Stakeholders in the broadcast Industry expect Digital Switch Over this year-CE0 Jagban

Images 6Nigerians are full of hopes that the Federal Government will actualize the long awaited digital switch over  this year.

This assertion was made by the Chef Executive Officer of Jagaban Communications International, Mr. Samuel Adenitan.

''The analogue system of broadcast is no longer the trend in several countries of the world. We  expect a digital switch over this year. It started in 2010, and another attempt was made in 2012. I think it is high time for Nigeria to completely switch over . The National Broadcasting Commission just switched on . The Federal Government would be responsible for providing set up boxes for homes in the country. In addition the government should allow key stakeholders to invest or participate in the distribution and generation of signals,'' Mr. Adenitan stated.

He maintained that the proliferation of private radio stations was healthy for the country,  saying'' this encourages opinions to be expressed and molded across different strata of the society.''

''However, stakeholders should pay attention to the ethical and professional practices while carrying out their assignments so that the society will be better informed for the nation to be better off for it,'' he concluded.

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Digital Switch Ovver National Broadcasting Commission Nigeria

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