An Executive and Legislative Agenda

Ni 10The government seems to have adopted strange methods in approaching issues of national interest and general concerns while at the same time promoting sectional and personal interests, even though its appointees have continuously contended with several nasty issues affecting governance and development.

Attempting to bring back the water resources bill that was rejected in 2018 will never be in the interest of  Nigerians.

The bill seeks to tamper with the land use act and empower those with self-centered agenda to further their hidden interests.

Obviously there are a number of those in government, who are desperate to control resources across the six geo-political zones, an agenda of the present administration that was never disclosed to Nigerians.  This indeed has brought to the fore the anti-people plans of the Executive and the Legislature which would not augur well for a nation that is still struggling with its myriad of challenges.



Nigeria Governance

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