• Sudan Military Orders Closure of Al Jazeera In Khartoum, Warns Protesters

    Sudan 5As tens of thousands of protesters continue their agitation for civil rule in the capital, Khartoum, the Sudanese military has ordered the closure of the office of  Al Jazeera Media Network.

     According to a Press Release by Al Jazeera denounced the "abrupt" closure of Khartoum bureau and the banning of its reporters from reporting in the country, calling it "a complete violation of the freedom of the press".

    The protest  is coming on the heels of a  two-day strike organised by demonstrators and opposition groups frustrated by a deadlock in talks on a transition to democracy.

    In reaction the head of the central region in Khartoum, General Bahar Ahmed  said ''The protest site has become unsafe and represents a danger to the revolution and the revolutionaries and threatens the coherence of the state and its national security.''

  • The People of Sudan Protest Bad Governance

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    The people of Sudan want good governance and they are doing all it takes to ensure this is achieved.

    Indeed, there are several other countries, whose citizens are also agitating for good governance, hopes are high that same shall be achieved sooner than expected.

  • Algerians Continue Protests to Demand Exit of Those Still in Power

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    Algerians have continued to embark on protests for the past eight Fridays to press home thier demands for radical changes and the exit of those in the system.

    Just as it happened in the previous Fridays, the protesters poured into Algiers Streets, the main Post Office esplanade and Maurice Audin Place, their favorite place of rally since the first marches on February 22nd.

    The most recent protests is coming on the heels of the  appointment of Abdelkader Bensalah as head of state in accordance with Article 102 of the Constitution.

    Bensalah summoned the electorate for 4 July 2019 to elect a new President of the Republic.