New National Minimum Wage

  • TUC must purge itself of all abnormalities before....-Comrade Emelieze

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    The executives of the Trade Union Congress(TUC) have been called upon to purge the union of all immoralities and abnormalities before the union can commence negotiations for a new national minimum wage on behalf of workers in Nigeria.

    This call was made by a former chairman of the TUC in Oyo state, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

    One of the prominent and top ranking executives of the TUC is a retired staff member of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Productivity. It is morally wrong and abnormal for a retiree to be among those who will negotiate a new national minimum wage for workers. The retiree is supposed to be a member of the Nigeria Union of Pensioners. The TUC must purge itself of this abnormality before it begins any form of negotiation on behalf of workers in Nigeria, '' Comrade Emelieze stated.