the government in the present dispensation has done next to nothing to impact positively on those in the system, even though government made use of the stakeholders to achieve self serving interests.

    In this interview with Federationews2day, the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke opines that for this and other issues to be resolved Nigerians must pray for President Muhammadu Buhari and all the 36 state Governors to have the political will to curb institutional indiscipline and endemic corruption which has consumed the fabrics of society. Excerpts :

    The Federal Government is toying with the idea of doing away with the Alamjiri system of education, even though the administration of the former President Goodluck Jonathan spent considerable amount to ensure that the system of education remains. Do you think this would be beneficial to the country in the long run ?

    During the tenure of former President Goodluck Jonathan, he ventured into building schools for nomadic education, which Nigerians hoped then, would have taken care of the Alamajiris, who lived like orphans,but returned their proceeds from the streets to some wicked surrogate parents.

    Fortunately, President Muhammadu Buhari referred Nigerians to section 18 : 3 of the 1999 amended constitution, which places on all Nigerians, the obligation to eradicate illiteracy.

    Free and compulsory education accroding to international standards demands that every government in Nigeria must provide free and compulsory education for every child of Primary and Junior Secondary school age.

    The President also stated that it was indeed a crime for any parent to keep his or her child out of school for this period.

    Almajiri educationBy implication, when the government fails to provide the schools, Teachers and teaching materials necessary for basic education, it is actually aiding and abetting crime.

    Based on this assertion, the President emphasized on,with affirmation to all state Governors, the need to ensure proper education during the first nine years of schooling, to be able to inculcate in the children, the right moral values.

    The President equally realized that the age long Almajiri system of education, resulted in the North of Nigeria witnessing orgies of crimes which have eventually snowballed into insurgency and uncontrollable acts of violence and terrorism.

    The President, believes that the problems confronting Nigeria are rooted in the fact that a lot of people have been denied the opportunity to get formal education and this has led to the accumulation, over the years, of  large mass of Nigerians who have taken to crime, drug addiction among several other social problems. Again these category of Nigerians have also become willing tools in the hands of some elements in the wider society, who have always nurtured dangerous intentions.

    The President then made mention of the Alamajiris, as a group to be proscribed, as they happen to be the symbol of informal education, that could be likened to absolute illiteracy, considering the fact that their activities spread beyond the geographical contraption of the North, to the nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

    Firstly, as street urchins, they continue to become the future monsters, who work against society.

    Almajiri education 2The President now went on, to recognize and recommend the Western region of Nigeria philosophy, under the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, who started free and compulsory education at both the Primary and Secondary levels, when he was Premier.

    My worry and take on this issue, ranges as follows :

    In the face of the present scenario of poverty for the people and kleptocracy in government, would the state Governors be able to meet up with the calls of Mr. President ? Which equally aligns with the UNICEF’s stand that education is the right of every child and the United Nation’s charge on countries of the world on the need for sustainable development.

    Unfortunately, it is imperative for the state Governors to find a means of achieving this, most especially if one considers the two digit interest loans, even for those who have access, poor remuneration for workers, excluding the political class and the unfortunate state of dilapidation of the buildings of several public schools. All these put together have given way for the quacks to foray into the education sector. They put up schools that are never accredited through the laid down government rules and regulations.

    Almajiri education 1Another challenge, is on the strength of the political will of Mr. President to abrogate the Alamajiri system in the North and the possible ‘’hostility’’ from the states outside the North, that would quickly seize the opportunity to ‘’deport’’ the beggars within their environment.

    My Prayer and Nigerians must also pray for Mr. President and all the state Governors, for God to give them the needed will power and wisdom to curb institutional indiscipline and endemic corruption in both low and high places.

    Equally, it is important for government to take the issue of functional education seriously, by first, reviewing downward, the wages and allowances of the political class as a form of the necessary sacrifice from them, to be able to make the Nigeria project feasible.

    They equally need to down size the number of ‘’servers’’ in their cabinet to meaningfully control wastage in governance while we must equally look inward to resuscitate the ‘’dead’’ industries to be able to provide employment for those who are been turned out as fresh graduates for the country’ institutions.

  • New National Minimum Wage : Reject Govt. Proposal that does not meet the expectation of Workers-AWC

    Nigeria 14





    The All Workers Convergence(AWC) has warned that any proposal by the Federal Government on the new national minimum wage that does not meet the expectations of Nigerin workers would be rejected.

    The AWC gave this warning through its National Coordinator, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ''It must be noted that any proposal by the FederalGovernment on the new  national minimum wage that does not meet the expectations of  Nigerian workers would be rejected and visited with protests and strikes. The AWC therefeore calls on government to retrace its steps and fine tune the table to reflect public servcie  rules and regulations. The AWC also calls  on workers at the state level and their labour unions to resist and protest against any state government that attempts  to pay below the legally accepted new national minimum wage . Labour is called upon to give a final notice of June ending for the implementation of the new national minimum wage or else the labour unions should declare a nationwide strike action from 1st of July, 2019'', Comrade Emelieze concluded.

