Nigeria Prison Service

  • Govt Should Review Legislation on Convicts-Oyo Controller of Prisons

    AgodiThe Federal Government has been called upon to review the legislation  stipulating that ex-convicts cannot be employed by the three tiers of government due to their status.

    This call was made on Wednesday by the Oyo state Controller of Prisons, Mr. Tosin Akinrujomu  in a chat with Poverty Line in Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''There is a clog in the wheel and it is the government legislation against convicts. A convict cannot be employed by the Federal, State and Local Governments. For example a convict released into the society, such as a Professor cannot go back to  the university again. The tendency is for such a person to go back to crime. Government should look into this'', Mr. Akinrujomu stated.

    The Controller appealed to government to make more funds available to the Prisons Service saying '' government should look into the funding of prisons. The prisons are growing in arithmetical progression while crime is growing in geometrical progression. Funding for the prisons should be improved. Government should also look into the Judiciary and Police in terms of funding because we work hand in gloves.''