Beyond the People's Reach

Poverty 9Strangely, poverty alleviation and reduction seem not to be on the priority list of the state actors at all levels of government.
The measures in the past years have failed woefully to empower Nigerians to be economically productive, with the sole focus of improving their quality of life.Transfer Money with Wise
Poverty alleviation programs do not cut across all sectors of the economy, failing to adequately address the problems of low economic growth and high poverty incidence.
Millions of Nigerians insist that beneficiaries of government advertised empowerment programs are not known to them.
The insecurity everywhere in Nigeria has foreclosed any way forward in the agricultural sector.
indeed, unemployment, access to affordable housing, satisfactory Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary health care delivery, quality education, potable water supply, and regular electricity supply among others, constitute the urgent needs of poor Nigerians, who are in the majority are beyond reach. And a result has brought about hunger, poverty, and stunted economic growth.



Poverty Hunger Nigeria

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