The Period of Mediocrity and Lack of Knowledge

Quote 7The President and State Governors took oaths of allegiance and office at the commencement fo their different tenures.  

However, happenings across the federation revolving on crime and criminality-killings and ritual killings, kidnappings, armed robbery, rape among others, are indications that the above mentioned political office holders are yet to justify the oaths they took during their inauguration. Even though the President and State Governors have held regular meetings with all their appointees, the general and domestic and foreign policies of the present administration remain subject to unending debate among confused and distraught Nigerians. 

Indeed,  the citizenry wishes to know 1) If the political office holders are conversant with the real meaning of good governance. 2) If political appointees are without controversy, qualified for the positions they presently occupy. 3) If the above mentioned are not responsible for the worrisome situation in the country presently.

Of note is the fact that mediocrity, ignorance, illiteracy, and lack of adequate knowledge have become major challenges affecting political office holders and the citizenry. 


Mediocrity Nigeria Governance

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