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  • Unimpressive Attitude


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    In every part of Nigeria today, most children leave school without attaining these standards.

    The present system of education at all levels of government is not only bad for the children but also for the teachers. The teaching profession has been debased by the government and the unimpressive attitude of the teachers.

    Parents have a major duty to their children, but most parents habitually neglect this major duty.

    Untrained teachers and bad methods of teaching, projects by contractors that were not inspected with adequate motive, un-revised or ill-revised policies and the complete absence of all organizations of schools in relation to one another constitute an unspecified number of evils of public and private schools in Nigeria.

    The allocations in the budgets of the Federal and State governments over the years to the education sector has had little or no impact on the sector.


  • ​ICT-Don't be left behind-TRCN Registrar to Nigerian teachers

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    The registrar of the Teachers Registration Council(TRCN), Prof. Olusegun Ajiboye has advised teachers in Nigeria to be Information and Communication Technology(ICT) compliant to be abreast with the fast changing education landscape.

    Porf. Ajiboye gave this advice on Friday at the Ibadan Education Summit in Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''The landscape of education is changing very fast, as professional teachers you may be left behind. We are in the age of technology. We have to focus on technology. You cannot function effectively as a teacher if you do not leverage technology. You cannot afford to be a Born Before the Computer Age. We have to change our character as teachers,'' he stated.

    Prof. Ajiboye frowned on the increasing rate of quackery in every profession, saying,''in every profession we have quackery, don't be a quack. If you don't have value, you cannot give value. You have to buckle up to be a global teacher.''

  • Recruitment of Teachers-We Commend Gov. Makinde-Oyo NUT Chairman


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    Download 3 2In most recent times, parents and guardians in Oyo state have expressed great worries over the dwindling performance of their children and wards in private and public schools in the state. The major challenges revolve around the visible absence of quality education coupled with the difficulties in pinpointing the impact of education on pupils and students.

    In this interview with New Federation, the chairman of the state council of the Nigeria Union of Teachers(NUT), Comrade Raji Oladimeji commends the state governor for embarking  on the massive recruitment of teachers in public primary and secondary schools in the state.


    The Oyo state government is in the process of recruiting teachers into government owned primary and secondary schools in the state. What is your reaction?

    Let us first appreciate God for the privilege of life. We equally need to appreciate, His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde for providing an enabling environment for teachers in the state and for taking drastic action on the issue of the shortage of teachers. How do we cope at the different labor centers in relation to the shortage of manpower?

    The issue of shortage of workers is not limited to Oyo state alone, labor unions are complaining in Kano, Sokoto, Abia, Imo and many other states. 

    The problem in Oyo state has been addressed headlong.

    The state government has decided to recruit 7,000 primary school teachers, 7,000 secondary school teachers, 3,000 non-teaching staff and 100 helpers for special schools. They are not likely to be degree holders. Each school will have 3 watchmen.

    It is unprecedented in the history of oyo state. It is not for political patronage as has been insinuated, but the recruitment would be based on merit. We cannot doubt them.

    The prospective teachers would undergo Computer-Based Tests. We do not need to doubt them. Candidates have started registering online. The registration is free of charge. It is a good thing that has come. 

  • We appreciate teachers for their perseverance and dedication-Oyo NUT chairman

     Nut chairmanThe Nigeria Union of Teachers(NUT) in Oyo state has commended teachers in Oyo state for their commitment, perseverance and dedication in the face of the present social and economic realities in Nigeria.

    The NUT chairman in the state, Comrade Raji Oladimeji gave this commendation on behalf of the union.

    ''We appreciate teachers for their commitment, perseverance and dedication. We also need to admonish them not to relent on their efforts. We are also aware of the challenge the shortage of teachers has brought about. It is not only in this state, but everywhere. We appeal to them to continue to go about their daily tasks with the zeal they have always exhibited. Teachers will soon be recruited,'' Comrade Oladimeji.

