Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach


Impunity in cities, towns, and villages across Nigeria revolve around the fact that those responsible for law enforcement have been heavily compromised. Perhaps, this is the price to be paid to achieve self-centered goals with the coercive powers of Those-in-Charge in a depressed economy. The obsessive lure of power seems too attractive for those involved to be committed to democracy. An unspecified number of citizens are now used as proxies. The Nigerian society is now that of guns, terrorism, kidnappings, killings(for ritual purposes inclusive), contempt for the rule of law, and other violent crimes. The reactionary approach to law enforcement and insecurity has resulted in the massive traumatization of the psyche of Nigerians, considering the increasing rate of abductions and killings in the land.

In saner climes, the structure of the national security system was fumigated, overhauled, and remodeled. This singular action ensured the exit of those lacking in integrity and credibility. Sadly, today, state actors are not working towards leaving behind enduring legacies. Instead, their energy dissipation points to monetary inducement by erstwhile credible commentators in a desperate bid to cover up the rot in the midst of non-performance.


Nigeria Law and Order

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