Promotion in Nigeria Civil Service done in bad Fate-AWC

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The All Workers Convergence(AWC)has took a swipe at the Federal Government in Nigeria for allowing the release of the 2018 Directorate level Promotion examination results when the major issue of the new national minimum wage was yet to be resolved.

The AWC's position was made known by its National Coordinator, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

 ''Government has released the July 2018  promotion examination results for senior civil servants and at the same time refused to implement the new national minimum wage. Therefore,government will end up cheating the Nigerian workers, if the new national minimum wage is not implemented as the promotion is also implemented''.

''More so, the results were greeted  with mixed feelings as most f the workers are not happy that they were not promoted  and so they have laid their complaints with their various unions in protest against the results that seem to favor a few to the detriment of most civil servants. The AWC is calling on the different industrial unions to intervene in the  recent promotion examination results just released by the Federal Civil Service Commission.''

''''It is also important to note that as far as the new national minimum wage is  concerned, Nigerians workers are no longer expectant, workers have surrendered their fate and they have lost hope for a just wage from this government vis-a-vis their thinking that governance has been abandoned for frivolities. Workers are only waiting for the worst to come, especially in the case of a labour movement  that has compromised'', Comrade Emelieze lamented.

 The 2018 Directorate level promotion exercise results indicated  that 2,932 senior civil servants were promoted.

Of this number, 327 were from  the office of the Head  Civil Service f the Federation, while 70 were promoted from  Senior Grade levels 16 to 17.

In all those promoted were from SGL 14 to 15, 15 to 16 and 16 to 17.



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