• Bad Leadership-Nigeria is not an Exception-Ez(Dr.) Anozie

    Eze 9Nigeria is not an exception when it comes to bad leadership.
    This assertion was made by the Ezendigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state, Eze(Dr.)Alex Anozie.

    ''There is nothing like that. I am only saying that truth and justice should always prevail.
    As regards bad leadership, Nigeria is not an exception. I am talking about the whole world. Bad leadership is causing crises all over the world.
    I am only showing sympathy for justice, equity and fairness and selfless leadership and leadership by example.
    I have been Ezendigbo for 26 years, nobody is paying for my services. There is peace in my domain.
    So, what I am saying is about the whole world at large and Nigeria is part of the world.
    Everybody knows the situation in Nigeria.
    But I must congratulate this government for putting machinery in motion for the completion of the second Niger Bridge. I was one of the people that first called for the construction of the second Niger Bridge and  I am happy that we have seen the completion of the bridge.
    If I have my way and also God's support, I would also suggest that we have a modern rail line from Lagos to Onitsha passing through Ibadan, from Onitsha down to Enugu, from Enugu straight to Abuja, from Abuja back to Lagos, a modern rail line,'' Eze(Dr.) Anozie concluded

  • ASCSN( Federal)Oyo-We regret voting in Outgoing Executives-Members

    Members of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria(ASCSN)Federal, Oyo state chapter have expressed regrets voting in the outgoing executives of the association.

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    The members made this known through their spokesman, Comrade Olaniyi Ajibosho in a chat with Poverty Line.

    ‘’The election which brought in the present executive of ASCSN, Federal Oyo state chapter was held at the National Museum, Aleshinloye, Ibadan in 2018 and we voted in the outgoing executive with the hope that the executive will address the several challenges confronting members, but our hopes were dashed. Members of the association regret voting in the outgoing executive. The Comrade Balogun led executive promised to do a lot, but we later discovered that he is not protecting the interests of members of the association. We thought the executive would be responsive, but this has not been so, rather the images of the association has been battered and shattered and as a result we want to redeem the association’s image. The Labor leaders believe in political patronage rather than protecting the rights of the cheated workers. We know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, we keep hope alive,’’ Comrade Ajibosho stated.

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