Be Law Abiding and Peaceful-Eze(Dr.) Anozie to Nigerians

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As lawlessness, indiscipline and criminality continues unabated across Nigeria as ways of ife, the Ezendibgo of Ibadan and Oyo state, who is also the president of Non-Indigenes Traditional council in Oyo state(NITCIOUS) admonishies Nigerians to be law abiding  and promote peace wherever they reside,in this press release.

I am very very glad the way peace reigns in Oyo state and everybody should endeavor to maintain the peace.
These last few years, since we established this association, the traditional heads have been meeting regularly as one family and discussions have been centered around the peace of society.
 And members of the association unanimously nominated me to be the president of the association. And since then, peace has  continued to reign  in Oyo state. I am still appealing to all of us non-indigenes in Oyo state to always cooperate with the state government and show love to one another, irrespective of  our different ethnic  or religious affiliations; God the creator of heaven and earth created all of us. I am also glad that since this association was formed, all of us-leaders,  have always  nipped in the bud any rift or disharmony that may arise from altercations and rancor among the people. And we don't make noise about it and peace has continued to reign.
The first gift the government and all of us in leadership positions should give to our people is peace and security of lives and property, wherever we reside. And when there is peace and security of lives and property, development flows.
Myself, in particular, I believe that all ethnic groups in Nigeria are  beautiful people and they are always willing to live in peace, particularly when they are given good leadership. Good leadership is the key to all our good expectations in the country.
I once again appeal to all non-indigenes in Oyo state to continue to be law-abiding  and peaceful and also cooperate with the state government.

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Nigeria Eze(Dr.)Alex Anozie Peace

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