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Diseases are one of the  major factors impeding the growth of the population in a sizable number of countries, particularly the developing ones.

These diseases could be nutritional, communicable or infectious.

In all situations efforts are  geared towards ensuring that people are healthy and free of diseases.



Anopheles mosquitoe

Malaria fever is one of the most widespread diseases in Africa, Asia and South America. It results in sickeness and even death.

In cases which are not fatal, it weakens the individual, with poiisbilities of resulting in other diseases.

Millions of people die annually as a result of the malaria fever. The fever infects an individual via a bite from the Anopeheles mosquitoe.


1)The breeding places of the Anopheles mosquitoe should be destroyed.

2)Water in lod tins, broken pots, bottles, coconut shells and drainages should be evacauted.

3)The toilet should always be kept clean and dry.

4) All jars and refuse in the kitchen should be cleared on a daily basis.

5)Clear overgrown weeds and bsuh in and around residential areas.

6)Make use of prevetive medicines. Preventive medicines  are effective, once they are always taken.


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Yellow Fever

Yellow fever mosquito

Yellow Fever is another disease spread by the mosquitoe. Human Beings residing near wild monkeys are vulnerable to infection. In addition the domestic mosquitoes are capable of spreading it.

The   symptoms of the disease include the the yellowness  of the skin and the eyes of the patient as a result of the inflow of bile  from the blood. The disease is very fatal. The disease is transmitted through the Tiger mosquitoe or Aedes.

In a severe attack the patient vomits  black substance, the kidneys are affected and a lot of bleeding occurs under the skin.


People should adopt measures of protection from mosquitoes, such as vaccination.

Relapsing Fever and Typhus

Ross river fever











These fevers are intermittent, widespread and caused by small wavy germs in Lice and Ticks.

The relapsing fever is common in Central Africa and is caused by the tick, but in Europe and Asia is caused by the lice.

Typhus fever is carried by lice and is prevalent  more in temperate and tropical climates.

Prevention :  Lice can be treated by shaving the hairs or soaking clothes in hot water.

Health and sanitary health personnel use prescribed chemicals to eliminate lice and other parasitic


Potent soap solution eliminates bugs, once applied regularly.

Sleeping Sickness

Tsetse flyThe sleeping sickness is cause by the Tsetse fly.

The disease comes with fever and skin rash, followed by persistent headache.

 After sometime, the infected person become dull, lazy and careless. 

At the last stage of the sickness the patient sleeps almost at intervals and eventually dies.

To prevent the disease, ensure youy destroy the breeding palces of the Tsetse fly.

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