Despite Flawed General Elections Nigeria is Still One By the Grace of God- Grand Imam Shafaudeen-in-Islam

Prof sabitu olagoke 1The governorship and state houses of assembly elections were conducted, some days ago, in all the state of Nigeria, including the Federal Capital Territory. The elections were characterized by ballot intimidation, threats, box snatching, violence, killings and cover ups.

Nigerians lament that in during the second leg of the elections, several innocent lives were lost again, with the security agents doing virtually nothing to prevent the ugly situation.

Indeed, hoodlums and the security agents had a field day, not ensuring the safety of lives an property, but terrorizing, maiming and killing harmless citizens. In this interview, the Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam of Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Prof. Sabit Olagoke says, despite the irregularities that characterized the general elections, Nigeria remains one by the grace of God. Excerpts

The Governorship and State Houses of Assembly elections have come and gone, what is your impression on the electoral process ?

Structurally, the electoral process should be regarded as an improvement over the past ones.

One can, however, say the the problem with the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC), ahs been the headache of politicians. For example, the ruling party would humanly want to win the elections at all costs, not minding the peoples’ perception about their performances in governance.

The main opposition party would equally want to win at all costs, capitalizing on the weaknesses of the ruling party.

Expectedly, the voters are the major determinants of those that will win elective positions in the elections, no matter how perfectly or poorly conducted.

In the case of 2019, the issue of ballot box snatching must have been widespread, indeed, the two major political parties are guilty of the electoral offence.

Equally, killing of perceived political enemies and innocent citizens were recorded across the country.

Indeed, unprofessional reports on social media almost set the nation on fire.

General observation on the structure put on ground by INEC viz-a-viz the INEC officials, security agencies, the National Orientation Agency(NOA) could have been passed to be very credible, but for some unsavory reports of unholy romance with politicians.

For example, some has more than adequate number of security agents at alert, while others had just one or two security agents, without arms.

In quite a number of areas, reports of security agents killing harmless voters, were rife.

Although there were several detected cases of already thumb printed ballot papers, these cases passed without any action been taken.

Also, in several polling units, ballot papers were inadequate, considering the number of voters. This was deliberate, to further diabolic intentions.

However, against all the odds, results of the electoral process, defective or perfect, were conclusive, except for six states, according to INEC.

Now that winners have emerged in most of the states, what Nigerians should appreciate is the courage displayed by some of the losers, in congratulating the winners.

Suffice it now to say, that winners must look beyond their party lines to serve, so that e will be able to have an inclusive government for an inclusive society, which the United Nations has been working on, for all nations to realize and imbibe, as their political culture for the sake of having equity practice on ground, peace and sustainable development in place.

For those who are not happy with the results declared by INEC, redress must be sought through the election tribunal or the law court.

This should be the only way to address grievances, so as not to further charge the already heated polity into violence.

Though, many Nigerians are clamoring for e-voting, I believe that it is possible, but not until we sensitize and train ourselves to that acceptable level of technological know-how.

Even when we must have attained the state of electronic voting, our attitude must have been worked on, as patriots and sincere Nigerians with the culture of integrity and as die hard believers, in bequeathing an acceptable legacy of development to the coming generation.

For the incoming government to be put in place, the areas of moral discipline, ethical values and practice, quality and standard, must be emphasized in the code of our democratic practice, if we are to justify the divine intervention that still holds us as a nation together, despite the inherent irregularities that mark and dot the lines of the 2019 electoral process.


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