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  • Nigeria does not have a problem of unemployment but.....-Dr. Yemi-Esan

    UnemployThe Head of Service of the Federation, Dr. Folashade Omlara Yemi-Esan has declared that the foundation of economic growth lies in the quality of products of educational institutions in Nigeria.

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    Dr. Yemi Esan made this declaration on Tuesday at the 2023 convocation lecture of the University of Ibadan titled Promoting the Culture of Meritocracy: A Panacea for National Development in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria.

    ''We don't have a problem of unemployment, but most of our graduates are unemployable. The foundation of economic growth is from the students we produce. I know the University of Ibadan has maintained a high standard of meritocracy, past and present. But our educational system is bedeviled with a lot of problems: sex-for-marks, project mercenaries, and decaying infrastructure.''

    ''For the nation to produce the best brains, it is important for preference to be given to the most qualified. The Nigerian educational system should reflect quality and competence. Meritocracy is the distinctive factor between developed and underdeveloped countries. Additionally, a country that is governed by the best and the brightest has a higher rate of economic growth than those that do not. In Africa, we are yet to imbibe the culture of meritocracy and if we have, it has not been documented. In countries where promotions are politicized, civil servants focus on pleasing superiors. We are working with the Federal Civil Service Commission to reinstate examination before employment. The fact that there are no examinations has taken a toll on the civil service. Examinations bring out the best. We are committed to changing the narrative of who knows who. I always believe in doing things on merit,'' the Head of Service concluded.

  • The Threats to Higher Education

    To know is to know that you know nothing that is the meaning of true knowledge ink 1024x1024Higher institutions in the country have for long contended with the activities of students and non-students, which causes  lawlessness, deviant behavior and criminality-on and off the various campuses in Nigeria.

    Indeed, workers, petty traders and visitors have also been crucial participants in these problems, while the managements of the affected institutions  feign ignorance or are oblivious of the problems.

    Of worry, is the unwritten consent by some members of management for the despicable acts.

    Indeed, homosexuality is now prevalent in these citadels of learning and, surprisingly, members of the communities have taken the abnormal to be normal.

    Stakeholders in the education sector have for long been silent, but rather dissipated energy on the establishment of more institutions. Perhaps.

    However, for the Dean of Students' Affairs, University of Ibadan, Prof. Adekeye Abiona, the University, does not have such issues.

    ''We don't have such issues at the University of Ibadan. Maybe it is in Agbowo, where there are Polytechnic and other students who are not our students. If you want more information, ask the law enforcement agents. There is no way  non-students can get into our halls of residence. Besides, we have hall wardens. Students enter the halls with their identity cards. We are so strict about this, no one can get into the halls without permission. We don't have it in U.I, nobody has reported such.We have an Anti-Cultism Committee, we were at the College of Medicine for a social re-orientation program. The Center for Social Orientation(CSO) was established to take care of such vices. Our students will never indulge in that. There is what we call students' handbook. They have the matriculation oath. Our students are well behaved and we have the Students' Disciplinary Committee(SDC) to handle such issues,'' Prof. Abiona stated.