Give Nigerian Youths Loans to Stem the High rate of Unemployment and Crime-Ezendigbo Of Oyo state

Untitled 3Numbers of Nigerian youths have all this while perceiving criminality as a dependable and reliable means to an end, since they are products of sucessive leadership that vigorously promote all acts of crime and criminality as ways of life. Indeed, an unspecified number of these youths are now ready tools in the hands of the political class on issues relating to all that the laws of the land frowns at. In this message to the youths, on the occasion of the World Youths Skills Day(an annual event of the United Nations) on 15th July 2023, he Ezendigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state, Eze(Dr.) Alex Anozie.


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My goodwill message to the youths is that I wish them well. I was once a youth and I prayed for them that their future should be better than the past. Unfortunately, successive leadership in Nigeria has never been fair to the youths. It is painful, they graduate with no job. It is very unfortunate because there are no jobs for them, they are already engaging in so many vices-drug addiction, alcoholism, cultism, yahooyahoo and other criminal tendencies. They are now always available for thuggery. These vices ought not to be part of their lives if they have good jobs. I have advised before and I will advise again that the government at all levels should create jobs for 500 graduates from each state of the federation and go on to give them refundable loans of between two to five million Naira for each of them. These loans shall be repayable within 10 years with no interest. The conditions of the loan will include the clause that each of them must establish businesses related to their fields of study. And after this, they must employ between three and five Nigerians. Then one imagines the situation after 500 graduates from each state have been gainfully engaged, before you know it the unemployment rate will reduce drastically. This will go a long way in keeping them busy. And when this is done, the rate of crime in society will drop drastically. And when the rate of crime drops in our society, Nigerians will sleep with their two eyes closed.And when Nigerians sleep with their two eyes closed, their health will improve. And when their health status improves, their life span will also be longer. Nigeria has the money to do this, if only we can stop those who are stealing our money in so many ways. So I congratulate the youths.


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