• Information Leakage : Govt Official Arrested in Sudan

    Govt 4The Director of Information, Khartoum State, Sudan, El Tayeb Saad Eddin, has been arrested for leaking classified information to unauthorized persons who took an active part in the immediate past administration of Al Bashir.

    According to the Sudan News Agency (SUNA), Saad Eddin's arrest was ordered by the Committee for Dismantling the System of 30 June 1989 and Restoration of Public Funds.

    The News Agency also stated that investigations and charges are being drawn up in line with the Dismantling Act and the Public Service Act.

    The allegation against the Director revolves around the fact that he has ''continued to communicate actively with elements in the dissolved National Congress Party”.




  • Sudan Switches to Federal System of Government

    Fed 3Sudan is set to abandon the 18 state structure of the country and opt for several regions.
    The Sovereign Council issued a statement on Thursday to the effect that the country has adopted the Federal system of Government.
    "The President of the Council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, issued a constitutional decree, establishing a regional (federal) system of government," the statement disclosed.
    According to the peace agreement signed on On October 3, 2020, the peace agreement was signed to the effect that there would be a constitutional conference on governance.
    The Conference would determine the number and borders of the regions, in addition to their structures and powers, including the levels of governance and administration.
    It is expected that the conference will divide the country into 6 regions, which are Khartoum, Darfur, Kordofan, Eastern Sudan, Northern, and the Central Region.
    The Central Region includes the states of Jazira, Sennar, and the Blue Nile, the Northern Region includes the states of the River Nile and the North, while the Eastern Region includes the states of Gadaref, Kassala, and the Red Sea, and Darfur Region encompasses its current 5 states.


  • Sudan Military Orders Closure of Al Jazeera In Khartoum, Warns Protesters

    Sudan 5As tens of thousands of protesters continue their agitation for civil rule in the capital, Khartoum, the Sudanese military has ordered the closure of the office of  Al Jazeera Media Network.

     According to a Press Release by Al Jazeera denounced the "abrupt" closure of Khartoum bureau and the banning of its reporters from reporting in the country, calling it "a complete violation of the freedom of the press".

    The protest  is coming on the heels of a  two-day strike organised by demonstrators and opposition groups frustrated by a deadlock in talks on a transition to democracy.

    In reaction the head of the central region in Khartoum, General Bahar Ahmed  said ''The protest site has become unsafe and represents a danger to the revolution and the revolutionaries and threatens the coherence of the state and its national security.''

  • The People of Sudan Protest Bad Governance

    Sudan 1SudanSudan 3







    The people of Sudan want good governance and they are doing all it takes to ensure this is achieved.

    Indeed, there are several other countries, whose citizens are also agitating for good governance, hopes are high that same shall be achieved sooner than expected.