• Success by Prof. Sabitu Olagoke

    Prof 3Success is a measuring parameter to assess the impact of the expended energy against the backdrop of the expected outcome. Success as a tool could be likened to virtue which could be applied to sharpening any object into the desired form.

    Success is the ultimate level of achievement whereby destination would be equated with destiny in the lifetime of a man, most especially in the cause of his struggles to make it in life.
    In marketing, the packaging is an essential tool for the successful sale of goods and services.

    Hard work is a major requirement for success.
    At the homefront, success depends on how both parties are able to administer it. Success revolves around happiness and fertility. The success of a  marriage may be determined by so many factors such as infidelity and domestic violence. The efforts to sustain a marriage are, therefore, hinged on premarital counseling and the intervention of the  almighty God in the affairs of the couple.

    Success 1
    The culture of respect and avoidance of abuses or despicable attitude is sacrosanct to the success of the home. In the area of childrearing, parents must ensure that they bring up their children in ways that are morally and religiously acceptable. 
    In the work environment, success depends on productivity, dedication, and efficiency for the employer and the employee.
    Leadership and management would be regarded as successful, when the impact of governance and administration is felt, through a high index of the people's welfare ins reference to their basic needs, amenities, and functional infrastructure.

    The government would only be described as a success when all that makes life bearable for the people are provided.
    Above all, mentorship plays a pivotal role in the quest to attain success. It is only a good leader that would sustain and improve on his predecessor's performances.
    A favorable or desired outcome of any action or process attempted, is, therefore, a good measure of success if it is advantageous and  beneficial to others as well as making the people be prosperous.
    Success is usually arrogated to every human who is able to pursue a cause through a positive concept and mindset.

  • Greed by Prof. Sabitu Olagoke


    Prof 3Greed is an innate characteristic usually exhibited by people with excessive lust and a craze for materialism.
    Psychologically, it is viewed as hereditary. In this wise, if not curbed at the early stage of childhood, it could become a biological fluid for impunities.
    The affected individual grows up to become greedy by acquiring wealth beyond the fundamental needs of man to live in affluence or an ostentatious manner. This is known as Timocracy.
    This is a state wherein every available opportunity to serve becomes a golden opportunity to accumulate wealth illegally, without recourse to transparency and accountability.

    Greed 4
    The greedy individual eventually becomes selfish by violating the fundamental rights of others to access good life.
    Low Human Development Index in several nations is a fallout of the activities of such nations' greedy leaders.
    Such nations become overwhelmed by various forms of crimes such as pick-pocketing, terrorism, ritual killings, armed robbery, car snatching, kidnapping among others.
    The solution to this is Psychological  Counseling Therapy at the formal and informal educational levels.
    The cultural setting must not compromise the need for every person to uphold the principles of self-esteem and integrity.
    Our value system must not condone vices such as greed, covetousness, and avarice.
    Again, in a sizable number of nations, political office holders who attained positions of trust through the assumption that they are competent and fit to occupy such offices, have proved that the basis of their election and appointments revolved around false premises. Their acts of commission or omission plunged their countries into multifaced economic problems such as unemployment, hunger, and poverty.
    In the final analysis, when we live as solutions to other people's concerns, worries, or problems, we would not be lured into the temptation of greediness, selfishness, and the grasping desire to possess material things.
    Above all, firmness or deterrence is always an effective mitigating tool to reduce or curb vices such as greed or avarice.




  • Be Prayerful

    Pray 1

    Pray 2


    Prayer 3James 5: 14

    14 Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord.


  • Kenyan Bakers Reduce Price of Bread

    • On 22/07/2021
    • In News

    Bread 2
    Bakers in Kenya have embarked on a downward review of the price of bread.
    Their decision revolves around the decreasing demand for the commodity.
    The review would be the second this year.
    At the beginning of the year, a tonne of wheat rose up by 30 percent from Ksh25,300 to Ksh30,000. Also, the prices for both bakery and flour supplies experienced a surge. 
    This prompted the price of bread to go up for the first time in the last four years.

  • Govt not sincere on Insecurity-Sen. Ladoja

    • On 20/07/2021

    Corrupt 1A former Oyo State Governor has called on the Federal Government to be responsive, responsible, and accountable to end the insecurity in the land.
    According to Sen. Rasidi Ladoja in interaction with Journalists led by the Chairman of the Oyo State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists(NUJ), Comrade Ademola Babalola, '' It doesn't seem that the Federal Government is sincere in fighting insecurity, maybe now they are waking up. You told us that you are for everybody and no one, but now you are for some people. Most of the time the President waits too much before he talks to Nigerians maybe he should talk to us more to reassure Nigerians that he means well,'' Sen. Ladoja concluded.

  • Refrain from Sins-Prof. Olagoke to Nigerian Leaders and their Followers

    • On 19/07/2021
    • In News

    Trust 1The government at all levels has been called upon to refrain from sins to ensure the promotion of a sanitised and secured society.
    This call was made by the Founder, Spiritual Head, and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide,Wakajaiye, Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke contained in his Eid 'L Kabir message.
    ''As we celebrate Eid 'L Kabir, let the Government at all levels and its people refrain from sins but focus on the onerous task of restoring sanity, security, and sustainable development in Nigeria,'' Prof. Olagoke counseled.

  • COVID 19 Delta Variant-Govt not doing Enough-Ex-Officio TUC

    • On 13/07/2021
    • In News

    Govt 8The Government at all levels is not doing enough to preventing the third wave of the deadly coronavirus(Indian variant) from causing avoidable havoc.
    This assertion was made in a chat with Poverty Line on Monday by an Ex-Officio of the Oyo State Council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), who is also a former Chairman of the union, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.
    ''Considering the devasting effects of the coronavirus, the Indian variant, the government at all levels in Nigeria has not been proactive by ensuring that enough is done to avoid a crisis situation of casualties. Similarly, Nigerians are also complacent by refusing to abide by the stipulated protocols, we must change this attitude and guard against the fatal health condition'', Comrade Emelieze warned.


  • Togo Increases Grains Output

    • On 09/07/2021
    • In News

    AgricThe grain output in Togo in 2020 was 1.26 million metric tons.
    According to the Central Bank of the West African States (BCEAO) the figure covers corn, millet, and sorghum.
    The corn output rose by 7% between 2018 and 2020 - from over 886,000 Mt to nearly 950,000 Mt (it passed 900,000 Mt in 2019). Corn, it should be noted, is the most consumed crop in Togo. 
    For millet and sorghum, which are mainly sown, harvested, and consumed in the northern part of the country, growth their combined output was less significant than corn but noticeable. From about 303,000 Mt in 2018, the figure increased by around 5% to 318,000 Mt in 2020 (and around 309,000 Mt in 2019).