To Avoid A Stalemate in Nigeria’s Democracy in the Year 2020 By Prof. Sabitu Olagoke

For every prophecy is limit of time (for its manifestation), and soon shall ye know it.(Q.6 vs 67). For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one little will by no means pass from the law(prophecy) till all is fulfilled(Mathew 5 vs 18).


A. The Executive summary of incidence of probable events :

  • There shall be security challenges as usual.
  • Some projects shall receive favorable attention for completion.
  • The usual spate of decamping shall lead to some politicians falling by the way side.
  • Education shall remain relevant and receive some attention despite a lot of challenges against it.
  • There shall be need for conscious and tight security need for surveillance and vigilance.
  • Height of deceit and persecution in religious houses shall be reported.
  • There shall be a clog in the wheel of progress in sporting activities.
  • Pray against road accidents involving heavy duty vehicles.
  • Climate challenge shall make air travel a cautious one.
  • Pray against fire outbreak and unwarranted air attack.
  • Trials in the areas of secession bid shall be met with resistance into fruitless efforts in the Year 2020.


January, 2020 :

  • This month shall record little impact of government’s efforts.
  • Wrangling in the political circle among the politicians shall be recorded.
  • Under funding effect shall make the education sector a distressed zone.
  • People shall be security conscious.
  • There shall be a need to rescue religion from its ridiculous comatose state.
  • There shall be conscious efforts to resolve issues in sports.
  • Pray and guide against fire outbreak.

February 2020 :

  • Favorable month of discoveries and development in politics and education but there shall be the need for security beef up in this month.
  • Education shall be revisited for improvement by Government.
  • Pray and avoid stray bullets syndrome or sporadic shootings not to be victim of the circumstance.
  • This is a favorable month for religion to regain its prominence and relevance.
  • Pray against sports management in disarray for things to work.
  • Rehabilitation work om some roads shall be effected.
  • Pray against air mishap.
  • This is a favorable month to douse fire out break.

March, 2020 :

  • This is a favorable month for effective planning on physiological needs through agriculture.
  • There shall be wranglings among politicians over the sharing of economic booties.
  • Education shall receive funding boost from Government.
  • Security alertness, consciousness and awareness shall be rife.
  • Religious objectives and focus shall slippery in practice.
  • Favorable month to resolve conflict and avoid stalemate in sports to have a breakthrough.
  • Work on roads may be retarded due to some challenges.

April, 2020 :

  • This is a month for economic boost for Nigerians.
  • This is a favorable month for political activities and boost for Education and Security.
  • Unification and peaceful co-existence efforts for religions shall face purity issue challenge.
  • Some sports shall rise in performance while others shall drop into coma.
  • Favorable month for free accident wish.

May, 2020 :

  • Favorable month to beam a searchlight on fraudsters and corrupt people-freshly fresh issue and old changes.
  • Political wranglings shall snowball into whirlwind of problems in some quarters.
  • Education shall receive attention to dividend level.
  • Favorable month of exposure and divine sanction of criminally minded purported people of God.
  • Records of sad news on sporting activities performances.
  • Pray against fire outbreak, threat of air mishap and traffic logjam.

June, 2020 :

  • This is a favorable month for economic buoyancy but we need to guide against emerging sharp practices and corruption.
  • Pray against wastage and sharp practices in politics and governance.
  • Pray against reckless destruction of farmlands and property by hoodlums and sudden death of a religious icon.
  • Hope shall rise on sports for unrestricted activities.
  • Pray against fire outbreak in this month. Be safety conscious and guided.

July, 2020 :

  • This is a month of peace but pray against jail break.
  • Favorable month for Education, Security and Sports rehabilitation programs but the month shall be harsh on religious sectors.
  • Favorable month for free or minimal accident.

August, 2020 :

  • Government activities shall have hope of giving worthwhile dividend.
  • Pray against Government project collapse.
  • Education sector shall receive attention for improvement.
  • Pot holes in religious zones shall be visited to restore sanity on roads, water and air to be accident free shall be noticed.
  • This is a clearing period of debris of past fire out break.

September, 2020 :

  • This is a favorable month for reconstruction exercises and a dousing period for political imbroglio.
  • Pray to avoid clashes among security agencies. Note, far reaching implications for this.
  • Waning glamour of religion shall be experienced.
  • Avoid shattered hope in sports.
  • Pray against occult plan for road accident and hgih rise building fire out break.

October, 2020 :

  • Favorable month to harvest dividend of Democracy and realize economic buoyancy for the nation.
  • Pray against clashes between two political giants and their followers.
  • Pray against ploy in the education sector to avoid sabotage.
  • Pray against infighting in the house of Islam.
  • Favorable month for the houses of sports to be revisited for conflict resolution.
  • Conscious efforts shall be rife to make an accident free month.

November, 2020 :

  • Favorable month for economic dividend of Government activities and Democracy.
  • Pray against fire outbreak and unwarranted discord in the political circle.
  • Favorable month for the improvement in education, security and sanity restoration into religion.
  • Avoid sabotage in sports and its administration.
  • Favorable month for reconstruction and rehabilitation work in the Houses of God.
  • Pray and avoid fear on the road in relation to kidnappers’ rampage and fire out break occasioned by heavy duty vehicles, oil tankers inclusive.

December, 2020

  • Finishing touches to projects completion shall be rife.
  • Some political parties shall become mere remnants.
  • Leakages in the Education and Security sectors shall be acknowledged to be fraud free.
  • Fake security threats shall be recorded. Exposed fraudsters in religion shall face sanctions and embarrassment.
  • Pray against fatal road accidents.


Re branding for proper socialization and correct cultural and ethical value orientation for promotion of integrity and discipline for all, must be in place, to allow divine intervention to revamp our economy, promote health and stable polity as well as principle of equity.

Good governance is a function of Godly leadership, therefore, the essence of this revelation is for the political class to imbibe the culture of tolerance, focus on the issue of the importance of welfare.

The religious sector must therefore imbibe the spirit of religious harmony to promote peace and be more dedicated to the service of God to save the Nation through their prayers, while all Nigerians must uphold discipline, love and culture of patriotism to move the nation forward. With all these, we may avoid a stalemate in our Democracy.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Rasool, Shafau, Imtizaala Mohammed(SAW)

Alhaji Engr. Prof. S.A Olagoke, JP, Ph.D FNSE, FNATE, FNIM,FAES

Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam Shafaudeen In Islam Worldwide



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