Success by Prof. Sabitu Olagoke

Prof 3Success is a measuring parameter to assess the impact of the expended energy against the backdrop of the expected outcome. Success as a tool could be likened to virtue which could be applied to sharpening any object into the desired form.

Success is the ultimate level of achievement whereby destination would be equated with destiny in the lifetime of a man, most especially in the cause of his struggles to make it in life.
In marketing, the packaging is an essential tool for the successful sale of goods and services.

Hard work is a major requirement for success.
At the homefront, success depends on how both parties are able to administer it. Success revolves around happiness and fertility. The success of a  marriage may be determined by so many factors such as infidelity and domestic violence. The efforts to sustain a marriage are, therefore, hinged on premarital counseling and the intervention of the  almighty God in the affairs of the couple.

Success 1
The culture of respect and avoidance of abuses or despicable attitude is sacrosanct to the success of the home. In the area of childrearing, parents must ensure that they bring up their children in ways that are morally and religiously acceptable. 
In the work environment, success depends on productivity, dedication, and efficiency for the employer and the employee.
Leadership and management would be regarded as successful, when the impact of governance and administration is felt, through a high index of the people's welfare ins reference to their basic needs, amenities, and functional infrastructure.

The government would only be described as a success when all that makes life bearable for the people are provided.
Above all, mentorship plays a pivotal role in the quest to attain success. It is only a good leader that would sustain and improve on his predecessor's performances.
A favorable or desired outcome of any action or process attempted, is, therefore, a good measure of success if it is advantageous and  beneficial to others as well as making the people be prosperous.
Success is usually arrogated to every human who is able to pursue a cause through a positive concept and mindset.


Success Prof. Sabitu Olagoke

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