The Stakeholders for A Secured Future by Prof. Sabitu Olagoke

Prof 6The government and every proprietor must invest heavily in the functional education of our children despite the current trend of development that dwells on global competitiveness and global best practices through such orientation, which will give learners and graduates of every school a wider view of the world where peace and development will dominate a purposeful educational goal.

To be able to achieve the above-mentioned updates, facility updates and security issues must be pursued with high assurance of a safe environment for the teachers and the children, including the young. It is sacrosanct to the provision of a conducive environment for learning through adequate funding, total quality assurance and standard attainment. Policy designs on these must be implemented now for a better Nigeria. The stakeholders including parents, government at all levels, schools, students, alumni associations, the media and others must walk the talk on the education enhancement needs without any delay for a better future. Let us realize that the goal of accreditation exercises for various disciplines in our schools and the global exercises for universities across the board is for education not to lose its focus objectives, quality and standards. Working towards achieving this is a challenging task for all nations. Alumni associations of schools must rise up to support the reinforcement needs of our schools for adequate funding to provide for facility updates, and motivate the teachers/lecturers for Nigerian schools to compete well with their counterparts abroad. Afterall, the nation will benefit better if schools are able to provide thoroughbred graduates that are well disicplined with passion to provide for the need of the people for opeace and development to give us safe and secured environment. Above all, let us motivate our teachers to walk the talk to promote knowledge economy. Let us jointly secure the future of our nation, Nigeria.

Prof. Olagoke delivered this lecture at the Shafudeen Group of Schools end of year 2021/2022 Academic Session party and 8th Valedictory sercvice


Nigeria Education Prof. Sabitu Olagoke

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