Indiscipline as a Teaching Method

MoralityMost public primary and secondary school students learn in environments that are not encouraging in Nigeria.  

 The facilities have been stretched to obsolete conditions as a result of improper planning by the government at all levels. 

Considering the dilapidated toilet facilities in several of these schools and the absence of potable and drinkable water, the potential outbreak of an epidemic cannot be ruled out. Teachers are no longer dedicated to duty due to their nightmarish working conditions.

 Cultism has taken root in most of these schools, while ''armed robbers'' in school uniforms dot the nooks and crannies of every part of the country. 

Of worry, is the lack of sincerity on the part of the government in the implementation of programs and policies. 

On the part of private schools, moral decadence, which is a major feature in public schools, is the issue, while examination malpractices and fraud are also noticeable signposts. Furthermore, the attitude of the government and people in a number of states in the country downplays the reality of the coronavirus pandemic, while the present state of several schools in these states, the non-availability of potable water, and the dilapidated facilities could expose students and teachers alike to serious health hazards, the coronavirus pandemic inclusive.  Our worry also is the fact that several communities in Nigeria are under siege by various categories of criminals. 

The sight of young boys, in the midst of adults, smoking Indian hemp is now commonplace, majorly at primary schools without perimeter fencing. 

In addition, young girls have now taken to prostitution on the prompting of their mothers and guardians to make ends meet. A visit to several beer parlors, ''Ogogoro'' joints scattered all over the country should be instructive. Such communities include Molusi, Solanke, Oyegbami, Oshodi, Olorunsogo, Aluko/Barracks, Felele, Scout Camp, and others in Ibadan, Oyo state. If an urgent step is not taken to salvage the almost hopeless situation, millions of Nigerian children may no longer have a place in a sane society.  


Nigeria Education

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