• Wise Parents give their children very good upbringing-UI Lecturer



    Parents and guardians in Nigeria have been advised to expose their children and wards to very good upbringing to aid their positive development.

    This advice was given on Thursday by Dr. Tunde Awosanmi at the maiden edition of an event tagged Nations Rhythm Festival at the Alliance Francaise center, Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''Only parents who are wise will bring up their children very well. Your parents should give you a good experience for your development. Parents and guardians must bring up their children in the way of culture, in this lost world'', Dr. Awosanmi satd.

    In his remarks, the founder and artistic director, Mr. Olalekan Adedokun explained that the festival was organized to teach all that is, to learn about drums. Mr. Adedokun maintained that drums were also relevant in assuaging health conditions, while also stressing that they were a tool that created joy and happiness.''

    Impacting Positively on the Younger Generation

    Parents and guardians in Olorunsogo, Molete, Molusi, Onafuwa Solanke, Oyegbami , oshodi, Scout camp, Aluko, Felele and several other communities in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria now openly identify with their children who are deeply involved in immorality, lawlessness and criminalty. This unfortunate development paints the major purpose of education in a very bad light and suggests that the leadership at all levels are leading by example. Interestingly, Those-in-charge have failed to impact positively on the lives of the younger generation.


  • Parenting

    Quote 1As a Father or as a Mother how have you groomed you children, have you groomed them to be assets or liabilities to the society ? You are in the best position to answer this question.