Tips with Mrs Hannah Adefunke Mujakperuo

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 Girls in Nigeria have numerous challenges to contend with.

 Poverty, peer pressure, early marriage, unwanted pregnancy, negligence, rape, ignorance, lack of parental care. The list is endless.

Even though leaders at all levels have made noticeable efforts to give girls a future, a lot still has to be done, in terms of guidance, legislation, interventions, funding and monitoring.

For parents and guardians-''Ensure you groom your children and wards in the proper way, so that they will not soil your name.

For society-''Do not cover up wrong deeds, rather expose the same for the uplifting of society

For the Places of Worship-'' Preach and teach the girls all that will mold them to be God-fearing, responsible, reliable and dependable.

Mrs Mujakperuo holds a master's degree in Security Studies and is also a doctoral student.


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