There is Massive Poverty in Nigeria-Ex-Officio TUC

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The World Bank report that 7 million Nigerians are now under the poverty line has only confirmed that there is massive poverty in Nigeria.
This assertion was made by an Ex-Officio of the Oyo State Council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), who is also a former Chairman of the union in the state, Comrade Andrew Emelieze in a chat with Poverty Line.Transfer Money with Wise
''The World Bank report that indicates that 7 million Nigerians have fallen below the poverty line in the last 2 years confirms the reality on the ground that there is poverty on a massive scale in Nigeria. The prices and goods and services have gone beyond the reach of poor Nigerians. The insecurity in the land has prompted several farmers to abandon their farmlands, the resultant effect is the high cost of foodstuff all over the country.









Nigeria Poverty Hunger

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