• Refrain from Sins-Prof. Olagoke to Nigerian Leaders and their Followers

    Trust 1The government at all levels has been called upon to refrain from sins to ensure the promotion of a sanitised and secured society.
    This call was made by the Founder, Spiritual Head, and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide,Wakajaiye, Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke contained in his Eid 'L Kabir message.
    ''As we celebrate Eid 'L Kabir, let the Government at all levels and its people refrain from sins but focus on the onerous task of restoring sanity, security, and sustainable development in Nigeria,'' Prof. Olagoke counseled.

  • COVID 19 Delta Variant-Govt not doing Enough-Ex-Officio TUC

    Govt 8The Government at all levels is not doing enough to preventing the third wave of the deadly coronavirus(Indian variant) from causing avoidable havoc.
    This assertion was made in a chat with Poverty Line on Monday by an Ex-Officio of the Oyo State Council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), who is also a former Chairman of the union, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.
    ''Considering the devasting effects of the coronavirus, the Indian variant, the government at all levels in Nigeria has not been proactive by ensuring that enough is done to avoid a crisis situation of casualties. Similarly, Nigerians are also complacent by refusing to abide by the stipulated protocols, we must change this attitude and guard against the fatal health condition'', Comrade Emelieze warned.


  • Stop your Evil Acts to Avoid the Wrath of God-Cleric to kidnappers and other criminals.


    Evil 1







    Kidnappers and other categories of criminals in Nigeria have been advised to desist from their evil acts to avoid the wrath of God.
    This advice of given by a Christian cleric, Pastor Opeyemi Ajayi.
    ''My advice to kidnappers, terrorists, and other categories of criminals is for them to desist from their evil acts to avoid the wrath of God. They should turn a new leaf, if not the wrath of God would eventually consume them. If history is anything to go by they are already treading the path of destruction.
    Also, the Government at all levels should make life more meaningful and bearable for Nigerians'', Pastor Ajayi concluded.

  • Beyond the People's Reach

    Poverty 9Strangely, poverty alleviation and reduction seem not to be on the priority list of the state actors at all levels of government.
    The measures in the past years have failed woefully to empower Nigerians to be economically productive, with the sole focus of improving their quality of life.Transfer Money with Wise
    Poverty alleviation programs do not cut across all sectors of the economy, failing to adequately address the problems of low economic growth and high poverty incidence.
    Millions of Nigerians insist that beneficiaries of government advertised empowerment programs are not known to them.
    The insecurity everywhere in Nigeria has foreclosed any way forward in the agricultural sector.
    indeed, unemployment, access to affordable housing, satisfactory Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary health care delivery, quality education, potable water supply, and regular electricity supply among others, constitute the urgent needs of poor Nigerians, who are in the majority are beyond reach. And a result has brought about hunger, poverty, and stunted economic growth.


  • The Priority

    Download 1 5

    The value of land in England had political, social and economic undertones.

    Land was a mandatory prerequisite for election into Parliament, while in the counties, there was a requirement for the right to vote.

    During this period, the landed class had political power and, interestingly, Parliament was controlled by landowners.

    Furthermore, in the local sphere, the Justice of Peace-the squire-was the most important personality. He was the largest landowner in the village.

    As Magistrate and leader of the local society, he combined political and social power.

    In addition, the owner of the land made profits by selling its produce or leasing the land for high rents to tenant farmers.

    The foregoing resulted in the emergence of wealthy traders, who bought land as investments which were converted as a means to political power and social ostentation.

    The House of Commons, influenced by a few big landowners, sponsored bills which became laws.

    These laws were against the wishes of many small farmers.

    Among those bills that were passed into law, was the Bill of Enclosure

    The economically marginalized landowners had inadequate means to off the desperation and determination of their more substantial neighbors to enclose the land.

    In Nigeria today, land grabbing and dubious estate development by all available means is an unwritten policy by Those-in-Charge at all levels of Government.

    The priority of those that call the shots is land annexation and estate development, at the expense of agriculture.

    Presently, there is hunger and poverty in ther land.

    Private properties have been annexed, structures demolished, and alternative ones erected in an amazing time frame.

    Indeed, looted funds and funds from doubtful and questionable sources are now channeled to land-grabbing and estate development.

    Sadly, the deliberate compromise of the legal and security system, indeed, encouraged this unwritten policy, while violent crimes have trailed events in the land and property sector.


