Nigeria Union of Allied Health Professionals

  • UCH CMD raises alarm over incessant thefts

    Images 1 2The Chief Medical Director of the University College Hospital(UCH), Ibadan, Nigeria, Prof. Jesse Otegbayo has raised the alarm over the incessant thefts within the hospital.

    Prof. Otegbayo made this revelation recently at a program organized by the hospital with the theme, ''PHARMACEUTICAL CARE: THE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE HOSPITAL EXPERIENCE.''

    ''There are lots of thefts going on in the hospital these days. The latest is the theft of newly installed oxygen pipes. We caught one of the security personnel of the hospital who was involved.  We are disturbed. Let us be vigilant. If you see something, say something, the CMD advises the workers.

    Before this time, concerned workers discovered the UCH property at a major scrap metal market in the state capital.

  • Fuel Scarcity-Govt has brought Untold Hardships on Nigerians-Labor Leader

    Fuel 1The lingering fuel scarcity in Nigeria has brought about untold hardships on Nigerians.

    This assertion was made by the chairman of the National Union of Allied Health Professionals(NUAHP), Oyo state council, who doubles as the chairman of the University College Hospital(UCH) branch of the union, Comrade Oladayo Olabampe.

    ''Our leaders have brought untold hardships on us. People are suffering. We Nigerians are known to be rugged people and whatever our leaders throw at us, we find a way of maneuvering and coping. So we are coping. The filling stations are selling the Petroleum Motor Spirit(PMS) at very high prices and there are also those selling kegs along the road, the black market, for those who can afford them. People spend as long as a whole day in petrol stations just to get fuel. We should not forget about those who don't have cars and rely on public transport. The transport fares have gone up beyond their reach.''

    ''Nigerians are paying because they have no choice, while others who cannot afford the very high transport fares have resorted to trekking long distances to their destinations. The last fuel scarcity was attributed to flooding, but now that the scarcity persists, no reason has been given for it.''

    Comrade Olabampe lamented that the issue of subsidy removal ''seems to be like a mustache that you remove and later grows again.''

    He noted that Nigerians no longer asked questions, saying,'' the more you look the less you see. Only God knows where we are heading to. If care is not taken, workers will revolt. Everything is on the high side and salaries are still where they were years back. What Nigerians want is the improvement of the economy. We want to see improvement in the economy, otherwise workers will revolt.'' 

    Similarly, the chairman of the Amalgamated Commercial Motorcycle Riders And Owners Association(ACOMORAN), Comrade Solomon Oulgbode described the increase in the price of PMS as wicked, saying, ''the increment in the fuel price for whatever reason is wicked, it is not a masses friendly policy, especially this time when the festival period is fast approaching, people are going through a lot of stress. The cost of fuel, which hovers around N185.00, N280.00 and N300.00, this has affected the rate at which passengers are conveyed to their destinations. People spend a reasonable part of their time searching for fuel. The high cost of motorcycles and instalmental payments have made life unbearable for both transporters and commuters. This should be a lesson for us. We cannot continue this way in 2023. We should carefully look at those we want to be voted into office.''