Sane Society

  • Restoration of Sanity in the land is a must

    Prof 1The essence of religious houses is to have a school structure whereby adherents of each religious denomination or sect shall be taught lessons of life through the faith-building process to achieve morally based ethics in an environment of discipline to be able to keep sustainable good man/God relationship.  The house of God, therefore, needs to be structured and equipped with the scripture and highly committed clerics or pedagogues that would be able to not only teach the scriptures but become a role model and operationalize the book of life in order that the adherents are able to achieve the much-desired tranquility of the mind and peace driven environment that would be safe and secured. Failure to have qualified clerics in place will lead to poor processing of the adherents and poor maintenance of the house of God, where commercial activities will dominate the expected giving of the much-desired spiritual diet as the bread of life.

    In this wise, religious houses will become havens for fraudsters and sources of anti-societal menace with complete lack of the grace of divine intervention.

    The Holy Quran 3: 187 speaks volumes on this, '' I remember Allah took a covenant from the people of the book to make it known and clear to mankind, and not to hide, but they threw it away behind their backs and purchased with ti some miserable gains!  And vile was the bargain they made !''

    To the above effect, the penalty is aptly expressed in Quran 3: 188-189, Think not that those who exult in what they have brought about and love, to be praised for what they have not done,-think not that they can escape the chastisement. For them, is a chastisement grievous indeed, to Allah belongeth the dominion of the heavens  and the earth; and Allah has power over all things.''

    The situation in the country is that of deplorable institutional discipline because we fail to role model ideals by not teaching aright and learning correctly. The situation of the nation is aptly described y the Hole Quaran 5: 62,'' Many of them doest thou see raising each other in sin and transgression and their eating of things forbidden. Evil indeed is the things they do.'' To corroborate the stand of the almighty Allah in the above verse of the Holy Quran is Prov. 22: 22-23,'' It is easy to steal from poor people, but don't do it. And don't take advantage of the poor people's court.

    The Lord is on their side He would avenge their cause. He supports them and He would take things away from them.''

    People in affluence or positions of power oppress their people, sending signals of poverty, hunger, and diseases with threats of jail or imprisonment in an environment of injustice. If the governance circle is into this rot of poor performance, the almighty Allah challenges the judiciary to correct the anomalies as expected in Quran 5: 63, '' Why don't Rabbis and the Doctors of law forbid them from their habit of uttering sinful words and eating what is forbidden? Evil indeed is their works. Let us, therefore, restore sanity into the land through institutionalizing discipline and establishing zero tolerance for corruption. 


    Prof. Sabitu Olagoke

    Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide, Wakajaiye, Ibadan, Nigeria