Ignorance as the Guiding Light

IgWhen the leadership at the Federal and State levels ascended the seat of power within the last six years, the goodwill and support, was not only overwhelming but total.
Presently, people are complaining bitterly in every part of the country, there are lots of frustrations everywhere, but sadly, the leadership is not listening, while its strategies remain rigid.
Potable water is now a luxury in most states of the federation, while electricity has now become a tool for extortion. Of worry is the price of kerosene, Nigerians watch helplessly as the price take an upward leap.
In the face of the absence of basic amenities for the people's survival, those in charge are sinking billions of Naira into the ''pool'' of insecurity.
An emerging fact is that ignorance, mediocrity, nepotism, indifference, and inertia have become visible signposts of the administration at all levels.


Nigeria Government Governance

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