Médecins Sans Frontières

  • MSF calls for Assistance to curb Measles Epidemic in DRC

    Drc 2Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has called on called on local and international organizations to assist in the combating of a measles epidemic currently ravaging the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC).

    MSF made this call through its Medical Coordinator in DRC, Rachel Séguin,''MSF teams, in collaboration with the teams of the Ministry of Health, are doing their utmost to cut the chain of transmission of the disease by providing vaccination responses as soon as cases of measles are reported, and by providing care for patients.''

    "But in addition to the efforts already made in recent months, more resources and organisations are needed. Ensuring the supply of vaccines and medicines is essential - the sooner the better."

    The Ministry of Health in DRC, recently declared an out break of the disease which has officially recorded more than 1,500 measles-related deaths in the first five months of this year.

    This accounts for  75 per cent of the total number of deaths recorded throughout 2012 during the deadliest epidemic of the last decade. 

    Since January,  MSF has been working with local teams of the Ministry of Health in 10 provinces of the country: Haut-Lomami, Haut-Uele, Ituri, Lualaba, Kasai, Kasai Central, North Kivu, South Kivu, Tanganyika and Tshopo, to combat the  measles epidemic.