• The Corruption Impediment

    Nuhu ribadu and obasanjoAt a point in Nigeria's history, former President, Chief(Dr.)Olusegun Obasanjo stated ''it is a matter of regret that most public servants tend to subdue their political discipline in the face of personal aggrandizement''.

    When Chief(Dr.) Obasanjo was in the saddle as President, he set up the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC) to rein in fraudsters, money launderers, corrupt government officials and several others.

    At a point in Nigeria's history, former President, Chief(Dr.) Olusegun Obasanjo stated ''it is a matter for regret that most public servants tend to subdue their political discipline in the face of personal aggrandizement''.

    When Chief(Dr.) Obasanjo was in the saddle as President, he established the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC) to rein in fraudsters, money launderers, corrupt government officials and several others

    Perhaps, the EFCC, was to strengthen the activities of the Nigeria Police Force, while the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission(ICPC) was established to boost the work of the Code of Conduct Bureau.

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    During this period, high profile personalities, like former Inspector General of Police, Mr. Tafa Balogun showcased the fight against corruption.

    Sadly, happenings today, is a total and fierce departure from when Chief(Dr.) Obasanjo called the shots.

    Interestingly, in an interview in 2007, a prominent lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana(SAN), who was then a member of the National Conscience Party(NCP) had stated '' you in the media, you must challenge politicians, you must ask them for their programs for our people, as opposed to celebrating criminals. If somebody says he is a thief, you should ask him to resign''.

    Unfortunately, Nigerians have continuously asked ''thieves'' to resign in this present administration without positive results.

    Of worry, however, is the fact that the youth now have the impression that corrupt practices are the only reliable path to success.

     The young people readily make reference to the present administration's choice of Ministers as a source of inspiration to them. 

    Nigerians express anger over the claim of the powers that be, that they have fought corruption to a commendable extent, even when it is very glaring that several officials of the present administration have cases of corruption trailing through their daily lives.

    Everywhere within the borders of Nigeria, fraudsters, corrupt government officials and related categories of criminals are celebrated by their people, who believe these individuals are the heroes of this time.

    The EFCC is now a shadow of its old self, only barking but not biting those it ought to bite.

    If only the leadership had made transparency the guiding light to its activities, all the negatives trailing the country at home and abroad would never be the signposts of governance. 

    The removal of the subsidy on Premuim Motor Spirit(PMS) has been described as a kite flown by government officials to deny Nigerian workers a new national minimum wage.

     A former chairman of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), Comrade Andrew Emelieze, opines that ''the government has a sinister agenda to strangulate the Nigerian workers and the generality of Nigerians. The question we ask is that even if the government had to take the increased salaries back from the workers, what about the unemployed, the retirees and all those who don't receive salaries from any source ? It means that the government would visit them with unprecedented agony and pain.''     

    Nigerians express sadness that despite the unconstitutional annexation of $1 Billion by the Federal Government for the procurement of all that is needed to checkmate the insecurity in the land, kidnappings, killings and other violent crimes are not abetting, even though the government has developed a new culture of commiseration and condolences to families who lost their loved ones to the reactionary approach by government to the disturbing insecurity in the country.

    Indeed, millions of Nigerians have been dehumanized, exploited and extorted to the extent that they have now resorted to pick-pocketing, ritual killings and homosexuality to make ends meet.


  • Nigeria's Problem is Corruption-Prophet Arabambi

    Download 20Corruption is the major factor impeding development in Nigeria.

    This assertion was made by Prophet Timothy Arabambi of the Christ Apostolic Church(CAC) Ile-Atunse, Olunloyo-Akanran road, Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''God blessed us with men and women of intellect and integrity. This country is blessed with natural resources that can lift our economy, but the greatest problem we have in the country is corruption.''

    ''Corruption is the elder brother of Nigeria and Nigeria is dancing the tune of her elder brother. I can say that the people in government are trying, but they don't have good people to implement government policies. If Nigeria does not kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria,'' Prophet Arabambi warned.

  • Two Former Federal Correctional Officers Plead Guilty to Bribery and Smuggling Contraband Scheme

                                                                                 Press Release

    Two former correctional officers pleaded guilty this week to engaging in bribery and smuggling contraband into Leavenworth Detention Center.

    According to court documents, Janna Grier, 36, of Horton, Kansas, previously worked as a correctional officer at Leavenworth Detention Center, a privately run, maximum-security federal prison in Leavenworth, Kansas. Grier used her position to smuggle contraband into the prison and also solicited other prison officials to use their position to smuggle contraband into Leavenworth.

