Stamp Duties on Rents-Govt is Taxing the Poor for the Benefit of the Rich-AWC

The six percent stamp duty on rents in private residential buildings recently introduced by the Federal Inland Revenue Service(FIRS) has been described as a policy to favor government and privileged  Nigerians.

This assertion was made by the All Workers Convergence(AWC) through its National Coordinator, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

''The Federal Government has decided to tax the poor for the benefit of the government and  the rich. The policy is aimed at further devaluing the Naira and make the cost of living very high. This certainly is the wrong policy. This is a government that is supposed to provide as a matter of right to citizens, accommodation, in order to guarantee their right to shelter but has defiantly refused to guarantee citizens' right to shelter and is now taxing citizens for providing shelter for themselves. The hard times are here,'' Comrade Emelieze lamented.


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