De-recognition of 50 Schools in Oyo-My View by Prof. Sabitu Olagoke

Prof 9The Oyo state government recently announced the derecognition of 50 secondary schools in the state for examination malpractices. 26 of the schools are government owned while 24 are privately owned. The Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke in this piece expresses his views on the development.


Examination calls for a process of strict invigilation and supervision underlined by the highest level of discipline to protect the integrity of the alumni of every school. The desire of parents to have their children in a choice of professions and universities, the pressure on children to pursue courses in which they have no aptitude, pressure on teachers who want to gain favor, overcrowded sitting arrangements, parental upbringing, peer group effects, mushroom schools promising good results among others all contribute to examination malpractices. These fundamental causative factors need to be addressed properly by stakeholders-parents, teachers, counselors and the media. If sensitization on the need to instill discipline in the conduct of examinations had been thorough, the shameful act would not have been so embarrassingly great. However, the truth of the matter is that mushroom private schools are endangering the quality of education in Oyo state. They go into partnership with registered schools to register WAEC candidates for examinations without thoroughly taking care of the needs of the students, rather they promise them assistance while writing examinations. Such schools end up indicting the host school that accommodated their students through their inappropriate measures to make their students pass WAEC conducted examinations and other examinations. Another area of serious concern which WAEC itself needs to tidy up is that these students are able to observe examination malpractices through their unholy association with business centers and web operators who sell WAEC questions and answers online with payments via transfers and recharge cards to have access to such questions and answers online. Host schools taking care of candidates from unregistered schools for WAEC or NECO take the risk of indictment because these schools adorn the uniforms of the accredited schools that have accommodated their students to write their WAEC examinations in their schools, giving no room for excuses that perpetrators of the malpractices are not students of the accredited schools, were the examinations were written. School authorities of accredited schools should learn a lot of lessons from this sad experience by putting in place compliance with the rules and regulations guiding education,-WAEC and others. Unregistered schools and those that are registered ones need to cooperate with the Ministry of Education, the government and WAEC on the guiding rules for conducting worthwhile, fraud-free examinations by sensitizing the teachers,students and members of the public on the implications, consequences and penalties. Generally, there is the need to note that leakages of WAEC questions and answers online usually takes place when school authorities connive and through online links share among students in the examinations. The prohibitive amount charged as fines is enough deterrent for offending schools. This should be a lesson for others who are yet to be detected. In the course of building, our nation we must all recognize with passion that the effect of examination malpractices on national development has always been very negative. This is visible in the quality of the educational manpower the country has produced while the educational system strives to inculcate a high level of discipline, diligence, morale and love for others. A country that has become notorious for examination malpractices loses credibility, as evident in the value of the certificates outside Nigeria. Individuals through fraudulent means in educational pursuit are likely to face on-the-job challenges of dismissal, termination, lose of positions, lack of self-confidence and eventual suffering and embarrassment. Products of examination malpractices offer the nation, prevalent bank failures, budiling collapses, economic sabotage vandalizm, kidnapping for ritual and ransome, drug trafficking, fak drug manufacturing and sales! Are these not practical effects of moral decadence emanating from examination malpractices? The fight against corruption will only be realized if examination malpractices are curtailed. Future leaders equipped with a system characterized by academic fraud and dishonesty would certainly manifest questionable behavior in any organization they find themselves. Those who passed examinations by cheating would cheat to get employed, have spouses and even to win elections through electoral violence or their sharp practices. Finally, we must realize that education is a right according to the United Nations Children's Fund(UNICEF). The government must, therefore, realize that education is the bedrock of every society for appropriate development. Let us all do the needful.


Prof. Sabitu Olagoke Education Nigeria Oyo state

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