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    On Jan. 25, Grier pleaded guilty to conspiracy to offer bribes and provide contraband to inmates of a federal prison. She is scheduled to be sentenced on April 28, and faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison. A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after considering the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

    -Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality

    According to court documents, Willie Golden, 28, of Overland Park, Kansas, also previously worked as a correctional officer at Leavenworth Detention Center. Golden used his position to smuggle contraband — including tobacco, synthetic cannabinoids, cellular telephones and marijuana — into the prison in exchange for bribe payments.

    Today, Golden pleaded guilty to conspiracy to accept bribes and provide contraband to inmates of a federal prison. He is scheduled to be sentenced on May 17, and faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison. A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after considering the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

    -Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach

    Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite Jr. of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, Special Agent in Charge William J. Hannah of the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General (DOJ-OIG) Chicago Field Office, Assistant Director Luis Quesada of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division, and Special Agent in Charge Charles A. Dayoub of the FBI’s Kansas City Field Office made the announcement. 

    The FBI and DOJ-OIG are investigating the cases.

    Trial Attorneys Rebecca M. Schuman and Dahoud A. Askar of the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section are prosecuting the cases.

    The cases are part of the Justice Department’s ongoing efforts to combat prison corruption. In addition to the above matters, the Public Integrity Section is prosecuting three other former Leavenworth officials for similar alleged conduct. See United States v. Cheyonte Harris, Case No. 2:21-cr-20054 (D. Kan.); United States v. Jaqueline Sifuentes, No. 2:21-cr-20053 (D. Kan.); United States v. Jeane Arnette, No. 2:21-cr-20063 (D. Kan.). An indictment is merely an allegation, and all defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

    -Government Workers-A Subject of Debate

    Separately, the Public Integrity Section and the FBI recently obtained convictions against three former North Carolina prison officials who smuggled contraband, including illegal narcotics, into a state facility in exchange for bribes. See United States v. Ollie Rose, III, No. 4:20-CR-96 (E.D.N.C.); United States v. Kenneth Farr, No. 4:21-CR-9 (E.D.N.C.); and United States v. Jeremy Chambers, No. 4:21-CR-38 (E.D.N.C.).


  • Ugandan Army Set to Take over Govt Funded Projects

    CorruptionThe Ministries of Health and Education in Uganda are set to hand over all government-funded projects to the Ramy's Engineering unit for implementation.
    Before this time,  President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had directed that the construction projects in the two ministries be undertaken by the National Enterprise Commission, NEC, and implemented by the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) Engineering Brigade.

    Consequent to the President's directive, the Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development has now directed the two ministries to implement the directive, which has since been amended in response to concerns from donors and experts over its likely effects.

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  • Suspension of EFCC Boss-Nigeria is soaked in Corruption-Prof. Olagoke

    Prof 1The suspension of the acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, his questioning and probe of the activities of the commission from 2015 till date has cast dark clouds on the anti-corruption crusade in Nigeria. However, a cross section of Nigerians are of the opinion that this has exposed the worrisome state of affairs among the leadership. Interestingly, the panel’s roles are not stated in the constitution, even as the insinuation is that it has been five years of chasing shadows. In this interview, the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. SabitU Olagoke says that the country is soaked in corruption. Excerpts :

    The presidential panel on corruption is now saddled with the responsibility of looking into the activities of the suspended Chairman of the EFCC and the commission from 2015 till date. What is your reaction ?

    Consider the present state of institutional indiscipline and impunity on the issue of sins and crimes in all sectors and spheres of life.

    The environment is fraught with rent-seeking, hypocrisy, nepotism, Nigeria loss of identity(lack of patriotism) and kleptocracy where corruption is deeply ingrained in in our collective psyche through institutional indiscipline, impunity, blackmail and intimidation. This land is soaked with corruption, transgression, sins and crimes. Hence, there is a dire need for an enabling act as an antidote. Section(i) of the EFCC Act(2004) limits the appointment of the EFCC Chairman to ; ‘’Serving or retired member of any of the government security or law enforcement agency no t below the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police or equivalent.’’

    The law was adjusted to make the EFCC answerable to the Attorney Genetral of the Federation, that should be more of probe, rather than monitoring the looted assets auctioning process profile.

    One expects the agency(EFCC) to be answerable to the Presidency where the Presidential Advisory Committee(PAC) should be doing the monitoring of the process of the looted assets recovery and disposal system through due process.

    This would have made the President to have first hand information and monitoring of the process through direct and timely briefing.

    When will a civilian boss emerge with law background and antecedent of integrity with clean records and relevant experience ?

    The Senate refused to confirm Magu’s appointment twice, based on security reports that declared him as a security risk or ‘danger’ to the anti-corruption war.

    The present moral incompetence charges justify his detractors’ claim.