    The NUT chairman disclosed that the majority of the teachers had registered with the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria(TRCN), saying, ''to the best of my knowledge, I don't believe that we still have some teachers who have not registered. 99 percent of teachers in the state have registered with TRCN. The issue is with the private schools.''

    Comrade Oladimeji insisted that a number of factors were responsible for the failure of students in external examinations, adding,''the blame for the failure of students in external examinations should not be put on teachers alone.  There are other factors we have to consider, such as the examination centers.''

    Similarly, Dr. Francis Amenaghwon of the Department of Communication and Language Arts, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan attributed the massive failure of candidates in the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination(UTME) to inadequate funding practices by the government,  the reluctance of students to learn, the prevalence of unqualified teachers in public and private schools and sharp pracitces by some examination officials.


  • For the Impact of Education to be felt in Nigeria

    Education 6The attitude, behavior and activities of millions of Nigerians are crucial to the visibility of the positive impact of education on their lives.

    Even when the whole annual budget, once the needful by Those-in-authority is not done, salvaging the deteriorated standard of education would just be an exercise in futility.

    The open display of lawlessness, indiscipline, criminality and evil in different parts of the country are pointers to the unwavering fact that education is yet to achieve its purpose in Nigeria.

  • Unfolding events are signs that Labor leaders have Compromised-Former Oyo TUC Chairman

    The prolonged silence by labor leaders in Nigeria that has trailed the lingering fuel scarcity and the Naira re-design controversy has been described as a good sign that the union leaders have compromised.

    This assertion was made by a former chairman of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.
    ''The labor leaders are supposed to make statements that would make the Federal Government reverse some of its policies that are anti-people. This is not so.There is fuel scarcity and people are not able to access their money in the banks because of the anti-people policies of the Federal Government. But this would be very difficult considering the hidden benefits the labor leaders are enjoying from other political parties, but it is impossible , they should have a change of heart. The Nigerian workers have been visited with unexpected hardship and confusion has been the order of the day. Our people have never had it this bad. Besides, mass hunger and poverty  is now with us in the land and our people are murdered daily  in cold blood. The Nigerian workers, unemployed and the retirees are the worse hit,'' Comrade Emelieze concluded.
    Similarly, Nigerians have expressed anger and disgust over the unbecoming attitude of several Point of Sale Operators, who now sell both the old and new naira notess, while the staff of the money deposit banks have continued to make covert gains from the present situation.
    In his reaction, the Secretary of the Oyo state wing of the Nigeria Union of Teachers(NUT), Comrade Oukayode Salami lamented that teachers were among poor Nigerians that are at the  receiving end of the Federal Government's policies.
    ''It is an issue that affects all of us, even teachers are among poor Nigerians at the receiving end of the Federal Government's policies. Teachers now find it difficult getting to work. These government policies have crippled the source of livelihood of millions of Nigerians. We want the government to rise to the occasion and reduce the hardships.''
    In the same vein,the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) has been called upon to ensure that there is adequate supply of the newly redesigned Naira notes within the period of extension of the deadline.

    This call was made recently by the chairman of the Non-Academic Staff and Associated Unions(NASU) University College Hospital(UCH)Ibadan, Nigeria, Comrade Kehinde Abiona.

    ''The policy is a welcome development because of what it is out to address. There is this notion that almost all the government policies are good, but the challenge arises during the implementation stage in addition to those responsible for the implementation. A lot of Nigerians who need money for their daily transactions are unable to access the new naira notes. They are passing through pains and agonies. I feel the pains and sufferings of people. The CBN should ensure that there is adequate supply of the new naira notes within the extension period, otherwise the situation may not improve but go from bad to worse,'' Comrade Abiona stated.

