PMS- FGs Assurance A Warning Signal to Nigerians-Ex-Officio TUC

Govt 1The assurance by the Federal Government that the price of the Premium Motor Spirit(PMS) shall not be increased in the month of June has been described as a warning signal to Nigerians to brace up for terrible times.
This assertion was made on Monday by an Ex-Officio of the Oyo State Council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC)Comrade Andrew Eemelieze in a chat with Poverty Line.
''I think Nigerians should start preparing for the worst in July because we have been told that the pump price of the PMS shall not remain the same after June. Nigerians have been deceived. The assurance of the Federal Government should be seen as a warning signal to Nigerians to prepare for the worst after June'', Comrade Emelize concluded.






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