• Non Payment of With Held Salaries of SSANU and others may result in Labor Unrest-Former VP SSANU Western zone

    Download 4The decision of the Federal Government to pay four months out of eight months in held salaries of university workers to only the Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU) is an invitation to confusion and labor unrest.

    This assertion was made by a former Vice President of the Senior Staff Association of Universities(SSANU), Comrade Alfred Jimoh.

    ''The Federal government has not been sincere, it appears the government wants to create confusion and encourage labor unrest. I don't see any reason why four unions will go on a justifiable strike and, after suspension and signing of the agreement with no victimization clause, the government held the salaries and the president gave a waiver to only one union, as if the other members of the remaining unions are not Nigerians. Nobody has come out to give us the rationality behind the discriminatory approach.  It is very unfortunate and an open provocation and invitation to labor unrest in the Nigerian university system,'' Comrade Jimoh warned.

  • Workers yet to receive September Salaries-Federal Workers Forum

    Govt 18The Federal workers forum has expressed reservations over the delay in the payment of the September salaries of public and civil servants in Nigeria.

    The forum in a press statement signed by its National Coordinator, Comrade Andrew Emelieze, also stated that the Federal Government ought to be very sensitive to the difficulties and hardships Nigerians are passing through.

    ''Workers in the Ministries, Departments and Agencies are yet to receive their September salaries i the middle of difficulties, hardships and tales of woes. The Federal Government is supposed to be sensitive to the plight of Nigerians and wear a human face.', the statement concluded.

  • 5 Month Unpaid Salaries-Blame NASU Leadership for our Predicament-Comrade Olusola-Cole

    Untitled 1The Non Academic Staff Union and Associated Institutions(NASU) has traced the non-payment of their five-month salaries to the indiscretion of the leadership of the union which did not consult with members before suspending the strike action.

    This position of NASU was made known by a former chairman of the union in Oyo state, Comrade Fatoki Olusola-Cole.
    ''Out of frustration, the national leadership of NASU signed the agreement and they announced the suspension of the strike at the Federal Ministry of Education in Abuja, without consultation with members. As at today, none of the agreements have been fulfilled. Up till this hour, we have not heard anything about it. And we have been asking, but the government has not been able to tell us anything.''
    ''As a result of the strike our five-month salaries were with held and this has caused a lot of havoc and problems for members. As a result, some are paralyzed, some have died, some have lost their wives and children. It has brought about unquantifiable sorrows for our members. Thank God for some of us that are still alive. We are living but not balanced. It will take  the grace of God for us to be balanced financially. They never reviewed our salaries. Psychologically, financially, emotionally, we are not stable. We can not show 100 per cent devotion to work because we have a lot of debts to pay. 5 months at a stretch, the government did not pay us. Our children are in school, some have just got admission, we pay for their rent and feeding. Similarly, we the parents, we pay rent and we feed. The prices of electricity, petrol and other goods and services have gone up astronomically and even beyond our reach. Our prayer  is that God will fight for us. This government came with the intention of destroying workers, it has succeeded. God will surely reward them. We are sad, we are not happy at work and at home. We are suffering. There is nobody to fight for us, but God will fight for us. No motivation, no rest of mind, no joy, you leave home in the morning, no hope of meeting food in the evening at home. There is hunger in the land,'' Comrade Olusola-Cole lamented.