The Piper Plays the Tune of his Paymaster

Nigerians are unanimous over the attitude of members of the National and State House of Assemblies.

They insist that the lawmakers have not been above board in the performance of their constitutional functions.On several occasions in this dispensation, at the Federal and State levels, the withdrawal of public funds without authorization by laws of the National and State assemblies have been commonplace.

The insinuation is that the lawmakers' hands are tied, as a result of the questionable ways they were elected to represent the people.

Curiously, in the present time, the majority of these lawmakers are not courageous enough to visit their constituencies, due to protests rocking various parts of the country.

Sadly, issues of urgent national importance are either not discussed or played down by the lawmakers, so as not to negatively affect the fortunes of those who dictate the tune for the piper to play.

Nigeria Legislature

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