  • The Corruption Impediment

    Nuhu ribadu and obasanjoAt a point in Nigeria's history, former President, Chief(Dr.)Olusegun Obasanjo stated ''it is a matter of regret that most public servants tend to subdue their political discipline in the face of personal aggrandizement''.

    When Chief(Dr.) Obasanjo was in the saddle as President, he set up the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC) to rein in fraudsters, money launderers, corrupt government officials and several others.

    At a point in Nigeria's history, former President, Chief(Dr.) Olusegun Obasanjo stated ''it is a matter for regret that most public servants tend to subdue their political discipline in the face of personal aggrandizement''.

    When Chief(Dr.) Obasanjo was in the saddle as President, he established the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC) to rein in fraudsters, money launderers, corrupt government officials and several others

    Perhaps, the EFCC, was to strengthen the activities of the Nigeria Police Force, while the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission(ICPC) was established to boost the work of the Code of Conduct Bureau.

    Images 9

    During this period, high profile personalities, like former Inspector General of Police, Mr. Tafa Balogun showcased the fight against corruption.

    Sadly, happenings today, is a total and fierce departure from when Chief(Dr.) Obasanjo called the shots.

    Interestingly, in an interview in 2007, a prominent lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana(SAN), who was then a member of the National Conscience Party(NCP) had stated '' you in the media, you must challenge politicians, you must ask them for their programs for our people, as opposed to celebrating criminals. If somebody says he is a thief, you should ask him to resign''.

    Unfortunately, Nigerians have continuously asked ''thieves'' to resign in this present administration without positive results.

    Of worry, however, is the fact that the youth now have the impression that corrupt practices are the only reliable path to success.

     The young people readily make reference to the present administration's choice of Ministers as a source of inspiration to them. 

    Nigerians express anger over the claim of the powers that be, that they have fought corruption to a commendable extent, even when it is very glaring that several officials of the present administration have cases of corruption trailing through their daily lives.

    Everywhere within the borders of Nigeria, fraudsters, corrupt government officials and related categories of criminals are celebrated by their people, who believe these individuals are the heroes of this time.

    The EFCC is now a shadow of its old self, only barking but not biting those it ought to bite.

    If only the leadership had made transparency the guiding light to its activities, all the negatives trailing the country at home and abroad would never be the signposts of governance. 

    The removal of the subsidy on Premuim Motor Spirit(PMS) has been described as a kite flown by government officials to deny Nigerian workers a new national minimum wage.

     A former chairman of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), Comrade Andrew Emelieze, opines that ''the government has a sinister agenda to strangulate the Nigerian workers and the generality of Nigerians. The question we ask is that even if the government had to take the increased salaries back from the workers, what about the unemployed, the retirees and all those who don't receive salaries from any source ? It means that the government would visit them with unprecedented agony and pain.''     

    Nigerians express sadness that despite the unconstitutional annexation of $1 Billion by the Federal Government for the procurement of all that is needed to checkmate the insecurity in the land, kidnappings, killings and other violent crimes are not abetting, even though the government has developed a new culture of commiseration and condolences to families who lost their loved ones to the reactionary approach by government to the disturbing insecurity in the country.

    Indeed, millions of Nigerians have been dehumanized, exploited and extorted to the extent that they have now resorted to pick-pocketing, ritual killings and homosexuality to make ends meet.


  • Indiscipline as a Teaching Method

    MoralityMost public primary and secondary school students learn in environments that are not encouraging in Nigeria.  

     The facilities have been stretched to obsolete conditions as a result of improper planning by the government at all levels. 

    Considering the dilapidated toilet facilities in several of these schools and the absence of potable and drinkable water, the potential outbreak of an epidemic cannot be ruled out. Teachers are no longer dedicated to duty due to their nightmarish working conditions.

     Cultism has taken root in most of these schools, while ''armed robbers'' in school uniforms dot the nooks and crannies of every part of the country. 

    Of worry, is the lack of sincerity on the part of the government in the implementation of programs and policies. 

    On the part of private schools, moral decadence, which is a major feature in public schools, is the issue, while examination malpractices and fraud are also noticeable signposts. Furthermore, the attitude of the government and people in a number of states in the country downplays the reality of the coronavirus pandemic, while the present state of several schools in these states, the non-availability of potable water, and the dilapidated facilities could expose students and teachers alike to serious health hazards, the coronavirus pandemic inclusive.  Our worry also is the fact that several communities in Nigeria are under siege by various categories of criminals. 