  • Teachers Salary Scale-For Credibility Govt Must make Details Public-Prof. Olagoke

    Prof 1The Federal Government has reviewed the years of service for teachers in Nigeria from 35 to 40 years and also the retirement age from 60 to 65 years of age, while at the same time introducing a new salary structure.
    Even though a cross-section of Nigerians applauds the decision, several others believe that the new salary structure would be difficult to implement in several states. In this interview, the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafudeen-in-Islam Worldwide,  Prof. Sabitu Olagoke opines that the Federal Government should make public the details of implementation and also introduce a Special  Teachers Pension Scheme. Excerpts :

    Do you think the new salary structure for teachers in Nigeria, recently announced y the Federal Government and the adjustment of years of service and retirement age are realistic?

    The new national teaching policy assigned and approved by President Muhammadu Buhari is an indication that better days await us in Nigeria, probably starting from this government. This is because the teaching service sector has been neglected over the years, making this crucial, fundamental, and primary mainstay of life to mankind highly unattractive for the lack of motivation for teachers, the profession has for long been producing the poorest of the poor of our population with the consequence of the graduates becoming touts and social miscreants.
    Components that absorb half-baked products of our schools always go into the loss of goodwill except for train the trainers' cycles of workshops, seminars, and conferences. If the government now feels that it as imperative to sign and approve the new national teaching policy all of us must applaud them and stand by them for proper implementation otherwise it may become another white elephant project.
    For example, the introduction of the special teachers' salary scale is long overdue, various governments had always given Nigerians a false sense of hope.
    The posers that follow range as 1)Feasibility of executing the project without discontinuity, considering that many states are yet to start paying the new minimum wage of mere N30,000. Gratuities of many teachers are yet to be paid in several states while pension challenges have led to the suffering of many with the consequence of losing some fo them.
    This is why the Government must intimate Nigerians on how it plans to go about this policy to give the citizenry maximum assurance.
    On the issue of the retirement age from 60 to 65, the government ought to have conducted an opinion poll for correct statistics to justify the new policy.

    Suffice it now to say that the government must reconsider the benefits of retiring at 60 or 70 as the nation may benefit from these human resources potentials in the face of the dynamics of activities expected in service. The teaching profession is glorious and fundamental to human growth and development which would affect positively,  proficiency in community service and active participation in national development. The new special salary scale for teachers will automatically ned to be supported by also introducing the Special Teachers' Pension Scheme.
    Perusing all these,  if the government is determined to do it, the present allocation structure needs to be revisited to be in favor of the states and the Local Governments, considering the fact that the number of Primary and Secondary schools are far higher than the number of tertiary institutions we have in Nigeria for them to be able to cope Afterall.
    The whole world is clamoring for Education For All(EFA) in the face of global best practices that demand standard quality.
    The Federal Government has to put in place an effective monitoring mechanism that would give it the assurance for transparency and accountability through due process in procurement and every transaction.
    The government must equally ensure that the teachers and students/pupils justify the new gesture that demands merit in certification. This is to allow our graduates to be attitudinally fit and professionally capable in the competitive market of labor justification.

  • Govt Should Pay More Attention To Education-Nigerian Teachers


    Teachers in Nigeria have called on the Federal Government to pay more attention to the challenges impeding the delivery of qualitative education in the country.

    The Teachers made this call through the Secretary of the Oyo state wing of the Nigeria Union of Teachers(NUT), Comrade Waheed Olojede in an event to commemorate the World Teachers Day, at the Teachers House, Oluyole Industrial Estate, Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''Government should give the desired priority  in the funding of education and the prompt payment of Teachers' salaries.The living conditions of a Teacher determines how far a student can go educatonally. An hungry Teacher cannot impart knowledge. Where a Teacher commits  an error, a generation would be ruined''.

    ''This is why more attention should be paid to Teachers' working conditions and welfare. Our schools can longer be referred to as educational institutions, considering the blown off roofs and the sight of students sitting on the bar floor, such an environment is not conducive and encouraging. When the school environment improves, enrollment will also improve. Teachers are retiring and there are no replacements. The time is up for quacks to leave the classrooms. It is only in the teaching profession we have all comers. The young one should be prepared to take over'', Comrade Olojede opined.