  • MSF calls for Assistance to curb Measles Epidemic in DRC

    Drc 2Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has called on called on local and international organizations to assist in the combating of a measles epidemic currently ravaging the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC).

    MSF made this call through its Medical Coordinator in DRC, Rachel Séguin,''MSF teams, in collaboration with the teams of the Ministry of Health, are doing their utmost to cut the chain of transmission of the disease by providing vaccination responses as soon as cases of measles are reported, and by providing care for patients.''

    "But in addition to the efforts already made in recent months, more resources and organisations are needed. Ensuring the supply of vaccines and medicines is essential - the sooner the better."

    The Ministry of Health in DRC, recently declared an out break of the disease which has officially recorded more than 1,500 measles-related deaths in the first five months of this year.

    This accounts for  75 per cent of the total number of deaths recorded throughout 2012 during the deadliest epidemic of the last decade. 

    Since January,  MSF has been working with local teams of the Ministry of Health in 10 provinces of the country: Haut-Lomami, Haut-Uele, Ituri, Lualaba, Kasai, Kasai Central, North Kivu, South Kivu, Tanganyika and Tshopo, to combat the  measles epidemic.

  • Cameroonian Govt Orders Crackdown on Hard Drug Suppliers in Schools







    The Cameroonian Government has ordered the idenfitication and crackdown on suppliers of hard drugs to schools.

    The Government gave this order, recently,  through the Minister of Terrotial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, during a meeting with administration and security officials in Douala.

    The order is coming on the heels of the increasing rate of drug abuse  amongst school children and the youth in the city of Douala and the rest of Littoral Region.

    Atanga Nji maintained that urgent steps had to be taken to  the  curb trafficking of Tramol, Tramadol and cocaine in the region, just as he warned of  the consequences of their abuse on school children and youth .

    To stem the tide the Minister  ordered that efforts be made  to identify the sources of supply of these drugs a step towards apprehending as to the traffickers, while noting that  synergy of action by all stakeholders was required to maintain the peace.

  • Somalia gets First Female Mayor

    SomaliaSafiya Hassan Sheikh Ali Jimale has been appointed the first female Mayor in Somalia.

    Safiya Hassan Jimale,  will  oversee the affairs of Beledweyne in central Somalia.

    The city  is the capital of Hiiran Province, located in the Shebelle Valley near the border with Ethiopia and about 210 miles north of Mogadishu.

    She becomes the second Mayor of the city, which has more than 1,7 million inhabitants, after Beledweyne held municipal elections in 2012, the first since the beginning of the civil war in the early 1990s

    Women currently in position of Mayors in  the Africa include Yvonne Aki Sawyerr of Freetown, Sierra Leone, Marie-Chantal Rwakazina of Kigali, Rwanda, Rohey Malick Lowe of Banjul, The Gambia and Soham El Wardani of Dakar, Senegal).

  • Sudan Military Orders Closure of Al Jazeera In Khartoum, Warns Protesters

    Sudan 5As tens of thousands of protesters continue their agitation for civil rule in the capital, Khartoum, the Sudanese military has ordered the closure of the office of  Al Jazeera Media Network.

     According to a Press Release by Al Jazeera denounced the "abrupt" closure of Khartoum bureau and the banning of its reporters from reporting in the country, calling it "a complete violation of the freedom of the press".

    The protest  is coming on the heels of a  two-day strike organised by demonstrators and opposition groups frustrated by a deadlock in talks on a transition to democracy.

    In reaction the head of the central region in Khartoum, General Bahar Ahmed  said ''The protest site has become unsafe and represents a danger to the revolution and the revolutionaries and threatens the coherence of the state and its national security.''

  • Budget Failures Responsible for Low Productivity of Workers-AWC

    President 3The absence of budgetary provision for training and retraining programmes for workers in Nigeria in the last four years has been fingered as one of the impediments to good governance.

    This is the position of the All Workers Convergence(AWC) who made this known through its National Coordinator, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    ''Generally, workers are complaining in all aspects  that affects productivity, including training, retraining and manpower development which ahs been at its lowest ebb in the last four years.This is so because in the last four years we have been having budget failures and the budget has not been fully implemented. Therefore funds for the training and retraining of workers might not be readily available based on budget non-performance, which of course has affected productivity and the psychology of workers, coupled with the gravity of low pay. Workers are generally ill motivated'', Comrade Emelieze opined.

  • Financial Autonomy for LGs Will End State Governors’ Mismanagement-Prof Olagoke

    ProfThe Nigeria Financial Intelligence Unit(NFIU) recently pronounced that states would no longer control the funds of Local Governments in the country beginning from 1 June, 2019.

    However, state Governors insist that the NFIU’s action is illegal, but a cross section of Nigerians are of the opinion that the action is timely and would enable development get to the grassroots unhindered.

    In this interview, the Spiritual Head, Founder and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke opines that autonomy for the Local Governments would end wastage and mismanagement of finances of Local Government funds by state Governors.

