Ramdan Fast

  • Ramadan Fast(Daily Guide) by Prof. Sabitu Olagoke

    Prof 2Friday 23rd April

    The week of mercy must have opened a floodgate of access to good things of life as well as the opportunity to keep a close relationship with the almighty Allah if and only if the month of Ramadan has been respected and the Ramadan fast has been observed with caution, due process and the fear of God. Let us check ourselves on this to make necessary adjustments. Ramadan Kareem.

    Saturday 24th April

    We are already in the second cycle of the Ramadan fast where soberness is required with a sincere reflection on the past to be able to enjoy the target of divine forgiveness as promised all sincere adherents.

    However, the realization of this is a function of the observer's readiness to move away from sins and crimes to have their bodies well preserved for God. Thread gently as a true servant of God, the almighty Allah. (Holy Quran 25: 63)

    Sunday 25th 

    Be right guides of the rules of exemption for those who are permitted to observe the Ramadan fast, the aged are already in the exponential decay region of life, the pregnant women have more than two mouths to feed just like mothers who are breastfeeding their babies and those with terminal diseases who depend on prescribed drugs. A balanced diet and timely attendance by caregivers, ante-natal, and pediatrics shall always be needed for their survival. But for those who are to repay this offer of exemption, the classification is equally obvious. Women in their menstrual period, the sickly, and travelers suffering from ailments such as fatigue, observing these guides will equally be tantamount to having the fear of God. This is the objective of the Ramadan fast. Ramadan Kareem.

    Ramadan 4

    Monday 26th

    The wellness of the people matters most to the almighty Allah as He submitted in the Holy Quran 2: 145, ''Allah intends every facility for you, He does not want to put you to the difficulties.''

    Those who are exempted for one reason or the other, not to fast in this sacred month must not abuse the privileges of mercy and forgiveness and must not lose the focus of the fear of God by been modest in their affairs and other interpersonal relationships.

    The Almighty Allah loves those who live within the ambit of the law. Holy Quran 22: 38, ''Verily Allah will defend from ill those who believe: Allah loveth not any that is unfaithful, ungrateful.'' Ramadan Kareem.

    Tuesday 27th

    As we enjoy the benefits of forgiveness in this sacred month of Ramadan fast, let us learn to forgive those who might have offended us, as our perceived enemies. Let us equally eschew hatred from our hearts and replace it with love. This month extends to divine cleansing of our hearts for the purpose of soul purification from evil thought processes for us to be wholesome as true Muslims right from this sacred month of Ramadan. The benefit of this cannot be overemphasized or over quantified.(Holy Quran 94: 1, 20: 25-26).