• Technical Education for Technology Advancement : A Veritable Tool for Nation Building by Pro. Sabitu Olagoke

    Prof 7Unfortunately for Nigeria's basic education, there is a dearth of facility to drive Technical Education for our students to be technically sound to meet up with the challenges of technology advancement that drives the present ady knowledge economy.

    Technical education drives the economy of all nations currently, but for Nigeria, our economy is artisan driven to the detriment of our political management which b y polarization is hoodlum driven, exposing us to the whims of quackery in all facets of huma endeavor.

    This is because of the deficiency of meeting up with the quality and standard expected of every nation in domesticating international instrumnets on global best practices. Quackery and sysem collapse during or after completion has direct correlation based on facility design, specification and materials of inferior quality.

    Education must prepare our students for the global market. In Nigeria, education is highly underfunded and has resulted in the myriad of challenges confronting the country presently.

    1)We fail to operationalize the affective domain, producin g literature that are deficient content that can inspire change for the better.

    2)we blindly commercialize education to the detriment of effecting a cognitive domain that would have launched us into research appreciation for development.

    3)We equally neglect the area of pyschomotor domain to produce graduates of rhetoric in the face of the challenges of desing and construction for infrastrcuturer and real development.

    4)Our science lack the intellectual and practical ability of observation, mehtod, procedure and experiment for systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural word to the detriment of our benefit.

    5)Our engineering lakc home patronage of our graduates for employability challenge of desing, building that are mathematics driven for our graduates to use with relative ease, enignes, machines and structure with retraing through foreign partners.

    6)Wile our technology lacks fulk technical education to develop products and produce for the nation due to poor scientific knowledge base to the detriment of right application to change or transform our society for right and correct management of the people and environment.

    The whole world,today, goes for quality and standard concept with global best practices. Graduates are trained to be abl;e to compete favorably in the global market.

    Where are we in the situation of hoodlum hijacked politics/ democracy and artisan driven economy?

    Professionals must be respected to have regard for orgainzational and professional ethics for sanity sake and must equally be respected to be part of decision making for ease of implementation by the government, which must adequately fund education.

    The fellows are not effectively utilized by the government while the artisans are not incorporated despite creating a viilage for them. Fellows need to be consulted for services while the orientation of teh artisans need to be changed through short term proficiency courses to benefit the nation.