    Excerpts :

    What is your reaction to the pronouncement of the NFIU Local Government funds ?

    The pronouncement of the NFIU is long overdue, in view of the fact that the financial scam we are trying to prevent through the states’ control of the Joint accounts of States and Local Governments, only resulted in the impoverishment of the Local Governments as well as the people at the grassroots.

    The superpower approach of many state Governors, with the attendant wastage of resources not been directed to the development concern of the grassroots must have informed the NFIU’s pronouncemnt.

    Equally, the bureaucratic process leading to the unnecessary delays as well as some hanky panky by the National Assembly and their probable collaboration with the Governors would have informed the Federal Government’s decision to separate the NFIU to do a perfect job.

    Governors forum

    Naturally, the clamor for the autonomy of Local Governments ought to have been done in the spirit of the need for the development of the grass roots, this is for rural integration to get a boost. The Local Government is closer to the people and this tier of government is easier to approach by the ordinary man.

    However, the culture of running governance as a personal empire, arguments would ever surface against the move by the Governors, whose meeting under the umbrella of the Nigeria Governors Forum have never been known to be on the side of the masses, whose rights they regularly and easily trample upon.

    The state Governors should realize that their annual budget should be within the limits of what the constitution assigns them and projects to be executed must be such to cover their specified areas of jurisdiction.

    All over the world most especially in the countries that are known to be fully developed such as the United Kingdom as well as the french speaking nations like Cote Ivoire, the Local Authorities take charge of development at the grassroots, with visible impact on the lives of the people, making their nations to follow the normal curve of economic class-Low, Middle and High, but in Nigeria, the middle class has gone into extinction, leaving us to the mercy of the low, high and outrageously and extremely very high in an environment of poverty, destitution, hunger and diseases, with every matter of development been politicized.

    Structurally in Nigeria, a lot of things are wrong and they have been there for so long, mainly because the masses are highly marginalized and incapacitated. This has made the politicians to lose focus on development, while they chase the shadows of self aggrandizement, illegal acquisition of wealth with low records of physical symbol on record of good performance while in office.

    All the masses could reap as dividends of Democracy is mere propaganda to cajole the people . They spend three months in office as political office holders, all they acquire during this period would be fatter than the gratuity of retired Professors, who must have served the nation for almost 40 to 50 years.

    With the NFIU’s pronouncement, sanity would be introduced in the financial transactions of the Local Governments. Also one would hope that the institutional committees such as the ACTU will equally spring into action to check the excesses of principal officers and surrogate allied officers in milking dry various institutions. For example there is a need for Nigerians to know the sources of the funds of some civil servants building Malls and edifices in Abuja and Lagos and even buying houses abroad.

    I have seen Universities and Polytechnics, where some people appointed as Bursars thank their their luck in their religious houses and with all fanfare throw parties as if to say their salaries would be more than that of the Senators.

    I have equally seen Registrars building palaces of complexes in different cosmopolitan towns and floating event centers as well as hotels spreading across hectares of land, but without having genuine sources of funds from any of their established business conglomerate.

    The owners of these, reflect the rot in the Ministries, Departments and Agencies, in a land where we are fighting corruption. We must not lose sight of this.

    To make the financial autonomy of Local Governments to stand firm, there is the need to have a very effective network of anti-graft measures to checkmate possible excesses of Local Government Principal Officers from relaunching orgies of financial recklessness.

    It is not enough to make a law or effect a change, it is necessary to monitor critically, the workings in order that the Local Government does not again deviate from the expected service target of effecting development positively, with welfare of the people as a priority.

  • Foundation Feeds Families in Seychelles

    Seychelles 1Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation(SSTF) in continuation of its "Don't Waste, Eat!" food waste reduction programme' has distributed over 200 kilogrammes of food to over 35 families.

    The "Don't Waste Eat!" food waste reduction programme kicked off in July 2018 and is facilitated by  the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation, (SSTF) in collboration with Betterfly Tourism --a software publisher for tourism profession.

    The programme serves to equip staff with necessary skills to measure and monitor food waste, provide hotels with a platform that facilitates monitoring of cost savings and food waste reduction.

    According to the SSTF Project Officer, Rosetta Alcindor. the Foundation is committeed to putting smiles on the faces of families.

    "There is more to a food donation than what we usually think. We are not only providing food for the community and diverting good food from the landfill, but we are also putting smiles on families' faces.''

    "Though a lot of the products are buffet leftovers or had reached their best before date, they are still good for consumption.''

    "As the food is donated, it reduces the demand for importation of food products on the market as families now consume what they were donated, hence avoiding CO2 emissions along the supply chain," Alcindor stated.

    Families received vegetables, fruits and other food products which included pastries, cakes and bread. The donations were made by SPAR supermarket and a number of hotels which are members of the Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Association such as Alphonse Island Lodge, Constance Ephelia, Bravo Restaurant, H Resort and Kempinski Seychelles Resort.