The Menace of Promiscuity

Prof 1The difference between human and animal kingdoms has a divided line of unguarded freedom and organized interpersonal relationships in the area of mating the two kingdoms have consideration for stages of development, minor stage considered as the immatured and upper cadre of puberty considered as the matured stage.

Distinctively, the human kingdom has a way of monitoring nature's distribution of guide, but surprisingly the animals naturally respect the guiding principles for the mating stage.

The weaver bird is a typical example of the lesser animals who naturally respect, fidelity rules, both during and after the courting stage.

Remarkably too, the horse has never been found guilty of incest in their annals of history.

However, among human beings, the controlling guides seem not to hold as expected despite all the apparatus of control starting from the home where the two parents are expected to be the Chief Security Officers, whose primary duties are to ensure the children keep up with the principles of fidelity among themselves whereby any form of abuse should not be recorded.

However, the contrary is the case in many of our homes: most especially where we have girls and boys as siblings perhaps due to carelessness and the nonchalant attitude of the affected parents, who will later run helter-skelter to carry out illegal abortions.

The question now is on why we as parents degenerate with all lack in our social responsibilities to watch over the growth and progress of our children.

What have we be doing when they are found watching blue films or hiding in their phones pornography, despite the fact that we know that all these are injurious to their mental and emotional well being.

Homosexuality, sodomy, and gay practices are commonplace in society today.

Apart from the social stigma, spiritual sanction as divine penalty goes beyond the rules of law as it may culminate into a jinx for the family, in the process creating low divine immunity for the affected family or by extension the community around which it happens.

Bestiality has to do with primitivity while mating has to be dignified through organized rules of law that should uphold the sacredness of the Scripture and cultural setting of every society that recognizes and acknowledge the sacredness of marriage and the processes of entering into the holy matrimony including the fidelity factor that should herald in courtship period of attraction and the marriage period of reality checks.

The spiritual state of the youth today is so poor for the reasons of frivolities and waywardness in their affairs.

If religion fails to salvage them on this, humanity may go down into the bestial level of existence, with a dire consequence of lack of trust and sincerity of purpose which will continue to negatively affect the human psyche. 

The Holy books assert that all these hard drugs negatively affect the mental state of the young ones which of course extends to their spiritual lives.

The Holy Bible Matthew 5: 27-28 refers: '' You have heard that it was said that doesn't do the sin of adultery, but I tell you if a person looks at a woman and wants to sin sexually with her, then that person has already done that sin with the woman in his mind.''

Any form of erotic fantasy not only affects the psyche, it equally disturbs the whole body to erode away the spiritual substances.

This is why the Holy Quran warns in 17: 32,''Nor come nigh to adultery: For it is an indecent deed and an evil way''.

Let us all work to achieve decency in our children and the society for ease of friendly interpersonal relationships with an injury.

Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide,Wakajaiye, Ibadan, Nigeria



Prof. Sabitu Olagoke Religion Promiscuity

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