Elections-We don't want a Sectional Leader-Prof. Olagoke

Lead 2Nigeria needs a detribalized leader who will be able to address its multiferous challenges.

This assertion was made over the weekend by the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke in his address titled, ''Governance and Leadership : 2023 Election and Effective Participation'', at the grand finale of the 40th Annual Shafaudeen International Convention, ''Ishrat 2023'', in Ibadan, Nigeria.

''Our challenges are solvable problems. We don't want a sectional leader. We don't want a tribal leader, but rather, we want a leader who will lead all Nigerians leaders who have not been able to solve the country's problems, and are not supposed to get to the exalted position. Nigeria deserves to have Godly, but non-religious bigot leaders for good governance for our unity and development. He must be able to see to the restructuring of the country and the amendment of the 1999 constitution for us to have fiscal federalism in place that will allow regions, states, local governments to control resources for their development through the right placement of items on the exclusive list and consider concurrent lists. All eligible voters must get registered, collect their Permanent Voters Cards and come out to vote for candidates of their choice, but with the positive mindset of objective exercise to elect a credible leader for real change, Nigeria deserves to have to be truly united and developed.


Leadership and Governance 2023 General Elections Prof. Sabitu Olagoke

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