    The sight of young boys, in the midst of adults, smoking Indian hemp is now commonplace, majorly at primary schools without perimeter fencing. 

    In addition, young girls have now taken to prostitution on the prompting of their mothers and guardians to make ends meet. A visit to several beer parlors, ''Ogogoro'' joints scattered all over the country should be instructive. Such communities include Molusi, Solanke, Oyegbami, Oshodi, Olorunsogo, Aluko/Barracks, Felele, Scout Camp, and others in Ibadan, Oyo state. If an urgent step is not taken to salvage the almost hopeless situation, millions of Nigerian children may no longer have a place in a sane society.  

  • Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach


    Impunity in cities, towns, and villages across Nigeria revolve around the fact that those responsible for law enforcement have been heavily compromised. Perhaps, this is the price to be paid to achieve self-centered goals with the coercive powers of Those-in-Charge in a depressed economy. The obsessive lure of power seems too attractive for those involved to be committed to democracy. An unspecified number of citizens are now used as proxies. The Nigerian society is now that of guns, terrorism, kidnappings, killings(for ritual purposes inclusive), contempt for the rule of law, and other violent crimes. The reactionary approach to law enforcement and insecurity has resulted in the massive traumatization of the psyche of Nigerians, considering the increasing rate of abductions and killings in the land.

    In saner climes, the structure of the national security system was fumigated, overhauled, and remodeled. This singular action ensured the exit of those lacking in integrity and credibility. Sadly, today, state actors are not working towards leaving behind enduring legacies. Instead, their energy dissipation points to monetary inducement by erstwhile credible commentators in a desperate bid to cover up the rot in the midst of non-performance.

  • Violent Crimes- The State Approach

    Images 5Adolf Hitler labeled the extermination of the Jews in Europe '' the final solution'', while the military dictatorship in Argentina, which embarked on an unprecedented killing of its citizens, code named the same ''The process of National Integration''. The activities of insurgents and armed herdsmen, which have claimed thousands of lives, are similar to the above-mentioned.

    Between 1976 and 1983, millions of citizens lost their lives in Argentina.

    Death squads operating under secret circumstances and under the cover of the state murdered about 11, 000 people, which are now described as ''The Disappeared''. Two million people escaped persecution, while hundreds of babies born to ''The Disappeared'' were either sold, bartered or murdered.

    Indeed, happenings in several states of Nigeria, including Benue, Taraba, Plateau, Kogi, Nasarawa and Kaduna, indicate that the government is fully aware of the insecurity, even as the killings continue.

    This calls for concern. 

     On March, 23, 1976, General Jourge Videla, Head of the Argentine Army overthrew the government of Isabelita Peron, a former nightclub dancer.

     No civilian government had completed its tenure, except for Juan Peron's first term in office. General Videla hinged his action on the chronic inflation and high rate of unemployment that trailed Isabelita's government.

     However, in Nigeria, a retired Army General calls the shots, even though the country still experiences symptoms of economic recession, mass unemployment, corruption and insecurity. 

     The Ejecrcito Revolcionario del Pueblo(ERP) and the Montotneros, took to kidnapping and killings.

    This plunged Argentina into crisis. In Nigeria, kidnappings and killings have gone on unabated. Political pundits put the blame at the doorstep of the present administration.

     Nigerians are worried that the government has done nothing noticeable to ensure that the country does not slip into anarchy. 

     In 2009, the Defense Minister of Madagascar, Cecile Manorantha, resigned her appointment on the grounds that she would not continue to be a part of a government that kills its people. 

     Also, the people of Madagascar vigorously opposed the attempts by President Marc Ravalomanana to lease one million acres of their land in the south of the country to a Korean firm, Daewoo, for intensive farming. 

    The people have deep ties with their land and consequently view the President's action as a betrayal. The same scenario is playing out in Nigeria. 

     The insecurity in the land has made foreign investment impossible, while the disenfranchised and poor majority look to the gloomy future for reprieve.

  • Insecurity and Hunger in Nigeria are Tests from God-Ladoja

    Images 1 1The spate of insecurity, economic hardships and hunger presently being experienced by Nigerians are all tests of God.

