2nd Term-NLC's Presence in Oyo Gov.'s Campaigns a show of Appreciation-NLC Secretary

TradeThe Oyo state council of the Nigeria Labor Congress has declared that some of its members decided to feature prominently in the second term campaign of the state Governor as a show of appreciation for meeting their demands.

This declaration was made by the secretary of the nlc, Comrade Adebayo Aritbatishe.

''The Governor has responded to their demands and they go in groups to campaign venues to show appreciation for what the Governor has done for them. It should be noted that affiliates of the union have various agitations and demands. These demands are tailored through the Joint Negotiation Committee(JNC). And when such demands or agitations are met, it is only proper to show appreciation. They have every right as affiliates.'' Comrade Artibatise also disclosed that the state Governor has paid three out of the five-month unremitted union dues deductions, adding,'' he has promised to pay the remaining at the end of the month.''


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