Ms. Janet Museveni

  • Moral Decadence is the Cause of Sexual Violence-Uganda Education Minister

    The Minister of Education in Uganda, Ms Janet Museveni has attributed the increasing cases of sexual violnece in the country to moral decadence.

    Ms Museveni made this assertion on Tuesday when she appeared  before the country's Parliamentary committee investigating cases of sexual violence in schools and institutions of higher learning to explain policy undertakings and other measures undertaken to curb the vice.

    "Children face sexual harassment at home, in schools and along the roads and since such cases originate from the communities, the MPs are best champions for this fight,"

    "As society, we have such problems; it is larger than the ministry. We shall do what we can but we should all get involved.''

    "It is very difficult to go into names of people but there was a head teacher who was named and he was reported to police which took up the matter and as we waited for what would come out, we were told that there was no case against him,"

    "We find it very difficult to keep such a teacher even when we don't have evidence so what we can do is simply transfer him [but] at times we have nothing to do because where they are transferred there are also people and he will do the same thing,"Ms Museveni.