    This assertion was made on Sunday by the former governor of Oyo state and the otun Olubadan of Ibadanland, High Chief Rashidi Ladoja

    God will continue to test our faith and at the end of it all He will give us prosperity. In Nigeria today, God is using insecurity, the downturn of the economy and hunger to test Nigerians. After these challenges there will be prosperity,'' High Chief Ladoja stated.

  • Insecurity and Hunger in Nigeria are Tests from God-Ladoja

     Images 8

    The spate of insecurity, economic hardships and hunger presently being experienced by Nigerians are all tests of God.

    This assertion was made on Sunday by the former governor of Oyo state and the otun Olubadan of Ibadanland, High Chief Rashidi Ladoja

    God will continue to test our faith and at the end of it all He will give us prosperity. In Nigeria today, God is using insecurity, the downturn of the economy and hunger to test Nigerians. After these challenges there will be prosperity,'' High Chief Ladoja stated.

  • We appreciate teachers for their perseverance and dedication-Oyo NUT chairman

     Nut chairmanThe Nigeria Union of Teachers(NUT) in Oyo state has commended teachers in Oyo state for their commitment, perseverance and dedication in the face of the present social and economic realities in Nigeria.

    The NUT chairman in the state, Comrade Raji Oladimeji gave this commendation on behalf of the union.

    ''We appreciate teachers for their commitment, perseverance and dedication. We also need to admonish them not to relent on their efforts. We are also aware of the challenge the shortage of teachers has brought about. It is not only in this state, but everywhere. We appeal to them to continue to go about their daily tasks with the zeal they have always exhibited. Teachers will soon be recruited,'' Comrade Oladimeji.

    The NUT chairman disclosed that the majority of the teachers had registered with the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria(TRCN), saying, ''to the best of my knowledge, I don't believe that we still have some teachers who have not registered. 99 percent of teachers in the state have registered with TRCN. The issue is with the private schools.''

    Comrade Oladimeji insisted that a number of factors were responsible for the failure of students in external examinations, adding,''the blame for the failure of students in external examinations should not be put on teachers alone.  There are other factors we have to consider, such as the examination centers.''

    Similarly, Dr. Francis Amenaghwon of the Department of Communication and Language Arts, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan attributed the massive failure of candidates in the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination(UTME) to inadequate funding practices by the government,  the reluctance of students to learn, the prevalence of unqualified teachers in public and private schools and sharp pracitces by some examination officials.


  • Bear with Us-UCH Management to Patients

    Electric power is everywhere present in unlimitedThe management of the University College Hospital(UCH) Ibadan, Nigeria has appealed to patients to bear with the hospital as it makes efforts to address the present electricity challenge.

    This appeal was made by the management through the Public Relations Officer, Mrs. Obafunmilayo Adetuyibi in a chat with New Federation.

    ''Patients in the wards of the hospital should bear with us,the hospital is making efforts to address the electricity challenge. Our internally Generated Revenue(IGR) has gone low, several letters have been written to friends of the hospital in both the public and private sectors, we are hopeful that they will help us out.'' Mrs. Adetuyibi stated.

    The Public Relations Officer explained that on assumption of duty on the 1st of March 2019, the Chief Medical Director(CMD), Prof. Jesse Otegbayo met an accumulated bill of over 200 million Naira, adding,'' the bill is not for UCH alone, the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan has its own bill, one for UCH and one for the College of Medicine. As at January this year, we paid 50 million Naira and for February, we paid 55 million Naira and for March, we paid 45 million Naira. All these we have paid, even though electricity is not available for 24 hours.''

    Mrs Adetuyibi also noted that health workers in the hospital had the right to protect themselves, while stressing that there were Public Service Rules that guide the policy thrust of the hospital.

    ''JOHESU wrote a letter to the management intimating the management of a 14 day ultimatum to restore electricity. The management will still get back to them. They should wait for a management decision.''

    The PRO maintained that services have not been disrupted by the power outage saying,''our laboratories and the Universal Laboratory are functioning. Patients go to the laboratories to pick up their results, we are working round the clock to restore electricity supply, they should bear with us.''

  • State Police will take Nigeria no where-Labor Leader

    Insecurities quotes non lifeThe Federal Government has been advised not to tinker with the present law enforcement structure in Nigeria.

    This advice was given by the unit chairman of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria(ASCSN) Federal Ministry of Labor, Oyo state unit, Comrade Paul Balogun.