    The anti-corruption agency has the antecedent of record of being used by the Presidency to witch hunt the opposition or perceived enemies of the powers that be. With this reduced status to a moral blackmail, the agency with its anti-corruption crusade, the whole process will by implication become questionable through doubtful integrity and credibility.

    One expects that lessons ought to have been learnt with full determination of purpose to identify with the charge mantra of the government that appointed Magu as the acting chairman. However, for lack of autonomy the political wind could have beclouded Magu’s sense of professionalism an objectivity.

    The war against corruption ought to have been worn out for the structure and architectural defects as well as attitudinal challenge of officers and the society including, governance, the battle process is always fraught with fictional resistances. All anti-corruption agencies need to be built upon clearly spelt out premises, while the monitor of the terms of references and training that dwell on :

    1. Emphatic policy analysis and implementation process.
    2. Monitoring mechanism and coordination structure.
    3. Sociological consideration for corruption tendency. For example, past records of Timocracy and Kleptocracy at any given opportunity to serve at any level of operation
    4. Sources and environment that enable corrupt practices.
    5. Key trends in the evolution of sharp and corrupt practices.

     Process flow analysis of checking leakages based on the concept of prevention is better than cure, with the regulation mechanism in place such as :

    1. Expenditure controls.
    2. Audit systems and monitoring.
    3. Assessment and evaluation framework.

    All these must be the orientation of all officers of the EFCC and in all Ministries, Departments and Agencies and government functionaries including parastatals, Executive, Judiciary and Legislature with emphasis on on the need of transparency and accountability probity and auditing that corruption is nipped in the bud before it become full blown. To this end the following must be in place

    • Autonomy of the agency is required to be immune from undue political influence. The independence of the anti-corruption agency must be guarded in law to protect its credibility and objectivity for maximum efficiency to produce deterrents .
    • Periodical workshop on best attitudinal attainment for anti-graft officials to be reliable and dependable without disappointing people’s trust is sacrosanct.
    • This must be driven through adequate training, capacity building, adequate resources, professionalism and rigorous ability to prosecute offenders.
    • For effectiveness, the following must be given credence for enhancement :
    • Conceptually grounded system analysis of corruption with basic consideration for :
    • Level and dignity of labor.
    • Location and characteristic attitude of the people in the environment.
    • Magnitude of corruption a the strategy level to be able to restrategize.
    • Keen focus on the drivers and enablers of corruption.
    • Ensure that legal, societal and normal norms are fully aligned within the framework that enable operators to full fight the cabals, cartels and the yahoo yahoo boys and girls on quick money making syndrome.
    • Above all, checks to regulate living not above our means deserve a wider and effective mechanism that would enable the anti-corruption commission and the society at large to naturally identify with the objectives and goals of the anti corruption agencies.
    • Character and judgement are crucial and more important than professional background for the position of chairmanship of the EFCC, hence, the need to try a civilian pedigree in experience, education and impeccable character with a clean state of past records.



  • Corruption in the Civil Service is a Cancer-Lesotho PM

    Lesotho 1




    Lesotho Prime Minister Dr. Moeketsi Majoro  has expressed worries over the unending  corruption in the country's civil service.

    Dr. Majoro made this know on Monday in a nationwide broadcast.

    "Corruption, especially within the civil service, is a cancer that has been ravaging Lesotho's economy for a very long time... We are determined set a precedent on this matter and His Majesty's cabinet, principal secretaries, senior government officials and heads of procurement and supply chains will have declared their assets in the next 14 days," he stated.

    The Prime Minister assured that the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Offences (DCEO) would be  given all the assistance it needs to perform its statutory functions.

    Dr. Majoro stressed that farming was the mainstay of the country's economy saying ''"This is why food security is every government's obligation to its people. We need to produce food in order for us to win the fight against hunger and poverty.

    "Furthermore, we will ensure a wider access and usage of green houses and shed nets as well as embarking on agricultural technology."

  • Dwindling Tax Revenue¬†: Govt Officials have their Own Receipts-Prof. Olagoke

    Prof sabitu olagoke 2Reports indicate that the Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, Mr. Abba Kyari, sought explanations from the Executive Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service, Mr, Babatunde Fowler, over the unimpressive tax revenue from 2015 to 2018.

    However, Nigerians have continued to groan under the multiple taxation policy of the Federal Government, even as they insist that the activities of the Federal Inland Revenue Service(FIRS) should be thoroughly scrutinized. 

    In April nine senior officials of the FIRS, mostly from the finance and accounts department including its Director, were arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC) for diverting N6 billion tax funds that were supposed to be remitted to the coffers of government.

