The Need for the Urgent Funding of Education in Nigeria by Dr. Francis Amenaghawon

Dr 1The funding of education is a major challenge in Nigeria.

Sadly, education funding has been reduced drastically over the years.

In addition, the poor remuneration of teaching staff at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels has also contributed to the deterioration of education.

Furthermore, the attitude of parents and guardians towards their children and wards' education is nothing to write home about, including the low quality of training teaching staff pass through have both contributed to the worrisome state of education in the country.

The quest for wealth is now the focus of parents and guardians at the detriment of the future of their children and wards.

All the above mentioned have impacted negatively on the academic performance of pupils and students at all levels of education.

It is high time the Federal Government increases the budget funding for education to the 26 per cent benchmark recommended by UNESCO.

Above all, the government should strengthen institutions to eradicate systemic corruption and also ensure that the recruitment of teaching staff is transparent based on merit.

Lastly, the trend is now to promote students who fail to enmasse. This is not good for education. Those who do not exhibit the capacity and capability to learn should either be made to repeat or shown the way out.

Dr. Amenaghawon is of the Department of Communication and Language Arts, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.


Nigeria Education Dr. Francis Amenaghawon

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