    ''The issue of trying to use  decentralized police  to tackle the present insecurity in Nigeria will not take us anywhere. The problem on ground is local, the security challenges  presently is community based. So, therefore the solution on ground should also be locally or community based, Comrade Balogun stated.

  • Learn a Vocation-C.E.O Tanimowo Foundation to Young Nigerians

    Omk4391The socio-political and economic situation in Nigeria has brought several lessons to the fore in governance. Young Nigerians have now taken to crime to make ends meet.  In this interview, the Chief Executive Officer(C.E.O) of Tanimowo Foundation, Dr. Tanimowo Pelumi advises young Nigerians to learn a vocation alongside education. 


    What prompted you to establish the foundation?

    I was brought up in a very difficult environment, it was not easy, so when I was growing up, the surrounding hardships inspired me to establish the foundation. There was nobody to help.

    I started off by organizing seminars in my community. Later on, I forayed into real estate. This is the profession that gave me funds.

    What is your foundation about?

    It is all about agriculture. We empower people. We give out free chickens and fish.

    My aim is to eradicate poverty in society, especially Nigeria. My foundation has empowered people in so many towns and cities in the South West geopolitical zone. We have impacted positively on several lives.

    Do you have any advice for young Nigerians?

    My advice to young people, even if you are going to be educated, try as much as possible to learn a vocation, so that it will give you a source of livelihood. God bless Nigeria.


  • Faulty Government Appointments Ridiculing Nigeria-Prof. Olagoke

    Download 2 2Download 1The Government at all levels can only succeed when competent hands are Appointed into Public Office.

    This assertion was made by the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke, in his lecture titled ''NIGERIA DEVELOPMENT REVIVAL NEED: THE WAY OUT, at the Shafudeen Annual Ishrat Grand Finale:Shafaudeen@41'', in Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''No government can succeed unless it identifies the professionals and accepts their advice.

    The ruling class feed fat while the people suffer from kwashiorkor. Appointments even at the Federal level under this government attract international ridicule for the country where corruption has become endemic because of no control and deterrence! While the whole world is moving towards the total achievement of an inclusive society, we are experiencing in Nigeria poor and faulty appointments without due process! And less than a year in office too!


  • Government should allow poor Nigerians to breathe-Businessman

    Download 2 1The policies of the government at all levels are suffocating Nigerians.

    This assertion was made by the Chief Executive Officer of Hand of God Nigeria Limited, Idi-Arere, Ibadan, Nigeria, Mr. Emmanuel Okechukwu. ''Government is not allowing poor Nigerians to breathe. Let the poor breathe. The government has to address corruption, considering the fact that our leaders are self-centered. When the head is faulty, this will affect the whole body. When God has given us all we need to prosper, Nigerians suffer. The government is not doing enough,'' Mr. Okechukwu stated.

  • Indiscipline Responsible for Abuse of Social Media-Prof. Olagoke

    Download 1The abuse of social media by young people has been identified as been attributed to the collapse of indiscipline and the collapse of social media.

    This is the position of the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke at the Annual Stakeholders' Conference/O'LEG Grand Finale at Wakajaiye, Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''The environment of indiscipline and breakdown of due process in transaction as well as the collapse of that of the socialization process is responsible for the various misuse and abuse of social media to the detriment of peace, our security and sustainable development achievement by very many nations, the African continent and Nigeria in particular. Various abuses range, such as hacking, defrauding through ATM, Yahoo yahoo+ and ritual killings, women sacrifices(ladies) and mother victims(incest)etc. Parents should be good examples to theri children and support them to achieve their goals.'' Prof. Olagoke stated.

  • Guard against Grooming 'Monsters'-Prof. Olagoke to Parents and Guardians

    Download 1Parents and guardians have been called upon to guard against grooming their children and wards  from becoming threats to them and society at large.

    This call was made by the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Isalam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke in his address titled, Good Parenting: An Antidote to Wasted Generation Syndrome at the Shafaudeen Group of Schools Inter House Sports day and the Opening of the Ishrat 2024 at Wakajaiye, Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''We are celebrating God for giving us children. Wasted generation are products from bad homes. When you produce a wasted generation, they will kill you. Monsters you call children. Is your child in danger because you are too indulgent? When you spoil your child, you send him/her to early grave. When you don't discipline, you are preparing for a monumental shocker. May the true God not let us know the grave of our children. May we not be victims of our child's early or sudden death. Ameen!'' Prof. Olagoke prayed.