• Knowledge by Prof. Sabitu Olagoke

    KnowKnowledge is either acquired or imbued by the endowment. Knowledge about things is fundamental to human growth and development and it has to do with the need for safety and security consciousness with growth.
    Knowledge makes one be able to, differentiate between predators and friendly beings.
    It determines mand relevance and order of importance to human life and development for the body and psyche to be able to cope with endowed and encountered knowledge. It cal also be classified into the voyage of life in the physical world as well as to that of the unseen which has a direct relation to the spiritual life of every human.
    Education, whether formal or informal must have a process of refining knowledge for the consumption of learners to be directed towards a positive mindset only. Otherwise, knowledge may become a toxic substance that may deform rather than reform because of the associated garbages which religion is struggling to suppress in every human.
    knowledge, therefore, portends that every project to be laudable must be a conglomerate of the network of Science, Technology, Management, and Commerce, in an environment of self-esteem, due process, and the fear of God to mix the realities of the physical world and that of the unseen.
    It must be functional for it to be meaningful.
    Every one of us must be challenged with the dynamics of knowledge but with safety valves that would prevent misuse.
    Knowledge is a must value to promote information, transmission for human comprehension and development and must be regarded as the acquisition through learning, experience to enhance learners'  practical ability into real skill development. We must daily increase our knowledge base for relevance and credbility.

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