Western Cape

  • Communities Should Join Hands To Safeguard Schools-Western Cape MEC

    Western cape 1Western Cape Member of Education Council in South Africa,Debbie Schaffer has  called on parents and guardians to assist in the safeguarding of facilities and property in Schools in the region.

    Schaffer made this call while inspecting the damage done to 27 schools.
    "While we can and do try to safeguard our schools with additional security measures, we cannot win the fight against school burglary and vandalism without community support. A school is a community asset. Everyone should help protect schools, as it is fundamental to the future of our children. The damages include theft, burglary and vandalism. Three-quarters of the estimates had been calculated. A feeding kitchen had been targeted, where over 100kg of food was stolen. It is simply deplorable to steal food out of the mouths of our learners."

    "It is devastating that people are prepared to do this to schools, when we know the desperate needs in education and the inadequacy of our budget to cope with them. We should be using these funds to build new schools, improve existing schools, appoint additional teachers and generally improve opportunities for children'', Schaffer stated