We cannot Turn down Oyo Gov's Invitation-Chairman Association of Traditional Heads of Non-Indigenes

Lead 4Controversy continues to trail meetings the Oyo state Governor has with various interest groups in the state. In his reaction, the Eze Ndigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state, who is also the chairman of the Association of Traditional Heads of Non-Indigenes in the state, Ez(Dr.) Alex Anozie opines that there is no way members of the association will ignore the state Governor, who invited them for a meeting.

Excerpts: Mixed reactions have trailed your association's meeting with the Oyo state Governor what is your position?

As the Governor of the state, he invited the heads of the ethnic groups for a meeting. We had no option but to attend the meeting. There is just no way we can ignore the Governor or disrespect him; we must honor him as the Governor of the state where we reside. If we do otherwise, that means we are not law abiding because we should be working together as partners in progress, as the leaders of the ethnic groups in the state. We didn't know why he invited us and when we got there, he informed us of his intention to run for a second term and I don't think he has committed any crime by informing us of his intention to run for a second term. To continue the work he is doing and the constitution also allows him to do that if he is voted in by the people. And I do not think that we have committed any crime by honoring his invitation as the Governor of the state. He spoke and we listened to him. That is all. I do not see any crime he or we have committed. We are all working for the peace and progress of the state. That is our target. Anyone at any time who becomes the state Governor, that invites us, we will not disrespect him. If God answers his prayers and allows him to come back for a second term, that will be the end of his mandatory two terms. After this, if he, again, invites us that he wants to continue after two terms, we will tell him pointblank No, that he is going against the constitution . After his second term, anyone that God brings in to become the state Governor, if he invites us in that same manner, we will honor the invitation and listen to him or her again.


Nigeria Oyo state Eze(Dr.)Alex Anozie

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