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  • Nigerians should Keep Hope Alive-Cleric

    BadNigerians have been advised to keep hope alive and not despair in the face of avoidable hardships inflicted on them by a group of individuals.
    This advice was given by a cleric, Pastor Opeymi Ajayi.
    ''Nigerians should continue to be hopeful and not despair. Our God will visit those who are inflicting us with difficulties and hardships. Our God is not sleeping, He is awake all the time and takes note of all our travails,''Pastor Ajayi disclosed.
    Similarly, a former chairman of the Non Academic Staff Union and Associated Institutions(NASU), Comrade Fatoki Olusola- Cole has described the inauguration day pronouncement by President Ahmed Tinubu on the fuel subsidy removal as a great mistake.
    ''The pronouncement of President Tinubu is a great mistake and he was wrongly advised to have spoken that way on the day of his inauguration, when he was yet to get to the office to see and peruse the details of the proposed removal. I think it was a great mistake on his part and an error in starting a  new government. It is a grievous act and I call it a careless statement that has turned the country upside down. The prices of goods and services, most especially foodstuffs, have gone up. I hope Nigerians will not regret voting for him, Comrade Olusola-Cole disclosed.

  • Nigeria Lacks Responsive and Reponsible Govt-Oyo NRM Gov. Candidate

    Fuel 3The Gubernatorial candidate of the National Rescue Movement(NRM)in Oyo state, Dr. Raymond Adegboyega has declared that the lingering fuel scarcity shows that Nigeria lacks responsive and responsible governments at all levels. Dr. Adegboyega made this declaration on Thursday in a chat in Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''Different petrol stations are sold at different prices, some people are creating bottlenecks and benefitting from the scarcity. They have brought Nigerians hardships. We don't have responsive and responsible governments at all levels. If the government wants to increase the price of petrol, there is a way to do it. I foresee the government increasing the price of petrol. The government does not care. This may result in crises before the elections. It is a bad omen,'' he stated.