    In this interview, the Founder Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke opines that the fact that government officials have their own receipts, negatively affects revenue generation. Exceprts :

    The Federal Government has expressed worries over the dwindling revenue from taxes, what do you think is wrong ?

    Nigeria became worse under the civilian regime, than under the military for two major reasons : under the civilian rule, privileges are always accompanied with abuse, coupled with daylight collaborations, even to cheat in government.

    The issue of discipline has not been addressed in most civilian regimes. Discipline that ensures that the citizens do the right thing.

    Perhaps,. because our institution of Democracy is always accompanied with no due process and various maneuvers to constitute the executive, legislature and even in the appointment of Judges at all levels.

    This is why poverty indices and tax evasions accompanied with various corrupt practices are always on the increase.


    With a direct consequence on government’s poor performance in the areas of the provision of basic amenities for the people, employment and functional infrastructure. The poor signal of virtual independence challenge of the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) and the Judiciary alos contribute a lot in the areas fo regulation and control.

    Under the such a situation, the whole Nigeria and every sector of the economy wallow in them murky waters of endemic corruption that will never allow us to meet our budgetary targets.

    Apart from the foregoing, salary structure of the civil servants, most especially at the state level, is appalling and to meager to sustain the average Nigeria worker. This is another source of challenge that would ever facilitate the thriving of corrupt practices.

    Successive governments till date, have not been able to explain the reason why there is disparity in the wages of the state workers and that of their counterparts at the Federal level.

    When issue of social justice is to be considered, bearing in mind, that we all visit the same market to buy and sell for survival.

    Equally, government is yet to justify the jumbo pay of the political class, which is on the very high side, when compared to that of the civil servants.

    Are these not established channels to to support corrupt practices in the land ?

    It is on record that political office holders were once members of the civil societies, little wonder then, that they feel comfortable without any concern for the poor remuneration of the civil servants.

    However, if these defects are not corrected in good time, the efforts of the anti-graft agencies will never meet the expectations of the government and people alike.

    It is also on record, that in all tiers of government, Local, State and Federal, some officials, low or high, do have personal receipts which are always carbon copies of the ones government issues.

    This is why we have been having cases of workers on Grades levels 04 to 06 in government service, having fleet of cars and several mighty structures, kept in secret with fictitious names.

    The question now is, why is it that government operatives always fail to discover this kind of sharp practices, before the thieves complete their projects ?

    Why is it also, that offenders judgments, are always delayed and in most cases, influenced by nepotism and ethnicity to bail them out ?

    Lack of punitive measures for offenders is dangerous and would continue to make corrupt practices very attractive to those who believe in material things while shunning decency and exemplary lifestyles.

    The Federal Inland Revenue Service needs to be properly scrutinized and the outcome made public.

    The nine FIRS officials arrested not long ago, is an indictment of the service and an affront to the executive.

    The government will therefor, do Nigerians a great favor through be thorough, firm and blunt to be able to use the case of this government agency as a reference point for the search light to penetrate through all government ministries, departments and agencies which equally have skeletons in their cupboards and unprintable rot in their environment.

    Besides this, government itself, needs to be transparent and accountable for Nigerians to trust it because Nigerians expect period checks on the activities of the Ministers, aides of the President and state Governors as well as each of the policy makers.

    If government wants a high revenue turn over, from taxes, diversification of the economy is sacrosanct to boost production most especially in agriculture, mining and other areas of infrastructural importance.

  • The Desire to Hold on to Power is the Basis for Violence and Corruption in Developing Countries-Sir Ayaz

    Ahamadiyya conference 1

    The love for power and the desire to remain in power by African leaders has been identified as the reasons why violence and corruption have become the vogue in developning countries.

    This assertion was made recently,  by the Consul-General of Tuvalu in the United Kingdom (UK), Sir Dr Iftikhar Ahmed Ayaz, while delivering his keynote address  at the Ahmadiyya Peace Conference in Accra, Ghana.

    "This one word, power, sums up the ordeal of most developing countries. It is the struggle for power, the seizure of power, the concentration of power in the hands of one individual or group, and the subsequent refusal to relinquish or share power that has sucked these countries into a vortex of violence, repression, tyranny and corruption," Sir Ayaz declared.

    "Africa's progress will depend on development that truly lifts everyone from poverty to prosperity, however, this progress will depend on the prevalence of social and economic justice for all,"

    Sir Ayaz emphasized the need for equality to be the watch word of all and sundry, saying "It is my belief that if the rest of the world continues to act unjustly, usurping the rights of others and interfering in other nations, the will destroy themselves. It is only through the recognition that all men are equal creatures of the same benevolent God and they must constantly seek His pleasure through the discharge of both the rights due him and His creation that can bring about universal brotherhood,"