• Liberian Woman Accuses Police of Covering Up Son's Murder

    A 50 year old Lberian woman has accused the Police of  covering up the murder of  her son.

    Madam Elizabeth Kamara dismissed police investigation report that her son,Exodus S. Kamara, was mobbed to death by an angry crowd, while insisting that the murder of her son was premeditated.

     The deceased lost his life  April 24, 2019, on the Smythe Road, in Sinkor, Monrovia.Murder"Cllr. Johnson and her security officers took my son in her compound where they beat him to death, and later dragged his body outside of her fence, and dumped it on the street like a dog," Madam Kamara alleged in her statement to reporters on Thursday, May 2, at the grounds of the Temple of Justice on Capitol Hill''.

    Cllr. Johnson is reported to be an employee of the Dean and Associates Law Firm owned by Justice Minister, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean.

    Madam Kamara made this allegation when she e interacted with newsmen at the Temple of Justice after two of Cllr. Johnsons' private security guards, Junior Sayee and Abraham Gardour of the Alarm Security Service, were arraigned before the Monrovia City Court on a charge of negligent homicide brought against the pair by officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP).

    Kamara said she was not satisfied with the police investigative report that did not charge Cllr. Johnson with murder, "because I feel she was the brain behind my son's death."

     Kamara was arrested at Cllr. Johnson's residence  prior to his death

    The police report had earlier claimed that the victim (Kamara) was arrested by the defendants, while stealing planks in Cllr. Johnson's fence. According to the report, an angry crowd forcibly took him away from the hands of the two security officers.

    Thereafter, his lifeless body was found lying unconscious on the Smart Road, Vai Town Community.

    However, Madam Kamara tearfully claimed that Cllr. Johnson employed her son as a driver, but was later dismissed due to misunderstanding that erupted over unpaid salary.

    "My son was not a criminal, but the one who tried to collect his just pay from Cllr. Johnson who had refused to pay his salary when she ordered her boys to beat him, a situation that led to his death," Madam Kamara stated while weeping.


  • Kenyan Police Officer Among Murderers of Lawyer

    A Kenyan Police Officer has been identified as one of the four suspects who killed a Lawyer in Machakos.

    Robert Chesang was murdered in his Lukenya home two weeks ago by gunmen.

    Consequent upon the killing, police recovered an AK-47 rifle and seven spent cartridges alleged to have been used by gunmen who stormed Chesang’s Moke Gardens home on February 17  and shot hi severally.

     The Law Society of Kenya in a statement condemned the killing of their member, while calling for speedy investigations into the murder.

    The Law Society also called in the Inspector General,  Joseph Boinnet to ensure the arrest  and prosecution of those behind the murder.