Electricity Hike-90 Per Cent of Nigerians have been Impoverished-Prof. Olagoke

Prof 1Ever since the privatization of the power sector, Nigerians have continued to pay for darkness even though the expectations was that the privatization would ensure that electricity would be stable and regular. Sadly, this is not the case.

Of worry, is the fact that estimated billing, in the face of the irregular electricity supply all over the country by the Electricity Distribution Companies(DISCO) has been more of a night mare for serious minded Nigerians.

In this interview, the Founder, Spiritual Head, Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke opines that increase in electricity is not the way to go since 90 per cent of Nigerians are contending with poverty and hunger. Excerpts :

Darkness persists despite the privatization of electricity supply in Nigeria, do you think increasing tariffs is the solution?

Th system of government in Nigeria has always been characterized by insensitivity to the records of the history for its performance to put in place a value system that is not only maintainable but sustainable for the future. The consequence has always has always been a case of worsening situation through successive governments till date.

The level of corruption at all levels of its management became embarrassingly high to the detriment of our development even in the areas of economic diversification projects, vocational and entrepreneurship ventures and the general economy that is artisan driven. As the home comfort suffers, the industrial sector suffers more.

The solution to aid better performance became directed towards using metering system to avoid the further issuance of estimated or ’ crazy’ bills even in the absence of regular power supply. It is unfortunate to note that the failure of this sector has adversely affected the realization of the vision 20–20–20 project which experts projected that same would require a minimum of 6,000 megawatts power generation for Nigeria to be able to rise to be among the first 20 economically viable nations in the world.

It is embarrassing for government to direct its search light towards the masses of which 90 per cent of the population had already been impoverished to pay for the debt they never incurred through their attempted policy to increase the tariffs. It is equally embarrassing for the National Assembly and DISCOS to ask the Federal Government to subsidize electricity consumption without putting in place some measures such as proper metering before such hike could be implemented.

With the Coronavirus pandemic collapsing the economy and further impoverishing Nigerians who do not have access to jumbo pay, it is not proper to add more to the people’s challenges of coping with the present hardships through the so called cost reflective tariffs.


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